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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 178


Chapter 178 - Considerate Friend

Translated by Anri and NB

’’Now you see that it isn't just the difference between our levels. So, see ya, I'm heading out.’’ (Rarashik)

She spoke those words, and then left Shublarz who lost the fight, without another word.

’’Fufu, good grief~, although her appearance was that of a petite young researcher, her movements were of a natural-born soldier. What a shocker~’’ (Shublarz)

With those thoughts in mind, she watched Rarashik's back moving away in the distance, and shrugged her shoulders helplessly.

’’Well then, I believe we should leave as well. We must report to Her Majesty~’’

Maybe because she lost the fight, Shublarz had a gloomy expression thinking whether she could still maintain her dignity.

’’A-Ah, P-Please wait a minute!’’ (Muir)

Muir raised her voice at Shublarz's group who was preparing to leave the area.

’’May we help you?’’ (Shublarz)

’’Ah, um... it's about... Io-chan.’’ (Muir)

’’Eh? Ionis?’’ (Shublarz)

Shublarz shifted her attention to Ionis in response to Muir's words.

’’Ah, now that you have mentioned it. Err... you are the superior in charge of that child, right?’’ (Arnold)

Arnold joined their conversation.

’’Y-Yes, yes I am, is there something wrong?’’ (Shublarz)

Arnold explained to her that Hiiro could heal Ionis' injury;her burned face.

’’Eh? Hiiro-kun could restore old scars back to normal?’’ (Shublarz)

Although Shublarz had witnessed the scene of Demon Lord Eveam's injury being healed before, she thought that he was only able to heal a wound that happened recently.

However, she one-sidedly judged that his powers would have no effect on past wounds, or more specifically speaking, on things such as life-long scars and illnesses.

’’Well.. I think he can probably do it? Asking him personally is probably more reassuring.’’ (Arnold)

’’.....hee, although I heard it from Her Majesty, you really do put a lot of trust on him~’’ (Shublarz)

Her eyes glittered;she seemed to have found something interesting.

’’Y-You might say it like that. Setting aside the human nature of that guy, I believe in his strength or perhaps I should say it that I was forced to place my trust on him....’’ (Arnold)

His cheeks had a slight cramp when he said those words. Certainly, people who experienced Hiiro's magic would be made to trust him against their will..... As a non-standard existence.

’’Fufufu, still, can Hiiro really heal Ionis' scar?’’ (Shublarz)

’’I'm not sure about it but...:’’ (Arnold)

’’Hey.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh? Uwa-! Hiroooooooooooo!?’’ (Arnold)

It was no wonder Arnold would be surprised. Because Hiiro, the person in question, was nearby.

’’W-w-why are you here right now?’’ (Arnold)

’’Haa? I heard you called my name, that's why I came here.’’

’’Eh? We called you...’’

Then, Silva who was behind Hiiro, matched eyes with him, and smiled faintly;he grasped his intention,

’’AH! That's right! Yes it it true! As a matter of fact, we have a request for you!’’ (Arnold)

’’Request? In such a place, and at such a time?’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro stared at Arnold in doubt while crossing his arms together.

’’H-Hiiro!’’ (Muir)

At that time, Muir called out to Hiiro.

’’Hm? What is it Chibi? Don't tell me it is something you are involved as well?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh, uhm, err...’’ (Muir)

As she looked eye to eye with Hiiro, for some reason, her face flushed red and casted her gaze downward. Although she was fidgeting, Muir suddenly looked up

’’P-Please heal Eo-chan's face!’’ (Muir)

’’........ha?’’ (Hiiro)

When Hiiro was asked abruptly he wasn't sure what she wanted. But after listening to her story, it seemed that Muir wanted Hiiro to heal the burn scar.

’’I see, that is why you called me’’ (Hiiro)

’’U-um...can you heal it?’’ (Muir)

’’Did I have an obligation to do something like that?’’ (Hiiro)

Since it was a response that Muir expected, she let let out a sigh

’’Hey Hiiro, you should consider helping people without compensation sometime...’’ (Arnold)

’’Shut up, you half-corpse. Do I look like someone that would do something like that?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Gu...fine, fine I get it...hey who are you calling a half-corpse!’’ (Arnold)

Ignoring Arnold's protest, Hiiro looked at Muir.

’’Hey Chibi, you know that Yo-Yo is your enemy right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh? Yo-Yo?’’(Muir)

Not only Muir, but also Ionis craned her neck in a puzzled expression. Since it was troublesome to remember the person's name, he used her weapon 《KaiJin》, which looked like the yo-yo toy in his original world as a nickname.

’’Yo-Yo....’’ (Ionis->Yo-yo)

Ionis looked at the weapon 《KaiJin》 in her hand

’’Putting the toy aside. Answer me Chibi, she is an enemy right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Ah, ye.......yes, but a friend’’ (Muir)

’’Muir......’’ (Ionis)

Although, her face was expressionless, she was deeply moved and stared at Muir while muttering something.

(A friend...) (Ionis)

She looked sweet and naive. But by looking at her face, her true feelings could be understood. She then look at him with an honest expression.

Hiiro move his gaze naturally to look at Ionis. She was probably embarrassed when he looked her way and tried to hide her eyes with her hair.

’’Fun, I feel there is nothing to worry about’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh?’’ (Ionis)

Even though she was unsure what Hiiro meant, something gripped her heart.

’’Well, I guess girls are worried about it’’ (Hiiro)

Ionis diverted her gaze and looked at Muir

’’Not as responsibilty, or self-interest, nor rewards. You want me to help as a friend right?’’ (Hiir)

’’Yes!’’ (Muir)

As if he was a master looking down on a disciple, he crossed his arms and let out breath.

’’However, you also know that I'm not someone that would take action without some sort of compensation right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’eh, ah, yes....’’ (Muir)

When Muir was about to give up, she look toward Arnold for answers, then Hiiro said

’’Then, this time, you should prepare something delicious for me to eat.’’ (Hiiro)

’’......Eh?’’ (Muir)

Her mouth opened in surprise at Hiiro's response.

’’From what I heard, from Aoi-ribbon, you are the one that taught the old man how to cook right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Y-Yes.’’ (Muir)

’’Then, make something that I can eat until I'm satisfied. That is price.’’ (Hiiro)

She was a bit taken aback by the response, but eventually recovered and said

’’Y,-yes! I'll try my best to serve you well!’’ (Muir)

She replied with a face full of smiles.

’’Oi-oi, are thinking of something else right....?’’ (Arnold)

No one heard Arnold when he muttered the Tsukommi (quip). When he looked at Hiiro's broad smile, punching him in the face would be a form of divine judgement, but he kept the thoughts and action to himself.

’’Then lets hurry up and do it’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro concentrated magic power into his finger. An enormous amount of magic was focused on his finger tips;it was so enormous that it scared Shubluarz group.

Then he wrote the words『Restore』and moved it toward Ionis

’’Ah...’’ (Ionis)

When Hiiro approached Ionis, she retreated in fear, but Muir embraced her arm and said in a soft voice

’’Don't worry. Believe in Hiiro’’ (Hiiro)

’’Muir....’’ (Ionis)

Whether it was because she didn't feel safe, or she didn't want Hiiro to see her burn scar, she turned her face away.

When Hiiro saw something like that, he let out a sigh and said

’’Hey, Yo-yo, give me your hand’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh? Ah......’’(Ionis)

Without warning, Hiiro quickly gripped her hand. Even though Hiiro was a country Hero, holding hands with a boy for the first time caused her heart to beat faster.

’’Don't be so tense’’ (Hiiro)

Although Hiiro said something like that, her heart only beat faster. But at that moment, she felt something warm light up from the center of her body

’’Ah...’’ (Ionis)

It might have been from the battle, but something warm started to spread from her cold hands.

’’'s warm...’’ (Ionis)

The words came out of her mouth involuntarily. When she became aware, the fear that she felt before vanished like an lie.

She felt like she was standing in the rays of the spring sun. Soon, she understood that the feeling was caused by Hiiro's magic flowing through her hands.

(Why? Why is this person's magic power so even feels pleasant......) (Ionis)

She unconsciously raised her face and closed her eye with a pleasant expression on her face.

Then, she felt something warm touch her forehead. And then, she felt her body becoming hot. It was especially hot between her eyebrows.

However, it wasn't painfully hot. The parts that were less hot slowly became cooler;and the fever around her eyes gradually diminished.

No matter how much time passed. One minute, one hour the strange feeling can still be felt.

Then, she heard a voice in her ear.

’’It is finished’’ (Hiiro)

She slowly opened her eyes.


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