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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 165


Chapter 165 - Hiiro Leaves from Passion.

’’But for him to really be motivated by food, although I have heard about it from Arnold, but......’’ (Leoward)

Leoward was told by Arnold that Hiiro is motivated by food and books, but for him to actually take the bait that Arnold set for him is a bit disappointing..

’’That is where Hiiro's Charm is at..........that's what those idiots were saying.’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik speaks while shrugging her shoulders.

’’But still, is it really alright? To leave Mimir-sama in their hands......’’ (Barid)

Barid's anxiety is reasonable. Hiiro is, to put it bluntly, a completely unknown existence. It's only natural to think that, what if something bad were to happen.

’’I did it for Mimir's sake. Wasn't she also happy with it, eh?’’ (Leoward)


Rarashik speaks with a smile.

’’Calm down Barid. Just like I said before, he ain't a guy who will willingly put himself into a troublesome situation. And he won't do something that would make him lose all his food. Well this is all what I've heard from Arnold and Muir’’ (Rarashik)

’’I can't believe it!’’(Barid)

’’Then go ahead and observe him yourself’’(Rarashik)

’’That's what I'm going to do’’ (Barid)

Saying that, Barid leaves the <<Throne Room>>.

’’*Sigh* He's a stubborn guy as always.’’(Rarashik)

’’Gahaha! Seeing the truth through his own eyes. Isn't that a good thing, Rara?’’ (Leoward)

’’Well, I can't refute to that’’ (Rarashik)

Seeing Leoward laughing happily, Rarashik thought about something and then asks.

’’Leo-sama, is the reason you stopped the brat only for the sake of Mimir?’’(Rarashik)

’’Nh? that's what I said, right?’’(Leoward)

’’............I don't think that's all, is it?’’(Rarashik)

’’What you trying to say?’’(Leoward)

’’By any chance, could you be thinking about pulling the brat to our side or something?’’(Rarashik)


’’Or making it hard for him to fight after letting him have all the taste of this country's good qualities. Well, that's only one part of the strategy, I think.’’(Rarashik)

Thereupon, Leoward's cheek slacken.

’’No, well, I did have that intention at first’’(Leoward)

’’......Then am I wrong?’’(Rarashik)

’’After talking to the brat, it just seemed impossible to do that.’’(Leoward)


’’He is pretty frank, for better or for worse . Arnold also said that before.’’


’’I understand it now. He will move as he wants. No matter what obstacles block his way.’’


’’Right now he is for some unknown reason aiding the『Evila』. It is most probably impossible to change it. He himself wouldn't try to overturn something he has already decided upon.’’(Leoward)

’’I see’’(Rarashik)

’’Even if it was due to him being hooked up to the food or books, he won't change his mind. He is a person who won't change something of great importance for some other reason.’’(Leoward)

’’Hoho, so Leo-sama understood him to this extent......’’(Rarashik)

For making a king of a kingdom to say so much about someone, generally is impossible for any person.

’’And you know what, Rara? The reason that it's for the sake of Mimir is the greatest reason of all.’’(Leoward)

’’............This foolish doting parent.’’(Rarashik)

’’Gahaha! That's the best compliment for me! Gahahahahaha!’’(Leoward)

’’Knowing it's you, I thought that you might be thinking of taking him in as a husband for Mimir-sama.’’(Rarashik)

’’What are you saying, Rara?’’(Leoward)

Rarashik judges that her thinking was going too far after seeing Leoward looking at her blankly in amazement.

’’Ain't that a natural thing! Mimir has taken a liking to him a lot! And he also is her benefactor! No wait......Kukuria also said that she wanted to meet him......’’(Leoward) [ET: Really great bastard]

Hearing his words, Rarashik's mind goes completely blank ’’What?’’

’’If Kukuria also likes him, then he will become the husband of both my daughters! Yeah, let's do that! Gahahahaha!’’ [ET: HELL WITH HIM!!!!!!]

Seems like her thinking was not far too much but far too less. Rarashik thinks while looking at him with scornful eyes.

(It's gonna be troublesome for that brat from now on......really troublesome.)

Thinking about Hiiro's future, she prayed for him in her heart.




Mimir brought Hiiro to a familiar place. It was the garden where Mimir and Hiiro first met.

Its appearance was the same as it was half a year ago, but the blue sky can be seen from here, so it wasn't a bad place.

Mimir moves towards the centre of garden with a happy expression and suddenly starts spinning. She grasps Hiiro and brings him forward and then slowly bows her head.

Hiiro was conflicted that why would she do something like that, but the next words cleared his doubts.

’’I will say it once more. I am really grateful to you for bringing my voice back that time.’’(Mimir)

Tears were flowing from her face while she said that.

’’Ah, I'm sorry. I was just so happy to say the words of gratitude to you that......’’(Mimir)

She wipes her tears off and shows a strained smile. Hiiro scratches his his head in embarrassment and slowly stands in front of her.

SFX: Ton......

He gently with his index finger touches her forehead. Mimir while blushing, touches her forehead a little later.


’’I said it before, right? That you owe me this favour and you'll have to pay it back someday. So don't forget it till then’’(Hiiro)

As if these words won over her heart, she shows her best smile.

’’Yes! Someday I will, definitely!’’(Mimir)




Barid couldn't believe the scene that was taking place in front of him. That was because Mimir was showing an expression she has never shown to anyone.

Mimir smiles after Hiiro poked her forehead and said something. Her smile was not a strained one, but it was the one that has the power to fascinate anyone.

In truth, Barid too was fascinated by her smile.

He thought, even though he is the benefactor for Mimir, but Hiiro is not person who is worthy of faith due to him being on the enemy side.

Thanks to Hiiro, the war they could've won ended up with them losing. He can't put his faith in Hiiro like Rarashik or Leoward.

He came till here thinking that he will have to protect Mimir if something happens even if he has to put his life on line, but he was taken aback seeing Mimir's happy expression.

Right now, they both are enjoying the <<Aqua Hound Meat>>. Seeing the figure of the boy eating it with a happy expression, Mimir keeps on smiling.

No matter how anyone saw it, it was a peaceful scene.

(Just what is he......?)(Barid)

He can't understand about the boy named Hiiro more and more. Just when he thought for what reason he came in the centre of enemy territory, that turns out to be that he wanted to talk with the King.

And furthermore, he is nonchalantly eating a meal in the enemy's castle.

He is one that surpasses common sense. Whatever he does is something a person with common sense won't do. Barid for the first time thought to peep in someone else's mind.

'There should be a limit to being unusual'. Barid's head was about to go haywire, due to the impossible to understand existence.

But strangely, he feels relaxed by looking at him. His mind says not to drop his guard, but his heart says the opposite.

That might be definitely due him seeing Mimir's smile. And before he knew it, the soldiers who were to escort her as bodyguards were also smiling while eating the meal.

He listens carefully, seems like they are talking about Arnold (mostly bad-mouthing him and telling their personal experience with him).

’’............What do you think?’’(Barid)

When Barid murmurs as such,

’’......Really Fun’’(Putis)

From behind Barid, a cute voice came from a small person wearing cartoon costume of a bear.

She is one of the <<Three Beast Warriors>>, Putis.


Putis replies by nodding her head in agreement.

While they both were looking at each other, Hiiro finishes his food and leaves that place with Mimir. Most probably, they're returning to the <<Throne Room>>

’’I will follow them. I leave the observation from outside to you.’’(Barid)

After taking a glance at her nodding, he leaves that place too.




Seeing Hiiro who has returned to the <<Throne Room>>, Leoward shows a wry smile.

’’Going back already?’’ (Leoward)

’’Yeah, my works all done.’’(Hiiro)

Seeing Mimir's gloomy expression, anyone would try to lend her a hand, but it's also a truth that they can't keep Hiiro here forever.

She also knows that. But she is bearing an incomprehensible feeling. She doesn't know when again they will meet after today.

When she thinks that, it's natural for her to make a gloomy face. Even the dense Hiiro understands the fact that she is feeling lonely.

That is because he has seen this type of face a lot of times in his travels. But he can't just remain here always. There is something he has to do, no, he wants to do.

’’Chibi-Usagi, tell them that I'm looking forward to meeting them.’’(Hiiro)

’’No problem, but don't forget? That I'm also entering the duel?’’(Rarashik)

’’Yeah, I know that’’(Hiiro)

This is because Aquinas was really afraid about her participation in the duel, to an extent that he wanted for Hiiro to help him. That explains that she is a lot powerful.

’’Ah, and I already heard about the case in which that old man disclosed a lot about me from Mimir. Looks like he needs a punishment now, so don't tell him about this matter or else he will run away, okay?’’(Hiiro)


Rarashik's cheek cramped upon seeing Hiiro's evil smile and prays for Arnold thinking his life is soon going to end.

Hiiro sighs on seeing the depressed Mimir.

SFX: Ton......

Her forehead is once again poked.


’’Let me hear your song next time’’(Hiiro)


’’You said it's your good point, right? Or are you not confident?’’(Hiiro)

’’N-No! I will keep on practicing! A lot of it for Hiiro-sama!’’(Mimir)

’’ it good to have high expectations?’’(Hiiro)


Seeing her reply with a happy expression, he turns his line of sight to Leoward.

’’Beast King’’(Hiiro)


After they glare at each other for a while,

’’’’Next time on the battleground!’’’’

Both say the same words at the same time as if understanding each other.

SFX: Flash!

And Hiiro, uses his 'Transfer' words and disappears from that place.

’’He went already’’(Leoward)

Leoward says as such while facing Barid who is standing in besides him.


’’And? How was he?’’(Leoward)

’’ matter what he is, for now he is our enemy.’’(Barid)


Leoward laughs while seeing Barid speaking soft words that he rarely ever speaks.

'He even changed Barid' when he thought that his desire for getting Hiiro on their side and as his son-in-law increased greatly.

(I just said it as a joke that I want him as my son-in-law, but looks like I need to think about it seriously now)(Leoward)

His cheek slacken a bit, when he felt excitement in his heart. He also wants to fight with Hiiro once.

(For getting me this excited. Interesting! I'm gonna get you as my son-in-law by sheer strength, Hiiro.)(Leoward)

The Beast King makes a decision in his mind 'It's for this country's sake and for my daughter's sake!!'.


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