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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 15


Chapter 15: The Heroes hear Rumours about him

’’Aw, my shoulders are so stiff~’’

The one rolling his shoulders exhausted was one of the Heroes summoned to ≪Victorias≫, Aoyama Takashi. Next to him stood the other three Heroes, looking just as exhausted.

The captain of the second division of the army, Vale Kimble, stood in front of them while watching these four.

’’Good job. The current quest was quite rewarding again.’’

The quest had been to hunt Stinger Bats in the ≪Droke Cave≫. It was put up because their population was too big and they lately started to attack the town.

Moreover, since poisonous demons were living in the ≪Droke Cave≫ too and footing was bad in the dark, it was given a rather high rank, namely C.

However, the four of them had a high level and a superb teamwork, so they managed to hunt over a hundred Stinger Bats. That should take care of the quest, so they returned to the castle.

’’The EXP from all the demons sure was worth it.’’

When Takashi said that, everyone nodded in response.

’’Yes and we discovered some flaws in our teamwork, so we can work on that now.’’

Suzumiya Chika wiped her sweat with a towel.

’’Then let us take a look at your ≪Status≫ now.’’

They confirmed it like Vale told them.

Taishi Aoyama

Lvl 23

HP 120/406

MP 89/370

EXP 7200

NEXT 987

ATK 212 (263)

DEF 195 (210)

AGL 130 (137)

HIT 152 (158)

INT 119 (122)

≪Magic Attribute≫ Fire, Wind, Lightning, Light

≪Magic≫ Fireball (Fire, Attack)

Flame Lance (Fire, Attack)

Wind Cutter (Wind, Attack)

Cyclone (Wind, Attack)

Thunder Shock (Lightning, Attack)

Thunder Break (Lightning, Attack)

Lighting (Light, Effect)

Light Arrow (Light, Attack)

≪Title≫ Hero, World Traveller, Harem Creator, Awakened One

Chika Suzumiya

Lvl 23

HP 134/373

MP 65/340

EXP 7200

NEXT 987

ATK 200 (250)

DEF 200 (210)

AGL 140 (155)

HIT 145 (148)

INT 120 (128)

≪Magic Attribute≫ Fire, Earth, Ice, Light

≪Magic≫ Fireball (Fire, Attack)

Flame Lance (Fire, Attack)

Grave (Earth, Attack)

Earthquake (Earth, Attack)

Ice Needle (Ice, Attack)

Ice Tornado (Ice, Attack)

Lighting (Light, Effect)

Light Arrow (Light, Attack)

≪Title≫ Hero, World Traveller, Sport Queen, Awakened One

Shuri Minamoto

Lvl 23

HP 200/310

MP 29/530

EXP 7200

NEXT 987

ATK 107 (119)

DEF 110 (121)

AGL 130 (135)

HIT 118 (120)

INT 200 (215)

≪Magic Attribute≫ Wind, Water, Light

≪Magic≫ Wind Cutter (Wind, Attack)

Green Bind (Wind, Support)

Water Wall (Water, Support)

Bubble Shot (Water, Attack)

Heal (Light, Recovery)

Antidote (Light, Recovery)

Charge (Light, Support)

≪Title≫ Hero, World Traveller, Yamato Nadeshiko, Awakened One

Shinobu Akamori

Lvl 23

HP 90/342

MP 34/500

EXP 7200

NEXT 987

ATK 115 (127)

DEF 113 (124)

AGL 165 (170)

HIT 120 (122)

INT 207 (222)

≪Magic Attribute≫ Water, Lightning, Light

≪Magic≫ Mist (Water, Support)

Aqua Spiral (Water, Attack)

Paralyze (Lightning, Effect)

Acceleration (Lightning, Support)

Heal (Light, Recovery)

Cleaning (Light, Recovery/Support)

Ray (Light, Attack)

≪Title≫ Hero, World Traveller, Curious One, Awakened One

(Looks all good, but I could do without the Harem Creator title)

Taishi wasn't satisfied with his own title, because he didn't have a single memory of ever creating a harem.

’’What're you spacing out for, Taishi?’’

’’Eh? Ah, n- nothing! Ahaha!’’

He was surprised when Chika suddenly called out to him, because there was no way he could tell her about his title.

’’Weirdo. Anyway, we got rather strong.’’

’’Yeah, our hard work paid off.’’

’’Yep, Shuricchi is right. We have to continue like this~’’

’’Yes, you are all right.’’

Vale also brightened up his expression happily.

’’Still, I'm really pooped today~’’

’’Geez, Taishi, you're so sloppy.’’

Chika cautioned Taishi, who lay down on the ground.

’’Let me for today~ Ah, reminds me, Vale, did anything strange happen lately?’’

’’Anything strange? Let me think...’’

Vale put his hand against his chin and looked musing.

’’Now that you mention it, some wanted men were caught in 'Ames' the other day.’’

’’I think 'Ames' is a village west of here?’’

Vale affirmed Shinobu's question with a nod.


’’And the caught men were rather famous, weren't they?’’

’’Yes, the 'Harios Brothers'. They are notorious adventurer that murdered and thieved. Though they were stripped off their adventurer title when their crimes became known. So it is more correct to call them former adventurer.’’

’’Mhm, these guys were caught?’’

’’Indeed and the testimony of the villagers is rather garbled.’’

’’What do you mean?’’

Everyone, not just Shinobu, curiously paid attention to Vale.

’’Every villager is saying that a Hero clad in a red robe came to their rescue when the 'Harios Brothers' preyed the village.’’

’’A red robe? A hero? What the?’’

’’All I know is that he had black hair, used a magic that extended his sword and had a power to make his opponent faint just from a touch.’’

’’Black hair... couldn't be?’’

’’Th- The report also mentioned he had a self-important attitude.’’

’’Black hair and self-important?’’

Shinobu looked at everyone's faces and apparently everyone was reminded of the same person. But they all believed it to be some kind of mistake.

’’Nah... not him. He said himself that he's just an average person after all.’’

’’He would never help anyone with that twisted personality of his.’’

’’Haha, that's going too far, Chika.’’

’’Mh~ But, I wonder what's true. Actually, where's he now anyway?’’

No one knew the answer to that. Vale shook his head too.

’’Well, thinking won't get us anywhere. We'll just do what we can!’’

Chika declared encouraging to everyone. Everyone responded with a nod.

Hiiro's party arrived at ’’Surge’’, the town near the border, but an unforeseen situation took place there.

’’Hey, what's the meaning of this?’’

’’N- No idea...’’

Hiiro frowned sullen, whereas Arnold next to him twitched his cheek muscles.

A large number of people had set up stalls and attracted a crowd in front of them. Hiiro, not a fan of crowds, got irritated by this confluence and thereby resulting enthralled atmosphere.

’’M- Maybe a festival?’’

Muir inclined her head lovely and her eyes were sparkling. The endless line of stores might have fascinated her.

’’Wait, isn't today the first day of 'Urui'?’’

’’Indeed, Uncle.’’

By the way, 'Urui' referred to the month name.

January: Nalwine

February: Nunui

March: Guweron

April: Guviris

May: Losron

June: Norui

July: Kelves

August: Urui

September: Ivanness

October: Nalbress

November: Hisui

December Grisron

These were the months of this world with twenty-eight days each. Incidentally, the year was called ’’Anol’’, currently it was ’’214 Anno Anol’’.

’’What's so special about today?’’

’’You don't know, Hiiro? The ≪Raer Festival≫ is held annually today.’’

’’≪Raer Festival≫?’’

This world knew of seasons as well.

Spring: Esuil

Summer: Raer

Autumn: Jarvas

Winter: Riu

’’It's 'Raer' right now. To blow off this heat, they're holding stuff like this here and there.’’

(I see. Just a simple summer festival)

His discomfort only grew from realizing that. It was already hot to begin with, there was this obnoxious guy next to him and this crowd on top of that only added oil to the fire. It was really irritating.

’’Hey, were you thinking something rude just now?’’

’’Me? Nah. I only thought you were annoying, old man.’’

’’Listen here! Can't you deny it, even if you have to lie? What are you answering honestly for, damn it!’’

’’That's what's so annoying about you.’’

’’S- Seriously, one of these days...’’

He clenched his trembling fist. At that time, Arnold's vision fell onto Muir. Her face was flushed and she watched at the bustling people.

’’...Okay, I've decided! Say what you want, but I'm determined!’’

’’What's that out of the blue? You finally lost it?’’

’’Shut up!’’

Muir blinked her eyes in puzzlement too.

’’We're staying the night here, right? Then let's enjoy the festival too!’’

On these words, Muir's expression lit up with energy. She seemed rather delighted. Actually, she wanted to go around the festival, but was fretting as she couldn't say it out loud.

’’I see. Then have a good time, you two. I'm at the inn.’’


Hiiro tried to leave, but was stopped at the shoulder.

’’Let go.’’

’’No, no, how can you be like this now? Let's enjoy the festival.’’

’’Not interested.’’

’’Mhm, you sure you want to act like that?’’

’’......What do you mean?’’

Arnold put up one finger and smirked. Hiiro felt like knocking him down for that, but resisted.

’’Listen, the ≪Raer Festival≫ here in 'Surge' is quite big.’’


’’There are tons of shops~ Moreover, there's a super popular stall here.’’

Hiiro's shoulders twitched as the words super popular piqued his interest.

’’To add to that, they're holding a competition to see which is the most popular stall in 'Surge'. A food stall wins every year... but see what I'm getting at?’’

’’.....Certainly. It serves really good food?’’

’’I think you would be quite pleased.’’


Arnold was well versed. Seemingly it wasn't his first time at the festival in ’’Surge’’. It didn't seem like he was lying either, nor had he any reason to. Then came the bait in form of good food.

As a result, Hiiro went ahead of the two.

’’H- Hey.’’

Arnold was disappointed, thinking is persuasion had failed, but Hiiro said without turning around.

’’Lead the way already. What if the good stuff sells out, pervert?’’

’’Don't call me pervert!’’

He shouted angry, but his mouth formed a small smile. Muir was thrilled from anticipation too. The three of them settled on enjoying the festival for a while.


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