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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 176


Chapter 176 Unrelenting Spirit

’’What is going on!?’’ (Arnold)

Arnold was surprised by the countless number of attacks. Even if his entire body had undergone 《Transformation》 , it would still be impossible to come out completely unscathed with that many attacks. Most importantly, Muir was nearby as well.

Not only that, Muir had just ran out of power from her use of the ’’Thunder Void Formation’’ skill earlier.

’’Ojisan! I'm not done yet!’’ (Muir)

’’Muir!’’ (Arnold)

’’I haven't given my all yet!!’’ (Muir)

When she said that, Muir's beast-like ears then transformed into the shape of wings, and started sparking. Then at breakneck speed, she appeared beside Arnold.


’’Kuh! Ahhh, fine, I got it! I'll go all out as well!’’ (Arnold)

Muir transformed with a violet-blue aura around her body, while Arnold transformed with a light green aura around his body.

’’Thunder Conversion!’’ (Muir)

’’Wind Conversion!’’ (Arnold)

When Herbreed saw both of them transform, he shouted

’’No way! They can both use the 《Transformation》 skill?’’ (Herbreed)

He thought that they were unable to use ’’Conversion’’ on their entire body, but the situation before his eyes proved otherwise.

While Herbreed was pondering, Muir made the first move.

’’Please! Let my body maintain this! 《Thunder Void Formation》 oonnn!’’ (Muir)

Unlike before, numerous orbs of lightning flew out from Muir's body.

It somehow stopped the dark weapons from flying at them but,

’’I can't hold it up for very long oojisan! Do something!’’ (Muir)

’’Leave it to me!’’ (Arnold)

Arnold leapt into the air and started spinning his body.

’’How is thiss! Final Tempest》 ssssst!’’ (Arnold)

Wind swirled around Arnold's body eventually converged into a large tornado. Then, the weapons were all swallowed by the large tornado

’’...No way...’’ (Herbreed)

Herbreed who stood protectively beside Eonis was surprised at what happened before him

Then, the tornado disappeared and Arnold landed on the ground

’’Damn...that body isn't used to it still...even now my body feels like it is in tatters...’’ (Arnold)

Putting in a lot of effort, Muir revealed a similar fatigued expression and desperately stood up

’’Ar-are you alright? ...Muir’’ (Arnold)

’’Nh...nh....but I'm body...’’ (Muir)

At that moment, Muir dropped forward in exhaustion. Arnold barely managed to kneel down and stop her before her face was about to hit the ground.

’’...Honestly, I'm surprised at your latent power’’ (Herbreed)

He listened to Herbreed's compliment but,

’’Still, we can't move anymore. But, please do not lay a hand on Muir. If you want to do something then do it to me’’ (Arnold)

When Herbreed heard that, he laughed out loud.

’’Don't look down on us. I am not a person who would enjoy attacking a person who can't fight anymore.’’ (Herbreed)

Although, he spent a notable amount of mana on the attack, it would not be hard to kill Arnold and Muir who can't fight at the moment. But it is dishonourable to attack someone who cannot attack back, is what Herbreed was saying

’’Also, we can't leave Eonis alone’’ (Herbreed)

Barely conscious, Muir looked at Eonis who was crouched on the ground with her hands over her face, and said

’’W-what happened....Eonis-chan?’’ (Muir)

However, Eonic just whispered ’’No, no, no, no’’ under her breath

Looking at her, Herbreed took a deep breath and said

’’There is a significant scar on her eyes’’ (Herbreed)

’’Eh? Scar?’’ (Muir)

’’Yes, a scar’’ (Herbreed)

Arnold wanted to say, ’’is that all?’’ but he kept quiet. Then, Herbreed grimaced and said.

’’You guys might not understand but, because of this scar, she was alienated from others. As a matter of fact, this scar was given by...actually, nevermind, talking more about this will be rude.’’ (Herbreed)

When Herbreed ended abruptly, Muir said

’’That is pathetic Eo-chan!’’ (Muir)

When Muir shouted at Eonis. Eonis stopped muttering and looked up

’’Did you expect me to say something insulting because I saw your scar?’’ (Muir)

Everyone remained quiet and listened to Muir.

’’Even though we are enemies, I was happy! It was a desperate fight, but I enjoyed fighting you with everything I got!’’ (Muir)

Muir put in all her effort to walk towards Eonis while distorting her face in fatigue.

’’Most people would judge a person by their beast-ears or their looks, but we are not like that! That is because we fought with all our might. Isn't that right?’’ (Muir)

Muir walked and stood before Eonis as she said her thoughts outloud.

’’So don't judge us as that kind of person as well. Don't look at me as if I would say something bad because of your scar, it is sad for me to think so’’ (Muir)

’’...But everyone who looks at these eyes are disgusted’’ (Eonis)

At last she received a response from Eonis

’’True, but that does not mean you are bad, it is those people who do not understand Eo-chan's situation who are bad.’’ (Muir)

By fighting against her, Muir somehow understood that Eonis was pure and fair person inside.

’’Muir...’’ (Eonis)

’’Thus, ...right? Please show me Eo-chan?’’ (Muir)

’’...No! It is definitely grotesque!’’ (Eonis)

’’ is alright’’ (Muir)

Muir put on a soft voice and said.

’’But, even though we are enemies, I like you Eo-chan!’’ (Muir)

Hearing the response, she moved her body abruptly.

’’Eo-chan...can't be liked by anyone...right? You are also a different race so you think we can't be friends?’’ (Muir)

’’......friend?’’ (Eonis)

’’Nh, friends’’ (Muir)

’’......are you sure? Muir won't hurt Eonis?’’ (Eonis)

’’That is how we got to know each other right?’’ (Muir)

’’.........’’ (Eonis)

’’So...please be my friend’’ (Muir)

Eonis removed her trembling hands from her face, raised her head and looked at Muir

’’Like I said, it is definitely better to look eye to eye.’’ (Muir)

A smile floated on Muir's face. There was a large burn across both her eyes. For a girl it was definitely not something one would want to show others.

’’That said, you have beautiful eyes Eo-chan’’ (Muir)

Eonis wasn't blind. She used the eyemask to cover the scars. Even then she managed with blood-curdling effort to fight with all her strength.

She had large brilliant jade brown eyes. Muir moved her body and smiled pleasantly..

’’There is no point in hiding it, you know’’ (Muir)

’’U......uu....uwaaaaaaaaan!’’ (Eonis)

At that moment, tears began to fall from her eyes, and she ran toward Muir and hugged her. Muir gently stroked her head.

After she finished crying, Eonis turned away with her cheeks dyed red. It seem that she felt some shame after she cried.

’’Ah! Eo-chan is so cute’’ (Muir)

’’Mu....Muir you bully..’’ (Eonis)

When Herbreed saw the two, he opened his eyes wide in admiration

’’I'm surprised. For someone like Eonis to be moved so easily.’’ (Herbreed)

’’It isn't easy’’ (Arnold)

’’How so?’’ (Herbreed)

’’It is only because it is Muir’’ (Arnold)

’’......’’ (Herbreed)

’’My daughter is able to understand and feel the pain of another person. That is why her words were able to get through to others’’ (Arnold)

’’.....Is that right? I see, I now understand why you were a friend of our country's Hero.’’ (Herbreed)

’’What? Hero?’’ (Arnold)

’’Eeh, it is Hiiro-san’’ (Herbreed)

’’Buho~! Hi-Hiiro is a hero!?’’ (Arnold)

Arnold exclaimed involuntarily.

’’What-what? What is wrong?’’ (Herbreed)

’’A-actually, well, it is that...’’ (Arnold)

From what Arnold remembered from the time he was journeying with Hiiro, Hiiro didn't seem to be someone that Arnold would call a Hero.

As someone who wanders the world, doing anything, even participating in a war, for food caused Arnold's face to twitch in uncertainty.

’’Ah, that said it is only Eonis...only right?’’ (Arnold)

Arnold turned to look at Muir.

’’What do you mean oojisan?’’ (Muir)

’’No, it is only a wound, wouldn't that person be able to heal it?’’ (Arnold)

’’.......ah!?’’ (Muir)

Muir stopped abruptly and thought about it

’’That is right, Eo-chan!’’ (Muir)

Muir grabbed both Eo-chan's hands

’’Hiiro can erase the burn scar that you have!’’

’’Eh? Hiiro...the Hero?’’ (Eonis)

’’Hero?’’ (Muir)

’’That is right, that Hero-sama’’ (Eonis)

Muir put on a puzzled expression and looked at Arnold

’’If it is Hiiro, then it is possible to return your face to its original beauty’’ (Arnold)

’’That is right! I'll ask him for you’’ (Muir)

’’......Can it really be fixed?’’ (Eonis)

Actually, Eonis tried a lot of treatments before, but none of them worked. So, she gave up.

’’I'm sure of it! Hiiro is an amazing person!’’ (Muir)

’’He is also abnormal, beyond comprehension, and an irregular monster’’ (Arnold)

At that moment, Arnold felt himself enter someone's glare and shivered. He was too scared to respond to it so he pretended that he didn't feel anything.

’’Let's do this together, Eo-chan!’’ (Muir)

’’...If it can really be fixed then...I want it to be fixed’’ (Eonis)

’’......yes, but you need to prepare some sort of compensation or...’’ (Arnold)

At that moment, Arnold heard a voice behind him.

’’You don't have to worry about that. As long as a nice feast is made for him, surely Hiiro will lend you his power right?’’ (???)

’’Uwah!’’ (Arnold)

Arnold jumped up in surprise and looked at the figure behind him, and saw Silva

’’Y-you, what are you doing here?’’ (Arnold)

Then, Silva smiled and said

’’Ah, I was just here to inform you that the second round was over’’ (Silva)

’’...What?’’ (Arnold)

Being unable to understand the situation, everyone stiffened up.


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