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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 180


180th Episode - How to insta-kill

「Oh? They already arrived?」(Silva) (Anon: stahp the question marks!) ((Itisn1t: sometimes you have to change it a little... but really, most of the questions aren't really questions.))

 Standing next to Hiiro, Silva announced the 『Gabranth』s team for the third fight.

「.......gross.」(Hiiro) ((He says げ - and it's an exclamation of surprised disappointment, such as yuck, ack, eeew, crap!, etc. Description directly copied from Rikai-kun.... never mind.))

 Hiiro involuntarily groaned as he saw the opponent, because one of them directly stared at him with passion.

(Wait a minute, it's that Nyanko-bastard again.)(Hiiro)

 The opponent was Crouch. As she raised the corners of her mouth to a grin, her expression gave him the shivers.

「Ah? You were also coming?」(Hiiro)

 And as they saw the 『Evila』 arriving, even Silva was petrified with an「eh?」.

 Because obviously the two who appeared to match the numbers were two common soldiers. The 《Three Beast Warriors》 furthermore didn't even know their names or faces.

 Especially Barid was clearly emitting blood-thirst towards Hiiro.

「What does this mean, youngster?」

「.......what is it?」(Hiiro)

「Don't play dumb. Those two aren't either army captains nor 《Cruel》, are they?」

 After seeing those two soldiers being completely restless, a blue vein appeared on his forehead.

「No matter how I look they're just normal soldiers. Doesn't the demon lord understand that the fate of her race is at stake here?」(Barid)

「Of course she does.」(Hiiro)

「Don't make fun of me! This one match defines your future! If you lose it's our third win and it's over for you! And you dare to bring twosoldiers to such an important match!」

 As he felt like being made of a fool, or being underestimated, he angrily raised his voice as his face got completely red.

「Haa, I'm not messing around at all. I just judged these two would be sufficient, so I wrote their names beforehand. Well, the Demon Lord was about to refuse my proposal.」

 It seemed as if Hiiro was saying that even soldiers were sufficient as partners as long as he was fighting. Being in a team with powerful guys was a pain in the ass, so he proposed putting quiet soldiers in his team.

 Of course not only the Demon Lord, but also everyone else was against it. After all it was the match that would decide the fate of the country. They decided to take someone strong to increase the probabilities of winning even a little.

 But Hiiro wanted soldiers no matter what. He said he wouldn't participate otherwise. The Demon Lord Eveam could only reluctantly nod to his word afterwards.

「....... so you mean that you can win against the three of us just with those two cowardly soldiers in your team?」(Barid)

「That's right.」

 As he was told this directly, Barid clenched his teeth.

「Hohou, I will make you regret this. Both you, the 『Humas』 and former outsider who suggested this, and that idiotic Demon Lord who acknowledged your proposal!」(Barid)

 As he growled and glared at them, the soldiers behind Hiiro couldn't help but be taken aback by the huge pressure he emitted.

「The price of underestimating us will be high!」(Barid)

「...... don't look down on us.」(Putis)

「Nyahaha! You really nyonly do interesting things, Hiiro..... uun, Tarou?」(Crouch)

 After Barid and Putis spoke Crouch opened her mouth, and Hiiro opened his eyes a little as he heard her words.

「...... so you noticed?」(Hiiro)

「Nyahaha...... I wanted to meet you nya......」

「But I didn't want to meet you. And my name is Hiiro. Tarou was an alias.」

「 I knyow. I just said to confirm it nya」 ((...she could at least stop that nyan-talkin' ...))

 Her former grinning mouth distorted.

「But at that time you became completely white of exhaustion, how does it come that your condition is recovered now?」(Hiiro)

「Thanks to you nya. Also nya, this form, was simply made with my power from the start nya」

「......... in that case the white form is your original shape?」

 It seems that the white form is Crouch's true form. (lib.)

「Exacly-nya. You wanted to know why I have that form-nya.」

「Aah, I'm not really interested so it doesn't matter.」


 After Hiiro refused her so easy, her shoulders dropped in disappointment. Then Crouch's height started to gradually shrink as her black hair became completely white. (Anon-senpai: yay! loli confirmed.)((Itisn1t: wasn't it confirmed already?))

 Thus she started crying, rubbing her watery eyes with her hands.

「This is it nya! My full name is Crouch and I only turned into the form of a cool adult man to increase my presence nyaaaaa!」(Anon: edit - So I went to search again, and apparently, 貫録 ’’Kanroku’’ and 貫禄 ’’Kanroku’’ mean the same thing, but the former is barely used. Guess which of those he used? At least I've learned something new) ((Itisn1t: I would have had trouble with it ^-^;))

 Seeing the little girl beginning to speak even though he didn't ask for an explanation, Hiiro let out a sigh.

「.......mhhhh.」(Hiiro) ((Itisn1t: He said あっそ = lackadaisical, noncommittal reply. Once again rikaikun.))(Anon: lib. Pissed-off ’’thank you’’ to an unnecessary explanation)

「Why do nyou nyave nyo little nyinterest nyaaaaaaa!」(Anon: lib. she starts to go full nya mode at this point, I tried to make it the easiest to understand as possible, while retaining the ’’nya’’) ((Itisn1t: her way of speaking pisses me off -.-))

 The little girl's head entered a state of panic. Certainly no matter how you look, the pressure from a while ago that felt like that of a black panther could not be sensed.

 The form looked like that of a personified white cat, but however..........(Anon: lib. trying to stay as close as possible to the literal)((Itisn1t: well, it's as close to the original as you can get without losing it.))

「Nofofofofo! This is a truly cute form! I suddenly want to give you a warm hug! Nofofofofo!」

 .... it only attracted the hentai's attention.

「It doesn't matter so let's start already, you perverted butler.」(Hiiro)

「Those are some harsh words! Nofofofofo!」

 Hiiro could only sigh at his usual behavior. But after a single cough, Silva expressed a resolute attitude.

「Then, are you ready?」(Silva)

 Hiiro and Barid nodded.

「First, the confirmation of both participants.」(Silva)

 Thus Silva called their names, and each one of them replied.

「Next is the confirmation of the kings. The 『Gabranth』 side's king is Barid-sama. The 『Evila』 side's king is Hiiro-sama. There is no mistake, right?」(Silva)

 Again, both of them shake their heads vertically.

「Well then, third match....... Staaart!」(Silva)

 Thereupon Crouch immediately rushed out as if repelled by something, trying to attack Hiiro. However....


 Suddenly she crushed into the ground as if being made to cling to it. Cracks opened on it as Crouch desperately tried to move but couldn't get free.

「Nya...... nhyat is this......!?」

 Of course her current situation was Hiiro's doing. He previously wrote 『Gravity』 without anyone realizing it. 重力

 As effect of the word he was able to control gravity. As it met the approaching Crouch, she was burdened with the power of the surrounding gravity being multiplied by ten or even more.


 Barid screamed , but -

「It..... it nyurned out like this.....」(Anon: lib.) ((Itisn1t: no other way than lib. with ’’nya nya’’ all the time...))

 Then Crouch's shadow expanded and her body began to be sucked in by it. As over half of her body already was inside of it -

「That's what I was waiting for.」(Hiiro)

 Hiiro released the word 『Restraint』 towards the shadow. As some electrical discharge phenomenon crackling sounded, Crouch stopped sinking. 拘束

「Nyaa!? Move nya-i-nyaaaaaaaaa!」

 Both her arms and legs felt as if they were bound to the shadow and wouldn't even flinch. Hiiro dispelled the effect of 『Gravity』 and slowly walked to Crouch's side.

「...... that's the first one.」(Hiiro)

 Barid and Putis stared at him. After Crouch had her movements restrained this easily, the wariness of both of them increased to the maximum.

「Don't lower your guard Putis! That boy really is a threat!」

「 it.」

 Putis, who was wearing a bear costume gave a deep nod. (Anon: lib.)

 Then Hiiro used 『Luminescence』, creating a light strong enough to blind everyone in the vicinity. 発光

 In an instant, both of them jumped back at the same time to distance themselves, but at the moment Putis landed she felt a shocking sensation of discomfort at her foot.

「I cannot move?」(Put)

 In a split second, Hiiro shot the word 『Adhesion』 towards the ground. The ground Putis was stepping became like birdlime and stole her movement. 粘着 (Anon: Birdlime again? Author-san, you've got some problems...) ((Itisn1t: so damn right ...))

「........!?」(Anon: lib.) ((Itisn1t:... I did the exactly same thing and wouldn't have said it's lib. ...never mind.))

 As she realized that the previous light was a distraction to prepare for this, she clenched her fist in frustration.

「..... and that's two down.」(Hiiro)

 Then he looked up at Barid who was flying without landing on the ground.

「Dammit! Then I'll get serious as well!」(Anon: death flag incoming)

 Barid's face stiffened as he wagered the moment to attack Hiiro, but -


 Suddenly his head was grabbed from behind.

「Wh-when did you...... no, more importantly.......」(Barid)

 Barid looked down, and Hiiro was definitely standing down there. Of course he would be curious about who was behind him. However -

「With you that's three down.」(Hiiro)

 Hiiro's voice entered his ears from behind. Then Barid made a startled expression, power started to escape his body, his consciousness sinking into darkness.


 What Hiiro did was actually something pretty simple. Hiiro, who was thinking of defeating each of them individually started by defeating Crouch, who knew of his power. (Anon: lib.)

 That's why he used 『Gravity』 at the moment she came towards him, stopping her movements first. Because she was the only opponent who could use shadows, he thought she would try entering them to escape.

 Thus while she was in the middle of entering them, he would use 『Restraint』 to stop her movements completely. Then next, he used『Luminescence』 to distract them. But then for Putis, Hiiro was thought to only have used 『Adhesion』, but in truth he did one more thing.

 What he used was the same as before with Rarashik, 『Shadow Clone』. 影分身 (Anon: shadow clone. yup, written the same as 'that') ((Itisn1t: please, don't mention it.)) Then, leaving only the clone's body, he hid his presence with 『Invisibility』 and got away from there. 隠形

 After succeeding in stopping Putis' movements with 『Restraint』, Hiiro turned his attention to the remaining Barid. Of course, this is only what the clone did.

 His main body then used 『Transfer』, approaching his opponent's back in a split second, grabbing his head and using 『Faint』 to steal his consciousness. 気絶

 To be honest, this had to be executed quickly. Because, even if 『Restraint』 and 『Adhesion』 were used, if they used 《Conversion》 and cut their arms and legs, they could release their bodies.

 He needed to be careful this time, because if this happened, defeating them would likely become a pain in the ass. Thus Hiiro used a single, quick series of moves. (Anon: lib.)

 In truth, it was surprising that it went so well this time, but it was miraculously a victory with all participants unharmed, thus being an outcome that made Eveam raise her hands in happiness.

 For all of that this match was definetely -

「The third round is the 『Evila』's Victory!」(Silva)

  Hiiro's overwhelming victory.


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