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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 146


Chapter 146 - Ex-Demon Lord Avoros

As they heard the words from Teckil, Taishi and Chika both froze.

’’Eh......Hey, Taishi. The Demon Lord is a girl, right?’’(Chika)

’’Ah-Aah......that's what I've heard from the King......’’(Taishi)

Towards the two people who were bewildered, Teckil showed a wry smile.

’’Ah, that way of speaking was a mistake. He is a Demon Lord, but from before. In other words, he is the ex-Demon Lord.’’ (Teckil)

’’E, ex-Demon Lord?’’(Taishi)

Taishi, opened his eyes wide and stared at the boy. The boy was still smiling as if he was having fun.

’’At that time, when 'that' appeared before my was also your doing, right-su?’’ (Teckil)

’’Ahaha, don't you miss it? But, it did mature, and you killed it one time already. Though, in the old days 'that' was only dealing with you with just one hand.’’ (Avoros)

’’Thanks to you, right now I'm a 《Cruel》-su’’ (Teckil)

’’It means, that time is certainly flowing.’’ (Avoros)

’’......Leaving that aside, the fact that you're alive means, your death was a lie-su?’’(Teckil)

’’Yeah, that's right.’’ (Avoros)

’’But how did you do it-su? At that time, it was Aquinas who had confirmed it-su ?’’ (Teckil)

He was the person holding the title of the strongest 『Evila . It was indeed a mystery, why didn't Aquinas discover that Avoros had faked his own death.

’’Yeah, his eyes were the the most troublesome thing. That's why, as you just said I was living, but maybe it is better to say that I was revived.’’ (Avoros)

’’Revived......?’’ (Teckil)

’’Well, to to be more precise, I'm still incomplete’’ (Avoros)

’’Incomplete......?’’ (Teckil)

’’Anymore than that is a secret? Yes, for now.’’ (Avoros)

He said that while bringing his index finger near his lips and closing one eye.

’’......What is your aim-su?’’(Teckil)

’’Nh~? I said just now that i'm incomplete. So maybe.......,becoming complete’’ (Avoros)


’’You're making a face expressing that you don't understand what i'm saying. Well, it is to be expected. If so, how about you let that hero-kun over there, explain what is happening in the world right now?’’ (Avoros)

While an ’’eh?’’ escaped his lips, Teckil looked towards Taishi.

’’Eh......Me?’’ (Taishi)

’’Yeah, that's right. Didn't you guys invade the 【Demon City・Xaos】’’ (Avoros)

Teckil was startled after hearing those words, and understood the reason why Iraora had given them the permission to pass the bridge.

Then he discovered a single truth regarding the existence of this Kilia, and the reason to why he who had the job of gathering information was the first one to be captured.

’’......Are war-su?’’ (Teckil)

’’Whoa~, as expected of Teckil-kun. That's right, right now we are at war. By the way the Humas and Gabranth are in an alliance.’’ (Avoros)

’’Wha!?’’ (Teckil)

What could be considered as the worst case scenario had just unfolded. Before the conference he had told Kilia about the strange actions the two races were taking, but if it was as she said just now, then the information was not delivered to Eveam.

He remembered one more thing. Kilia said that Eveam and the 【Demon City】were both safe. At least, it meant that they have not been assaulted yet.

But the fact that there was a war going on, meant the situation was dire. After all, two races are in an alliance and are trying to destroy the 『Evila.

The boy seeing Teckil, gritting his teeth, and spoke,

’’I said just now that an unexpected event occurred. That is in one way your fault too.’’(Avoros)

Teckil's body stiffened. That was indeed true, the fact that he passed the information to Judom could not be revoked.

’’Well, whatever happened in the conference, wouldn't have become a hinderance for the plan. Even so ,it is also the truth that I was underestimating your power. The handcuffs, this time will not restrain your physical abilities, but it will seal your magical power.’’(Avoros)

When Teckil was brought here, certainly they took away his favorite pen and placed handcuffs, which restricted physical movement. The boy thought if he took away Teckil's favorite pen, then he wouldn't be able to use magic.

That was because Teckil had always done actions that made it look like he needed his pen for using magic. For times when he was in a dire situation he had this trump card saved up, but now, everything was revealed and he was handcuffed with magic sealing handcuffs.

’’This way, you can no longer do anything. As for why I called you here, simply put, it is to talk about what is gonna happen from now on.’’ (Avoros)

The three stared at the boy quietly.

’’In truth, the other two heroes should have also been here, but it seems like there was another unexpected event.From what I gathered, both of them are with Eveam.’’ (Avoros)

That moment, a shock ran through the spine of Taishi and Chika. They couldn't remain calm after learning that Shinobu and Shuri had been captured by the enemy leader.

’’Th-That story!!’’(Chika)


’’That story, tell me in detail.’’(Chika)

Chika as if she had lost control over herself pressed forward for an answer.

’’I-It's useless Chika!’’(Taishi)

Taishi tried to stop her advance, but the man with the cross wound appeared before her.


Taishi was surprised at the speed he had appeared in front of Chika.

’’Women, you move any forward and i'll cut off one of your legs.’’(Bruise man) (the X-man seems much better tho)

An intense bloodlust pierced Chika, as if it was a sharp blade.

’’Chika!’’ (Taishi)

Taishi rushed towards Chika, who was hit by the bloodlust and had fallen on her knees.

’’Ahaha, don't scare them too much.’’(Avoros)

The cross wounded man bows his head to the words of the boy.

’’Ah, yes, yes. You don't have to worry about the other two heroes. Eveam is really kind, and i don't think she will get them killed. Well, they might be in confinement though.’’ (Avoros)

But Taishi and Chika didn't believe his words. As they had been told nothing about Eveam, the two thought that their friends might have been killed by them.

Taishi supported the body of Chika which was trembling.

’’Ta-, Taishi......’’(Chika)

’’Let's...... believe that Shinobu and Shuri are still alive.’’(Taishi)

They did not believe in the boy's words, but rather in the strength of Shinobu and Shuri. While feeling uneasy, Chika nodded at Taishi's words.

’’Now, is it alright?’’ (Avoros)

The boy resumed his talk from before.

’’I said, I will talk about things from now on, did you understand it's meaning? You people know right? That you guys have no right to refuse me.’’(Avoros)

Unpleasant sweat started flowing from each on of them.

’’First of all, let me tell you why I started this war.’’ (Avoros)

The three unknowingly gulped after hearing the boy's words.

’’This war, to tell you the truth, I don't really care about it's conclusion.’’(Avoros)

’’......What do you mean by that-su?’’(Teckil)

’’Only the fact that a war has started, is all I need.’’(Avoros)



The boy stood up from the chair and slowly descended the stairs.

’’These things called 'people' are really interesting. Instead of good emotions, the bad emotions start welling up more easily. And that so even from a single oppurtunity.’’ (Avoros)

’’......What are you trying to say?’’(Teckil)

Avoros stopped walking when he reached the middle of the stairs.

’’The negative feelings are more powerful than any other feelings. On top of that, it is easy to dye something that is pure with it’’(Avoros)

Not understanding what he was saying, Teckil frowned.

’’Fufufu, looks like I talked too much. Anyhow, now that a war has started, the negative feelings will continue to rise up within the hearts of people. My aim is to strengthen that feeling. And in that case......Ufufufu’’(Avoros)

’’......It doesn't change at all, that face of yours-su.’’ (Teckil)

’’Oya? Is that so?’’(Avoros)

’’It doesn't change......Those eyes that see humans as chess pieces haven't changed from the time you were Demon Lord-su.’’(Teckil)

’’Ufufufu, are you perhaps gonna say something? Like, because I have these eyes, I was removed?’’(Avoros)


’’Ufufufu, like I said before. I was not removed. I let you remove me. It was for my goal.’’(Avoros)


’’Well, let me tell you guys your role here.’’(Avoros)

The boy faced towards Taishi and Chika.

’’Ah, now that I think about it, I haven't introduced myself yet, have I?’’(Avoros)

From the point of view of the people who hadn't heard the talk just before, the smile of the boy would seem to come from a lovely child, but Taishi and others only felt chills down their spines.

’’Well then, like Teckil-kun said I am the ex-demon lord. In other words, I am the brother of the current demon lord, that is Eveam.........’’(Avoros)

’’You're her brother!’’ or so Taishi made an expression to retort.

’’It'll be good if you remember it. As from today it's the name of your master.’’(Avoros)

The boy grinned and spoke again.

’’My name is Avoros. Avoros.Gran.Early.Evening.’’(Avoros)


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