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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 184


Konjiki no Wordmaster 184 - with apologies, n00b.

Phew, that totally took me far too long. Well, Anon-senpai said he'd do the next ones, so you can look forward to some chapters in the next days. This time I won't mess with his translations, but maybe I can host them here?


184th Episode - Ornoth &Rushbelle VS Lenion &Yuhito

Even before the 【Beast Capital・Passion】 received the attack, in the crater of the 【Vuaraalu-plateau】 the duel between 『Evila』 and『Gabranth』 proceeded, and the gong for the fourth round had already sounded.

 Ornoth, the participant with the 'king role' in this duel, glared at the person just before his eyes, shooting him to death with his gaze, opening his mouth in the end.

「We didn't see each other since the 【Chaos】 incident, did we?」(Ornoth) ((Lib.))

「Heh, I've got good luck. Now I can fill you up with my revenge, bastard!」(Lenny-boy)

 It was Lenion, the second Prince of 【Passion】. Those two already had a confrontation in the past. ((yeah, we do remember that, don't we? Wasn't that long ago ...))

 At that time he was knocked out and lost consciousness after receiving a praiseworthy blow to his belly from Ornoth. As he then tried to capture him on the spot, the 《tree beast saints》 appeared and blocked his attempt, and it seemed like Lenion was furiously angry at Ornoth because of that incident all the time. ((Lib.: the sentence involves腸が煮えくり返る(’’Harawataganiekurikaeru’’) →in that context something like ’’his intestines were boiling’’..... I took the liberty to say he was ’’furiously angry’’ instead ^-^))

「In this duel, we are mutually the ’’kings’’ together. Whoever is a little bit stronger than the other one will win. That much is easy to understand, oy.」(Lenny)

 Like a beast that found a trophy, his mouth distorted. ((Yet again another person whose mouth doesn't know its boundaries -.-))

「Did you investigate? What the heck is a 『magical beast』, bastard?」(Lenny) ((Lib.))


「We share the bond of descendants of the same beast. Let's enjoy this killing together!」(Lenny)

「...........Fu, those young people full of vigor and energy.」(O)

 Ornoth also spouted the words somewhat happily.

「But didn't you forget something? That this duel doesn't consist of only us?」(O)

「Oh? Those other two people matter? I think it's perfectly fine if they just enjoy themselves.」

「......Hou, you believe into your partner to that extend? Even though that one over here is the Total Commanding Officer of the Demon Army?」(O)

 This fourth round of the duel was supposed to be a 2 vs 2 fight. And Ornoth' partner was the Total Commanding Officer of the Demon Army, Rushbelle. He owned a strength inferior only to the 《Cruel》. Surely the other party couldn't afford to use a half-baked person of less influence here.

 However, according to his speaking, Lenion seemingly didn't even see the possibility of his partner being defeated and his duel being disturbed.

 Thus it was probably a person of significant power, so Ornoth wore a somewhat difficult expression as he told Lenion his own opinion.

「...... What's the matter?」(O)

「Nay, well.... I can clearly say that it's hard to understand that his level and violence are low, but I grew accustomed to it.」(Lenny) ((Lib.))

「.... huh? You allowed such a person to participate in this duel?」(O)

「..... well yes, but however, thanks for the satisfying explanation.」(Lenny) ((?))

「......?」(O) ((Exactly. That's the same thing I thought.))

「I'm not able to imagine him losing. Even if it is against my father.」(Lenny)

 Ornoth was obediently shocked by his words. That persons level and his combat experience were seemingly lower. Yet, Lenion had a strange confidence in his partner. He couldn't understand the reason behind.

「I don't know whether he is strong or weak, but losing is a no..... huh?」(O)

「You could say it's a little insufficient, but shouldn't we stick on until we reach a conclusion? Therefore shouldn't we start? It's likely I'll explode if I resist the itching feel to do something anymore!」(Lenny) ((Lib.))

 Lenion strongly kicked the earth and came flying.

「There is no way back here anymore! Let me bring you down with all my strength!」

 Two people crashed with scattering sparks. ((They could have done that from the start ...))


 At the same time, in the same field, Total Commanding Officer of the Demon Army Rushbelle was wielding a gigantic spear. The target......

「Nyohohohoho! As expected from the Total Commanding Officer of the Demon Army! That is one splendid spear you have!」(Yu)

 His name was Yuhito Fan'naru. He was a researcher living in 【Gabranth Kingdom ・ Passion】. However, with his green unkempt hair and his round glasses, always wearing a dirty white coat, even if he hadn't researched, everyone would refer to him as the mad scientist. ((It's so cooool - Sonuvabitch.))

 He is also Rarashik's brother, thus he had the same pair of long rabbit ears shaking on top of his head.

 Now he was standing completely still in order to observe Rushbelle. That body was torn by the long spear Rushbelle was yielding. But miraculously the spear just slipped through the body, unable to split it in half.

「Damn! This one is also just a fake!?」(Rush)

 In fact, in Rushbelle's surroundings, there were surprisingly Yuhitos..... No, rather, several persons standing. ((Yuhitos as in plural of Yuhito -.-))

「Eey! Annoying 《Trick art》!」(Rushbelle) ((? I'm not sure how the latest translation of 化装術 was, they kinda had...... a lot. I don't even know what translation I used the last time..... if I ever had to ’’translate’’ that before. Well, you know what's meant ^-^))

 As Yuhito heard Rushbelle's speech mixed with him clicking his tongue -

「Nyohohohoho! No, not at all, I am afraid I will have to tell you that this is not a 《Trick art》 at all?」(Yu) ((He was totally polite here ... so I tried to avoid abbreviations and stuff ... dunno, I'm not that good at being polite ^-^))

「.......... What?」(Rush) ((He totally went ’’nani’’ here. Sry, I'll have to restrain myself.))

 The voice has been emitted from every Yuhito in the surroundings. They were moving as one entity, as if they were reflections from a mirror.

「Do you understand? Uh-hu, that's right. The desire of knowledge, that's something to cherish in the people!」(Yu)


 The long Kemonomimi on his head were moving with piko piko, and Ornoth' face became stiff as he felt like being made a fool of.

「Nyohoho, this might be good! If that's the case, unworthy Yuhito Fan'naru shall explain it to you!」(Yu) ((I totally wrote this sentence with an ’’^-^’’ at the end instead of the exclamation mark... sry. Changed it now.))

 Thereupon the Yuhitos in the environment suddenly disappeared, leaving just one Yuhito standing.

 That one took a bunch of silvery shining square papers out of his breast pocket. They were sized just to fit into ones palm, but apparently there were over a hundred of them.

「As for those, they are an invention of mine named 《Mapping papers》.」(Yu)

「...... You don't say, magic tools?」(Rush)

「Nyohohoho! Sure, just like that! And if you lick it this way.....」(Yu)

 After licking a piece with his tongue and shooting it towards the ground, the paper suddenly changed its shape withBokobokoboko like a swelling rice cake. ((Those SFX in the middle of a sentence ...))

 And after a moment it had the same figure as Yuhito. Closely watching this, Rushbelle -

「I see, that 《Invention King》 of the 『Gabranth』 was you, Yuhito Fan'naru.」(Rush)

「Nyohohohoho! When you are praising me to that extend then I'll ride on the trend! Nyohohoho!  Please praise me even more!」(Yu)

 Watching him skeptically as he displayed a good mood an laughed, Rushbelle took action immediately. Taking him from behind with speed as he put force into his feet.

「But if you careless expose your own abilities, Unpreparedness is your greatest enemy!」

 Rushbelle's spear strikes Yuhito. That one turned its face as if he hadn't noticed yet. Again he was able to determine that that one's physical ability wasn't that high.

 As he considered that his blow would surely kill him -

 Suka! (SFX)

 Again he got the feeling like when attacking the previous fakes.


 The Yuhito in front of him disappeared. And unexpectedly Yuhito emerged from behind a rock where he hid his body.

「Nyohohohoho! The reason is that I've been watching from that way as well! After all is said and done, I am a civilian! Nyohohoho!」

 Apparently the one person who has been wary had returned. Being hidden behind a rock, he let his fake body do the talking.((Lib))

「Impudent imitation........」(Rush)

「Oh, but it was also to avoid risk. And it sure was useful. But I got rid of it in the end~」(Yu)

「Can't you lay down that incorrigible politeness now? You can display some composure even while staying in your bounds!」(Rush)

 Thereupon he began to swing and buzz the spear. And, aiming at Yuhito, he threw it.


 Yuhito promptly jumped to the side, rolling over the ground. As if it was a boomerang the spear came back to Rushbelle after missing him.

「Hou, just now you were able to react to that extend to avoid it.」

「D-don't just suddenly surprise me like that!」

 Yuhito cried out while taking care of his waist after his downfall.

 But this time he decided for a straight flying aim. ((He?))

「T-take this!」

 Thereupon Yuhito took a book out from his breast pocket.

「...... What?」

 Giving it a dubious look, Rushbelle thinks about what to do.

「《Magic creation judgmental area》, construct!」(Yu) ((wait, what? (《魔造判定領域》構築!) come up with a better one, if you'd be so nice? That much Kanji non-stop ))

 Suddenly magic waves were emitted from that book like hemispheres.

「I don't know what you are planning to do, but that's the finishing blow!」(Rush)

 Straightly firing the spear, he plunged forward to bring Yuhito down. But he was unintentionally startled by Yuhito's following words.

「That 《Killer Javelin》, will go down to my general!」(Yu) ((I'm not sure... he uses impolite words now.))

「Wha-!? How do you know the name of my spear?!」(Rush)

 Together with that outcry, the 《Killer Javelin》 had been fired, but had been unexpectedly absorbed into the book.

「......Phew, it had a little possibility of leaking.」(Yu)

 Yuhito was stroking his chest as he was genuinely relieved. However, Rushbelle, to preoccupied to even think of anything

「Wh-what did you do!」(Rush)

 As a matter of course the question was mingled with an angry roar.

 As Yuhito slowly rose, he rearranged his glasses. Thus, boasting with pride, he displayed the opened book.

 Rushbelle was frightened as he saw the books interior. Because his favorite spear 《Killer Javelin》 was trapped inside like a displayed treasure.

「Nyohohoho! You want to know? Would you like to know?」(Yu) ((he's definitely mocking him now ...))

「uh-huh....... yeaaah........」(Rush)

 He honestly stated the truth, even though he felt the irritation of that being, completely getting into the mood. He didn't understand what was done, but he instinctively felt the danger of carelessly getting closer. ((Lib.))

「Nyohohoho! In that case I'll explain it for you! As I thought, you have a splendid thirst for knowledge!」(Yu)

 Even though he really thought that this guys attitude was annoying, this time Rushbelle decided to quietly hear the explanation.

「This book, do you understand it?」(Yu)

 Even though he wanted to shout out that he didn't understand in the slightest, he kept silent.

「Nyohoho! This book is named 《Domination》, as it can take control over an object that exists within a certain area. And if you can control it, you sure can use 《Domination》 to seal that object away within it! Nyohohohoho!」 (Yu)


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