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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 177


Chapter 177: Ability of a True Ace

TL: Chuck


’’Is...... Is it over?’’ (Arnold)

’’Yes, it has already finished.’’ (Silva)

Not only Arnold, but also everyone else in the surroundings had a blank look on their face after hearing from Silva that the second round had reached its conclusion.

’’Wha, what are you saying?! Rather, we were still fighting even though the match had already been decided?!’’ (Arnold)

’’Yes, that is the case.’’ (Silva)

’’Th, then why didn't you stop it earlier!’’ (Arnold)

Arnold's shouts were only natural. If what Silva had said was true, then the match had already finished, and they wouldn't have had to fight as desperately as they did before.

’’Regarding that matter, I naturally tried to make the announcement when the duel had been decided, but I was stopped by a certain person.’’ (Silva)

’’A-A certain person?’’ (Arnold)

As Silva chuckled quietly and let out a smile, he said-

’’Naturally, it was someone from the winning side.’’ (Silva)

’’R-Right! Just who is that winner?!’’ (Arnold)

The gazes of the four people simultaneously turned to look at Silva's mouth.

’’Well, if you look over there, then everything should become clear.’’ (Silva)

After saying that, Silva gestured towards a large iceberg.

’’ iceberg?’’ (Muir)

’’D-Did there used to be an iceberg over there before?’’ (Arnold)

After following Arnold, Muir also raised her voice in surprise. Though her consciousness had been faint only a few moments earlier, after she received such surprising information, she was currently on full alert.

’’I-I didn't notice it all all...... When did an iceberg like that......’’ (Herbreed)

’’Eo noticed just now, too.’’ (Eonis)

Since the two of them were completely engrossed in the battle, they failed to notice the appearance of the iceberg.

’’Look veeery well at the center of the iceberg.’’ (Silva)

At Silva's words, everyone's eyes strained to see the inside of the iceberg.

’’......Nn? Is someone...... inside the iceberg?’’ (Arnold)

At Arnold's words, Herbreed and Eonis seemed to realize something with a start as they began to run toward the iceberg.

’’Ah, oi!’’ (Arnold)

’’Eo-chan!’’ (Muir)

Silva then said to the two left behind,

’’Well then, let's get going as well.’’ (Silva)

Surprised as well, the two tried to move their body so as to follow after them. But as expected, Muir and Arnold, who had reached their limits could not move.

’’Mumu, I guess it can't be helped.’’ (Silva)

As Silva waved his hand towards the ground, a black smoke manifested from his hand and gradually took form.

And that form was, no matter how one looked at it, a cycle rickshaw. One by one, Silva loaded them into the rickshaw, and as he ignored the two who were dumbfounded by his magic, he said-

’’Well then, shall we go?’’ (Silva)

In that state they headed towards the iceberg.

’’Shublarz-sama?!’’ (Herbreed &Eonis)

Upon seeing the iceberg, Herbreed and Eonis screamed in astonishment. It was because frozen inside the iceberg was Shublarz, who was not moving.

As Arnold and co. arrived, they froze, as though they forgot how to blink.

’’Hou, looks like you've moved up in the world, my idiot disciples.’’ (Rarashik)

A rather displeased-sounding voice was directed at the two sitting in the rickshaw as they arrived. When they looked towards the source of the voice, they saw Rarashik lazily drinking sake.

’’Shi-shishou?!’’ (Arnold)

Hearing Arnold's voice, Rarashik directed a sharp glare towards him, causing Arnold to shrink from the pressure.

’’......Maa, although I didn't think you'd win in the first place, couldn't you have fought much better than that? Aahh?’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik said with a displeased expression, most probably because the pair's battles had failed to live up to her expectations.

’’For whose sake did you think I had the two of you participate together in this duel? Although you managed to team up in the end, do it faster next time! Because the both of you are severely lacking in combat experience, didn't I teach you countless times that you had to cooperate together to make up for it?!’’ (Rarashik)

Arnold and Muir could not retort and fell quiet at Rarashik's sudden lecture. It was because they themselves knew that what Rarashik said was true. Particularly Muir, who had been focused on fighting by herself, the thought of joining forces had not crossed her mind at all.

As a result, when she got into a tough spot, Arnold had to jump in and save her. Had they linked up and fought together sooner, they would've had more ways to fight the enemy.

Falling prey to her desires and thinking that she had wanted to take down Eonis on her own had been Muir's mistake. Arnold, too, wanted to fight one-on-one for a while as well.

However, after battling for a while, he had realized the reason why Rarashik had Muir participate in the battle together with him, and had hastily headed towards Muir's location.

’’......Haa, well did the two of you at least learn a bit from this? Especially Muir, analysing your opponent is natural, but work harder in trying to keep proper track of the situation around you. If you just keep on rushing head-on at whatever is in front of you, your growth will stop there.’’ (Rarashik)

’’Y-yes. So, sorry for that......’’ (Muir)

Muir spoke, clearly becoming depressed as she dropped her shoulders.

’’Arnold as well, I was watching you through Yuki-chan, but you shouldn't just rely on pure strength;learn to be more flexible. Learning to predict your opponent's next move based on their slightest movements and reacting accordingly will be the next step.’’ (Rarashik)

’’I-I understand!’’ (Arnold)

Having been firmly scolded, Arnold involuntarily let out a sigh.

’’Umm, Rarashik-dono, would you mind releasing her now?’’ (Silva)

Hearing Silva's words, Rarashik promptly responded,

’’Ooh, right. Well, with this, it's our victory, then?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Yes, that is the case. Well then...’’ (Silva)

Silva then inhaled deeply,

’’The second round goes to the Gabranth!’’ (Silva)

Hearing the announcement, Rarashik snapped her fingers.


Cracks suddenly appeared on the iceberg, which began to crumble apart from the top.

’’Shublarz-sama!’’ (Herbreed)

As the iceberg was breaking apart, nothing was supporting Shublarz any longer, and she started falling to the ground. Herbreed moved to catch her, checking her well-being.

’’......Uu’’ (Shublarz)

And although Shublarz had been in the iceberg for a while, strangely enough, her body did not lose heat. If you touched her body, you could definitely feel her body temperature normally.

’’Shublarz-sama?’’ (Herbreed)

Herbreed wasn't sure if Shublarz had heard his words or not, but whatever the case, Shublarz slowly opened her eyes.

Then, moving her upper body and looking at the surroundings, she said with a heavy voice,

’’......I lost, didn't I......’’ (Shublarz)

’’Shublarz-sama......’’ (Herbreed)

’’Is your body...alright?’’ (Eonis)

’’......Ara, Eonis? You're not wearing your eyemask?’’ (Shublarz)

’’Yeah, a lot of things happened.’’ (Eonis)

’’Is that so, but first, let me say something.’’ (Shublarz)

Shublarz then lowered her head towards the pair.

’’I apologise for not being able to win.’’ (Shublarz)

’’Th-that's too much! Please raise your head!’’ (Herbreed)

’’That's right.’’ (Eonis)

Having their superior lower her head to them and apologize so suddenly, the two of them became flustered, unsure of how to react.

’’No, although I fought until I became beat up like this, I still couldn't win. That's why, I am truly, very sorry.’’ (Shublarz)

’’Such a thing...... Rather, for not coming to your aid immediately, we deeply apologise.’’ (Herbreed)

’’Sorry.’’ (Eonis)

Shublarz smiled lightly and shook her head.

’’No, but I am the reason we lost this match. Thus, I want the two of you to properly accept my apology. Don't make me embarrass myself any further, please?’’ (Shublarz)

’’............Understood.’’ (Herbreed)

’’............Okay’’ (Eonis)

The two affirmed with a nod.

’’B-by the way, Shublarz-sama, just what in the world happened? For someone such as yourself to be defeated so quickly is.......’’ (Herbreed)

To further add to the point, Rarashik was nearly uninjured. Even if they had lost, Herbreed thought that it should have been a closer fight, so he couldn't believe it after seeing how apparently one-sidedly she had been beaten.

’’......Well, now I know just who the ace of the Gabranth is.’’ (Shublarz)

While saying so, Shublarz looked towards Rarashik. Noticing that, Rarashik laughed and looked back.

(TN: Not sure about this line)

’’Maa, if you thought the opponent was a bad match then just give up. All the top individuals of the 『Gabranth』 were once my disciples, so I can't just go around losing so easily.’’ (Rarashik)

(TN: Flashback to their battle starts here)

Other than Shublarz' 《Dance Magic》, whose effect of removing the damage inflicted on the user confused Rarashik, she had already analysed her opponent while keeping up a steady attack.

However at that time, while Shublarz was dancing again so as to continue avoiding Rarashik's attacks, Rarashik had suddenly lost sight of her opponent.

’’Nn?!’’ (Rarashik)

And then Shublarz appeared from behind.

’’What-?!’’ (Rarashik)

Looking at Shublarz' hands, her fingernails had grown to a frightening degree. Shublarz then swung her hands down as if aiming to behead her opponent.

’’Tsk-!’’ (Shublarz)


Although she had managed to brilliantly launch an attack at Rarashik's rear,


’’Eh-?!’’ (Shublarz)

Shublarz, who did not feel even the sensation of tearing off the flesh from her attack, concealed a frown.

’’Nice try!’’ (Rarashik)

This time it was Rarashik who let out a kick, which Shublarz avoided, instantaneously leaving from her previous location.

Then, having taken some distance, Shublarz observed Rarashik's transformation. Her body, as if made of ice, emitted a cold chill as its color changed.

’’......《Conversion》, huh.’’ (Shublarz)

Apparently, the snapping sound from her attack a while ago was the sound of the ice breaking.

’’Well then, it seems to me that your magic is the so-called Unique Magic.’’ (Rarashik)

’’I wonder if that's the case.’’ (Shublarz)

The two exchanged smiles at each other.

’’Kukuku, then show me the attribute of your magic.’’ (Rarashik)

’’............’’ (Shublarz)

’’Using my analysis, I can more or less comprehend any magic once I see it. For your magic, it's probably a special magic relating to your footwork......well, if it is dance magic, it's under the class where you need to do dance in order to activate it, right?’’ (Rarashik)

Shublarz was smiling in silence, but she was letting out a cold sweat borne from being the target of Rarashik's analysis which was right on point.

’’First of all, all the ice in the area suddenly disappeared. No, rather than disappearing......time was reversed......right?’’ (Rarashik)

’’......’’ (Shublarz)

’’Well, this much was easy to infer. In addition, my magic returned to its original form as well. Even if I threw more of my scalpels to your chest, that would have been restored as well.’’ (Rarashik)

’’......Let's continue already.’’ (Shublarz)

’’Heh, so you'll acknowledge it?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Yeah, having been analysed to this point, it's a pretty big deal.’’ (Shublarz)

’’Wait wait, next up is that attack just now. Your sudden burst of speed, completely unlike your speed before then, it was probably because you were skillfully dancing while evading my attacks. Meanwhile, your dance this time doubled your speed...... no, rather, it amplified it several times over...... am I right?’’ (Rarashik)

’’......That's really scary. Just what in the world are you?’’ (Shublarz)

Shublarz clicked her tongue at Rarashik's analytic skills. She hadn't thought that someone would be able to grasp the nature of her magic after just seeing it twice.

Her first magic didn't really turn back time;it merely projected the state of her surroundings to what they were 10 minutes before. However, that didn't mean that Rarashik's hypothesis was completely wrong.

Moreover, her faster attack speed was also because of her 《Dance Magic》. Specifically, it was the effect of her 《Ancestral Gathering Dance》.

Given the five parameters STR, DEF, AGL, HIT, and INT, this magic allowed her to concentrate on a single parameter and boost it.

With her previous use of the magic as an example, she halved her four other parameters and increased her AGL as a result.

So if each parameter had 10 points in it, the target of the magic, AGL, would rise to 30, while the others would fall to just 5.

With that boost in speed, Shublarz launched a renewed attack. However, Rarashik sensed the killing intent behind her attack and evaded a fatal blow.

’’Well, I've finished analysing you. Other than that, all that's left to do is to carefully observe my disciples' growths. Since we're basically done here, is it alright if I call for some reinforcements?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Eh?’’ (Shublarz)

’’My wish, spun from blood since ancient times, come forth and manifest now.’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik muttered as she chanted.

’’Come, it's Yuki-chan's turn now, right?’’ (Rarashik)

Although Rarashik said such words, there was no visible change around her. The moment Shublarz thought just what Rarashik was trying to do, she suddenly felt the presence of something trembling behind her. And over there was......

’’......A snow rabbit?’’ (Shublarz)

Yes, on the ground was a snow rabbit sitting.

’’That rabbit's name is Yukiouza. Well, feel free to call her Yuki-chan. But hey, is it really alright for you to just be standing there? This bunny is kinda...... scary, you know?’’ (Rarashik)

Yukiouza's eyes shine with a bright red light. Yukiouza trembled again and broke off into a dash, causing Shublarz to panic and jump to the sky.

However, when Shublarz directed her gaze towards the ground to look for Yukiouza, she could not find anything there.

’’......Eh-?!’’ (Shublarz)


Suddenly Shublarz felt something sitting on top of her head;a small object that felt cool to the touch. ’’It can't be...’’, Shublarz thought, but on her head was definitely Yukiouza.

’’Su- such speed?! When did it-?!’’ (Shublarz)

Naturally, Shublarz moved to remove Yukiouza from her head, however, when she tried to do so......

*PISHIIIIIIIIIIIII* (Freezing sound)

With speed that looked like it burst, Yukiouza had finished creating a large iceberg. Frozen inside was Shublarz, for whom time had stopped.

’’Good job, Yuki-chan’’ (Rarashik)

And thus, Silva approached Rarashik, so as to confirm the state of the battle.

’’......Hmm, well, with this, the battle is over. Thus ’’ (Silva)

As Silva tried to announce the conclusion of the match,

’’Wait for a bit.’’ (Rarashik)

’’......What's the matter?’’ (Silva)

’’I want you to hold off on announcing the results for now.’’ (Rarashik)

’’Mumumu, but isn't being stuck in such a state dangerous to her well-being? Although this is a 'dead or alive' duel, if I see a participant that can be saved, it's my policy to do so. Moreover, this particular participant is such a beauty. Nofofofofo!’’ (Silva)

Trying to figure out Rarashik's reasons for not wanting to stop the match, Silva sighed.

’’Be at ease. Yuki-chan's ice simply freezes time. Her body won't grow cold, so there's no danger of her dying.’’ (Rarashik)

’’I see, but still, there's no harm in releasing her from the ice, right?’’ (Silva)

’’Aah, although the match is over, for the sake of the growth of my two idiot disciples, I don't want you stopping the duel just yet.’’ (Rarashik)

’’I see, I see. Although, there's also the danger of Arnold-dono and the other one dying, you know?’’ (Silva)

’’Fufun, if they were to die in a place like this, then that's simply the extent of those two idiots.’’ (Rarashik)

Silva stared at Rarashik for a while, and, with a puff of his cheeks, said:

’’Understood.’’ (Silva)

’’You have my thanks. Yuki-chan will head over there, so I'll be waiting here.’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik was able to survey the battle through Yukiouza's eyes.

'Alright. Then I'll be going to the remaining participants' original positions.’’ (Silva)

Said Silva as he left. Left behind, Rarashik muttered to herself.

’’Well, if they were such poorly trained people, they wouldn't survive this much.’’ (Rarashik)

As Rarashik said those words, she brought out a sake bottle from her pockets.


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