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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 172


Chapter 172: The Growth of the Former Companions

’’Now then. Arnold, you take the man, and Muir will take on that small girl. I'll take on the person with the mysteriously large chest.’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik said that as she pointed at Shublarz's chest in a displeased manner.

’’Ara~, if it was up to me, I would be much happier facing that man over there though~’’ (Shublarz)

Her large breasts jiggled once again as she gazed intently into Arnold's eyes in an alluring manner.

’’.....*gulp*’’ (Arnold)

Arnold wavered and seemed to forget himself as his nostrils flared pervertedly.

’’You want to die first, Arnold?’’ (Rarashik)

’’N-no! I-I'll fight the other person! L-leave it to me! Ahahahaha!’’ (Arnold)

When he sensed a clear killing intent from Rarashik, he shook with fear as his teeth clattered, and he desperately attempted to smooth things over. Muir also gave a fed up sigh, and then focused her gaze upon the one who would be her opponent in the upcoming battle.

Her light green hair was tied up in a sidetail, and was coiled around in a curl. However, the most significant feature of her opponent was the eyepatch like object that covered both their eyes.

She thought that her opponent probably couldn't see anything and so believed that she could find a blind spot with ease. But making an assumption without any clear evidence could result in a grave mistake, she shook her head at the thought.

This was mainly because she understood that the person before her was someone who had enough power to participate in the duel. Muir assumed that it would definitely be someone really strong even though her opponent's size was just as small as her's.

She then looked at Hiiro who was outside the crater

(...Just watch me Hiiro)

Her eyes then drifted towards Lionis

(Watch how much I've grown!)

To persuade them so, she put in all her effort

’’Now then, let start as soon as possible. I won't forgive you guys if you were defeated too fast!’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik declared with motivation;while Arnold and Muir strongly responded.

’’Are you two ready?’’ (Shublarz)

’’Yes!’’ (Blindfold person)

’’Understood’’ (Man)

The other side also responded accordingly, to Shublarz command.

’’First spread out! Then fight!’’

Rarashi raised her right hand towards her opponent, then uncountable blades of ice erupted from the ground and flew toward her opponent.

Shublarz and her group were able to avoid the attack but were separated in the attempt

Then they were enraptured in a one-on-one battle.


Arnold faced his opponent Halbreed, then Arnold drew out the large sword strapped on his back and rushed at the opponent,

’’UOooooooooh!’’ (Arnold)

’’Naive! Shadow blade!’’ (Halbreed)

A dark sword manifested itself in Halbreed's hand, which he used to defend against the attack from Arnold.

The two gritted their teeth as their blades clashed and soon, it became a test of strength.

’’Mu, as expected from the Gabranth. You have great strength!’’ (Halbreed)

’’I'm thankful for th...that!’’ (Arnold)

Arnold pushed against Halbreed, who reacted by jumping backward. Arnold chased him soon after but Halbreed simply thrust his sword towards the approaching Arnold.

’’......What?’’ (Arnold)

’’Shadow Ball!’’ (Halbreed)

Suddenly, the sword changed shape and became a bow and arrow.

’’Wa!?’’ (Arnold)

The arrow flew towards Arnold who was rushing at his opponent in a straight line.

’’Ku!’’ (Arnold)

Arnold stopped his forward movement and jumped to the side to avoid the arrow.

’’It isn't over yet!’’ (Halbreed)

Halbreed didn't hesitate even a bit as he pulled the string of his bow and a volley of arrows flew towards Arnold once again.

’’Hey, this is BS!’’ (Arnold)

Shouted Arnold as he swung his broadsword to intercept the arrows that were flying at him.

’’It seems I can't hurt you with just this. Then, let try something else!’’ (Halbreed)

Halbreed quickly closed the distance between his opponent, and made preparations to attack.

’’Shadow Axe!’’ (Halbreed)

This time a war axe came out from the shadow. Equipping the war axe, Halbreed executed his attack..

Dogan! (Bam)

’’Neh! W-what power?!’’ (Arnold)

Arnold tried to block the attack with his broadsword, but the force of the attack sent him flying through the air along with his broadsword which he had been gripping very tightly.

’’Chance! Dark Dagger!’’ (Halbreed)

With his opponent off balance, Halbreed changed the shape of his weapon once again and rushed at his opponent.

’’Ku!’’ (Arnold)

It took too long for Arnold to counteract the force from the blow and parry the attack. At the rate things were progressing, his stomach would be pierced.

’’You are mine!’’ (Halbreed)

Sensing victory, Halbreed quickly stabbed the dagger home.


He was sure that hehad hit his mark. It wasn't a fatal blow but it was enough to render the opponent incapable of combat. Thus, when Halbreed passed Arnold, he looked back to confirm his victory.

At that moment, Arnold stood up with a gash on his armor, but then Halbreed noticed something was wrong.


He expected some blood to gush out from the place he had attacked but not even a single drop of blood came to his view.

’’W-what is going on......?’’ (Halbreed)

He stiffened at the sight for a moment.

’’That hurt like hell. Really. I would have died from it.’’ (Arnold)

Arnold who had received an almost fatal blow to his side, now stood like nothing happened.

Then, Halbreed looked carefully at the spot he had struck, and saw a green glow around the area and realized what was going on right away.

’’Is it...《Conversion》...? ’’ (Halbreed)

At that moment, the wound slowly disappeared and Arnold turned to face his opponent.

’’You didn't think that I wasn't able to use it, Evila-san, did you?’’ (Arnold)

’’My apologies. As expected, from someone who was selected to participate in this battle. Would it be alright for me to ask for your name? My name is Halbreed Julius.’’ (Halbreed)

’’My name is Arnold Ocean. I was made to participate in this battle abruptly, but now that I am here, I will not lose!’’ (Arnold)

’’I see! Made to participate abruptly wonder I've never seen you before. Nonetheless, for the peace of the Evila, I cannot afford to lose either!’’ (Halbreed)

While saying so, Halbreed changed his weapon to a Shadow Blade.

’’No matter how powerful your 《Conversion》 is, you still feel the pain of magic. Also, there is a compatibility risk to it as well. And...’’

Halbreed then looked and observed Arnold carefully.

’’It seems that you are unable create a complete 《Conversion》. Isn't that right?’’ (Halbreed)

’’I don't know, let it be something for you to find out in the future!’’ (Anrold)

They then smiled at one another and, dashed toward each other again

’’At this point, I think it is better for you to surrender’’ (Inois)

Inois said in an indifferent tone as she looked down her opponent.

’’Uu......’’ (???)

Standing before her was Muir. Since the beginning of battle, Inois avoided all of Muir's attacks, while Miur had received numerous counter attacks from Inois, and was currently lying on the ground.

(I-impressive......not a single attack hit her...)

When Muir looked at Inois who was wearing an eyemask, she was impressed by her graceful movements. She had dropped the thought of Inois not being able to see, long ago.

But what shocked her more was the fact that Inios was able to avoid every single of her attacks. Nonetheless, Muir stood up and tried again.

’’《Lightning Fang》 ggg!’’ (Muir)

It was the same attack that Leoward used but with lightning. It flew towards the target and sent a shockwave through the ground. However,

SFX: HyunHyunHyun!

Without wasting a single move, Inios avoided everything at once. It was astonishing that even the random sparks that were discharged from the attack were avoided as well.

In addition to that, Ionis took advantage of the opening to throw a kick at Muir.

’’Kya!?’’ (Muir)

She guarded against the attack, but a notable amount of force was put into itt and thus was blown off balance.

’’That is impossible. That kind of lighting attack will not hit Inois’’ (Inois)

Muir gritted her teeth and stood back up.

’’You are not giving up? Well, then I'll start attacking’’ (Inois)

Then she placed her hand between her chest, and took something out.

Immediately she appeared behind Muir.

SFX: Bogo!

In the next instant, a hole appeared on the ground. If she was hit by it directly Muir was sure that she would have received significant damage. Thus, she made sure to be careful, but,

’’Kya!’’ (Muir)

Suddenly, something struck her left shoulder and sent her tumbling backwards. Then, at the edge of her vision, something slinked back towards Inois.

Not only the object that had hit her but also the object that was on the ground also returned to Inois.

SFX: Shirururururururururu....

While clutching her shoulder, she frowned at what Inois was holding in her hand.


’’Is that a yo-yo?’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro, who was watching the battle between Muir and Inois, looked at the object that Inois was holding.

He looked at the object in her hand, which looked like a sturdy chain attached to some rotating round plates. It definitely looked like a yo-yo.

The yo-yo like thing was able to create a dent in the ground so Hiiro realised that it clearly had lot of power.

’’Nh? You know about it Hiiro?’’ (Lilyn)

Lilyn approached him from his side.

’’A bit.In my world, something like that is just a toy for entertainment. I was surprised that it would be turned into a weapon in this world.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Indeed, it is definitely a rare weapon. For something like that to be a toy in your world. You can clearly sense its killing potential.’’ (Lilyn)

Like she said, he wasn't sure what it was made out of, but with the rotational force and the centrifugal force, it could break bones, and could even cause instant death if a person were hit on the head with it.

’’Hmph, that person is your acquaintance, right? No matter how I look at it, she seems to be in a difficult situation, even with all your encouragement.’’

She seemed to say it with an unpleasant expression but,

’’Right now we are enemies. It would be a harsh awakening if someone died, but if they lose in terms of power then there is nothing we can do about it.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hou, you are handling it surprisingly easily’’ (Lilyn)

’’However, it would be strange for the chibi to give up. There is no way it will end in this state’’ (Hiiro)

’’ seem to know that person well’’ (Lilyn)

’’It was someone that I went on a journey with, you know’’ (Hiiro)

Lilyn scowled when she looked at Hiiro. Something unnerving was just said.

’’Well, you seem to be surrounded by children. To such a stunning extent that is.’’ (Lilyn)

’’......There are thorns in your words you know?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Fun, I'm just telling the truth. I can't believe it...for similar people to appear around me... this really dulls my presence.’’ (Lilyn)

’’Did you want to say something?’’ (Hiiro)

Because she was persistent, he retorted. Soon after, her cheeks went red and quickly turned away from him.

’’I..i, it's nothing! Hey, don't look this way dammit!’’ (Lilyn)

She blurted out, even though he wasn't facing her,

’’......I don't understand, but you are the one that brought it out in the first place, Aka-loli’’ (Hiiro)

’’Ehh! Your noisy! Shamoe, help me out here!’’ (Lilyn)

’’U-understood!’’ (Shamoe)

Hiiro pondered for a moment as she slowly exited the area, but there was nothing interesting to pursue so he returned to watching the battle.

(Old man is having an interesting fight over there. Chibi's fight will not end in that state.......I see now, they definitely have gotten stronger)

If it was Muir from half a year ago, she would have been knocked out by the first counter-attack, but now she is standing even after being hit several times..

Also, when she had received the attack, she managed to reduce the impact by shifting her body at just the right time. Being able to do something like that was enough for one to be impressed about.

(Now then, the person in question is that Chibi-usagi...but a coach is a coach so something good should happen)

Thinking so he looked in the direction of Rarashik.


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