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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 168


Chapter 168: Start of the Duel of Evila and Gabranth

’’Well then, there isn't much time, so let me give a simple introduction. First that person is my Lord, Liliyn.’’ (Silva)

’’Eh... that child is...’’ (Arnold)

Even while in the middle of a quarrel, Liliyn suddenly gave a death glare, so he immediately revised his words.

’’S-so that exquisitely beautiful princess is...!’’ (Arnold)

’’Yes, by the way, our princess has a complex about her age and height, mostly her appearance, so it would be best if you took caution with your choice of wording.’’ (Silva)

’’G-got it...’’ (Arnold)

Muir also told herself to be careful, as she nodded repeatedly alongside Arnold.

’’And that girl is one who, like me, is in service to Liliyn, Shamoe.’’ (Silva)

’’I-I'm Sh-Shamoe, shir!’’ (Shamoe)

With a blush on her face, she tried to spit out words, but still, she bit her tongue. For Muir to feel a certain affinity with her was something to could perhaps be called inevitable.

’’And this is Nikki-dono. Even though she looks like this, she's Hiiro-sama's number one disciple.’’ (Silva)

’’Nice to meet you!’’ (Nikki)

With a bright smile Nikki turned to them.

’’H-hah... that Hiiro's Disciple, is it...’’ (Arnold)

’’I-it just means things change with time, Uncle!’’ (Muir)

As if they had happened upon a curious case, the two stared in wonderment.

’’And...’’ (Silva)

’’Long time no see, you two!’’ (Mikazuki)

Mikazuki raised her hand as she spoke, but the two seemed clueless.

’’Eh... who? What's this child?’’ (Arnold)

As Arnold muttered that...

’’Bu~ How cruel of you to forget me~! Mikazuki even still remembers you faintly~!’’ (Mikazuki)

Her face was bloated up to the limit as she pouted.

’’Your presence is just too thin to linger, Mikazuki!.’’ (Nikki)

’’Shut up, Nikki!’’ (Mikazuki)

Against Nikki's cynicism, Mikazuki yelled out with a bright red face. But even having learned the young girl's name, nothing seemed to come to Arnold's group. And so, Silva offered an explanation.

’’In truth, she is an existence that took on human form by Hiiro-sama's hand.’’ (Silva)

’’T-took on human form, you say!?’’ (Arnold)

’’That is correct. She was once a monster called a Raidpic, and it seems she's met with Arnold-sama's party before.’’ (Silva)

And there, Arnold remembered. They had once borrowed a Raidpic to get a ride close to【Beast Kingdom Passion】.

’’S-so you're the Raidpic from that time?’’ (Arnold)

’’That's right! You're all mean;forgetting me! Gramps and even Muir!’’ (Mikazuki)

’’S-sorry!’’ (Muir)

’’G... gramps...’’ (Arnold)

Muir honestly apologized, while Arnold fell into shock hung his shoulders having been called gramps.

’’Finally, my name is Silva Plutis. It is a pleasure to be acquainted with you.’’ (Silva)

He politely bowed his head.

’’Even so... personification, and teleportation, it seems as time passes, it's getting to be that anything goes for that guy...’’ (Arnold)

Arnold's face stiffened as he looked at Hiiro.

’’Nofofofofo! By the way, Arnold-dono, for some reason, I feel the presence of something similar to me within you.’’ (Silva)

’’Yeah, you're right! It kinda feels like I can just understand you, or...’’ (Arnold)

’’Exactly! I wonder why! Nofofofofo!’’ (Silva)

’’Who knows! Ahahahaha!’’ (Arnold)

An unknown bond was thus formed between the pervert and the lo*ic*n. Though they had just become acquainted, as if they were old friends... no, a feeling as if they were soul mates surround them.

While Muir was hesitation over what to say in regards to the incomprehensible chemical reaction, perhaps as the quarrel had ended, Hiiro wandered over.

’’Hmm? You were still here? Go return to your own camp already.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Nugu... Y-you... even when we had just met again, you're really... it's sad just how much you don't change, oy... and I heard from Master that you came to the country recently, but at least give us a word or two... for god's sakes...’’ (Arnold)

’’As if that much would change in half a year. And the reason I didn't meet you when I came to the country was simply because you weren't there. I'm of no fault here.’’ (Hiiro)

’’... well how nice of you...’’ (Arnold)

’’Ahaha... it really feels nostalgic.’’ (Muir)

The two let out sighs of exhaustion.

’’Oh right, old man, I heard that you happily disclosed everything about me to that Beast King.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh, ah, t-that is...’’ (Arnold)

The corners of Hiiro's mouth raised, but his eyes were definitely not laughing. From his back, a black aura was emitted.

’’It seems you wish to become a test subject to my magic for the first time in a while, right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’W-wait a sec' Hiiro! I-I definitely did say it, but y-you never even tried to get in touch, didn't you!?’’ (Arnold)

’’...... So?’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro scowled as he tilted his head.

’’H-hey! We were comrades travelling together, so shouldn't you try to contact us a bit!? With your magic, it would be easy, right!?’’ (Arnold)

’’As if I know. That sounds like a pain.’’ (Hiiro)

’’A-a pain...’’ (Arnold)

The severity of the exclamation made Arnold's jaw drop.

’’Hiiro-san!’’ (Muir)

All of a sudden, Muir cried out, so everyone shifted their gaze to her.

’’What, shorty?’’ (Hiiro)

’’I-I-I was worried too! M-Mimir chan as well! A-and...’’ (Muir)

Muir looked over Liliyn's group.

’’E-everyone with you seems to be having fun... and for some reason, there are a lot of little girls...’’ (Muir)

’’What did you say?’’ (Hiiro)

She was speaking in a low voice, so it didn't get through. With a red face, Muir spoke up.

’’A-anyways, it's somehow frustrating! U-uncle definitely blabbed on you as payback, but it's only because he cares for you that he even thought to get even with you!’’ (Muir)

’’O-oy, wait Muir-san...?’’ (Arnold)

’’Hmmm... Payback... I see.’’ (Hiiro)

Arnold timidly turned back to face Hiiro.

’’You've resolved yourself, right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’H-hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!’’ (Arnnold)

Hiiro wrote a certain word, and shot it at Arnold before activating it.

’’Noooooooo! Stop! I don't have such interests! T-that's my important.... Ah, ah, ah, nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!’’ (Arnold)

Seeing Arnold's face turn pale as he writhed in agony, Muir looked blankly at Hiiro.

’’What, I just showed him a bit of a nightmare.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro used the word 『Dream(幻)』 to torment Arnold alone with a certain vision. The contents included a stampede of oiled up muscular men, among other things.

’’I see! To put it simply, right now Arnold-dono is surrounded with certain types of men as they do this and that to his body? My, my... what Hell it is.’’ (Silva)

On Silva's brief exposition, Muir's expression stiffened as she looked over her guardian

And after a minute passed, the old man had collapsed on the ground, completely exhausted.

’’Are you repenting?’’ (Hiiro)

’’... Gusu... gusu... hic... I can't become a groom anymore...’’ (Arnold)

Something beyond imagination had been done to him. Tears flowed from his eyes without cease. As it was Arnold's form of paying for his mistakes, Muir remained silent, but on her face floated a wry smile.

’’Oy, shorty, did that blue ribbon not come?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh? B-blue ribbon? Could you be talking about Mimir-chan?’’ (Muir)

’’Yeah.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Oh, she's together with everyone else.’’ (Muir)

’’So she did come.’’ (Hiiro)

’’In truth, I wanted to bring her all the way up here, but she had to remain behind, saying it was my long awaited reunion.’’ (Muir)

’’Well, I did just meet her the other day.’’ (Hiiro)

On those words, Muir's ears twitched.

’’... Really unfair.’’ (Muir)

’’What is?’’ (Hiiro)

’’You really are too unfair, to only meet Mimir-chan! Last time when you came, I wanted to... meet you.’’ (Muir)

’’... Well we're meeting here now, so isn't it fine?’’ (Hiiro)

’’T-that may be true... but...’’ (Muir)

’’And I determined that it would be better if we met here.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh?’’ (Muir)

’’Because I wanted to save the fun for the end.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hiiro-san...’’ (Muir)

At that moment, as his consciousness had finally recovered, with a terrible face, Arnold looked over with a scowl on his face.

’’Y... you... I... I'm going to kill you someday...’’ (Arnold)

’’If you think you can, then try it.’’ (Hiiro)

’’It was Uncle's fault this time.’’ (Muir)

’’Muir~.’’ (Arnold)

Arnold called out her name as if he had been relying on her, but Muir shrugged her shoulders with resignation. It was Muir's off-hand remark that had instigated this mess, but as a doting father, Arnold's soul did not allow him to condemn her for it.

’’More importantly, how long do you plan on staying here? You guys are on the enemy side right now. Do you understand the meaning of that?’’ (Hiiro)

The two took a deep breath. And making a business-like expression. Arnold spoke.

’’...... Right. Let's go, Muir.’’ (Arnold)

’’Eh, ah... I'm...’’ (Muir)

Muir didn't seem to know what it was she should do. Perhaps she wanted to be by Hiiro's side longer after finally having reunited with him. But as he said, right now they were mutual enemies, and being here wasn't something that was supposed to be permitted.

And while she was like that, Hiiro approached her.

He lightly prodded her forehead with the tip of his finger.

’’Shorty, make sure you show me the result of your half year of growth.’’ (Hiiro)

She was put in a daze by his sudden words, and she slowly moved her hand to her head. After taking a breath...

’’Yes!’’ (Muir)

She gave a strong answer before taking her place beside Arnold. But before long, she approached Hiiro again.

’’U-um, Hiiro-san.’’ (Muir)

’’Yeah?’’ (Hiiro)

’’... There's lots I'd like to talk about, so once this battle is over, can you give me some time?’’ (Muir)

’’What?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Mainly about why you have so many people with small bodies like mine following you.’’ (Muir)

’’... W-why are you so caught up on that?’’ (Hiiro)

He felt a slight chill on his back. The image of a demon peeking over Muir's shoulder must have been his imagination, though.

’’Mimir-chan probably has much to discuss with you on the matter as well, so we'll be taking some of your time together, alright?’’ (Muir)

’’S-sure...’’ (Hiiro)

Muir gave a bright smile as she returned back to Arnold. He felt an absurdly oppressing aura coming from her, but for her to be able to release something like that... she sure has grown, he thought.

’’Hiiro, we'll make sure to show you just how strong we've grown!’’ (Arnold)

’’You don't need to make any dramatic declarations. Just go already.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Ku... I get it! Can't you at least respond with, 'I'll be waiting,' or something!?’’ (Arnold)

’’Uncle-san, let's go!’’ (Muir)

’’Yes~, okay Muir~!’’ (Arnold)

’’... So the lo*ic*n is in good health.’’ (Hiiro)

’’I'm no lo*ic*n, fool!’’ (Arnold)

’’Nofofofofo! I feel I will become the best of friends with that Arnold-sama.’’ (Silva)

’’Yeah! I'd like to exchange drinks with you once, and talk about...’’ (Arnold)

’’Let's go already, uncle!’’ (Muir)

’’Ah, wait Muir! (Arnold)’’

Pulled away by Muir's hand, the two left.

’’Fuu, as allway's he's a sweltering man.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Despite that, it looked like you were having quite a bit of fun.’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn directed a grin at him, so his face warped in discomfort.

’’Hmm, surely you jest... well, it did feel nostalgic.’’ (Hiiro)

And everyone smiled as they looked at him.






’’It appears it ended without conflict.’’

Hearing the words of Eveam, who watched Hiiro's exchange with Arnold from afar, those present tilted their heads.

’’Your majesty, those individuals are...?’’ (Marione)

Eveam answered Marione's quandary.

’’Hiiro's former travel companions, apparently. He said that after being transferred here, they would probably come to slap him a few times, but that it was a natural phenomenon. As such, he gave a strict order not to raise a hand at them.’’ (Eveam)

’’The brat... gave it?’’ (Marione)

’’Yeah, and it was the same for your side, was it not, Beast King?’’ (Eveam)

Her eyes rest on the one who followed suit and didn't intervene, Leowald.

’’Pretty much. Arnold said he had to go meet his friend, so I accepted it. Perhaps Hiiro's words meant the same.’’ (Leowald)

It seems both sides got the message.

’’Well, now we'll be able to start this without reserve... right, Demon Lord?’’ (Leowald)

’’... I understand.’’ (Eveam)

As they began to glare at each other, the first to open their mouth was Eveam.

’’I've already heard the details of your proposed dueling method, but just to make sure, could you explain it?’’ (Eveam)

’’Understood. The dueling method is an old tradition passed down by the 『Gabranth』 race, one called 《Agas Shi》.’’ (Leowald)

(TL: 《アガッシ》 taking Romanization suggestions.)

One: duels are carried out with equal numbers on both sides.

Two: duels consist of five individual fights.

Three: of them, the team that wins three of them is the victor.

Four: a battle is not lost until the designated leader of that team declares defeat.

Five: if once all is over, it ends in a tie, each side selects a single fighter for a one on one match.

Six: the outcome is decided once one side has become unable to fight, or one side admits defeat.

Seven: an individual can participate in battle up to two times, but on the second, they cannot be designated as leader.

Eight: participants are selected beforehand, and changes are not permitted.

Having confirmed there was no problems with the methods, they went on to discuss what would happen upon the outcome.

’’It's already been decided by 《Contract Scroll》, but the losing country comes under the command of the winning one. But we will respect the other party, and there will be no senseless killing. Is that fine?’’ (Eveam)

As Eveam spoke with a solemn space, Leowald returned a small nod.

’’Yes, in this battle, our side has an overwhelming advantage. If we are to lose, we will obey, and humbly enter into your ranks. Similarly if we are to win, we will not handle you unreasonably. As long as your side is to honor the contract, we will not go back on our word. I swear it on the pride of all Gabranth.’’ (Leowald)

The Gabranth waiting behind him all nodded in uniform. They had the resolve.

’’Yes, we wouldn't ask for any more. If we win, we'll let you know we truly desire for peace! On top of that, I'd like to form a true alliance!’’ (Eveam)

After they exchanged glances a little while longer, a smile broke out on Leowald's face.

’’I see, I think I kinda understand the reason that Hiiro sided with you.’’ (Leowald)

’’... Eh?’’ (Eveam)

’’You guys are too soft.’’ (Leowald)

’’Uu...’’ (Eveam)

’’But for some reason, I feel the desire to support you.’’ (Leowald)

’’...’’ (Eveam)

’’That's a natural talent you've been born with, girl. Make sure you make good use of it.’’ (Leowald)

’’Beast King...’’ (Eveam)

’’But we'll be the ones taking victory this time!’’ (Leowald)

’’We won't be losing either!’’ (Eveam)

Glares passed between them again.

’’Well then, let's start it already.’’ (Leowald)

As Leowald said that, Eveam raised her hand.

’’I'd like you to wait a bit. As per agreement, we'll release a portion of our prisoners of war.’’ (Eveam)

’’Mu?’’ (Leowald)

’’However, transporting them in large numbers is probably best left to Hiiro, so we'll lend him to you for that.’’ (Eveam)

He turned his eyes to the soldiers, and found the form of a handcuffed Crouch among them. In the jail her fur had turned white, and her stature that of a little girl, but now her body was wrapped in darkness like a black panther.

’’Oh, now that you mention it, I had forgotten.’’ (Leowald)

’’Leowald-sama... how cruel nya.’’ (Crouch)

’’Gahaha! It's a joke, a joke! No more than that, I plan to have you participate as well. Can you fight?’’ (Leowald)

With that, the corners of Crouch's mouth rose fearlessly.

’’Of course, nya.’’ (Crouch)

’’But even if it was decided beforehand, are you sure this is fine, Demon Lord?’’ (Leowald)

’’Yes, there is only meaning in defeating you when your power is at its peak.’’ (Eveam)

’’Hmm... interesting. Then we will use all we have to oppose you.’’ (Leowald)

Saying that, he took a paper out of his breast pocket. On it, the names of the ones set to participate were written.

’’Nofofofofo! Then from here on, I, the neutral Silva will take control!’’

Silva had somehow appeared suddenly between both parties, putting everyone in a fright.

’’S-Silva-dono!?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam unintentionally let out a loud voice.

’’... Who are you?’’ (Leowald)

Leowald asks with a wary voice.

’’No, no, I am but a humble butler.’’ (Silva)

Leowald sent a glance at Eveam as if to search for an explanation, so Silva began to explain exactly what his standing was.

’’I see, then take this.’’ (Leowald)

The paper was handed over.

’’I would like you to take charge of ours as well, Silva-dono.’’ (Eveam)

’’Certainly.’’ (Silva)

He lowers his head, before taking a paper from Evem who had produced if rom her breast pocket as well. On both papers, he confirmed the names of those who would participate in the first round.

’’Well then, let me announce the participants of the first round of this 《Agas Shi》! First, from the 『Evila』 camp is Marione-dono.’’

The Gabranth side started getting noisy, as a big name was announced in the first round. But the fact that only one name was announced meant...

’’From the 『Gabranth』 camp is...’’

Everyone's dubious gaze gathered on Silva, who unintentionally stared at the sheet.

’’Ehem, I apologize. From the 『Gabranth』 camp... Beast King Leowald-dono!’’

Not just the 『Evila』 side, the 『Gabranth』 side that didn't know the order fell silent as well.

Among them, the only ones with pleasant smiles floating on their faces were Marione and Leowald.


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