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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 170


Chapter 170: The Outcome of the Clash between the Sun and the Earth

Hiiro first thought was like this. The close-quarters combatant Leowald and the long distance combatant Marione. He had thought that each of them would use their specialized combat range to gain the upper-hand over their opponent.

However, currently Marione's hand was equipped with a single sword. Hiiro realized that his initial impression had been wrong.

Marione's true optimal fighting range was not long distance, but close combat. Leowald, on the other hand, was utilizing a《Transformation》similar to what Crouch had.

Regular physical attacks wouldn't work against it at all. However, upon seeing Leowald's appearance, Marione was able to guess that physical-based attacks wouldn't work and hence, created a sword.

Hiiro judged that the sword likely held some hidden ability which would somehow make it capable of dealing damage to bodies that had undergone 《Transformation》.

The battle that had been occurring up until now had been a sufficiently high-level fight. It was a duel that was to be expected of two top-class fighters. However, what was about to begin was likely a battle which would surpass the previous one.

Hiiro's heart beat wildly, giving him a feeling similar to when one watched the climax of a sports match on TV. The surrounding people also gazed upon the fight as if they had forgotten to breathe.

It simply showed just how sight-stealing the battle the two of them were having was. And upon thinking how they'd be able to see something even more amazing from here on out, anyone would watch over the battle quietly.

’’..........That sword is troublesome.’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn, who was next to Hiiro, suddenly murmured.

’’You know about it?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yeah, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that it's a sword born from the earth itself. In other words, it's sort of like a kind of 《Spirit Sword》.’’ (Liliyn)

’’《Spirit Sword》?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Simply put, it's a 《Magic Sword》.’’ (Liliyn)

’’In other words, it's a sword which possesses the power of magic?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yeah, against 《Transformation》, where beastmen become 『Spirits』themselves, physical attacks have no meaning. However, with the 《Spirit Sword》, which has the power of magic within it, he should be able to mercilessly wound that body.’’ (Liliyn)

’’I see, as I thought, there was a trick to it, huh?’’ (Hiiro)

Having come to an understanding, Hiiro nodded lightly. He didn't think that Marione would use a simple sword.

’’However, to create that level of sword, the risks must be proportionately high.’’ (Liliyn)

’’What do you mean?’’ (Hiiro)

’’It's highly likely that he used up the majority of his magic power to create it. In addition, simply using it should cost him some magic as well.’’ (Liliyn)

’’It doesn't really seem to be worth the cost.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Don't be stupid. There's no way a normal person could create a 《Spirit Sword》. It just shows how great a power the 《Spirit Sword》holds. I must say that it's quite appropriate that the 《Rank 2》member is capable of creating one.’’ (Liliyn)

As Liliyn said that in admiration,

’’As expected of Hiiro's companion. You're quite knowledgeable.’’ (Eveam)

The one who similarly raised her voice in admiration was Eveam. It seemed that she had heard their conversation.

’’Like she says, that sword is one of Marione's trump cards.’’ (Eveam)

’’To think that he would use something like that.’’ (Hiiro)

’’It just shows how far he has been driven into a corner. As expected of the Beast King.’’ (Eveam)

It was true that Marione had opposed Leowald on countless occasions with magic, but even so, he was being pulverised. In order to gain the upper hand, it was necessary for him to take the initiative before his opponent.

’’However, the king is also using 《Transformation》. He too, has been led to use one of his trump cards.’’ (Eveam)

Eveam uttered those words in a slightly excited manner. It seemed that she also found this battle to be worth watching, as her heart trembled while she watched it.

’’However, like she said, he cannot use that sword for extended periods of time. Leowald's 《Transformation》should similarly use up a considerable amount of stamina, so he shouldn't be able to maintain that state for too long either.’’ (Eveam)

’’Meaning that they'll probably reach the conclusion sooner than expected.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yeah, I believe in Marione! He'll definitely win for us!’’ (Eveam)

’’But, I didn't think that the Moustache Baron could use a sword, you know?’’ (Hiiro)

’’I see, Hiiro doesn't know about it. Marione's swordplay is the best. Up until now, there hasn't been a single swordsman in the country who could beat him.’’ (Eveam)

That particular piece of information greatly surprised Hiiro. Well, it was to be expected, as he hadn't shown any interest in it at all. Hiiro let out a light sigh as he calmly gazed at the two combatants.

(A trump card....huh.) (Hiiro)

He used the word 『Pry』as he thought of that and confirmed the 《Status》of the two.

Marione Judou Crisis

Lv 168

HP: 8489/8522

MP: 3455/7098

EXP: 5356789

NEXT: 119890

ATK 1200 (1700)

DEF 1167 (1150)

AGL 1317 (1390)

HIT 1050 (1300)

INT 1120 (1135)

《Magic Attribute》Earth | Dark

《Magic》Rock Bullet (Earth - Attack) | Gran Needle (Earth - Attack) | Ray Disruption (Earth - Attack) | Iruyaduru (Earth) | Shadow Sickle (Darkness - Attack) | Dark Impact (Darkness - Attack) | Eclipse Trident (Darkness - Attack) | Black Ash (Darkness - Attack)

《Titles》Earnest Man | High Class Demon | Feathered One | Bothersome One | Indulgent One | Short-Tempered Handlebar Moustache | Obstinate One | The Natural Enemy of Monsters | Ripper | Unique Genocider | One who Exceeds | Sword General | Cruel | Caring One | Avenger | Brutal One | Beastman's Poison | One who has a Splendid Moustache | Moustache Baron | One who Seeks the Strong | Overly Determined Person

Leowald King

Lv 202

HP: 11589/13765

MP: 3055/4300

EXP: 11930081

NEXT: 221107

ATK 1830 ()

DEF 1533 (1663)

AGL 1221 (1301)

HIT 1509 ()

INT 816 (840)

《Binding Attribute》Fire

《Binding》Flame Fang | Blaze Fang Attack | Ultimate Flame Fang Attack | Wildfire Transformation | Awakened Fireball of Truth | Ceremony of Actualization | Fang of the End

《Titles》Friend of Fire | One who Trains | Strong Arms | Battle Enthusiast | Musclehead Man | Doting Father | Binge Drinker | Considerate Comrade | One who Follows His Own Path | One who is Popular | Reliable Person | Unique Genocider | The Monster's Poison | King Dandy | One who Exceeds | Gabranth Fighter | Power of the Wilds |One who can Influence Cause and Effect | Overly Determined Person | Flame Bullet | Beast King | One who Transcends

Simply based on the 《Status》that he had confirmed, Marione was at a disadvantage. And, although Eveam said that the two of them were using their trump cards, it seemed that Leowald still had numerous hidden trump cards that he had yet to use.

However, no matter how many cards he might hold, if Leowald erred in the timing to use them, or thoughtlessly attempted to conserve them for future battles, then there were enough chances for Marione's attacks to easily drop him.

In addition, due to the skills that they were using, Marione's MP was rapidly decreasing, while Leowald's HP and MP were decreasing.

Hiiro understood well that the 《Spirit Sword》and 《Transformation》were skills that, as expected, had a certain degree of risk to them. If they continued to do nothing, then there was a chance that they'd become unable to battle by simply standing there.

(In particular, the Beast King's MP is decreasing, so he probably can't let the battle go on for too long.) (Hiiro)

As he thought that, Hiiro once again looked at the two combatants. Both of them were making feints at each other while waiting for a gap in the other's defence to attack at. And then, finally, the battle began to move.

The one who moved first was Leowald. He used his incredible speed to close the gap between them and thrust out his fist. That fist was clad in a burning red flame.


The two collided and kept going until their backs were facing each other. Then, the sound of something falling to the ground was heard. Upon looking carefully, one could see that Leowald's right arm had been severed at the elbow and had fallen on to the ground.

’’Ku-!?’’ (Leowald)

The fallen arm that continued to be clad in flames gradually began to disperse.

In that single instant, Marione had avoided Leowald's fist and cut off his arm with his sword. The fact that Leowald had been unable to avoid that sword simply displayed how fast Marione's slash had been.

’’Gahaha! You've got me now! As expected of the 《Sword General》!’’ (Leowald)

Seeing Leowald's figure as he laughed heartily after losing his right arm, Marione gave a dubious expression.

’’You'll only be able to laugh for now. Next time, I'll turn you into a daruma.’’ (Marione)

’’Gahaha! You'll have to spare me from becoming a daruma!’’ (Leowald)

As he said that, fire began to shoot out from the area where his right arm had been cut. The flames then began to take the shape of an arm.

’’Wha-!?’’ (Marione)

Marione's eyes widened greatly at that scene. It was only natural. After all, the right arm that he had taken great pains to cut off was regenerating.

’’.........I see, it seems that it'll be necessary to mince your entire body up into pieces in order to kill you.’’ (Marione)

’’That's how it is. If you cut off one hand, then I feel the pain, but that's about it.’’ (Leowald)

’’If that's the case-!’’ (Marione)

This time, it was Marione who kicked the ground and closed the gap between them. And once he had reached Leowald's bosom, he swing his blade upwards, slashing at Leowald from below.

But unfortunately, Leowald appeared to be a step quicker, as he easily took Marione's back. However, Marione seemed to have predicted that, as he soon twirled his body and, this time, dropped his blade from above upon Leowald.


A large slash mark was carved into the ground. And, at the same time, Leowald's right arm was once again cut off.

Judging it to be a good opportunity, Marione followed up with his assault. His sword moved at a speed that no ordinary man could follow. True to his word, Marione chopped up Leowald's left hand, right leg, and left leg in order to turn him into a daruma.

And then, for the finale, Marione made a large horizontal swing. Following that, Leowald fell to the ground.

’’How was it?! This is the power of 《Cruel》!’’ (Marione)

He stated as he looked down upon Leowald. The moment he became sure of his victory against the burning, unmoving body of Leowald-


Surprisingly, the collapsed Leowald in front of him began to disappear like an extinguished flame.

’’What the-!?’’ (Marione)

Then, Marione felt a tremendous amount of killing intent coming from above him. He immediately turned his face upwards to check. When he did so, he saw an uninjured Leowald in the sky.

’’When did you switch in a substitute?!’’ (Marione)

It seemed that the Leowald that Marione had just sliced up was a clone made out of Leowald's flames. The person in question had, apparently, taken that opportunity to fly up into the air and prepare his next attack.

’’With this, you should turn into ashes, oh 《Sword General》!’’ (Leowald)

An intense flame was being emitted with Leowald at the centre of it, it looked like it was cloaking him to protect his body from harm. That flame gradually became bigger, as if it were turning into a miniature sun.

’’Take thisssss! 《Awakened Fireball of Truthhhhhhh》!’’ (Leowald)

Leowald remained in that form as he dropped from the sky towards Marione. With that size, even if he tried to run now, he'd still be caught by it.

Marione grit his teeth as if resolving himself to take the hit and began to concentrate a large amount of magic power into 《Iruyaduru》.

’’I cannot allow myself to lose here! For her Majesty's sake, this Marione will become a single blade in order to cut open the way of her path!’’ (Marione)

Marione vigorously stabbed his sword into the ground.

’’Come! The Earth!’’ (Marione)


The ground began to shake strongly as though a major earthquake had occurred. As it did so, something began to emerge from the ground. That something was an enormous dragon.


As it released an intense bellow which resounded throughout the area, the dragon born from the earth began to head towards the falling sun.


The moment those two existences touched, a sound similar to an electrical discharge rang out. Both parties refused to give a single inch to the other, and it had completely turned into a contest of strength between the two.

Just when one thought the sun had pushed forward, the dragon would once again push back. The opposite was also true. This repeated countless times.

Seeing them, anyone was capable of understanding the fact that the one whose willpower was exhausted first would be the one to lose.

And then, finally the conclusion appeared to have been reached. The one which displayed a change first was..........................

.................the sun.

’’Nuguuuuuuuuu!’’ (???)

At the dragon's attack, the sun split into two. Leowald, who was in the middle of the sun, then fell prey to the dragon's fangs.

He managed to narrowly avoid being eaten by using his entire body to hold onto the upper and lower jaws of the dragon.

’’........the sun has fallen to the ground.’’ (Marione)

Having become confident of his victory, Marione grinned.

And then, Leowald, who truly appeared as though he would end up an offering to the dragon's belly if things continued this way, ground his teeth as he closed his eyes.

’’........I pray......’’ (Leowald)

Marione, upon seeing Leowald recite something which sounded like a spell, said-

’’Haa haa haa......s-so those are your final words. As expected of the Beast King, how manly.’’ (Marione)

Marione panted heavily as he glared at the suspended Leowald. Even for Marione, this was his highest class attack, which had his everything packed into it. It seemed like he would collapse if he relaxed, but thinking that he had to wait until he had gained victory, he desperately braced his legs.

As he did so, the dragon's mouth firmly closed. The others, who saw that, all received a shock.

Amongst those people were those holding various opinions, such as those who felt that Marione had gained victory, those who felt Leowald had lost, and those who were simply taken aback by the twos' incredible offensive and defensive abilities.

’’.......fufu, I've won.’’ (Marione)

The moment Marione muttered that-


Cracks suddenly began to run throughout the dragon's body. And then,


Flames began to sprout from the cracks.


With the sound of an incredible explosion, the dragon burst open. From within it, something flew towards Marione.

’’............a red......lion......!?’’ (Marione)

There, the figure of a bright red, flame-clad lion appeared.


’’Gafuu-!’’ (Marione)

Marione was rammed into by the lion, and his entire body was slammed into the large crag behind him. Blood spouted from his mouth, and he crumbled to the ground.

’’........wh......what......ha.......’’ (Marione)

The lion which was looking down upon Marione, then disappeared into wisps of flame. And from behind it, Leowald's figure appeared.

Upon seeing him, Marione's face warped with surprise.

’’That was a dangerous spot. To have forced me to use this power, as expected of 《Cruel》's 《Rank 2》. ’’ (Leowald)

Leowald's body was no longer burning bright red like earlier. His body was back to normal, like it was prior to the start of the duel.

’’’’ (Marione)

Marione ground his teeth, mortified and frantically attempted to raise his body, but it wouldn't listen to him.

’’...........k.......kill me.’’ (Marione)

Marione closed his eyes as if he had given up. However, Leowald simply quietly looked down on him.

’’I cannot face her Majesty. Now, kill me!’’ (Marione)

’’.............what a waste.’’ (Leowald)

’’.......what?’’ (Marione)

He reopened his closed eyes.

’’I said that it was a waste. I'd like to fight a strong warrior like you once again.’’ (Leowald)

’’................are you an idiot? I don't mean to boast, by I'm one of the 『Evila』's top class fighters. If you simply leave me here, then one day I may once again turn my fangs against you, you know?’’ (Marione)

If one was a strong warrior, then normally that would be all the more reason to kill them prior to them becoming a problem.

’’Very well, then come at me again. I'll beat you at your own game.’’ (Leowald)

’’.....................’’ (Marione)

’’And if we win this duel, then you will naturally become my subordinate. That being the case, then I don't want to lose an excellent subordinate in a place like this.’’ (Leowald)

’’Don't screw with me! If I have to receive that kind of humiliation, then dying would be-’’ (Marione)

’’Revenge.......’’ (Leowald)

’’......-!?’’ (Marione)

Just as he was about to deny Leowald's words, he heard some unexpected words and faltered.

’’《Sword General》, you have a desire that you wish to fulfill, correct?’’ (Leowald)

’’.................’’ (Marione)

’’If that is so, then why are you trying to rush to your death?’’ (Leowald)

’’......ku-’’ (Marione)

’’It is true that this is a duel. I also fought you with the intent to kill. However, right now I can tell with a single glance that you are no longer able to battle. To deal the final blow to such an opponent isn't interesting at all.’’ (Leowald)

’’I-Interesting....’’ (Marione)

’’And also, your sword when I fought you did have blood thirst contained within it, but I didn't feel a single drop of the desire for revenge in it.’’ (Leowald)

’’.............’’ (Marione)

’’Gahaha! It was fun, Marione!’’ (Leowald)

Upon seeing the man in front of him, Marione felt his heart involuntarily begin to tremble. This was because when he thought back to the battle he had just fought, he was able to find that he truly had enjoyed it.

In addition, while the man in front of him truly was an idiot, at the same time he was driven by the impulsive desire which made him want to fight with Marione once more. Marione let out a deep sigh.

’’ really won't kill me?’’ (Marione)

’’You're persistent. The loser isn't allowed to force their opinions upon the winner!’’ (Leowald)

’’Ku..............I'll make you regret this one day.’’ (Marione)

’’Gahaha! I look forward to that!’’ (Leowald)

And just as he saw Leowald turn back to his camp, his consciousness swayed.

’’Ahh, now that I think about it, I'll tell you one last thing.’’ (Leowald)

At Leowald's words, Marione's gradually fading consciousness focussed upon Leowald's voice.

’’The name of the beastman that you're after is Kurou.’’ (Leowald)

’’.......-!?’’ (Marione)

’’He's a fiend who's even on the wanted list within the Gabranth continent.’’ (Leowald)

After saying that, Leowald returned to his camp. And Marione, who repeated the words he had heard within his mind, fell into the darkness.

Silva, who confirmed that Marione had become unable to battle, raised his hand towards Leowald and shouted.

’’The first match is the 『Gabranth』's victory!’’ (Silva)


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