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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 163


Chapter 163 - Hiiro Charges to Passion

Hiiro made an expression which showed that he was convinced with Rarashik's reason for coming here. Seeing as they both had the same destination, the two headed towards the 《King Tree》 together.

She said that she also had some business with the king, but-

’’Besides, there's no way I could let myself miss out on such an amusing event, right?’’ (Rarashik)

Her smile was brimming with resolve/resolution. Even Hiiro acknowledged that if she was with him, the talk would go without any unnecessary hindrances and hence permitted her to join him without any words of opposition.

Some soldiers might remember his beast man face, and so he was asked by Rarashik, to wear a hood. Certainly, this way, he might be able to avoid any unnecessary conflicts.

However, upon entering the 《King Tree》, it was natural for others to stare at a person wearing a red robe in a manner that prevented them from confirming his identity.

However, as Rarashik was near him, they judged him to be her companion and so, nobody said anything. Before entering the 《Throne Room》 Rarashik informed one of the soldiers that she was seeking an audience with king.

The soldier bowed towards Rarashik with a nervous expression and entered the 《Throne Room》. After a while, he came back and permitted the two guests to enter.

Rarashik took the lead as Hiiro followed behind her.

(Hou, so this is the 《Throne Room》, huh......and that is)(Hiiro)

He thought that as his gaze fell upon the majestic throne. Sitting on it was the beast king Leowald, who gazed at the two, with doubtful eyes.

Hiiro's eyes scanned the room thoroughly, assessing his surroundings. Near the throne stood a birdman, whom Hiiro had met once before. He seemed to be on guard against him and was glaring at Hiiro with sharp eyes.

’’What's with the sudden visit, Rara?’’(Leowald)

Leowald asked to Rarashik, while his eyes were fixed on Hiiro.

’’No, it's nothing. I was just thinking of reporting my idiot students' current status and.........I wanted to introduce someone interesting to you.’’(Rarashik)


Everyone focused their gazes on Hiiro. Upon doing so, the birdman, Barid, attempted to approach Leowald in attempt to protect him, but was stopped immediately by the beast king himself.

’’......Is that the one?’’(Leowald)

’’Yes, I'm sure you'll be surprised.’’(Rarashik)

Leowald glanced at Rarashik, who showed a big smile, and returned his line of sight to Hiiro.

’’...... You over there, take off your hood and show me your face.’’(Leoward)

Then, just as asked, Hiiro took off the hood. The next moment, the atmosphere chilled. Especially Barid, who had previously met Hiiro in his beast man form, guarded Leowald by positioning himself before him..

’’Rarashik-sama, what are you trying to do?’’(Barid)

He questioned the woman;bloodlust oozed out of him with every word he spoke. Such a reaction was nothing out of the ordinary. After all, it was Rarashik who had guided Hiiro, an enemy, all the way to the throne room.

But she shrugged her shoulders as she spoke with a smile that remained unbroken.

’’Well Hiiro said that he wanted to meet Leo-sama, so I just brought him here. I mentioned this before, right? That this boy was an acquaintance.’’(Rarashik)

’’B-But still!’’(Barid)

Barid's complaint was natural. Yet, no matter how much of an acquaintance Hiiro was, they were to duel with their respective countries at stake in a few day's time. Moreover, he was the person they had to be most vigilant towards. Anyone would likely feel that it wouldn't be too far off to think that Hiiro had come to steal away the life of the king in this instant.

’’Calm down. This boy has really come here just to talk.’’(Rarashik)

’’Wh, Where is the evidence of that!’’(Barid)

’’After all, he is not someone who would do something that troublesome.’’(Rarashik)

’’......Ha? T-Troublesome?’’(Barid)

Barid became astonished when he heard Rarashik's words. And then, a hand grabbed on to his shoulder.

’’M, My lord?’’(Barid)

’’Step aside for a bit.’’(Leowald)

’’B, But!!’’(Barid)

’’Move aside.’’(Leowald)

Being overpowered by the king's stare, Barid reluctantly stepped aside. Leowald gazed at Hiiro and,

’’It has been a while......I suppose?’’(Leowald)

Leowald asked.

’’Aa, without a doubt, it has been a long time.’’(Hiiro)

’’The 『Evila』I faced at 【Holy Oldine】. That was you, right?’’(Leowald)

’’That's right. At that time, you attacked me all of a sudden. Are all rulers here that quick to resort to violence?’’(Hiiro)

’’You bastard!’’(Barid [Third wheel])

Barid spread his wings to fly, but was once again stopped by Leowald's glare.

’’Uu............understood’’(Barid[Third Wheel])

After Leowald confirmed that the wings were retracting, he once again looked at Hiiro with an inquiring stare.

’’Those who are capable of talking to the king of a country like that are either a big shot or an idiot.....which one are you?’’(Leowald)

’’Isn't it obvious that I'm a big shot?’’ (Hiiro)

Seeing Hiiro reply without a second's hesitation, Leowald grinned.

’’Gahahahaha! I see! This is definitely the same brat from that time! Gahahahaha!’’(Leowald)

Seeing their King laugh in such an enjoyable manner, the soldiers' faces went blank. The tense atmosphere from before vanished as if it was a lie.

’’Well then, you certainly do seem to be Hiiro Okamura. However, you're supposed to be the strongest war potential on the enemy's side. Do tell me why someone such as yourself would come all the way here.’’(Leowald)

’’I have many reasons, but there are only two reasons that concern you people. One is to know about the exact location for where the battle will take place.’’(Hiiro)

’’Nh? You don't know the battle place? I heard from the Maou that that place was fine, you know?’’(Leowald)

While frowning, he asked.

’’No, there is no problem with the place itself. I just need to know the exact location, so I came here.’’(Hiiro)

’’Hou, for what reason?’’(Leowald)

’’Because I'll be transporting the guys from 『Evila』 there.’’(Hiiro)

That had been written in the letter from the Demon lord as well. That a person from their side would be teleporting them to the battle location on the appointed/promised day. Of course, normally one wouldn't think that a person capable of doing that would exist.

However, during the conference, Hiiro teleported the Demon Lord and others to the far away demon continent within an instant. That was why they judged that it was possible.

But as Leowald thought of why Hiiro would need to know the precise position of the battle location, it suddenly dawned on him.

’’I see, your magic can't take you to places you don't know?’’(Leowald)

’’......Hou, looks like you can use your head after all. I thought you were a complete muscle head.’’(Hiiro)

On Hiiro's words Rarashik laughed out loud with a pffffft, veins popped out on Barid's head, and the soldiers gasped in fear. And the most important individual Leowald, was laughing cheerfully as he said,

’’Gahahahaha! It is a fitting phrase! Isn't it Rara!’’(Leowald)

’’Nahaha! It certainly is!’’(Rarashik)

Leoward was laughing excitedly, as if he was having fun. The soldiers were fretting that a fight would break out due to such insulting words towards their king, but felt relieved once they realised their fears were baseless.

’’Muscle head, huh! I believe, that was something Rara also used to address me! Gahaha!’’(Leowald)[Seriously his laugh is creepy]

’’But you really are one!’’(Rarashik)

Looking at Leowald not getting even slightly agitated , Barid was baffled.

’’I see, I see! So you want to know where the place is so that you can teleport there?’’(Leowald)

’’Well if I were to give a reason, then that would be the case.’’(Hiiro)

’’Mu? If you were to give one?’’(Leowald)

’’Yeah, even if you don't tell me where it is, I'd be able to find it myself after all.’’(Hiiro)

’’Hohou, meaning that you have another reason for coming here?’’(Leowald)

’’Well, I just wanted to talk to you to see what kind of person you are. To learn more about the cheerful king who accepted this absurd duel.’’(Hiiro)

’’Gahahahaha! From your point of view, it may appear to be an absurd decision!’’ (Leowald)


’’However, Hiiro, for us 『Gabranth』, who value power and bonds above all else, this duel is, in a sense, the best method that we could agree with.’’(Leowald)

’’......Aren't you just a battle idiot?’’(Hiiro)

’’You could say that. But it's easy to understand. Is that not so?’’(Leowald)

’’......I don't hate it. That kind of easy to understand thing.’’(Hiiro)

’’Gahaha! I see, I see! So then? You said you wanted to try talking with me beforehand like this, but how was it? Did you learn anything?’’(Leowald)

’’Well, I guess that I can kind of understand the reason why you're adored so much by the rest of the beastmen.’’(Hiiro)

He was someone whose aura alone revealed him to be different from a normal person. He had a lively way of speaking and a fierce fighting capability. Furthermore, he had that 'something' which drew people to him.

Hiiro somehow felt that he could understand why the beastmen relied on Leowald. He had thought of the possibility of a battle occurring without them hearing what he had to say. Hiiro wasn't so thoughtless as to think that it wasn't a possibility

However, on the contrary, it looked like not only his power, but also his mind was good. Hiiro made a bitter smile, thinking that Leowald's charisma was incomparably higher than that of the Maou Eveam's.

Leowald must have been happy due to Hiiro's words, as he once again began to boldly laugh.


Thereupon came the sound of the footsteps of someone approaching them. Following that, a girl appeared behind Hiiro. She breathed heavily while grasping her chest desperately as she gazed towards the throne.

’’I, I've heard that Hiiro-sama has come’’(Mimir)

As she said that, her eyes gradually widened. Her sight focused on a single person.

’’......Hi......Hiiro......sama?’’ (Mimir)

Hearing his name being called, Hiiro lightly turned his face to look behind him. Upon seeing the young girl, he paused to think for a moment. However, when he saw the large blue ribbon on her head, he went, ’’Oh?’’ and seemed to recall her as his eyes widened a little.

’’You......aoi ribbon, huh?’’ (Hiiro)


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