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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 182


182nd Episode - Passion Raid

Two People wearing black robes entered 【Passion】. While looking at 【Passion】's symbol, the 《Tree of Beginnings - Aragorn》, one of them wore an eerie face, distorting his mouth's corners.

On the black robes the two persons wore there was a drawing on each of their backs. Well, they were just simple signs, the one being a [X] and the other one being a [□]. ((I could have said cross, but you'd think of it like the christian one or like + sooooo ...))

 In this connection, the one that had been eerily laughing just now was the person with the cross-sign.

「Kehaha, As usual, it's only a stupid tree~.」(X) ((I don't like him speaking. Annoying.))

 The cross-marked person imposingly spoke with burning sarcasm.

「Don't you think so as well~, newcomer?」(X)

 However the square-marked person doesn't answer. Although their true identity couldn't be confirmed as their faces are concealed under a hood, judging from his voice the crossed one is male.

「Keh, you~ are quite the bastard~」 (X)

 Then he noticed two soldiers approaching as they grew suspicious towards the intruders.

「O~lala, we were completely found out~」(X)

 He said those words somehow delighted.

「Hey guys, are you travelers? Won't you be nice and show me your face, if it's possible?」

「Oyoyo~y, what strange bullshit, why should I show you my noble true face? Aah?」(X)

 Being spoken to in such a manner, the soldier approached, strongly clenching his spear,

「Suspicious guy! Remove that hood, Now!」(Soldier)

「Aah, you came........ you came, you came......」(X)

「Nh? How often will you tell me that I came now?」

 Not understanding why the cross-signed man would mutter this, his distrust only increased.

「There~fo~re~........ you did come after all~」(X)

「S-so what?」(Soldier)

「......Kehaha.」(X) ((Ok, forget about Leo's laughter giving me the shivers.))

 Bushu! (SFX)

 The soldiers head suddenly whirled through the air. And the headless body collapsed. A blood spray sprinkled from the sky whilst the head came falling down.

 As he coldheartedly looked down on the fallen head-

「Well, I guess I did tell him that he came~...... that homicidal impulse of mine, though~」(X)

 Once again his mouth eerily formed into the shape of a crescent moon.

「Aah, that's good as well. Now, shouldn't we quickly finish our job here?」(X)

 The square-marked person still didn't answer. And then the citizens casually passing by screamed in surprise as they saw the bloodstained ground.

「Kehaha! Gimme more~! Give me even more of that comforting voice!」(X)

 Seeing the cross-marked man holding a blade in his hand, the people once again screamed loudly.

「That's right, shout~! And remember~! Washing blood with blood, this massacre is a serious thiiiiiiiiiiing~! Kehahahahahahaha!」(X)

 More and more people gathered at the spot. Thus he sharply observed the faces of the people around as they glared at the man in return.

「Whaaat~? That foolish peace is nothing but a mask~.......... Kehaha, oh well. I'll remind you in case you forgot it~.」(X)

 Everyone watches the scene as if they were at loss of words in the face of this guy's oddness.

「This is a world of the survival of the fitteeeeest~!」(X)


「Wh-what is it!?」(Branza) ((well, Bransa would be more correct, but it looks better that way. Also, I'm translating offline right now, so no way to check on Kiriko's character list.))

 The royal family lived in the 《Kings tree》, where the wife of Beast-king Leowald, Branza, working in the office, was currently raising her voice in surprise as a maid suddenly barged in without even knocking.

 As the Maid looked really pale one could understand that the current disturbance didn't occur because of any trivial matter.

「Branza-sama.....the country......... the country is......」(Maido)

「Now what is with the country?」(Bran)

 And after the maid has taken a deep breath -

「The country, it is currently attacked by someone!」(Maido)


 Branza immediately moved to a place where she could overlook the rooftops. Therefore, as she saw the scene spreading out beneath her eyes, she had her breath taken.

 Here and there arose smoke from local fires, and not few people had collapsed to the ground, bleeding.

「Wh-what the heck is........!?」(Bran)

 As she was taken aback, feeling as if she were dreaming -

「Watch out!」(Raive) ((or Raibu or Live or whatever she was called. Arno's sister. Offline.))


 Kakyiiin! (SFX)

 Suddenly two people held a fierce battle behind, waking her from daydreaming. One of those two was a person all too well known to Branza.((TL: 鍔迫り合い →instead of ’’fierce battle’’, it's rather a locking of swords in a duel, pushing forward with one's strength. Rather hard to include, though.))


 Really, it was Arnold's older sister, a long-serving maid of Beast King Leowald, Raive Ocean.

「Chi!」(hooded person)

 The person facing Raive until now jumped back from that spot. It couldn't be determined who it was as the person wore a black robe with hood.

「Huh, and even though I tried to kill that woman there at grea~t pain...」(X)

 Hearing the voice one could guess it was a man.

「How dare you, to stop that sort of blow of mine - but well, I have to praise you a litt~le bit at least~」(X)

 The man pointed at Raive holding a kitchen knife in each of her hands. However, both of them were visibly useless now as they were clearly worn out.

「Raive! Your hands!?」(Bran)

 There was blood dripping from both of her hands.

「Kehaha! I think you can be grateful that your arm still remains~!」(X)

 It appeared that she was able to defend against the man's previous attack, but while Raive was able to perfectly avoid being killed with her kitchen knives, but as a result her arm naturally also received damage.

 Thence one could easy understand that this guy was a man of outstanding ability.

(To that extent.......... It may look like this now, but Raive used to teach the ways of sword arts to Leglos and the others in the old days......)(Bran)

 She thought that if it was just an ordinary attack, it wouldn't have left a single scratch on Raive. However, probably she would easily get injured if that man truly went serious and hit her. Moreover, she already used the kitchen knives as defense in spite of that.

「Please run away, Branza-sama」(Raive)

 Raive puts a cigar to her lips, not showing even a single sign of pain on her face. Even as she probably feels considerable pain, she apparently still conducted her mind to the well-being of Branza.

「We can not afford to run away leaving you behind!」(Bran)

「You are the queen! And now we stand against this enemy, but myself and the maid, we will even put our life in line in order to protect our master's life.」(Ray)

「Raive...... you..........」(Branza)

 Thereupon, a clapping sound can be heard from the man as he applauds her.

「All right, all right, all~right, splendid splendid~! Thank you for taking part in that terrific deeply moving speech scene~. But, rest assured. I already failed in assassinating her once, but you soon won't be able to even raise your arm anymore~.」(X) ((Lib))

「As if I'd believe such a thing!」(Ray)

 Raive strongly gripped her kitchen knives still looking worn-out.

「The truth is~, I just came to do the job. Moreover, killing the queen just entered the plan~」

「...... the plan?」(Branza)

 Branza muttered.

「I just came here to say hello~. But as I saw your face, I just suddenly felt like stabbing someone~....... Branza King. Or should I say, Branza König-sama~」(X)((Btw ’’König’’ is the german word for King. Not that much of a change...))

 Branza made big eyes, her mouth getting dry in an instant.

「 do you know the name König? There is only a small handful of people in this country who knows this name.......」(Branza König)

 Raive frowns as she also didn't know anything about this.

「Kehaha, didn't you notice~ it yet~? Even though - hooray - we do meet again for the first time after years~.」(X)

 Thus, as Branza finally discovers some sort of breathtaking information, she gets taken aback.

「 way.....」(Bran)


 Worrying about Branza being completely shaking, laying bare, Raive called out to her, but Branza is just too preoccupied with motionlessly staring at the man to even think about answering.

「Kehaha, that's right, It's me......」(Me) ((seriously, it's dumb to introduce yourself with ’’I'm just me.’’........ wait, I did that myself not too long ago...))

 The man raised his arm to remove the hood, exposing his true face to them. And then Branza's expectation was fulfilled, leaving her at a loss of words similar to terror as her concerns became firm.

 The man had an aloof uni-se* hairstyle, the color being particularly unusual, having black and white spot patterns standing out.


 As he heard Branza's murmur, a grin slowly began to crease on the face of the man called Kokurou.


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