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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 164


Chapter 164: The Doting Beast King

If Hiiro recalled correctly, when he had previously come to 【Beast Capital: Passion】 half a year ago, he was able to enter the 【King's Tree】, where the Beast King lives, through a series of unexpected events. During that time, he had met a lone, young girl while exploring the place on his own.

Her chestnut hair ran down to her waist, and a blue ribbon, which was large enough to be called her 'trademark', rested upon her head. Although she couldn't be said to be tremendously beautiful, her attractive, large, almond-shaped eyes and near-transparent white skin gave off the feeling that she would grow up to become a beauty in the future.

She had communicated with him by writing on something that looked like a board. It seemed that she had lost her voice due to an illness that afflicted her in her childhood.

Although it honestly had nothing to do with Hiiro, he remembered that, somehow, seeing her expression made him irritated. She was living for someone else's sake. That was something that would normally be said to be magnificent.

If she herself had fully desired to live in such a manner, he wouldn't have thought anything about it. However, deep in her eyes, he could detect traces of resignation and bitterness concealed.

And then, when she turned her smile towards him, he noticed that she was faking it, and found it annoying. Although it truly was just a simple whim, he, without thinking about it, restored her voice using 《Word Magic》.

He had a feeling that it was something that he had to do, but at the same time, he also truly did feel that he wanted to see her real smile.

After healing her, he realized the significance of his actions and thus, after forbidding her to speak of him, quickly left the country. Had he remained there that time, it would have certainly become troublesome for him.

Of course, he had not encountered her after that event. Rather, he had honestly forgotten about that incident until she appeared in front of him just now.

She was wearing a similar blue ribbon to the one she wore the first time he had met her.

’’Hi-Hiiro-sama....Hiiro-samaaaaaaaaaaa!’’ (Mimir)

She came running at him with full force, completely unlike a princess. He intended to avoid the incoming body blow, as he expected it would have considerable power, but-

’’.....Hm?’’ (Hiiro)

He found his clothes being gripped by someone.

’’C-Chibi Usagi!’’ (Hiiro)

It was Rarashik. Her lips relaxed into an amused grin, and said-

’’It's a man's job to shut up and accept a woman's hug, isn't it?’’ (Rarashik)

’’What are.....gufu!’’ (Hiiro)

He could have avoided it in time if his clothes had not been gripped, but as he was unable to do so, he was tackled by the blue ribbon girl, Mimir. The impact of her blow wasn't something that could be called a mere 'hug'.

Of course, she did not have the intention to attack Hiiro. It seemed that she was so overjoyed, she simply wished to embrace him.

’’Hiiro-samaaaa!’’ (Mimir)

She rubbed her small head against his chest as her face broke into a smile. Seeing such a scene, everyone became dumbfounded, except for the grinning Leowald and Rarashik.

’’Mi-Mimir-sama! Please separate from that person! He is an enemy!’’ (Barid)

Although Barid gave Mimir a warning, it seemed to not have reached her, as she raised her face and looked at Hiiro.

’’Finally......I was finally able to meet Hiiro-sama.’’ (Mimir)

’’Ugh.....I got it, I got it already, so hurry up and get off of me!’’ (Hiiro)

As he said that, she tightened her embrace even more.

’’I don't wanna! You're gonna go off somewhere again, aren't you?’’ (Mimiru)

’’Hah? What are you saying....’’ (Hiiro)

’’Gahahaha! Hiiro, no matter what you say to Mimir right now, it's useless! That child has inherited my stubbornness after all!’’ (Leowald)

Having felt that he saw something rare, Leowald let out a hearty laugh. Even if she was displeased with his words, Mimir gave a sour look and stubbornly held on to Hiiro, expressing her strong desire to continue holding him.

Seeing such a Mimir, Hiiro let out a shallow sigh and swiftly wrote the character 『Untouchable』.


All of sudden, Mimir, who had been clinging to Hiiro, passed through his body.

’’E......Eeeeh!?’’ (Mimir)

Not only Mimir, but also the rest of the people in the room were so surprised that their jaws dropped.

Hiiro turned back towards Leowald as if nothing had happened. Mimir gave a blank stare as she once again stretched out her hand in an attempt to touch him, but-


As expected, she couldn't touch him. Even though Hiiro was standing right in front of her, it was as if he were an untouchable hologram.

’’Too bad, Blue Ribbon.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Uuuu~ Hiiro-sama!’’ (Mimir)

Mimir, who inflated her cheeks with displeasure, stretched out her hand over and over again without giving up. However, it was as if she were trying to catch a cloud, as she felt no solid response.

’’Hohou, so that is your magic, Hiiro.’’ (Leowald)

’’Did it serve as a good reference, Beast King?’’ (Hiiro)

The two of them exchanged glances while faintly smiling at each other.

’’Fufu, still, I was quite surprised to find out that Mimir had a side like this.’’ (Leowald)

’’......Ah!.....U-Uhm.....I'm sorry for my discourtesy, Otou-sama!’’ (Mimir)

After coming back to her senses, Mimir fixed her appearance as she hung her head in shame.

’’It's alright, it just goes to show how much you like Hiiro, eh?’’ (Leowald)

Mimir's face flushed a bright red and it seemed as though steam would start erupting from her head.

’’For you, who is usually more mature than anyone else, to lose your composure to this really are interesting after all, Hiiro.’’ (Leowald)

’’I don't really get it, but it seems......’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro gazed at Mimir's face. Having suddenly been stared at, Mimir's heart thumped as she blushed even more.

’’It seems like you have become a bit better at smiling compared to before.’’ (Hiiro)

Upon hearing Hiiro's words, her eyes widened as she grinned and-

’’Yes!’’ (Mimir)

-answered energetically. It seemed that she was no longer lying to herself. Hiiro once again thought to himself that it had been worth it to take the time to cure her.

’’However, Mimir, how did you know that Hiiro had come here? We hadn't really been spreading the word about it, but...’’ (Leowald)

At Leowald's question, Mimir said, ’’You see.....’’ while glancing at Rarashik. Following her gaze, they saw that a white figure had appeared on top of Rarashik's head without anyone realizing it.

Hiiro had seen that figure before. According to Rarashik, the white figure was a 『Spirit』. Hiiro recalled that Rarashik had said its name was ’’Yuki-chan’’. Its appearance was like that of a snow rabbit made by children on a snowy days.

’’........ Chibi Usagi, don't tell me you........’’ (Hiiro)

’’Nahahaha! Exactly! As soon as we came here, I sent Yuki-chan over to Mimir-sama. Naturally, it was to inform her about your visit, youngster. ’’ (Rarashik)

’’Is that true, Mimir?’’ (Leowald)

When Leowald asked her, Mimir clearly nodded in affirmation.

’’Yes. Although Yuki-chan can't talk, I had her write the words using ice.’’ (Mimir)

I see. So she became aware of my presence thanks to Yuki informing her. Meaning that when she came running at full speed and hugged me, that was, naturally, Rarashik's aim from the start.

’’You've really done it now, oi.....’’ (Hiiro)

’’Nahaha, it's revenge for earlier.’’ (Rarashik)

As he thought, the root of this offense was her grudge from him one-upping her at her home. Rather than feeling angry over her unwillingness to let anything go, Hiiro was more shocked as he let out a sigh.

’’B-By the way Otou-sama, why is Hiiro-sama here? Based on what Muir-chan told me, Hiiro-sama was, um......standing on the 『Evila』's side of the battlefield.’’ (Mimir)

Her face darkened with anxiety.

’’He seems to have come here to talk to me about something.’’ (Leowald)

’’A talk........with Otou-sama?’’ (Mimir)

’’Umu. Mimir, it's fine if you stay here, but don't get in the way, understood?’’ (Leowald)

’’Y-Yes! Thank you very much, Otou-sama!’’ (Mimir)

After saying that, she bowed. Then, although Leowald had thought that she would move away from her current position, for some reason, she remained standing beside Hiiro.

’’Mimir?’’ (Leowald)

’’What is it, Otou-sama?’’ (Mimir)

’’I-Iya, why don't you come over here?’’ (Leowald)

’’I cannot do that.’’ (Mimir)

’’W-Why?’’ (Leowald)

’’This place is good.’’ (Mimir)

She said that with an awfully brilliant smile.

’’Otou-sama said that it's fine if I stay here.’’ (Mimir)

’’U-umu...’’ (Leowald)

Everyone else did, indeed, hear that.

’’That is why Mimir will not part from Hiiro-sama's side.’’ (Mimir)

Seeing her declare that so distinctly, Leowald judged that even if he said anything else, she would stubbornly refuse to listen. Therefore, he didn't pursue the matter any further.

’’............I guess that it's alright. Incidentally Hiiro, what do you plan to do after this?’’ (Leowald)

’’Ha?’’ (Hiiro)

’’After speaking with me.’’ (Leowald)

’’I was thinking of having someone guide me to the duelling location, but do I have your consent for that?’’ (Hiiro)

’’I don't particularly mind, but even if we didn't guide you there, you said that it wouldn't be a problem, right?’’ (Leowald)

’’I guess so. That's why I figured it would be fine either way. So, frankly speaking, I don't have anymore business to take care of here...’’ (Hiiro)

’’...... In other words, you plan on going back?’’ (Leowald)

’’Yeah.’’ (Hiiro)

At that moment, Mimir gazed at him sadly. Even though she had finally met him once was likely difficult for her to separate from him again.

’’You're not going to go meet with Arnold and Muir?’’ (Leowald)

’’Yeah, I've already asked Chibi Usagi, but it seems like it'd be better not to meet them right now. I will set aside our joyous reunion for now.’’ (Hiiro)

’’........ I see.’’ (Leowald)

Leowald folded his arms and faintly groaned as if he was in deep thought. Hiiro ignored him as he began to focus magic into his fingertips. The people who saw his actions were convinced that he was planning to leave the place.

’’It was quite enjoyable.’’ (Hiiro)

And, just as he was about to write the characters,

’’Well, wait.’’ (Leowald)

At Leowald's words, Hiiro twitched and stopped moving.

’’....What?’’ (Hiiro)

’’There's no need to rush like that. Just take your time here.’’ (Leowald)

Mimir, who had been making an uneasy expression, suddenly brightened and stared at Leowald.

’’I refuse. There is no reason for me stay here.’’ (Hiiro)

At Hiiro's words, Mimir instantly became depressed.

’’Hou, I see. Even if we have prepared some entertainment in order to welcome you?’’ (Leowald)

Hiiro twitched as he heard those words.

’’......entertainment, you say?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yeah.’’ (Leowald)

’’...... I'll at least ask. What might that include?’’ (Hiiro)

Feeling that he had captured Hiiro's attention, Leowald's face relaxed.

’’Actually, yesterday we were able to get our hands on some《Aqua Hound Meat》.....’’ (Leowald)

’’I'll be troubling you for a while.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro could never forget the name 《Aqua Hound Meat》. The reason being that, after coming to this world, it was the meat dish that had left the greatest impression on him.

Honestly speaking, he had felt that he wanted to eat that meat once more. That meat contained a deliciousness that seemed like it could make you melt with pleasure.

’’Ohh, I see, I see!’’ (Leowald)

Leowald did a small fist pump and winked at Mimir. Indeed, he had intentionally made Hiiro stay for Mimir's sake. He was a typical doting parent.

Mimir smiled like a blooming flower as she gazed at Hiiro's face.

’’Hiiro-sama, until the promised entertainment is prepared, please talk with Mimir!’’ (Mimir)

’’How troublesome.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hau!’’ (Mimir)

Seeing her drop her shoulders as if she had received a large shock, Leowald said-

’’I apologize Hiiro, but please do as Mimir wants. In exchange, we will prepare a satisfying meal for you.’’ (Leowald)

’’........... It can't be helped.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro released the effect of 『Untouchable』.

’’Lead the way, Blue Ribbon.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hiiro-sama.....yes! This way please!’’ (Mimir)

As she said so, the both of them left the room.


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