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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 171


Chapter 171: Arnold and Muir's Duel Debut

TL: Chuck

Editor: Chuck

PF: Leo

’’......Uu’’ (Marione)

’’Marione! Marione, are you alright?!’’ (???)

The duel between Marione and Leowald was finished. Eveam and the others rushed towards Marione who had lost consciousness. They then carried Marione outside the crater and proceeded to treat him.

After a while, Marione regained consciousness.

’’Your...... Your Majesty......’’ (Marione)

Marione had been fighting up until now, and was contemplating his defeat. He was clenching his fist and said with an apologetic face:

’’My...... My power was not enough...... I deeply apologise......’’ (Marione)

Marione was expecting to hear harsh words and criticism. After all, he had boasted about achieving swift victory. However, when Leowald got serious, it had ended with him dealing the decisive blow.

Getting defeated so soundly although he was a part of 《Cruel》, Marione could not say anything in return if he were to be reprimanded. However, Eveam only shook her head in silence and said:

’’Don't say such things!’’ (Eveam)

All of Marione's negative thoughts were swept away by Eveam's words.

’’......Your Majesty?’’ (Marione)

’’It is indeed a shame that you lost;however, that doesn't mean I no longer have any faith in you!’’ (Eveam)

’’............’’ (Marione)

’’Rather than thinking about how you lost;you managed to push the Beast King that far. If he were to participate in any duels afterwards, we would have a good grasp of his abilities. His next opponent will have an easier time.’’ (Eveam)

’’Your Majesty......’’ (Marione)

Marione's gloomy expression dispelled upon seeing Eveam's bright smile. A sense of calmness flowed through his heart. Slowly, Marione closed his eyes and uttered:

’’Your words...... are too much for someone like me. Next time...... I'll definitely win for you, Your Majesty.’’ (Marione)

’’Aa, I'll be expecting it!’’ (Eveam)

At those words Marione's eyes slowly opened as he smiled faintly, and then he closed them again.

Eveam entrusted the treatment of Marione to one of the subordinates present and stared at the center of the crater in preparation for the next battle.

The second round of the duel was beginning.

’’Good job, Father!’’ (Leglos)

At Leowald's victory, the 『Gabranth』 sprung up in celebration. Everyone pumped their fists up in joy.

And the one who shouted the most was the First Prince Leglos.

’’Hmm, that was a rather enjoyable fight.’’ (Leowald)

Leowald answered with a satisfied nod.

’’Uoo~ I want to fight soon as well!’’ (Lenion)

So said the Second Prince Lenio. His body was throbbing and he could not help but smile after experiencing the heat of the previous battle.

’’Well then, how is it, Kukulia and Mimir? That is what a real fight is like.’’ (Leowald)

While Leowald was celebrating his victory, some of the faces there were tense after having seen a real duel for themselves. That level of violence, as well as the danger of possibly losing one's life shocked them.

’’......Does Father always fight under circumstances like this?’’ (Kukulia)

The First Princess Kukulia asked this. She was the spitting image of Leowald with her red, light brown, short-cut hair.

She inherited the slightly sharp eyes of her father, even at a young age. Everyone would also agree that she had cute features, which she probably inherited from her mother, Blantha.

’’Yes, he does. In war, one's life can easily be lost. That is why everyone is fighting with everything they have: so that they won't die.’’ (Leowald)

’’............’’ (Kukulia)

’’Of course you can't help but feel fear. However, you wait, not just you, but Mimir as well said that both of you wanted to see this with your own eyes. Originally, I didn't intend on letting you come with us to the duel, however, I allowed you to. Do you know why?’’ (Leowald)

Kukulia and Mimir shaked their heads.

’’Well, that is to say, this battle will decide the future of our race. Moreover, precisely it is because it is this particular duel that I believe that you are able to observe it. Also, I wanted the both of you to witness this turning point in our history with your own eyes.’’ (Leowald)

’’......Why?’’ (Kukulia)

’’It is because you are the hope of the next era.’’ (Leowald)

While it is true that now, Leowald is the one ruling the country, eventually, someone else would succeed him. If, through some misfortune, the eldest son Leglos or the second son Lenion were to perish during the war, those successors would be either Kukulia or Mimir.

’’However, should the youths that were to rise to the top not know about the realities of war, problems would undoubtedly arise. It would be even more noticeable because of the current era.’’ (Leowald)

That was why he wanted to show them how horrible war could really be. He wanted to show them this through his battle.

Regardless of whether or not the 『Gabranth』were to win or lose this duel, it did not change the fact that this was a big turning point for their race. That was why Leowald judged that experiencing this turning point first-hand was very important.

Leowald softly put his hands on top of Mimir's and Kukulia's heads.

’’Thus, watch carefully and learn to live like those who are facing this fight!’’ (Leowald)

’’......I understand.’’ (Kukulia)

’’......Yes.’’ (Mimir)

Leowald nodded with satisfaction at both of their replies.

’’Next up are...... you guys.’’ (Leowald)

Leowald directed his gaze towards the next fighters.

’’Ma, if it's like that, I'll be going, then.’’ (???)

Saying this while scratching her head in irritation was Rarashik.

’’Well, I'm mostly doing this to check up on the growth of my disciples.’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik glanced behind her at Arnold and Muir. Their faces were stiff with nervousness. Especially Muir, who looked like she could collapse at any time as her face paled.

This time, the ones participating in the duel were these three.

’’Don't be so nervous, Arnold. No matter what opponent we face, I'll beat them up with all my might!’’ (Leowald)

Although Arnold understood that it was Leowald of all people saying this, it did not dispel the fact that the fate of his race hinged on this battle. Arnold never expected that he would be asked to participate in a war of such great importance. No matter how much he had trained for this, it was only natural for his body to tremble in nervousness.

Muir's body was shaking rigidly as well. ’’If possible, I really don't want to fight’’, thought Muir. Although she had been following Hiiro's parting words and trained rigorously in order to become stronger, standing on such a big stage made her shrink from fear.

’’Oi Rara, although we decided the order of participants already, did you not inform Arnold and Muir?’’ (Leowald)

’’I know, Leo-sama. If these guys are too cowardly, I'll abandon them myself.’’ (Rarashik)

’’Aa, no...... I wasn't saying something like that......’’ (Leowald)

’’No matter what you say, if they were truly scared then they should have already left by now. However, they are still here;they have decided to stay. If they die without being able to give it their all, then my judgement truly was faulty and I'll surrender.’’ (Rarashik)

Upon hearing Rarashik's words, Arnold and Muir thought to themselves: ’’No, no, aren't her words simply an exaggeration? That's not the case at all!’’ as they felt a shock like electricity run through their bodies.

Yes, they should have been able to back out by now. However, as she said, they persevered until now because they wanted to see Hiiro. They wanted to show Hiiro their power.

Thus, they were truly grateful for being allowed to fight in such a grand stage just for that reason. Just so they could demonstrate their growth.

That was why they wanted to respond to the expectations of Rarashik and Leowald who had acknowledged their strength. While very late, they finally thought that they could do it.

Arnold and Muir stared at each other and nodded. Looking at the state of the two, Rarashik burst into a grin.

’’Saa let's go, you guys! Time to make your flashy debut!’’ (Rarashik)

’’O, ou-!’’ (Arnold)

’’Ye, yes-!’’ (Muir)

Each of the three pumped themselves up and shouted loud and headed to the center of the crater.

At the heart of the crater was Silva, waiting to be given the papers confirming each fighter's participation. And thus, the two teams of each side of the second round faced each other.

’’Ehem! Let me now verify! For the 『Gabranth』, the participants are Rarashik-dono, Arnold-dono, and Muir-dono! As for the 『Evila』, the participants are Shublarz-dono, Herbreed-dono, and Eonis-dono! Am I correct? (Silva)

Both parties nodded in response.

Herbreed was a tall man who had three horns growing from his forehead, characterising his manly appearance. Eonis was a girl, only slightly taller than Muir, who, for some reason, was wearing an eye mask.

Coincidentally, there were two girls and one boy on each team.

’’Oi Arnold, it's still too early for you to be facing off against that Shublarz. So I'll be the one fighting her...... are you even listening?’’ (Rarashik)

While silently attempting to discuss tactics with Arnold, Rarashik noticed that he was fixatedly staring towards the person in front of him.

’’Nn......’’ (Arnold)

Shublarz let out a long, seductive sigh, and then Arnold's eyes became bloodshot.


’’Nohou-!’’ (Arnold)

Suddenly Rarashik headbutted Arnold who, in response, yelped in pain.

’’Wha-what are you doing Shishou?!’’ (Arnold)

’’Shut up you stupid disciple! Till how long were you planning on staring at that woman's chest?!’’ (Rarashik)

’’N-nono nono, I-I-I-I I wasn't doing anything like that!’’ (Arnold)

’’......Uncle......’’ (Muir)

Desperately trying to defend himself, Arnold could not deny his previous lecherous actions when Muir let out her disappointment.

’’Hohou, then you don't like looking at those breasts? You have no interest at all?’’ (Rarashik)

’’E? A, no, a-although I do think they are wonderful things, s-somehow I could not help but look at them...... A-’’ (Arnold)

’’......Uncle......’’ (Muir)

And thus Arnold's fate was sealed. He was kicked upside-down by Rarashik, driven to near-death even before the duel had begun.

’’Fufufu, what an interesting guy~’’ (Shublarz)

While squeezing her breasts between her arms, Shublarz' already ample chest was further emphasised. Beside her, Herbreed averted his eyes as his cheeks slowly reddened while Eonis tilted her neck as she imitated Shublarz' actions to her own chest.

*drip* *drip* *drip* *drip* *drip* *drip*......

However there is someone who should not be forgotten. More so than Arnold, a pervert lustfully gazed at Shublarz' twin peaks from afar.

’’Nofooooooooo-! What a superb chest! Aah, but I mustn't! I am supposed to be neutral! No matter how much you try to tempt me, I won't give in! HOWEVER! Once this duel ends, I will look and massage it to my heart's desire!’’ (Silva)

’’Have some shaaaaaaaaaame!’’ (Liliyn)

Suddenly Liliyn came from the skies spinning like a corkscrew. She executed a heel drop directly on top of Silva's head, making mincemeat out of him.


’’Binyunpuu-!?’’ (Silva)

Silva's head was buried beneath the ground, and only his feet could be seen sticking out from the ground thus, the illustration of a pervert was completed.

’’You're supposed to be impartial you bastard!’’ (Liliyn)

’’O...... Gu......’’ (Silva)

’’Answer me!’’ (Liliyn)

’’Y...... Yes...... My...... Lord......’’ (Silva) (T/N: Silva says this in English)

Liliyn said this while dragging Silva to the back. The people left behind were completely dumbstruck.

’’Wha, what the hell just happened......’’ (Arnold)

Everyone else wondered what was going on as well. Not one of them was able to answer Arnold's question.

’’Nofofofofo! Everyone, the duel is about to begin! Nofofofofo!’’ (Silva)

The revived Silva said, politely bowing his head as he walked back to the arena.

’’O, oi, that old man's nose bled to such an extent and he's still okay?’’ (Arnold)

’’Ye, yes......’’ (Muir)

Muir also wondered about the state of Silva. However, seeing as the person himself didn't seem to mind it at all, they did not press any further.

’’Ehem! Then now, I will be verifying the designated 『King』s from each side! For the 『Gabranth』 it will be Rarashik-dono and as for the 『Evila』 it's Shublarz-dono, right?’’ (Silva)

Both parties nodded. The duel this time followed the 《Agasshi》 system, where two teams composed of multiple people would fight, with one person from each team designated as the 『King』.

In order to protect the 『King』, the other members would devote themselves to supporting the 『King』. In the case of one-on-one duels, the two sole participants would obviously be the 『King』s. In that case, whoever is defeated is the loser. However, for the case of multiple people, whichever side's 『King』 was defeated first would lose.

That doesn't mean that the other members are useless: the less people there are compared to the other side, the task of defending the 『King』 would become much harder, thus increasing the probability of defeat.

’’Then, are both sides done with their preparations?’’ (Silva)

As Silva said those words, both sides jumped quite a considerable distance from each other. Taking that as confirmation, Silva took a deep breath and:

’’Let the second round begin!’’ (Silva)

The fight of Hiiro's original travel companions: Arnold and Muir;had begun.


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