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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 153


Chapter 153 - Unprecedented Demand

Leglos came back to the tent, and Lenion, who saw his brother's troubled expression, inclined his neck.

’’What's the matter, Aniki?’’ (Lenion)

’’Hm? Well, Yuhito appears to be absent.’’ (Leglos)

Yuhito was one of the brilliant minds of 【Gabranth Capital - Passion】. He was the creator of the 《Nameless Bracelet》 and the one who worked out the method for the 《Binding Technique》.

’’Haa? You mean that Mad Rascal?’’ (Lenion)

’’Yes, after all, he was supposed to be deployed too.’’ (Leglos)

’’Why are you looking for that rascal? ’’ (Lenion)

’’You see, I thought he might devise a method to cross over to the 『Evila』 continent.’’ (Leglos)

’’Ah, I see. I'm sure he will unexpectedly appear sooner or later since it's that guy we're talking about.’’ (Lenion)

’’I agree. He is, after all, elusive.’’ (Leglos)

Both of them did not seem to mind Yuhito's disappearance at all, as that guy had always showed up suddenly. Leglos who was concerned, was fed up with Yuhito doing things at his own pace in such a situation.

’’By the way, how's father?’’ (Lenion)

’’It seems he is going around, visiting the tents of the others. He is calling out to the people who have suffered injuries during the war.’’ (Leglos)

’’Fu~un, he is as companion-loving as ever’’ (Lenion)

’’That is our strong point after all.’’ (Leglos)

While they stood for a while in their place, a soldier hurriedly entered the tent. The soldier had a rather flustered appearance as his breathing was heavy and rugged.

When they enquired the reason for the soldier's frantic appearance, he said that, the 『Evila』had sent them a letter.

After the two mutually gazed at each other for an instant, they ran out to the Beast King, Leowald in a hurry.

’’Oh, you guys came.’’ (Leowald)

For some reason, the two felt a sense of incongruity in his tone. Leowald's expression seemed a little loose, and had a happy atmosphere around him as he spoke those words.

’’Father, is that the letter sent by them?’’ (Leglos)

’’Ah, Read it. Something interesting is written in it’’ (Leowald)

Leglos read the letter that was handed over to him, ’’What in the world is this?!’’, he instinctively raised his voice.

Naturally, Lenion who was seemingly interested in the contents of that letter, requested an explanation from Leglos. And after the explanation was done, he too had an expression of astonishment.

First, the contents demanded a non-aggression treaty in exchange for liberating the captives. Naturally, this part was not that surprising as Leowald had expected this to happen.

The problem was, when the demand requested was not accepted.

The letter stated that supposing the demand was not accepted, they will conclude the war with a fight. Although this was a little surprising as it came from the naive Demon Lord, it was the fight itself that took their breaths away.

The letter was written as,

『Currently, your military forces are most likely scarce. If this fighttowards one's annihilation were to continue, both sides would receive huge damage, and this is something that both countries willnot benefit from. If circumstances were to allow, we do not wish to recklessly kill soldiers or the people, and so we should necessarily choose a more appropriate way, which the two concerned parties deem convincing, to fight this war. Previously, you said something like, ’’Defeat us by showing us your power’’. if that is what you want, then we will show it to you. We will truly show you our power. We will have a confrontation between our strongest war potentials to decide the winner and loser among us. We will hand over to your side, the right to decide the specifications of the fight. Naturally, the number of figures should match. We will also liberate your comrades, if you acknowledge this. However, this isour greatest compromise. If you refuse this demand, we will not hesitate to annihilate you with the whole power of 『Evila』. Of course, if the war ends without fighting, I believe that is for the best of both countries. I will be expecting a favourable response』

Everyone in the place, who heard Leglos' explanation about the letter, were flabbergasted. The content of the letter appeared to be reasonable. This is because, they too share some consentient on the matter at hand.

From what they understood from the letter, if they were to wage a war, then it would surely become a fight towards one's annihilation. All those who were there now, could, without a doubt, imagine the death toll in such a situation

However, if they were to fight out between them, through the method suggested by the letter, the soldiers would not be needlessly sacrificed. Moreover, they were given the rights to choose the specifications for the fight. This was obviously to their side's advantage.

No matter how they thought of it, the 『Evila』 seemed to be at a really disadvantageous position . They could have easily crushed the remaining Gabranth army, let alone slaughter the captives.

Nevertheless, why?, everyone inclined their necks in confusion.

’’Gahahahaha! They really got me there! They have totally pulled off something strange here! Gahahaha!’’ (Leowald)

Leowald who found it interesting, laughed from the bottom of his heart.

’’F-Father! This is not the time to be laughing! How are we going to respond to this?!’’ (Leglos)

He answered Leglos' question while his face carried a smile.

’’No matter how we think of it, this is quite a convenient negotiation!’’ (Leowald)

’’But, this may be a trap!’’ (Leglos)

’’No, that is not possible.’’ (Leowald)

’’W-Why is it?’’ (Leglos)

’’Even if they didn't request such a thing, they could win this war easily by fighting us with their current forces. No matter how we think about it, we are the ones on the unfavorable side.’’ (Leowald)

What's more, the 『Humas』 had already withdrawn, they were evidently overwhelmed by the enemy.

’’Besides, I told you that the Demon Lord was naive, right? This letter probably don't have any trace of deceit. I may be saying this, but this is all just based from intuition!’’

’’I-Intuition huh......’’ (Leglos)

Leglos who was astonished, exhaled.

’’Moreover, a confrontation between the highest war potentials of both sides......fufu, It's been a long time since my heart has pounded like this, merely from such a suggestion!’’ (Leowald)

’’F-Father...’’ (Leglos)

At that time, a hand grabbed onto Leglos' shoulder with a pop!

’’Aniki, no matter what you say, it's useless’’ (Lenion)

It was Lenion, who had stopped Leglos, however, he too was grinning, happily.

’’Isn't this a bit more interesting? Although I think that a warrior should confront the enemy directly, to settle this war, this way, is very intriguing.’’ (Lenion)

When Leglos saw that kind of facial expression, he hung his head in submission. He lightly shook his in resignation at the two war loving people beside him.

’’Gahaha! Don't make such a face Leglos! Look at them.’’ (Leowald)

Leowald jerked his chin, prompting Leglos to change his line of sight. What they saw there was Barid and Putis of the 《Three Warriors》 bowing down deeply.

’’Y-You guys.......’’ (Leglos)

’’We will do our best to bring us victory.’’ (Barid)

Putis nodded in agreement with Barid's word. The two seemed exceptionally motivated..

’’......... haa, I understand. You really are going to accept their demands?’’ (Leglos)

’’Yes, besides, if it's such a fight like this, then that guy will probably participate as well.’’ (Leowald)

Leowald had his hands on his chin as he gladly smiled in anticipation.

’’That guy?’’ (Leglos)

’’Well, there might be some who will object this fight, but we have a chance for victory within our grasp.’’ (Leowald)

’’ ’’ ’’ ’’Ooooooooooo! ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ (Gabranth Soldiers)

The soldiers raised their arms as they shouted in eagerness.

’’All the soldiers in here! Believe in us and leave the rest to us!’’ (Leowald)

’’ ’’ ’’ ’’Ooooooooooo! ’’ ’’ ’’ ’’ (Gabranth Soldiers)

Thus the curtain to an unprecedented decisive way of war between the 『Gabranth』 and 『Evila』 was unveiled, clashing against each other, using their best forces.


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