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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 173


Chapter 173: Their Respective Abilities

An ice-covered world spread across the field. It was as if that area was an entirely different world. However, this place should've undoubtedly been the inside of the crater in the 【Valaaru Wilds】.

Normally, the dry earth would spread out on the ground, but currently, that earth was frozen, and the temperature within the surroundings had dropped to the point where one's breath would condense when one exhaled.

And on top of that frozen field was Shublarz, her body covered with injuries. She gazed in a mortified manner at her opponent, Rarashik, who had created the current state of the battlefield.

’’Just who might you be? I thought I had memorized all of the strong warriors amongst the Gabranth, who had participated in the wars up until now.’’ (Shublarz)

Shublarz believed that a beastman with this level of strength should have participated in the wars that had occurred up until now. But no matter how deeply she delved into her memories, not a single person matching Rarashik's appearance surfaced from her memories.

’’Well, I suppose that should be the case. This is my first time participating in a war after all.’’ (Rarashik)

’’.......seriously?’’ (Shublarz)

’’Yeah, because I hate war.’’ (Rarashik)

’’........then why are you participating this time?’’ (Shublarz)

’’Nahaha! You're probably trying to extend the conversation like that in order to allow your body to recover, but that kind of strategy only works on underlings, you know?’’ (Rarashik)

As she said that, numerous ice needles began to emerge from the ground, attacking Shublarz.

’’Geez! At least let me have a conversation!’’ (Shublarz)

Although she frantically attempted to dodge them, due to the sheer number of ice needles, numerous small wounds began to appear on her body.

’’Fuu, what are you going to do if the wounds leave scars on my body, I wonder?’’ (Shublarz)

’’Even though I want to skewer those mysteriously large boobs of yours?’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik clicked her tongue as she pointed towards Shublarz's chest. Upon hearing that, Shublarz became pale and shivered as she imagined what would happen to her.

’’G-Geez, couldn't we be a bit more peaceful about this?’’ (Shublarz)

’’Peace........has already died out!’’ (Rarashik)

’’I wonder if it's just my imagination that the expression was taken wrongly-!’’ (Shublarz)

Ice needles once again came attacking. She somehow managed to dodge them successfully and stared at Rarashik as she panted.

Shublarz hadn't thought that she would have lost the initiative in the battle like this. Although Rarashik hadn't appeared to be all that strong at first glance, the power that she had contained within her was dreadful.

In the previous battle, Leowald had suddenly used 《Binding》to fight, but Shublarz had a hunch that Rarashik's 《Binding》's power was stronger.

She couldn't word it well, but it could be said to be like a perfectly coordinated partner, or more accurately, it felt like Rarashik was making use of a part of herself.

Shublarz felt that Rarashik's power was wielded both naturally and effortlessly. She thought that while everyone, including herself, might think that the Beast King Leowald was the top in terms of strength, in terms of skill with using 《Binding》, Shublarz sensed that Rarashik was actually much better.

’’It's boring if you just dodge it all! Here, 《Fang of Ice》!’’ (Rarashik)

Upon throwing numerous surgical scalpel-like objects, the scalpels were covered in ice and transformed into enormous ice scalpels.

’’Wai-! You can do something like that!?’’ (Shublarz)

Shublarz froze after being startled, and, having thought that the attack would hit Shublarz directly, Rarashik snickered. However.......


Suddenly, the field that should have been covered in ice returned to its original earthly state. Not only that, but it did so in an instant.

’’Wha-!?’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik, unable to understand what had happened, unintentionally opened her mouth in surprise. It was only natural. Not only had she not deactivated her power yet, even if she had, she wasn't capable of making all of the ice disappear instantly.

Even so, everything, including the giant scalpels and the surrounding ice, had returned to the exact same state that it had been in prior to the start of battle.

She looked around restlessly, attempting to find the cause of the phenomenon, but couldn't discover anything. And then, she turned her gaze towards the one person who appeared unfazed from the situation, Shublarz.

She was smiling. Not only that, but the surprising thing was that the slash wounds which had been carved all over her body had completely disappeared.

’’........what did you do?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Fufufu, did you really think that I would tell you that?’’ (Shublarz)

Seeing Shublarz, who smiled like she had successfully deceived her, Rarashik scowled in annoyance.

Shublarz had done something. Rarashik understood that, but she couldn't even begin to guess what Shublarz could have done to cause this.

The reason being that Shublarz had simply avoided Rarashik's attacks all along.

Watching Rarashik's battle, Hiiro's face was once again dyed with the colour of surprise.

(What.......the ice suddenly disappeared?) (Hiiro)

Shublarz had likely done something, but as far as Hiiro had seen, he couldn't understand what exactly it was.

She had been in a defensive fight against Rarashik's attacks. While her body continued to bear numerous tiny wounds, countless ice needles had come attacking her from the ground, which she had then splendidly avoided with minimal damage.

Nothing unnatural had what Hiiro thought. If there was one thing that bothered him, it was that despite the fact that she had been in the middle of evading Rarashik's attacks, her body had been emitting magic power.

(.......don't tell me, this is the Deka-Chichi woman's magic?) (Hiiro)

As he thought that, he realized that he wouldn't be able to reach an answer based on conjectures alone, so he reluctantly used 『Pry』/『覗』to check her 《Status》.

Shublarz Crusel

Lv 130

HP: 6000/6000

MP: 5035/5835

EXP: 2400111

NEXT: 74980

ATK 1100 (1150)

DEF 1011 (1133)

AGL 1009 (1089)

HIT 922 (1000)

INT 999 (1099)

《Magic Attribute》None

《Magic》Dance Magic (Ancestral Gathering Dance (Unlocked) | Dance of the Pure (Unlocked) | Enchanting Dance (Unlocked) | Time Reflecting Dance (Unlocked))

《Titles》Dancer | Voluptuous Beauty | High Class Demon | Connoisseur of Wine | Monster Slayer | Ripper | Boob-nee-sama | Tit Witch | se*y Pudding | Charming Mistress | Capable Woman | Jiggle Jiggle | Dancing Lady | Cruel | Killer of the Unique | One who Exceeds | Man Killer | Likes to be Spoiled | Lonely One | ........Still a Virgin? | Fighting Woman | Overly Determined Person

Rarashik Fan'naru

Lv 138

HP: 7665/7665

MP: 786/786

EXP: 3421577

NEXT: 87020

ATK 1316 (1330)

DEF 1268 (1300)

AGL 1194 (1200)

HIT 1049 (1050)

INT 845 (880)

《Binding Attribute》Ice

《Binding》Frozen Fang | Severing Strike of the Ice Beast | Frost Inversion | divine Frost Surge | Spirit Manifestation | Final Fang

《Titles》Friend of Ice | Little Girl | Binge Drinker | Blade of the Wild | Researcher | Monster Slayer | A Weirdo born of a Weirdo | The Creator of Binding | Gabranth Fighter | One who can Influence Cause and Effect | Chibi-Usagi | One who Raised Many Disciples | Overly Determined Person

(《Dance Magic》........I see. So it was a Unique Magic.) (Hiiro)

Based on what he had read, 《Dance Magic》's defining feature was, as its name stated, that it could manifest by dance alone.

What interested him was the 《Time Reflecting Dance》, but in exchange for using a considerable amount of magic, upon completing the dance, it seemed to be a cheat-like magic that allowed one to return the state of the surroundings back to how it was a short period of time earlier.

For example, the wounds she had received. Once she had finished her dance, it seemed that she was able to return to how she was prior to receiving the wounds. (liberal trans)

However, naturally, there were restrictions. She could only turn back the state of the surrounds up to one hour prior, and there was always a limit to the range of the past space that she could project.

Because it had been possible for her to return the entire area covered by ice back to its previous state, Hiiro was able to guess that her ability had an effect on an area of at least 30 metres in diameter.

(In other words, rather than turning back time, it's more like she can manifest the state of that things were in from the past........Unique Magic really are cheats after all.) (Hiiro)

Rather than causing the ice to melt in an instant, it was more correct to think of it as her having returned the area to its state prior to being frozen over.

(Nevertheless, the people in that area will also have their bodies returned to their earlier states, but........since the enemies bodies also have their wounds and fatigue returned to their former states, the magic could be said to be a little difficult to handle.) (Hiiro)

Indeed, originally Rarashik's HP and MP should have decreased by a certain amount due to her use of 《Binding》to attack, but currently she was completely recovered. In other words, she had been returned to the same state as she was prior to the beginning of the fight.

(But she can't restore her own MP, huh......) (Hiiro)

Only Shublarz's MP had remained diminished. This might be an extremely obvious risk, but considering that her opponent was now fully recovered, Hiiro felt that the gains Shublarz had received were, in comparison, not worth it.

(Well, there are numerous ways to put it to use, but in battle, this magic might unexpectedly be at a disadvantage.) (Hiiro)

Hiiro's concern was only natural. If it was a normal magic, then you could just activate it by either saying the name of the magic or thinking about it, but for 《Dance Magic》, one would need to dance before one could activate it.

In exchange, the effects of the magic seemed to be larger, but as one might expect, it would be quite difficult to use it during battle. It was likely that earlier, Shublarz had been pretending to dodge her opponents attacks while she danced, but as dancing took both physical and magical stamina, Hiiro felt that it was rather unsuitable for combat.

(Well, since Chibi-Usagi seems to be pretty smart, she'll probably realize it was the Deka-Chichi woman's magic sooner or later, but until then, the battle will be decided by how the Deka-Chichi woman takes advantage of her opponent's confusion in the fight.) (Hiiro)

As he thought that, Hiiro then turned to watch Arnold and Muir. He figured that he might as well confirm the two of their 《Statuses》in advance.

Arnold Ocean

Lv 81

HP: 2430/2960

MP: 375/430

EXP: 610330

NEXT: 439

ATK 674 (794)

DEF 599 (649)

AGL 528 (558)

HIT 312 (332)

INT 234 ()

《Binding Attribute》Wind

《Binding》Wind Fang | Explosive Wind Claw | Blast Inversion | Wild Limits of the Anger Storm

《Titles》Friend of Wind | Former Slave | Chef | Super Doting Father | Man of Burning Soul | The Man Referred to as a Pervert | lo*ic*n | Boob Lover | Feminist | Wild Old Man | Blade of the Wild | Monster Slayer | Killer of the Unique | Gabranth Fighter | Sage | One Who Endured Hell

Muir Castrea

Lv 72

HP: 1320/1800

MP: 320/380

EXP: 400222

NEXT: 17843

ATK 504 (574)

DEF 427 (477)

AGL 412 (442)

HIT 340 (355)

INT 253 ()

《Binding Attribute》Lightning

《Binding》Lightning Fang | Thunder Formation Vacuum Attack | Thunderclap Inversion | Silver Lightning of a Thousand Ends

《Titles》Friend of Lightning | Kidnapped | My Angel | Cutie Flower | Girl of Tolerance | Earnest Child | Bothersome One | Good at Getting By | Veiled Girl | Little Girl | A Changing Maiden | Shocking Lolita | Blade of the Wild | Monster Slayer | Killer of the Unique | One Who Endured Hell

As they had grown even more than he had expected, Hiiro was surprised. He understood just how hard the two of them had worked during the past 6 months. Previously, Arnold should have been at level 40, while Muir had been at level 30.

There was quite a difference compared to his own growth, but normally, it would be considered to be quite amazing to have been able to grow this much during a mere 6 months. In Hiiro's case, he had 《Word Magic》, so no matter how strong his opponent was, he had a high chance of beating them.

After all, so long as he hit them with words such as 『Sleep』/ 『眠』 or 『Bind』/『縛』, he could attack his defenceless opponent. That was why even if his opponent was an SS-rank monster, as long as his word hit them, the outcome of the battle would be determined.

However, in Arnold and co.'s case, as they didn't have such a convenient magic, they likely had to steadily raise their own levels.

In addition, by seeing their movements, Hiiro was able to understand that they had gained a lot of battle experience. Muir's movements in particular had become so good they could hardly compare to her movements from half a year ago.

(It just goes to show that the battle still has a ways to go before it'll end.) (Hiiro)

Currently, Muir's situation was rather bad, but she still hadn't begun to fight seriously. It seemed that she would most likely begin to exhibit her true power from here on out.

(And even if her opponent is said to be strong, in terms of level they aren't all that different.) (Hiiro)

As Hiiro thought that, he confirmed their opponents' 《Statuses》.

Herbreed Julius

Lv 88

HP: 2380/2630

MP: 2890/3110

EXP: 709657

NEXT: 10076

ATK 600 ()

DEF 500 (555)

AGL 666 (686)

HIT 560 ()

INT 412 ()

《Magic Attribute》Dark

《Magic》Shadow Blade (Darkness) | Shadow Spear (Darkness) | Shadow Bow (Darkness) | Shadow Axe (Darkness) | Shadow Lance (Darkness) | Shadow Hammer (Darkness) | Shadow Dagger (Darkness) | Shadow Whip (Darkness) | Arm Shootram (Darkness - Attack)

《Titles》Demon Swordsman | Prodigy | Worldly-Wise Man | Upper Class Demon | Monster Slayer | Ripper | Gabranth Slayer | Sage | Gentle-Mannered One | Soft-Hearted One | Weapon Master | Demon Army Captain | Considerate Comrade

Eonis Kitfar

Lv 84

HP: 2160/2190

MP: 2880/2880

EXP: 650101

NEXT: 3786

ATK 550 (675)

DEF 437 (500)

AGL (770 (800)

HIT 440 (480)

INT 330 (350)

《Magic Attribute》None

《Magic》Magnetic Magic (Level One Magnetic Field (Unlocked) | Magnetic Inversion (Unlocked) | Level Two Magnetic Field (Unlocked))

《Titles》Genius | Little Magnet Girl | Eye Mask Girl | Upper Class Demon | Monster Slayer | Sage | My Pace | Ripper | Gabranth Slayer | Magnetic Cutie | Demon Army Captain | Hidden Idol | Scarred One | Taciturn One | Small Child | Demon Army Loli | Strongest Flat One | Lightning Speed

After seeing the young girl, Eonis', 《Status》, Hiiro felt a sense of admiration. Honestly speaking, he was surprised to find that even she was a Unique Magic user.

However, he didn't know why she was wearing an eye mask. If he used the word 『Investigate』/『調査』, he could examine as to why she did so, but as he wasn't that interested in her, he stopped himself from doing so.

Right now, she wasn't his enemy, so he didn't really need any unnecessary information. However, he was curious about how the battle between the 'Little Lightning Girl' Muir and the 'Little Magnet Girl' Eonis would turn out, as they had similar affinities.

Hiiro was interested in the 《Magnetic Field》she possessed, and thus looked into it a bit more, but it seemed that she was able to use magnetic forces to move things that she herself had touched, or any objects touched by things she had poured magnetic forces into. However, it only applied to inanimate objects.

In other words, Eonis had poured magnetic force into the yo-yo that she was equipped with. Even if Muir attacked, she herself couldn't be affected by the magnetic force, but the clothes that Muir was wearing were a different matter.

(In short, if Chibi is hit by any of her attacks, the chances of her being affected by the other girl's magnetic force are high.) (Hiiro)

If that occurred, it would become a disadvantage in the battle to come. Simply put, Eonis would freely be able to attack her with forces of attraction or repulsion.

(......whether or not you can realize that early on will be the deciding factor in the match, Chibi.) (Hiiro)

Hiiro sent a glance towards Muir as he did his analysis.


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