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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 147


Chapter 147 - Hiiro's Mission

Hearing the name of the ex-demon lord, Taishi once again realised that they got involved in something ridiculous.

They had heard rumours about the ex-demon lord from Rudolph, the King of 【Victorias】.

He had an inhuman and unparalleled cruel personality, just hearing those words had sent a shiver down his spine. Though, they had never thought that he would be a child, but all their doubts were discarded the moment they saw Teckil's expression.

For this reason, the shivers they had from before didn't stop. Right now, the lives of Taishi and others were in the palms of his hand. Avoros could easily crush them anytime.

Chika trembled as her face became pale. Thinking how did it come to this, Taishi closed his eyes and grit his teeth. The teeth make chattering sound while grinding. Taishi realised that he was trembling.

’’Well then, the talk derailed, but it looks like I can finally get down to the main business.’’(Avoros)

The boy, who was the source of fear, spoke..

’’Even though you guys have a role to play, Teckil-kun will be in confinement for a while.’’(Avoros)

Teckil couldn't change the expression that said he had been expecting such an outcome. No, he had already made his resolve to fall dead in that cave. And so he doubted whether things would end just with confinement .

And next was the turn of Taishi and Chika.

’’You guys whatever......You.’’(Avoros)

And the one he pointed his finger towards was..............................Chika.


’’That's right, you. You seem like you could become a good vessel.’’(Avoros)


Chika became astonished without knowing what was happening. Taishi was the same, without understanding the words Avoros said, he stiffened.

Then, Avoros pointed his finger to one of the four Shining stones from before.

’’I want you to enter that’’(Avoros)

’’Wha, What did!’’(Taishi)

At that moment, an impact ran across the nape of Taishi's neck.

’’Yeah, you'll have to be silent for a while.’’(Avoros)

When he turned his head to see, there stood, Avoros, who was supposed be in front of him. Then, Avoros grabbed the hands of Chika and pulled her along.

’’Ta,Taishi! Le-let go of me!’’(Chika???)

At that moment, Taishi saw it. From Avoros, a dark muddy magical power started oozing out, and it started to flow towards Chika.

’’Get a......w......a......y!?’’(Chika)

Chika's eyes become hollow, and she started losing power like a marionette which had its strings cut.


Desperately trying to open up his closing eyes, Taishi extended his hands towards Chika. However, Chika was pulled away heartlessly by Avoros who then started approaching the blue stone.

The dark magical power which Taishi saw, covered Chika's body and like a hand it grabbed hold of Chika, causing her to float in mid-air. And just like that, she was placed in front of the blue stone.

Gradually her body was sucked in by the blue colored stone..


Taishi understood that she was calling his name, but at the same time his consciousness faded.


’’Hey, it doesn't look like Lenion-sama is going to wake up any time soon.’’(solder 1)

’’Nh? Yeah, after all he was beaten up by Ornoth of《Cruel》.’’(soldier 2)

The ones who were talking were the soldiers of Gabranth. They were monitoring the bridge, to check for anything abnormal happened .

Yesterday night, the prince was carried in by Barid of《Three beast warriors》. He had lost consciousness and his body was worn-out.

The soldiers who saw that scene had a shock run through them. Lenion was not inferior to any of the Three warriors in terms of power. That Lenion was worn-out and wouldn't have been saved if the three warriors didn't help him in time.

After all, the demon lord and Cruel, who weren't been supposed to be present there, suddenly appeared, which caused unrest in all the soldiers. Their strength matched that of that of their rumors, the soldiers of Gabranth and Humas were suppressed in the blink of an eye.

When changes occurred in the situation, taking refuge for rearranging the formation became unavoidable . It was told to soldiers that Lenion was brought on to【Mutich Bridge】to rest.

Here, there were sufficient forces and excellent medical teams too.

But a lot of time had passed since then and the soldiers were worried about Lenion, who had yet to wake up. Although he had a bad mouth and attitude, in the current situation without the king and first prince Leglas, his existence became the core.

If he remained out of the front lines any more, it would also affect the morale of the troops. That's why the fact that Lenion has been beaten up was only told to certains soldiers.

’’Come back quickly’’(soldier 1)

’’That's right. Even though he is like that, but during a war he is one we can rely on.’’(soldier 2)

The soldiers started to laugh.

’’And on this bridge there is a lot of security.’’(solder 1)

’’Well, yeah, I don't think the 'Evila' will come attack us in this kind of situation.’’(soldier 2)

’’That's right. Even if they do come, they would encounter the war potential here.’’(soldier 1)

The soldiers started laughing once again and soon a beast man soldier came running over. Seemed like he was in a hurry as he was panting heavily.

’’O,Oi. What happened?’’(soldiers 1&2)

The soldier asked the male soldier who was breathing heavily while supporting his body, with hands on his knees.It was easily understandable that he was in a serious hurry.

’’Fuu~, Can I have a moment?’’(male soldier)

When the male soldier raised his face up, the other two soldiers were,

’’A,Aa’’(soldier 1)

’’What happened? Ah, did Lenion-sama wake up.’’(soldier 2)

The soldier shook his head.

’’No, that's not it.’’(male)

’’Nh? So why are you in such a hurry?’’(soldier 1)

’’That's right. Nh? By the way I've not seen you here? Are you the person in the defence group?’’(soldier 2)

The man's lips stretched into a grin.

’’No, instead of should be destruction......?’’(male)

’’......Ha? What are you say......!?’’(soldier 1)


In that moment the soldier slashed by the man, fell on his knees as he lost consciousness

’’Wh, What are you!?’’(soldier 2)

The other soldier spoke in startlement, but the man drew his sword towards him.


In the blink of an eye he covered the distance between them and,


His body was slashed. But instead of feeling pain of being cut, as if his brain had jolted, his body stopped responding to him. During his fading consciousness, he took a good look at the man's face.

(It is really not a face I've seen. He is wearing the same armor and also wearing spectacles. But his swordsmanship can't be said anything less than a superhuman feat.)(soldier 2)

’’U......a......’’(soldier 2)

While looking at the direction of the soldier, the man spoke.

’’Sleep. By the time you wake up, everything will be finished, probably.’’(an innocent bystander)

Hiiro used the special effect of the ’’Severing Sword - Slasher’’, which used magic which could make the person cut by it lose consciousness on the two soldiers.

The place was still far away from the【Mutich Bridge】. There were small hills in that area, which could be considered the best place for patrolling.

(So they are waiting on the bridge as expected)(Hiiro)

On the bridge, a large number of soldiers were been stationed. Practically, it was not that difficult to destroy the bridge as a whole. But he was asked by Eveam to,

’’Keep the damages to as a minimum as you can’’(Eveam)

Hiiro realised that he had been given the burden of not injuring even the enemies even by a scratch. Normally, it was something so stupid that one would just laugh at.

’’It seems to me, Hiiro can do it so I ask you of it......can you do it?’’(Eveam)

If asked like that, it was really difficult to deny.

(Geez, I took up a really troublesome request. But oh well......)(Hiiro)

’’If you come back just as fine, then even though it is difficult, I will ask Musun to make food for you everyday.’’

He had no choice but to accept it after she said such a thing. The food made by [Demon City. Xaos]'s head chef Musun was quite exquisite . He thought if he could get to eat such a dish again, he was willing to do a small amount of troublesome work.

’’Well then, now what shall I do......’’(Hiiro)

Hiiro once again observed the bridge. The bridge was smaller than other bridges. And also extremely small. But well, other bridges were abnormally long. From the view, the bridge seemed to be about 2 kilometers long.

The width was a little more than 10 metres, but it didn't seem too sturdy.

(To me, it doesn't matter how much sturdy it is)(Hiiro)

While thinking so, he closed his eyes and started forming a plan. After thinking for a while,

’’Then, this will do for now, though this will be pretty conspicuous, but it'll also act as a restraint for them......’’(Hiiro)

He started collecting magic in the index fingers of both his hands. The moment he finished writing, he activated the 'transfer' character he had prepared beforehand.


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