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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 158


Chapter 158: It's Definitely about Him!

’’Haah, please go easy on me, Shishou’’ (Arnold)

’’My bad, my bad. In exchange, make me some snacks, 'kay?’’ (Rarashik)

’’....................yes, yes.’’ (Arnold)

Arnold rubbed his temples as he helplessly agreed, because defying her was dangerous. At one point, there was an incident where he had promised to make her snacks, but had forgotten to do so. At the time, her eyes had lost all light as she proceeded to spend half a day masquerading her one-sided beating of him as if it were actual combat training.

Arnold also helped tidy up her room. After finally making it somewhat tidy, he asked Rarashik.

’’By the way, you told me to wake you up at this time, but is there something you need to do?’’ (Arnold)

’’No, not really. It's just that this tsukemono tastes best when eaten around this time’’ (Rarashik)

As she said that, she took out a small jar from the alcove slab.

’’I was planning on having a drink with this!’’ (Rarashik)

’’, Shishou?’’ (Arnold)

’’What is it?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Didn't your head hurt in the morning because of hangovers?’’ (Arnold)

’’Hmph, don't speak so foolishly Arnold. Did you think that something like a hangover could stop me from drinking alcohol?’’ (Rarashik)

Although she said those words as though they were final with a dangerous glitter in her eyes, Arnold's face simply cramped in exasperation.

Deciding to himself that there was no point in arguing any more, Arnold feigned laughter. At that moment, he heard the sound of knocking coming from the house's door. The three of them tilted their heads simultaneously.

The reason for their surprise was that for the past half-year, nobody had ever to come visit them. Rarashik's interactions with her neighbours were simply that lacking.

Below this house was an enormous space that Rarashik had created, within which there were numerous rooms established. Arnold and Muir lived within one of those rooms, but this was the first time they had ever heard knocking like this.

’’Mu..........somehow I have a bad feeling’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik spoke while scowling. As she did so, Muir narrowed her cute large eyes, while the ears on her head stood up attentively.

’’You shouldn't say something like that Oshishou-sama. It is our first guest in a while after all’’ (Muir)

After saying that, Muir replied to the knocking with a, ’’Ha~i’’. Her beautiful silver hair fluttered as she headed towards the door. Seeing that, Rarashik and Arnold quietly watched her.

’’Excuse me, but Rarashik-dono should be here, correct?’’ (???)

On the other side of the door was a beastman with wings growing out of his back. Muir figured that he was a 『Birdman』based on his appearance alone.

’’Hm? This voice....’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik murmured in a low voice as her eyes narrowed and gazed over at the person standing in the doorway to confirm their identity.

’’Ah, yes. Um.....’’ (Muir)

Muir moved her body to the side so that Rarashik could to see the visitor.

’’Hou, this is quite the unusual guest. To think that the famous 《Thunder Lord》Barid-san would step into a civilian's house like this’’ (Rarashik)

Responding to Rarashik's words dripping with sarcasm, Barid dropped his shoulders with humility.

’’Please stop. Compared to you, someone like me is still the same as some youngster. Although I may have risen in status, that is simply because you trained me, is it not?’’ (Barid)

Muir approached Arnold and asked who their guest was.

’’That person is a member of the 《Three Warriors》, Barid-sama, who holds the second title of 《Thunder Lord》’’ (Arnold)

’’Th-th-th-th-《Three Warriors》!? Th-then isn't he an important person!’’ (Muir)

’’Young lady, why are you surprised? Isn't the one over there clearly a great person?’’ (Barid)

Muir was not surprised at Barid's words. This was because she was aware of how great a contribution Rarashik had made to the beastmen. After all, the invention of《Binding》was praised as one of the beastmen's greatest, most historic achievements.

’’That is exactly why we prepared a dwelling much more suited to someone of your stature, as opposed to this kind of tiny place. Even now, I still don't understand why you didn't accept any kind of honour or status, you know?’’ (Barid)

’’Hmph, why do I have to justify anything to you? I like this place. Glamorous jewels or lavish honour and statuses won't fill up your stomach at all’’ (Rarashik)

’’Ah, but if it's alcohol, then you'll accept it right?’’ (Arnold)

’’Of course’’ (Rarashik)

Readily nodding at Arnold's comment, Rarashik ate the tsukemono and proceeded to chug down alcohol. Thinking that she somehow resembled Hiiro after all, Arnold gave a wry smile. Especially in how she was faithful to her own desires.

’’Rather, you came to talk about stuff like that Barid? Actually, aren't you in the middle of a war right now? What happened, did you lose?’’ (Rarashik)

Seeing her talk indifferently as though it were someone else's affairs, Barid let out a sigh.

’’.........actually, it's about that war. Right now, the King has returned to the castle’’ (Barid)

’’..........hah? Oi oi, did you really lose the war?’’ (Rarashik)

Unless that was the case, there wouldn't likely be any other reason why the King would return during wartime. Naturally, if they had won, they would have returned in a much grander manner while notifying the entire town of their success.

’’No, we haven't lost......yet.’’ (Barid)

’’Yet? mean that even though we formed an alliance with the 『Humas』, the situation is still bad?’’ (Rarashik)

’’It'd be fine if the situation was just bad. After calmly analyzing the situation, at this rate we'll definitely be defeated. No, we've actually already been forced to retreat once.’’ (Barid)

Rarashik's eyes widened with surprise at Barid's words.

’’Even with the alliance.........we still had to retreat? After going all the way to invade the Demon Continent?’’ (Rarashik)

Barid then spoke as he gave a bitter smile.

’’Yes. An unbelievable irregular appeared, and everyone was toyed with by that one person’’ (Barid)

’’That person? Oi oi, don't tell me that you were all cornered to the point of retreat by a single person?’’ (Rarashik)

’’...........precisely.’’ (Barid)

The room fell silent as though time had stopped. Arnold too was astonished after hearing that story. The war in which they should have had an advantage was overturned due to a single person. After finding such a thing out, anyone would doubt its authenticity.

However, upon seeing Barid's expression, it was hard to think that he was exaggerating or joking around. Everyone in the room understood that he was sincerely speaking the truth.

’’Fu~n, and? Did you come to tell me to lend a hand 'cause things got bad?’’ (Rarashik)

’’......................’’ (Barid)

’’.......haa, you know, Barid. Aren't you aware that I hate being used like this in wars?’’ (Rarashik)

’’I am aware of that’’ (Barid)

’’Then you know that my answer won't change no matter how much you beg, right?’’ (Rarashik)

’’Yes. However, I would like for you to at least speak with the King once’’ (Barid)

’’It's a pain, so I don't wanna’’ (Rarashik)

As expected, after seeing Rarashik deny the King's request for such a frivolous reason, Arnold chilled with fear.

’’This time, the war has moved in an unforeseen direction. All because of that irregular.’’ (Barid)

’’Nahaha, for them to make you guys that confused, they must be quite the individual.’’ (Rarashik)

Seeing her smile as though she were having fun, Barid became slightly sullen.

’’Is there something amusing about this?’’ (Barid)

’’It simply means that there's always someone better. After obtaining 《Binding》you all seemed to be happy, but after this time, you guys understood, right? Even if you have power, opponents against which that power doesn't work exist’’ (Rarashik)

’’That's.....’’ (Barid)

’’Just why do you think I developed 《Binding》? It wasn't so that you guys could wage war.’’ (Rarashik)

’’............I understand that, but-’’ (Barid)

’’You don't understand. Do you remember what you guys first said while celebrating when you finally obtained power?’’ (Rarashik)

’’................’’ (Barid)

’’You guys said, 'Now we can finally defeat the 『Evila』and 『Humas』'’’ (Rarashik)

Probably because it was the truth, Barid didn't object.

’’That's why I quit being a military instructor and distanced myself from you guys. Simply put, I became disgusted with your remarks and compliments’’ (Rarashik)

’’I-I understand that.....but please, at least this one time, please speak with the King!’’ (Barid)

As he said that, Barid politely lowered his head. Seeing one of the top members of their country, Barid, the leader of the 《Three Warriors》lower his head so easily made both Arnold and Muir want to disappear as they fidgeted restlessly.

’’.........go back Barid’’ (Rarashik)

Nevertheless, Rarashik struck him with chilling words.

’’Rarashik-sama!’’ (Barid)

’’It's the war that you guys started. Whether you win or lose, wipe your own asses’’ (Rarashik)

’’Kuh........’’ (Barid)

Deciding that it would be useless to say anything more, Barid turned his back to the three of them while grinding his teeth. Rarashik said one last thing as she saw that he was about to leave.

’’Now that I think of it, at least tell me about it. What kind of guy was that irregular?’’ (Rarashik)

’’...........I do not know. All I could conclude was that they were simply an abnormal existence. They were a 『Humas』that used a strange magic’’ (Barid)

’’Hou, a 『Humas』being the ally of the 『Evila』? That's quite the strange situation. But more importantly, what do you mean by a strange magic?’’ (Rarashik)

’’They used transformation, healing, explosive, and other magics whose origins we couldn't figure out’’ (Barid)

At Barid's words, Arnold and Muir twitched.

’’They were able to withstand the King's attack unharmed using a wall of light, destroy a bridge in a single breath, and even fly in the air.’’ (Barid)

’’O-oi oi, was that really a human?’’ (Rarashik)

Hearing such a joke-like story, Rarashik's face cramped. However, Arnold was-

(I-it couldn't be........) (Arnold)

At the answer that had emerged within him, his body involuntarily became hotter.

’’Based on appearance, they were human. Based on what the King said, they had black hair and eyes, and wore glasses as well as a red robe’’ (Barid)

(Hiiro!?) (Arnold)

Arnold screamed within his heart. Meanwhile, next to him Muir may have also reached the same answer as him, as her expression was warped with surprise.

Both of them then glanced at each other in assessment.

’’Ah, he also said that he was a boy with an incredibly arrogant attitude’’ (Barid)

(It's decideddddd!) (Arnold)

The two of them were certain within their hearts. That the irregular existence that he had spoken of was the Hiiro Okamura that they knew.

’’Arrogant? Red robe? Hm? Wait.....a moment?’’ (Rarashik)

Rarashik also became taken aback as she looked at the faces of the two. And as the three of their eyes met, they nodded in assent: their answers matched.

’’That's all the information I have. Now then, I will be........’’ (Barid)

Then, just as he opened the door dejectedly-

’’Wait Barid’’ (Rarashik)

He was called out by Rarashik, and froze.

’’Wh-what is it?’’ (Barid)

Unable to comprehend why he had suddenly been stopped, Barid looked blankly as he asked. As he did so, the corners of her mouth rose as she grinned-

’’I've changed my mind a bit. Let me meet the King, Barid’’ (Rarashik)


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