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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 174


Chapter 174: Muir's Struggle

’’Haa haa haa...’’

Muir had been desperately dodging her opponent Ionis' yoyo attacks. She had been forced to move intensely, and her stamina was being expended.

(But because of that weapon, she can't close in at all...)

Because of the irregular movements of the yoyos Ionis had equipped on both hands, dodging was all she could do, and approaching was unthinkable.

’’It's about time to end this. I knew I didn't have to be worried, but Shublarz-sama has it quite easy with two on one as well.’’

It seems she wanted to finish things with Muir already, and head off to aid Shublarz. Again, she moved both arms to send her yoyos flying.

’’Even I won't be beaten so easily!’’

She reached her hand to the holder she had hung on the back of her hips, and took something out. Like Ionis, she made a show of brandishing something in both hands, and throwing.


The Yoyo, and whatever Muir threw collided, and a metallic sound rung out. Both of their thrown weapons returned to them.

’’... So that is your weapon?’’

Ionis looked at Muir's face as she spoke.

What Muir had seized in both hands were metallic discs with holes in the center, and blades garnishing the outsides. Chakrams.

She had caught them as they came back, but seeing through the movements of, and catching a weapon that spun at high speeds like a chakram would require quite a bit of training. From how she was casually wielding them without problem, one could understand just how desperately Muir had practiced with them.

’’They're called 《Koen》! Here I come!’’

(TL: The Kanji for Koen spell out crimson, and circle.)

She held her breath, and tossed her two 《Koen》 once more. There truly were ret ornaments on the center of the blades, so as they spun, they looked like red circles deserving of the name.

With irregular movements, the 《Koen》 flew at Ionis. But Ionis directed her yoyos to the ground, and lowered them.

’’It's impossible.’’

The 《Crimson Discs》 suddenly fell from the air to the ground. And without directing themselves at Ionis herself, they collided with the yoyos.


What's more, they didn't fall off. As if they had been caught on flypaper, they remained stuck fast to the yoyos.


She was thrown into confusion, unable to understand why such a phenomenon had happened.

’’So these weapons are called 《Crimson Discs》. A good name.’’


’’But Io's 《Kaijin》 are also amazing.’’

She stuck out her chest as if to brag. It looks like the yoyos were named 《Kaijin》, but Muir didn't have the time to care about that. She was in the middle of questioning what it was that had just happened.

(That weapon's characteristic? No, that doesn't feel right... it's like some magical power is...)

She could only think about what she had seen, and she didn't have sufficient information yet. So first, in order to determine what Ionis had done, Muir took out a small knife she had hung at her waist, and threw it.

But Ionis quite easily dodged it.


’’No matter what you do, it won't work.’’

She started to swing 《Kaijin》 down at her like a lasso.

’’Be done in by your own weapon!’’

The 《Koen》 that had stayed stuck to 《Kaijin》 even when it had started to spin suddenly separated, and flew towards Muir.

’’That's your mistake!’’

Muir's face lightened up a little, as she narrowed her eyes, and stood ready. She skillfully caught the two chakrams heading towards her. The moment she had thought she had regained her weapons, Ionis surprised her with her next actions.

《Kaijin》 were approaching before her eyes. She had probably attacked in the gap of time after throwing 《Koen》.


Not wanting to be hit, Muir jumped to the side. But...

’’Gu, Kyaah!’’

Mysteriously, the yoyos made a right turn in midair, and continued to chase her. She was somehow able to defend with her 《Koen》, but as her footing was unstable, she was thrown intot eh air.

But there, Muir saw it. The 《Kaijin》 remained attached to her 《Koen》. Normally, it wouldn't be strange for the two to separate on impact, but as if that flypaper phenomenon was carrying on, they remained attached.

(... S-so that's how it was... that's why that knife was...)

When it seemed that she had figured something out, the yoyos finally went to return to their owner. A little unsteady, Muir rose, to get confirmation.

’’Fuu~... I got it.’’


’’Y-your magic... it's something that creates a magnetic attraction in objects you've touched once before, isn't it?’’

Ionis quite obviously twitched.

’’W-wHaT CouLd yOu Be talking aBout? Io dOeSn't UnDerStaNd.’’

Her unrest was clearly visible. On her much-too-blatent change of attituce, Muir was slightly taken aback.

’’IO DoEsn't UnDeRstanD WhAt this MaGnetIsm is. Io DefInateLy isN't a 《Magnetic Magic》 UsEr.’’

Sweat started to gather on her brow, and her speech was falling in level.

’’If you're that flustered, it becomes quite obvious, you know...’’


She gave an embarrassed frown.

’’... How did you figure it out?’’

’’The knife.’’


’’Yes. You attracted the 《Koen》 without trying to dodge, but you avoided the knife I threw after. ’’

’’... Ah.’’

Ionis opened her mouth, as if to say oh crap.

’’Also, in that previous attack, your weapon remained stuck to my 《Koen》 for quite a while, so it was clearly strange. And before that, the way your weapon turned strangely got me caught up on it. It was as if they were being drawn closer by my own... Like a magnet.’’

’’... That's all?’’

’’The truth is, my master told me there was a user of that sort of magic in the past. And so, I was able to arrive at the answer surprisingly quickly.’’

Since Hiiro had told her that knowledge could become a splendid weapon, Muir ended up reading numerous books over the past half-year. And what she didn't know, or had questions about, she assertively brought up with her master Ralashik.

’’... Amazing. Well done.’’

Ionis started hitting her hands together in pure admiration.

’’I never thought you would see through it.’’

’’And so, it looks like it would be best if I don't use 《Koen》 against you, unfortunately.’’

As she said that, she quietly placed them on the ground. If she kept them, she would become a moving target.

’’Ah, if it was going to end up like this, I should have poured my magnetism into you the first time my attacks hit.’’

’’As, as I thought, you didn't use it at that time. If you had, I wouldn't even be able to dodge your attacks now.’’

’’Yeah, in truth, I was sure I would be able to beat you quite easily.’’

’’I-I see...’’

It seems she was in shock at how much she was being taken lightly.

’’But it was a failure. A mistake.’’


’’... Can I hear your name?’’

’’Ah, yes. It's Muir. Muir Castrea.’’

’’Muir... yep, I've remembered it. It is called Ionis. You can call Io Io.’’

’’Eh, ah... yes. Io...san.’’

’’Io is fine. And honorifics aren't needed. Io will also call Muir Muir.’’

’’... Underst... no, I got it, Io-chan.’’

’’...... Io-chan... First time I've been called that.’’

For some reason, Ionis's face turned a deep red.

’’Ah, wawawa, I'm sorry! Was that... too intimate?’’

’’No! That's fine. It was just a little surprising.’’

’’Hwah... G-good...’’

Muir put her hand to her chest, and took in a deep breath.

’’But Muir, from here on, I'm not holding back. Io goes after opponents she's recognized at full force.’’

’’... Yes, I'll also put my all into it, Io-chan!’’

They faced one another.

’’《Fang of Lightning》!’’

From Muir, a pillar of lightning was emitted.

’’That won't hit!’’

Io lightly dodged, and threw 《Kaijin》.

’’It's the real deal from here on!’’

This time, from both of Muir's hands, several soap bubble-like things emerged.

The moment 《Kaijin》 hit them, the bubbles suddenly grew bigger, and enveloped it.

Within them, a fearsome amout of electricity discharged, and the yoyo's movement halted.

’’It's 《Lightning Void》!’’

The bubbles also flew towards Ionis.

’’Good job!’’

Ionis admired Muir's attack, as she avoided it magnificently once more.


The sight of her getting off without a scratch made her unintentionally let out her voice at the girl's dodging ability.

’’This time I'll touch you directly, and send in magnetism!’’

Ionis rushed directly at Muir. From how she easily discarded 《Kaijin》, it didn't seem that she was all to dependent on her weapon.

The way she remained calm after having her weapon taken was fitting of a captain with an army left to her.

Ionis's speed was high, and at this rate, like the first time, Muir was going to easily take a kick. And if her body was polarized, her own body's movements would be completely taken over, so she wanted to stop that no matter what.

But she didn't have her weapons either. She was frantically moving to dodge, but continuing to avoid her was difficult. Finally, Ionis's fist was able to seize Muir's left shoulder.

The moment she felt she had the advantage in the match...


The moment she touched Muir's body, a pain like static electricity assailed her body, and...


A large electrical discharged centered around Muir's body manifested.


Ionis immediately jumped back to gain distance. And with her body feeling numb all over, she looked at the girl in front of her in surprise.

The reason was that on the top of Muir's head, her beast ears had changed shape into wings. Even now, a large quantity of electricity was being released from her body.


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