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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 166


Chapter 166: Victorias' Circumstances

While experiencing the hustle and bustle of 【Victorias】' royal castle, a single young lady was being tormented by her thoughts.

Apparently, during the peace conference, negotiations with the 『Evila』 had broken down. At the same time, she heard that the military higher ups and her father, Rudolf, had gone missing.

Yes, the young lady was the first princess, Lilith. She had not been told all the details regarding the conference.

She heard that even the heroes, whom she was on friendly terms with, were on an escort mission for the conference. That was the reason they weren't at the castle at the moment.

News of the failed diplomacy attempts had been reported. Thus, nobles arrived at the castle one after another, panicking and holding discussions. The faces of the soldiers were also fraught with tension, and their frustration was evident.

Thus, it was then that Lilith was spotted by Vale Kimble: 2nd lieutenant of the 『Humas』 army, the heroes' trainer, and the one who had been assigned to defend the castle walls. Vale then immediately approached her.

’’Ah, Lilith-sama!’’ (Vale)

’’Vale-san! Um, is it really true? That...... that father and the other captains are missing......?’’ (Lilith)

’’Ah, yes......’’ (Vale)

Not having any good news to deliver, Vale looked worried.

Upon seeing Vale like that, Lilith felt that something was off;she tilted her head and asked:

’’Di, did a problem arise?’’ (Lilith)

She wondered if there was a problem even more serious than the disappearance of the King.

’’Ah, no...... that is......’’ (Vale)

Because it was such a difficult thing to say, Vale was hesitant.

’’Please tell me!’’ (Lilith)

Although she was scared, Lilith steeled herself and raised her voice. After seeing Lilith's resolve, Vale swallowed nervously.

’’......I understand. The truth is......’’ (Vale)

The soldiers who came back from the war told Vale about the events that had transpired. The events at the conference, at the 【Demon Capital: Xaos】;he himself couldn't believe his own words as he explained what happened to Lilith.

’’Such, such a thing...... that can't be true......’’ (Lilith)

Lilith muttered as she trembled upon hearing what happened.

’’......I know how you feel. However, up until now, there has been no word from the King nor the heroes, so you can't help but think that perhaps......’’ (Vale)

’’I, I don't believe it!’’ (Lilith)

’’Lilith-sama......’’ (Vale)

’’I mean! Things like father turning into a monster and the heroes dying...... I don't believe that Taishi-sama would be beaten by the enemy! (Lilith)

Lilith was desperately trying to hold back her tears;Vale, with a painful look, said:

’’......It is with my deepest regrets that I inform you of this......’’ (Vale)

Lilith's face became increasingly pale, and then......

’’Lilith-sama!?’’ (Vale)

Vale managed to catch Lilith as she fell. It appeared that she could no longer handle the shock and fainted.

It should be noted that Lilith, out of everyone in the country, was the one who worried the most about the King and the heroes. Learning of their situation was a big shock.

Vale, understanding how she felt, worriedly stared at her face.

’’Anyone! Is anyone there?!’’ (Vale)

Hearing his shouts, two maids quickly rushed over. Vale asked them to carry Lilith to her room.

Vale then walked to a different room.

This was the King's bedroom. Incidentally, it was also the Queen's. Inside, the Queen was resting on the bed, after having collapsed for the same reason as Lilith.

Vale asked the maid beside the door for permission to enter. She went inside and came out after a while. She then opened the door.

Although he was given permission to speak with her a little, Vale still felt tense as he carefully stepped inside.

Inside the large room was a huge bed, highly decorated as one would expect. He could feel an aura of exhaustion coming from Maris, who was lying on top of it.

’’You are...... the one who trained the heroes, right?’’ (Maris)

Moving only her eyes, a trembling voice came from her slender throat.

’’Yes! I am the second lieutenant of the army, Vale Kimble. For seeing me despite the current situation, I give you my utmost gratitude.’’ (Vale)

’’...... How are things going? Do we know the full extent of the situation yet?’’ (Maris)

She said without any strength in her voice.

’’Yes! Because of my impudence, Lilith-sama has also fainted.’’ (Vale)

’’...... Is that...... so. That child has heard as well huh......’’ (Maris)

’’I deeply apologise, there is no excuse for what I did! As for my punishment......’’ (Vale)

’’No, it's fine.’’ (Maris)

’’......?’’ (Vale)

Vale believed that he was the cause of Lilith's' collapse. Thus, he was surprised when Maris forgave him, even though he was expecting punishment for his actions.

’’That child is that man's daughter. She has a right to know. Although the result of that knowledge left pain in her heart, you did nothing wrong. So please stop worrying about such things.’’ (Maris)

’’The, then...’’ (Vale)

’’It's that child's responsibility to overcome such difficulties by herself. It's alright. She is stronger than I am. She will surely find the correct answer.’’ (Maris)

’’Ha, haa......’’ (Vale)

’’More importantly, we must discuss what lies ahead. This country has become unstable. We need someone to step up and manage the country. We have no idea when the other countries might attack.’’ (Maris)

That much was obvious. Certainly it could be said that the country was currently in great turmoil. The King, who was the pillar of support for the country, had disappeared. The heroes, the hope of the country's citizens, failed to return as well. Moreover, most of the army's commanders were lost.

Now, the country's war potential had become remarkably small. Rumors were abound between the citizens as anxiety settled in. If this situation were to continue, the other countries might take this opportunity and invade.

That was why there was a need for someone who would rise to the top and bring everyone together. Normally, it would be Queen Maris or First Princess Lilith who would unite everyone. However, their current state prevented them from doing so.

Furthermore, Vale alone didn't have the ability to organize everyone.

’’How frustrating’’, Vale thought. He didn't have the sufficient charisma to attract people in such a way. He himself was aware of that fact.

As Vale was worrying about what to do,

’’Is it alright if I rely on you? I think that you, who should be well known amongst the soldiers, would be more capable than I am. (Maris)

As Maris asked him about it, he made an apologetic expression.

’’N-no..... I cannot simply.....’’(Vale)

’’Is...... that so? Lilith also made a similar face......’’ (Maris)

As she smiled bitterly, Vale felt that Maris did not want to suffer the repercussions of their country's actions even though she was the Queen. He thought that this person who was supposed to succeed the king, even for just an instant, should stand up and govern the country, no matter how harsh the circumstances may be.

Moreover, Lilith was Lilith. Although he could understand her position, he felt that her heart was too weak. With the current situation, he thought that she would show more resolution.

’’However, it is as expected;if the Queen that supports the country was someone like Lilith, someone greater than myself, the citizens of the country would have peace of mind......’’ (Maris)

’’......I suppose......’’ (Vale)

At that time, Maris gazed at Vale who looked like he had suddenly realised something.

’’What?’’ (Maris)

’’N, no...... I, it's just that, I know of someone who can lead us in this situation.’’ (Vale)

’’You know...... someone?’’ (Maris)

’’Yes’’ (Vale)

’’......Is that person trustworthy?’’ (Maris)

’’It is someone you know.’’ (Vale)

At his words, Maris' eyes widened as she realised who he was talking about.

’’Bu, but that person shouldn't be able to come back yet right?’’ (Maris)

’’No, that great person can. That person can't shut up about this country's affairs. It's just a hunch, but soon......’’ (Vale)

Just then, one of the maids drew close to Maris and whispered something into her ear. Then, with medicine in hand and a smile she said,

’’Speak of the devil and he shall appear.’’ (Maris)

’’Cou, could it be, my Queen?’’ (Vale)

’’Yes, that person is right outside this room. He has my permission to enter.’’ (Maris)

At her words, the maid walked towards the door. The two then gazed towards it.

And at the appearance of that person, both of their faces showed expressions of relief.

’’Please excuse my intrusion. Nn? What, Vale is here as well?’’ (???)

That person was Judom Lankars, the Guild Master.


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