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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 148


Chapter 148 - Mütich Bridge, Great Collapse!


Everybody was dumbfounded on the sudden appearance of a beast-man just before the bridge. Although they did not understand from where that person appeared from, the face of the sudden visitor had an identical appearance to that of the beast-men soldiers. They could only stare in utter amazement.

(These guys are all incompetent. If it were me, I would have swiftly attacked any suspicious person who appeared before me) (Hiiro)

Although Hiiro thought so, it was also convenient for him if they did not retaliate.

As a start, he thrust the forefinger of his right hand to the bridge and a pale light glittered from his written character. He then immediately activated his magic. Suddenly,

’’Owawawawa!’’ (Soldier A)

’’Hee? nowa!’’ (Soldier B)

’’W-we are slippinggg!’’ (Soldier C)

Suddenly, the people on bridge began falling over to the shore. Some kept sliding non stop on the bridge. Furthermore, since most of the people on top of the bridge had fallen over, the people who were still standing on the ground were also dumbfounded as they had experienced a very strange spectacle.

(Kuku, Stay together just like that) (Hiiro)

This time, Hiiro raised his left hand towards the bridge

’’Now, fall over with this bowling ball-!’’ (Hiiro)

When he invoked the character, an intense wind gathered at the tip of Hiiro's finger.


The wind accumulated together to form a ball and when released from one side ofthe bridge, it flew to the opposite bank.

’’’’’’’’Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!’’’’’’’’ (Bowling Pin-Soldiers)

Similarly, all the members present on the bridge were also pushed to the farther shore. No one was able to resist as they amusingly slipped away. one by one.

Some managed to escape from falling over to the sea by clinging to the bridge. However, even they fell off as they were washed away by the sea.

Moreover, due to the power they had witnessed, the remaining people abandoned the bridge as they fell over one after another.

After Hiiro dealt with the garbage on the bridge, he made a smiling face as he quickly wrote another character. Then, the character turned towards the bridge and invoked itself.


Cracks suddenly appeared on the bridge as it began to break down. The collapsed splinter sank into the sea. And, the approximately two kilometers long continental bridge quickly changed to an empty space in the blink of an eye.

The soldiers were taken back in astonishment. The soldiers in the farther shore, including the numerous fallen soldiers,were frozen still on witnessing such a spectacle before their very eyes.

(What a disappointment. Although I thought I would be obstructed a little .... I was a fool to have expected something from them) (Hiiro)

Although the main reason why they were not able to retaliate was because of Hiiro's abnormal phenomenon.

(Well, I guess that woman won't have any complaints with her request) (Hiiro)

As Hiiro destroyed the 【Mütich Bridge】, he made sure there was no casualties and missing people. He was able to accomplish it without injuring anyone. It was an unexpectedly simple task.

At first, he had shot the character 『摩擦無』 | 『Frictionless』 towards the bridge. Actually he was troubled as he could not choose between 『摩擦零』 | 『Zero Friction』 and the previous one, either one of the characters gave the same effect and were both easy to write.

The effect was literally defined by the character that got rids off the frictional resistance of the bridge. In other words, it was impossible to stand on the bridge and so the beastmen kept slipping over and over. It was similar to a phenomenon caused by a ground spilled with oil. Naturally, air friction still existed, sooner or later they would have stop slipping over.

Following this, as if Hiiro had entrusted his body to the surrounding, power surged into his body as he stared at a certain direction.

However, those movements alone were incomplete. So, he used the character 『風の弾』 | 『Ball of Wind』, intending to use it to push the soldiers out of the bridge. The purpose of the usage of three characters was to gain power to neatly clear the bridge off the people, which was about two kilometers of wind force.

At the end was 『大崩壊』 | 『Large Collapse』. A literal effect. The bridge collapsed instantly when the character was invoked.

If the plan went well, nobody should have died. Even if there is truly anyone on the bridge, 『大崩壊』 | 『Large Collapse』 answered that plan. Also, Hiiro decided to take this method because Eveam sternly requested.

(Now then, while those guys are befuddled, I guess it's time for me to leave) (Hiiro)

While Hiiro thought about it, he wrote the characters 『転移』 | Transfer』

’’Wait’’ (???)

Those words were simply directed to Hiiro himself as he heard it mysteriously from the sky. When he glanced there, there was a beast-man who had a face of a human with wings.

’’........A bird-man?’’ (Hiiro)

Although Hiiro muttered unintentionally, the being was evidently a human bird.

’’Who are you?’’ (Bird-man)

’’........ Can't you understand by looking? I'm your comrade’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro said those words while he shrugged his shoulders feeling oblivious to what had transpired before. The bird-man who heard his remark,narrowed his eyes, then answered him back.

’’I remember all the faces and names of all the soldiers. Among them, there was never a person who possessed a silver hair like you’’ (Bird-man)

As the bird-man had said, currently Hiiro was wearing the appearance of a nostalgic beast-man in the past.

’’Heh, you have quite a special talent’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro couldn't help but be amazed at the remark as the bird-man said that he remembered the name and faces of all the soldiers.

’’I will ask again. Who are you?’’ (Bird-man)

’’I have no obligation to answer’’ (Hiiro)

Then, the other party's eyes sharpened.

’’If that is the case, I will have to make you confess by force’’ (Bird-man)

Suddenly, he fluttered this wings and several feathers flew from them.

zakuzaku zakuzaku!

Although Hiiro avoided by jumping sideways, he saw the feathers had pierced the ground, similar to a knife, and confirmed that his judgement of dodging that kind of attack was correct.

Although feathers were thrown out again, Hiiro avoided them with light steps.

’’Heh, you have a considerably good movement. I want my subordinates to learn a thing or two from you’’ (Bird-man)

’’Why thank you’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro spoke those words with the usual sullen look.

’’Then, how about this one?’’ (Bird-man)

The attack was straightforward this time, similar innumerable feathers charged towards him in a parabola. Since Hiiro's rear faced a cliff, he was simply unable avoid it by jumping towards the side.

’’Chi’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro clicked his tongue and jumped up from the place to the sky to avoid the attack. But, the bird-man expressed a sneer when Hiiro did so.

’’I won't let you avoid my attack!’’ (Bird-man)

His aim was apparently to narrow down Hiiro's method of escape, which was only through the sky.

Innumerable feathers attacked Hiiro again in the air. The way things were going, Hiiro might completely become a cactus with those needles. But,


The bird-man widened its eyes in astonishment when he saw Hiiro fly from the place to the sky. Following this, the feathers lost their target as it just went straight to the ground.

’’He......can fly?’’ (Bird-man)

Although his appearance was that of a beast-man, Hiiro who didn't have wings seemed to be unbelievably capable of flying.

The character 『飛翔』 | 『Flight』 glittered on Hiiro's arm. This was one of the characters he had installed before hand. It was no wonder the partner who did not know of it, couldn't understand what had happened.

As the bird-man made a suspicious expression, they similarly moved their wings and rose to the sky in the same way.

’’Are you really a beast-man? Rather, this feeling......Is this magic?’’ (Bird-man)

’’Correct Answer’’ (Hiiro)

’’Impossible! Why is a beast-man capable of conjuring magic?!’’ (bird-man)

’’About that mystery......’’ (Hiiro)

’’..................’’ (Bird-man)

’’Feel free to guess on it’’ (Hiiro)

Quickly, Hiiro wrote the character 『煙』 | 『Smoke』 and invoked it, and then, smoke appeared from the character. With that density of smoke, the birdman would have a hard time confirming its surroundings.

’’If that is the case!’’ (Bird-man)

The bird-man waved its wings grandly, causing the smoke to clear up. And, in a few minutes, he was shocked to see the figure of Hiiro, that was supposed to be there, had gone missing.

’’I-Impossible...... where in the world is he............?’’ (Bird-man)

In reality, Hiiro had used the characters 『転移』 | 『Transfer』 and returned to the 【Demon Capital】, the bird-man who didn't know of it, searched the vicinity for a while. And, of course, was not able to find him at all.


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