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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 179


Chapter 179 - Hiiro, stand!

 The first thing Ionis saw as she opened her eyes was Hiiro's blunt expression. Then Muir clapped on her shoulder, producing a 'pop'.

「Un, Io-chan is sooooo cute!」(Muir)

 A delightful smiling face was directed at her.

「Take this.」(Silva)

 Thereupon, as one would expect from a butler, Silva gave Ionis a hand mirror.

「Take a look, Io-chan!」 (Muir)

 Even as Muir told her thus, she still was trembling in uneasiness as she hadn't confirmed the outcome yet. But when she looked at the people standing around, everyone gave her nods of affirmation and smiled.

 Then Ionis cleared her throat and slowly lifted the mirror into the front of her face.

 And there ................................................ there was not a single stain on her baby-like skin reflected on the mirror.

 In an instant, a large amount of tears flowed out of Ionis' eyes. Muir tightly hugged her,

「Un-un, It's good...... It's good, Io-chan.」

「Higu..... gusu....... Ueeeeeeeeeeeeen!」 (Io) ((crying sounds.))

 Everyone but Hiiro was looking at the two of them with pleasure.

 After she finished sobbing, she became silent, hanging her head in shame of the embarrassment of defenseless crying.

「Thank you, Hiiro-kun.」(Shu)

 Suddenly he got a voice of gratitude from Shublarz.

「I just did the request. If you want to thank someone, talk to the Chibi that requested me.」

 Looking at the disappointed Hiiro's attitude, Shublarz shrugs her shoulders with a smile.

「Of course I am grateful to that child, but still, let me say it. I thank you.」

 Normally her smile was voluptuous, always attracting the men around her, but this time, her smile was naturally and innocent. One could see with one glance that she truly was grateful.

「H-he truly is our hero! I-i truly was deeply moved!」(Herbreed)

 For some reason Herbreed's stared at them with sparkling eyes as he remembered his excitement over Hiiro's actions. There couldn't be done anything done against it in such a situation, but Hiiro felt that no matter how much time passed, he'd never grew accustomed to it.

 As his back became itchy, he started to move in order to get away from here -

 Kui....... (SFX)

 He felt that his clothes were being pulled. As he looked there was Ionis, standing with her head hanging down, slightly pulling his clothes with index finger and thumb.

「............. What's the matter?」(Hiiro)

 But she didn't speak. After he waited for a while, Ionis faintly raised her face. One could clearly see that her cheeks were bright red.

「.....ank you.......」 (Io) ((she says ’’...gatō...’’ as in arigatō))


 Ionis chewed on her lower lip, then she suddenly gulped. She slowly opened her mouth.

「Tha....... Thank you!」

 It seems she just wanted to thank him.

(.....why does it take her this amount of time just to say 'thank you'?)(Hiiro)

 It was truly incomprehensible. ((Yeah, as if.)) It wasn't that bad to be told 'thank you', so he didn't plan to investigate it any further.

 Apart from that, seeing her being that desperate to thank him somehow piqued his interest and his face loosened.

「Don't worry about it.」(Hiiro)


 Misunderstanding Hiiro smiling at her, Ionis said 「」 and turned hot.((TL-Lib.: She says 「......あぅ......なの......」and as the ’’no’’ is (still) just her way of speaking, it would be: あぅな - doesn't have any meaning I know of. However, あうな (difference between ぅand う) can mean something like ’’Don't have an accident!’’ ...))

「Oh dear...」 (Shu)

 Shublarz pleasantly smiled as she saw her getting completely embarrassed. And then Hiiro looked at Muir.

「It seems like she suffered extremely harsh damage in her past.」(Hiiro)

「Uhmm..... well, thanks a lot!」(Muir) ((the ’’uhm’’ - eto - is cut into two parts originally...))

「Why are you thanking me?」

「B-because you cured Io-chan for me.」

「If that's the case you better respond with a delicious meal.」


 Looking at her face one could clearly see that Muir was still happy about her friend's restoration.

「As for you, Old Man, I'm afraid to say that you might have won this round but will lose the game in the end.」(Hiiro)

「W-well! That's your fault!」(Arno) ((Lib. ?))

 Arnold also still wanted to take complete victory, but he felt the weight of Herbreed's and Ionis' loss as a result suddenly awakening inside of him.

「But well......」(Hiiro)

 He looks at Muir and Arnold, then focused onto Muir.

「As I've said before, the Chibi seems to have become stronger.」(Hiiro)

 Chokon...... (SFX)

 He lightly poked her forehead wearing a smile and Muir got shy. ((changed colon to full stop))


 And yet she was laughing while joyfully touching her forehead. Looking at her smiling face, Arnold made a sullen displeasured face. ((lo*ic*n. And doting father.))

「Such words coming from Hiiro...」(Arno)


「Won't you also participate? When the heck are you going to start?」

 Muir was also interested in that topic and motionlessly stared at him.

「Aah, about that matter.」(Hiiro)

 The two of them focused on Hiiro's mouth.

「I'm next.」

((Hell yeah.))



 As her Muir came back to the camp, Mimir was rushing over with uneasiness, smiling in order to give a feeling of relieve.

「Your arm...... is it alright?」(Mimir)

「U-un. But it hurts.」(Muir) ((u-un is stuttered un=nod. Don't mix it up with uun))

「Please go and receive medical treatment immediately!」(Mimir)

 As she frantically gave off her own feelings of worry, Muir's heart became warm. ((the author wrote Mimir's heart became warm, but as it is Mimir who is worried.... and you can easily mix them up))

「Arnold-san as well, please let your body rest by all means.」(Mimir)

「Thanks a lot, Mimir-sama.」(Arno)

 Then Rarashik approached together with Leowald.

「I've seen something interesting, did that youngster do something?」(Rara)

 As Arnold explained it to Rarashik, Leowald, who stood nearby, growled in admire.

「Hmm, so he can also do such a thing. Hiiro is really a surprising fellow.」 (Leo)

「Haha, that guy is certainly a force full of mystery.」(Arno)

 Hearing those words, now the first princess Kukklia also showed great interest and looked at Hiiro standing in the crater's center. ((I'm following Kiriko's index of names here. Personally, I like ’’Kuclear’’ better, but I can see why they didn't take it. Pronunciation ...))

「The next fight will be that child?」(Kuk)

「Eh? Oh, yes, that's true.」(Arno)

 Arnold directly looked at her.

「Is he really that strong?」(Kuk)

「Haha, in fact I don't know about his current ability. But I guess the fact that the King accepted him met my expectations.」(Arno) ((Lib. ?))

「Fu~un..... I can't believe it.」(Kuk)

 Certainly Kukklia couldn't see his abilities by constantly looking at the delicate figure of Hiiro, but that couldn't be helped.

「Kukklia, watch closely now. That man now, a 『Humas』, is called the 『Evila』's hero. That strength....... I verified it with my own eyes.」(Leo)

「....... Understood, father.」(Kuk)

 Leowald made a small nod -

「Now, the next ones are you, guys. We got two victories in a row, but don't lose focus until it ends. Apparently, it seems like the next opponent is going to be that hero.」(Leo)

「「「Ha!」」」 ((I'd guess はっ is a military form of はい, like ’’Sir, yes sir!’’... I left it as ’’ha!’’))

 The answer came from three people kneeling in front of Leowald. Those three men were 【Passion】s pride, the 《three beast warriors》.((I'm not sure anymore how they were called exactly, and I'm too lazy to look it up. If you'd kindly....?))

「The combination of the three of you is perfect. You see, although I said it earlier already, you won't take your opponent lightly, will you? And even if I say this, Barid, and especially Crouch, don't worry to much.」(Leo) ((the last sentence - I'm not sure about it...))

 Two of them shortly nodded.

「Alright, see you later! Come back after you grabbed the 『Gabranth』s victory with your very own hands!」(Leo)



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