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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 185


Chapter 185: The ones who fight and the ones who protect

[Field...? Oh, so the magic power back then was...](Rush)

He was talking about the magic power that expanded in a hemisphere.

[Well, the area extends to somewhat around 20 meters, but it is not like I can control all objects in this area.](Yuu)

[What did you say?](Rush)

[In the end, the only things it can control are inanimate objects, they're the only displayed contents of this book, right?](Yuu) (Senpai: Right now I hate this guy, the way he speaks is just too confusing...)

[...Wait. If that's the case, then there's something strange. My 《Killer Javelin》 is supposed to be unique. It's a heirloom that was only permitted to be taken for this duel. Why do you know about this 《Killer Javelin》? If you don't know its name and description you can't possibly control it, right?](Rush)

If it was as Yuhito said, If 《Killer Javelin》's description isn't written in 《Domination》, then the book would not have been able to absorb it a while ago. However, being a heirloom, the 《Killer Javelin》 should be known by no one other than the family.

Towards Rushball's question, Yuhito curved his mouth with a happy-looking smile.

[《Killer Javelin》... Its handle was crafted from 《Godovius Ore》, the three-pronged spearhead was made by processing the fangs of the 《Marquis Dragon》... It's also the spear known as the 《Beast-Killing Spear》, right?](Yuu)

[...!?](Shocked Rush-chan)

It was an absolutely complete description. It was only natural to ask why someone who wasn't even part of the family could know the details so well.

[Hey, why do you know about it to that extent? No, from whom did you hear that?](Rush)

Although he thought it was impossible for him to be close to his family, he couldn't find any reason other than having heard from one of his family members.

[Nono, I just glanced at it and it came to me naturally?](Yuu)(Senpai: Author-san, I know what you're trying to do, but stop with the damn question marks.) ((XDD))

[...Eh?](Even more surprised Rush-chan)

What did Yuhito just say? No matter how he looked at it, he could only think that he didn't hear it right, and tried to ask again, but,

[As I said, the first time I saw it today, I just wrote it in 《Domination》 mid-fight.](Yuu)

It didn't look like he had heard it from someone. Then how could this be. If it's as he said, this meant that he had seen the 《Killer Javelin》 for the first time here, and then decided it was the 《Killer Javelin》 and wrote it in the book.

But why did he know about this precious spear? such a question floated around.

[Nyohohoho! You seem to be lost, but just as I said I just analyzed it at first sight?](Yuu)

[.......?](Confused Rush-chan)

[When I looked at the shape of those black-lustered patterns at the handle, I could guess that it was composed of 《Godovius Ore》, the same for the spearhead. Just by looking once I understood it. A black spearhead that looked like a mix of jade and amber, and even won't reflect light even if bathed directly in it, those are the exact characteristics of the 《Marquis Dragon》's fang. Also I had read in some books about the 《Beast-Killing Spear》 created long ago, far in the Demon World's lands. Its form looks a bit like the 《Killer Javelin》, doesn't it. Probably far in the past, your ancestor stored the 《Beast-Killing Spear》 safely at the Demon World, isn't it? By the way, wasn't that 《Beast-Killing Spear》 known as 《Killer Javelin》 in literature? Well, time has passed so much it has already started weathering, iya~ it was nice to glance at it once! Nyohohohoho!](Yuu-san, please BURN IN HELL) ((he's a troll.))

Towards Yuhito who said something so absurd with no hesitation, Rushball was taken aback and petrified on the spot.

[Maybe, you didn't want to think that this spear wasn't a secret family heirloom, but it is just something your ancestor got his hands on. It's previous information was that it was certainly somewhere in the world, you see.](Annoying Yuu)

[As expected of the 《Invention King》](Rush)

This was said not with sarcasm, but with admiration.

[But as expected what with explaining like a fool. Even if I've lost my spear, your only ability is using magic tools. So how do you plan to win?](Rush-kun pissing me off too)

Truly, after all the only thing Yuhito knows is completely devoting himself to defending. If there's no attack, then there's no damage. And even the magic tools, as he keeps explaining them honestly like an idiot, can be dealt with just by thinking a bit.

He started doubting about Yuhito's sanity, knowing that he was chasing himself into a corner.

[Nyohohoho! It can't be helped, right. 'Cause I'm not a fighter, but a researcher!](Yuu)


[Besides, my job is just to keep you occupied until Lenion-sama settles it with his opponent. That's why it's fine even if I don't win, as long as I don't lose~. Nyohohoho!](Yuu)

He felt frustration with those words.

[Hohou, then if I get serious, even without being a fighter, you think you can stop me? You think you can fight without losing?](Rush)(Senpai: Yes! Please start fighting and stop this text wall madness, it hurts my eyes!)

[Nyohohoho! That's what I said, didn't you hear me?](Yuu)

A switch had turned on inside his head.(lib.)

[Then I'll make you scatter right now!](Rush)

Suddenly, cracks started to run across the ground, and from there three giant snakes made of water appeared.

[Blue Viper!](Rush)

The three snakes spread their mouths open, as if trying to swallow a prey whole, and then went towards Yuhito.

[I, If it's like this, how's that! take this power, 《Liberation》!](Yuu)

While issuing a command in panic, a pale blue light started to burst from 《Domination》, and suddenly a water-colored mantle appeared.

And then Yuhito covered his body with this mantle,


The surprised snakes who tried to swallow the mantle and all inside whole, as soon as they touched it, turned back into just water as if repelled by it, and splattered across the ground.


Obviously, Rushball, was surprised as he saw something unbelievable in front of his eyes.

[Th, Then how about this!](Rush)

This time, a huge fissure started opening quickly at Rushball's front, and strong water erupted from it.

[Try receiving the culmination of my water! Tidal Wave!]

An unbelievably big tsunami swept down on Yuhito. If one were to be swallowed by this tsunami, one would normally be crushed by the pressure of the large amount of water.


The tsunami rushed at Yuhito without any mercy, but he was laying face-down on the ground.

[Be crushed, or drown in the water that way, 《Invention King》!](Rush)

And in the instant the tsunami tried to swallow him,


Once again, the moment it touched that mantle, it was repelled. The tsunami was repelled as if it had encountered a colossal wall, and the wall once again vanished in an instant.

[What the hell is this!!?](Rush)

It couldn't be helped that such words escaped from his mouth. It was an attack that would certainly frighten an ordinary person. Even so, far from having any damage, Yuhito's mantle didn't even have a scratch.

Then, Yuhito unexpectedly let his face out of the mantle while smiling.

[Nyohohoho! It's a shame, right! But it's not something to feel depressed about! This is that type of mantle after all! Nyohohoho!](Yuu)

Then, once again, he started his boasting disguised as explanation. That mantle named 《Water Suppressor》 was a kind of mantle with the effect of nullifying any water magic. However, the activation of the effect has a restriction, it can only be activated by staying still and without attacking. (lib.)

[all such unthinkable magic tools...](Rush)

He muttered while glaring vexingly.

[Nyohohoho! So~reeee~!](Yuu) (Senpai: left this without a translation, 'cause it's kind of hard to even think of a translation to this, and it doesn't have much context to it, just something he said while throwing)

This time, he had something at his hand, and when he thought he would throw it at his mouth, he threw it high at the sky. It started to reflect dazzling light.

It started to fall back to the ground, changed shape, and became Yuhito.

[It's the 《Simulacrum Paper》 again, huh.](Rush)

Indeed, Yuhito had fulfilled the 《Simulacrum Papers》' condition, soaked with saliva, and threw them to the skies. They numbered hundreds.

[Now, who is the true one?](Yuu)

While he said that with a happy-looking face, it could be clearly seen that Rushball was displeased at the situation as his face crooked. But then his face quickly tightened into a reprimanding one,

[Hm, you really don't look like you plan to fight head-on. Then I'll also give priority to other fight.](Rush)

[Arere? What happened?](Yuu)

[You don't plan to fight, right? Then I also don't have any duty of taking you as an opponent. I'll just allow myself to go and help Ornoth-sama.](Rush)

He said so, and walked away. He threw away any thoughts of defeating Yuhito, and went to Ornoth as reinforcement. Because helping him would make victory easier.

In truth, he had received orders from Ornoth to fight in order to test how strong Yuhito was, seeing as his opponent didn't seriously want to oppose him, he decided that going to help instead of just messing around was far better.

Hearing Rushball's words, Yuhito's smile crumbled, but soon he smiled happily again.

[I won't let you, you know? Take this power 《Liberation》!](Yuu)

《Domination》 started to gleam... then...


Yuhito thrust a scalpel at his arm, then blood started flowing out from it. However, at the same time, Rushball's movement stopped completely.

(Wh, What... My legs won't move!?)

Even though he had to go to Ornoth quick, every time he tried to move forwards, his legs would stop moving. Without thinking, he took a step back, but...

(I can move back?)

He couldn't walk forward, but towards the direction where Yuhito was, he seemed to be able to move freely.

[... What did you do?](Rushball)

He slowly turned around and glared at Yuhito. He thought he had used another of his magic tools, but his eyes widened when he saw Yuhito's blood flowing. It was obviously creepy, as hundreds of other Yuhitos were doing the same thing.

[Nyohoho! I'm sorry, but I have to fulfill Lenion-sama's orders, you know?](Yuu)

In other words, he would keep on being a distraction. But what did any of that have in common with that blood flowing?

[This... What is it, I wonder?](Yuu)

Yuhito pointed at his feet. There was an hourglass on it, and a pale blue sphere made out of magic power covered it.

[... What is that?](Rush)

[This is a 《bind watch》. As its name says, until all the sand falls, you can't leave a certain space.](Yuu)

[Another troublesome thing...](Rush)

The truth is that he already thought of it as boring.

[Nyohohoho! Well, to activate it, blood is needed, but nyohoho, it might have been a bit too much stabbing, right?](Yuu)

Just by looking at the blood dripping to the ground, he could guess that it was a wound that shouldn't be left alone. However, right now he needed to break the 《bind watch》 as quickly as possible and go to Ornoth's place.

Immediately when he tried to kick the ground to shorten some time, and attempted to crush it, but...


The moment he touched it, an electric discharge-like phenomenon happened, and burnt his hands.


[Nyohohoho! Destroying it is quite hard, you know! Now, Demon Army Head Commander-dono, I'd be happy, if you could keep entertaining me, just for some more time.](Yuu)

He clicked his tongue, seeing that his enemy would be even more of a hassle. However it was true that he had no other choice but to deal with this opponent.

(Forgive me Ornoth-sama, it looks like it'll take some time)

As he felt apologetic, he started gathering magic power.


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