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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 152


Chapter 152 - Eveam's Decision

’’They went on a rampage?’’ (Eveam)

’’Yes, they rampaged with such dreadful force to the point of destroying everything in its path until it was stopped. Furthermore, the rampage didn't stop there, it even occurred to all 《Val Kiria Series》. Considering that those dolls were the double's of the Demon Lord who possessed profound wisdom and power similar to their origin, imagine every existence of it is driven towards their destructive impulses. I'm sure you understand what that will cause, right?’’ (Aquinas)

It would become exactly like a scene from Hell.

’’W-why did such a thing happen?’’ (Shublarz)

Shublarz asked while having a cramp on her cheek.

’’To put it simply, their magic went out of control’’ (Aquinas)

’’They were not able to control their magic?’’ (Eveam)

’’Yes, the double's of the Demon Lord were certainly excellent. However, the power of the Demon Lord was too much for them to control. At first, the containment was stable but the container that held the Demon Lord's power was gradually screaming in pain as they were unable to endured the huge quantity of magical power. In the end, the container crumbled’’ (Aquinas)

It was similar to when a dam collapses due to the intense destructive force of the water it was trying to contain.

’’Of course, the Demon Lord did not stay silent and destroyed them by her own hands. Even the doubles, did not have all the abilities of the Demon Lord. So, the Val Kiria's were overthrown by the Demon Lord. However, the consequence was high’’ (Aquinas)

Due the fight between the Val Kiria and the Demon Lord, the country was ruined. The residents were almost annihilated as well

’’T-that happened....?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam put on a sorrowful expression.

'After that, the Demon Lord concealed the existence of the 《Val Kiria Series》. They became non-existent in this world. And then, she took time once again to gather countrymen and established the country genuinely by her own hands’’ (Aquinas)

’’So the Demon Lord concealed their existence so that the future generations would not be burdened about it?’’ (Eveam)

’’Yeah’’ (Aquinas)

’’Isn't that too selfish? She invented them for herself, the people were injured because of them, in addition.....she concealed her own doing...’’ (Eveam)

Eveam trembled from anger. She cannot permit such a selfish Founding Demon Lord.

’’I know that Her Majesty's words is plausible. However, there is another reason of the concealment’’ (Aquinas)

’’A...Another?’’ (Eveam)

’’She did not want to leave behind a dangerous existence such as the 《Val Kiria Series》 . This is because they were not completed even with the knowledge of the Demon Lord. If the Val Kiria's are imperfect, a tragedy like from before will be born again. The Demon Lord judged that it shouldn't be researched due to curiosity alone, so she buried how to make the Val Kiria's in the darkness’’ (Aquinas)

It would surely be a problem to leave behind the method of making such a dangerous existence which nobody in the world could control. Since the Demon Lord was not able to complete it, she thought that it would be impossible for another person to finish it.

For this reason, the Founding Demon Lord did not leave behind the method of its production to the future generations, in fear of somebody producing another incomplete Val Kiria and was unable to stop it.

’’Muu...’’ (Eveam)

Unbeknownst whether Eveam was ashamed from her previous remark awhile ago, she looked down. Nonetheless, she felt the fact that the Demon Lord who got the civilians involved was perhaps something that should be remembered in the world in some shape or form.

The Demon Lord seems to have thought that if it was remembered, the following person can make a better policy in response to it.

’’I see, it would definitely cause some uneasiness if it was found out by the future generation. But Kiria...exists’’ (Eveam)

’’It is as Her Majesty says. Even I was surprised when I heard from Kiria that she's a Val Kiria. Which means.....’’ (Aquinas)

’’Avoros?’’ (Eveam)

Aquinas nods to Eveam's word.

’’Although I'm still unsure, I fear that it's likely that he knows the manufacturing method ....’’ (Aquinas)

’’Nevertheless, why do you know such a thing?’’ (Marione)

It was Marione's foremost doubt. Everyone's glance turned towards Aquinas. Following their gaze, Aquinas who had his eyes closed, exhaled and slowly opened his eyes. Then, he answered.

’’.....As for the people, not all of them did not perish. There were a number of people who, indeed, survived. I'm one of the people who has a connection to them’’ (Aquinas)

In other words, Aquinas heard the story from one of the survivor's descendants

’’I see....but, to think Kiria came from such circumstances...’’ (Eveam)

’’It's no wonder you wouldn't know of it. Even I only heard the story, recently. I might be the only one in the country who knows about it’’ (Aquinas)

’’Muu, Her Majesty, the situation will not change even if Aquinas' story is true. Leaving that aside, the war before us is the main problem right now. How should we treat the captives?’’ (Marione)

Marione who arrested the captives, asked how to act from the current stalemate.

’’Ah, thanks for reminding me. First of all, I have made my decision regarding that matter’’ (Eveam)

Eveam exchanged looks to the people around her and exhaled a big breath.

’’This time, I made you all arrest the 『Humas』 and 『Gabranth』 who entered the demon continent. However, i do not have any intention of depriving the lives of the captives’’ (Eveam)

The four people who knew her way of thinking did not say anything. Everyone kept silent though Marione had a ill-humored face.

’’I intend to liberate the captives, and create with them a non-aggression pact’’ (Eveam)

’’Hou, not an alliance ....?’’ (Aquinas)

She glared at Aquinas who spoke with some sarcasm.

'Even I understand that it's impossible to form an alliance in the current situation. Therefore, I decided to give priority to the the peace of 『Evila』 right now’’ (Eveam)

’’Stil Her Majesty~, do you really think the other side will accept such a proposal?’’ (Shublarz)

’’Let's see. The partner that betrayed us was the 『Humas』, and the pride of the 『Gabranth』 was damaged in the last miraculous battle. Therefore...’’ (Ornoth)

Shublarz and Ornoth respectively spoke. More than half a year ago, the 『Evila』 fought against the 『Gabranth』 once. Although the war was immediately concluded with Eveam destroying the bridge, Eveam and the others admitted that they had damaged their pride at that time.

’’Perhaps...... It will be impossible with the 『Humas』. There is a high probability that their king will betray us even if we use their captives as a reason for an alliance. After all is said and done, he readily sacrificed the heroes who should have been their trump card’’ (Ornoth)

’’Hmm~, then it's possible to negotiate with the 『Gabranth's』 -?’’ (Shublarz)

’’Yes, they are the races who values bonds above all. Although the probability is low, it would still be possible ’’ (Eveam)

’’I feel like it would be a waste of effort if the partner is that Beast King, though...’’ (Marione)

Marione spoke those words while he faintly shook his head sideways in rejection.

’’Certainly, those fellows do value bonds. However, they have never admitted defeat during a fight. They will advance forward in order to win the fight even if they have to put their life on the line’’ (Ornoth)

’’However, there is a companion this time. right?’’ (Marione)

’’Still, they wouldn't stop. Because those guys are simple minded people starving for blood’’ (Ornoth)

Blood thirst leaked from Marione. He still harbours hatred toward the 『Gabranth』, because his wife and child were murdered by them.

’’.....Nevertheless, I recommend it’’ (Eveam)

’’Still, how will you handle them if they don't have any intention of stopping?’’ (Ornoth)

Eveam shut her eyes and set her lips. Everyone was waiting for her response. And then, she opened her mouth.

’’At that time....... We will fight them’’ (Eveam)

Marione hardened from her response as he was caught off guard by it. Rather, it was not only Marione. All the people except Aquinas were flabbergasted.

They never expected the words ’’Fight’’ to come out surely from Eveam's mouth.

’’Y-Your Majesty? You do understand what fighting entails ?’’ (Shublarz)

The dumbfounded Shublarz asked Eveam.

’’Yes, if my demand is not accepted, then the only remaining option is to fight against them. We only delayed the fight but the uneasiness did not fade away even when we destroyed the bridge.’’ (Eveam)

’’Y-you have a poin~t’’ (Shublarz)

’’I was made to understand that nothing changed it was as if we overlook them and waited for the other party to make a move.’’ (Eveam)

She seemed to have clearly learned from her mistake. The mistake was to never trust a partner blindly.

’’Therefore, supposing the demand doesn't pass, we will fight. In addition, we will get to dominate them and let them feel the strength of our ideals! Our desire for true peace!’’ (Eveam)

’’By force.... right?’’ (Marione)

She affirmed Marione's question with a nod while clenching her teeth.

’’Yes, however, I want to refrain from killing as much as possible.....that's why I decided to enforce the proposal by liberating the captives!’’ (Eveam)

After they heard her proposal, the people who were gathered in the area were at a loss for words


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