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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 145


Chapter 145 - The Mysterious Boy

Involuntarily, Taishi stood up and entered a combat stance. It was only natural. The opponent, was an 『Evila』 and to top it off, a person who had top-class power. Taishi's reaction was only normal.

I'm a hero, and in hopes of gaining control of 『Evila』, I came to 【Demon City・Xaos】. Then the war broke out.

As he started to think, he understood that it wouldn't be strange for Teckil to come and kill him, since Taishi was a hero after all. Such thoughts caused his face to turn pale. Seeing Taishi in such a state, Teckil shrugged his shoulder.

’’You can relax, it's not like I'm thinking of killing you-su.’’ (Teckil)

’’Wha-, Why?’’ (Taishi)

’’I didn't receive an order like that-su~.’’ (Teckil)

’’Order?’’ (Taishi)

’’That's right-su. I haven't received any order to kill the heroes, from her majesty-su.’’ (Teckil)

’’............’’ (Taishi)

’’Besides, in this situation, I believe it is better to join you guys, rather than oppose you-su.’’ (Teckil)

’’This situation...... Do you know where this is?’’(Taishi)

’’That is something, you who was brought here should also know-su.’’(Teckil)

Taishi recalled the time he arrived at the place.

He was caught up in a big tornado, and when he thought he had been blown far away, a strange person appeared in front of him. It took Chika as hostage, and since Taishi had no means to use magic, he had to listen to that person.

He obediently followed him, and then arrived at a cave. The inside was very dark;it seemed to be like a space that blocked the light.

He was taken into a hole inside the cave, where there was a blind alley. At its entrance, there were grid patterns established, along with the structure of a prison cell.

Then, the man who guided them here, tossed Chika carelessly to the floor, and in his rage, thrust a fist into Taishi's abdomen;an intense pressure had caused him to fall to his knees.

The man had then faced towards Taishi and Chika who were in a crouching position, and threw a blanket at them. He then placed a bracelet like object on both of their writs. Then,Taishi's consciousness faded away after that.

’’W-What, about you Teckil-san?’’ (Taishi)

’’Just call me Teckil-su.’’ (Teckil)

’’Ah...... Teckil were you caught by those guys?’’ (Taishi)

’’That's right-su. Though, I don't know about the man who brought you two here. I'm your senpai here-su. ’’ (Teckil)

He said it in a light tone. Looking at him, it was highly likely to forget the seriousness of the situation they were caught in.

’’You don't know him? Then who brought you here?’’ (Taishi)

’’That is......’’ (Teckil)

At that moment, the grid pattern made a rattling sound as it opened. Both of them changed their line of sight in that direction. There was one person standing over there, it was the man who had brought Taishi and Chika to the cell. A wound in the form of a cross decorated his cheek.

’’Ho~, finally that man has also woken up’’ (suspicious person)

He faced Teckil and started speaking. Teckil had been pretending to be asleep all this time, after giving Judom the information he had.

Thus, it was his first time meeting this person face-to-face.

’’My lord, is calling for you guys. Come with me’’ (suspicious person)

Taishi made a gulping sound involuntarily.

’’Uu......’’ (Chika)

As if measuring the timing, the other prisoner woke up.

’’Chi, Chika!’’ (Taishi)

’’......Ta......Taishi......?’’ (Chika)

Chika gazed at Taishi with half opened eyes. As she opened her eyes, Taishi felt relieved.

’’Excellent. You three, stand up quickly.’’ (Suspicious person)

The Person said the same thing again, and stood near the door, Taushi gripped his fist and considered taking the person out but,

’’Don't do that-su’’ (Teckil)

Teckil said in a low voice.

’’Wha-, Why?’’ (Taishi)

’’You don't understand-su. This is right in the middle of the enemy territory. Even I don't know how many enemies are here, and if we made an untactful move, not only you but that child over there will also be exposed to danger.’’ (Teckil)

’’Ah......’’ (Taishi)

What Teckil said was undeniably right. Certainly, right now there was just the cross cheeked man as the enemy, but it might not be the same outside, there might be many of them lurking outside.

Even if they did subdue the man, there was no guarantee that they would be safe after.

’’Besides, he is strong-su. Are you thinking of winning without a weapon-su.’’ (Teckil)

’’Well, there is magic, right?’’ (Taishi)

’’It seems like you don't know about it-su, so let me tell you-su.’’(Teckil)

Teckil jerked his chin and motioned it towards Taishi's right hand.

’’Those bracelet are called 《Magic Sealing Bracelet》-su’’ (Teckil)

’’Eh? Is this a Magical Tool?’’ (Taishi)

’’They are similar to my handcuffs’’ (Teckil)

The handcuffs placed on Teckil were more powerful than the ones on Taishi and Chika. It meant they viewed Teckil as more of a threat, but in this situation both of their magical powers were sealed.

’’Now then, in this situation can you defeat him without any weapon and magic-su?’’ (Teckil)

’’Tha-, That is......’’ (Taishi)

’’In addition to that, this girl has only just woke up. At the moment, it would be better to quietly obey him for our own sake-su.’’

Taishi accepted the words from Tekil and dropped his shoulder.

’’......Understood. Chika, can you stand up?’’ (Taishi)

’’Y-Yeah......’’ (Chika)

Without understanding the situation she was in, she could only nod.

’’I know there are many things you would like to ask, but for now bear with it’’ (Taishi)

’’I want to ask, where is this place, what happened, also about that person, but it doesn't seem like the right place for it.’’ (Chika)

When Chika woke at last, judging that the situation was not favourable, she agreed.

’’What are you doing? Follow me fast.’’(Person)

Upon hearing the man's voice, the three stood up and left the prison.

The place Taishi and others were taken was supposed to be inner part of the cave, but the place was surprisingly bright. However, it was not the sunlight rather;it was a bluish-white gemstone casting a strong light.

The sources of the strong radiance were four giant gemstones. From inside the cave sprouted roots similar to that of a giant tree which supported the four giant gemstones, the roots wrapped and entwined around them.

There were two giant gemstones at each side of entrance. In front of the entrance was the stairs and on top of stairs, an ornamented chair like a throne was erected.

’’I was waiting.’’ (Throne guy)

There was a person sitting on that throne and on the left side were two women, standing close, holding some kind of white paper in their hands.

’’A child?’’ (Taishi)

Taishi upon seeing the figure of the person sitting on the throne involuntarily muttered. As Taishi saw it, there definitely was a child sitting on the throne.

His age seemed to be around 10 years old. He had blonde hair, and his smiling face had the charming power to capture the heart of anyone regardless their gender or age.

The word 'bishounen' won't be able to cut it. As Taishi saw his face, he thought, if the boy were to go on television, he would become a 'super-idol' overnight.

Even Chika, who was standing beside Taishi, was staring at the child, astonished and in blank amazement.

(He has the atmosphere of a character that only comes out in games)(Taishi)

Taishi, who on reflex prepared to walk towards a beauty like that. If the boy grows up to be an adult, his beauty would be more polished and would attract each and everybody, Taishi gulps.

’’Come on, over here. Let's talk.’’ (Bishounen)

As if the boy understood what the three were thinking, he chuckled.

Involuntarily, Taishi's legs start walking in his direction, but the moment Teckil's face entered his vision, he is brought back to his senses, and his eyes open wide.

’’He-, Hey Teckil, what happened?’’ (Taishi)

Taishi asked him, because Teckil,for some reason was sweating, from his head, abnormally.

His eyes were wide open, as if he had seen something unbelievable.

Following this, Teckil's mouth, apparently becoming tongue tied at a single word, began to heavily ask the following.

’’N-No way...... such......did you betray us......?’’ (Teckil)

Teckil said those words towards the person sitting on the throne. Taishi thought that the boy had betrayed Teckil, and so he was saying such words.

’’I need an answer-su. Did you betray us-su ............Kiri-chan!?’’

That was obviously a way of calling some close to you, due to that Taishi now believed his thinking was right.

’’D-Do you know, that kid?’’ (Taishi)

Regarding the question, Teckil slightly shook his head.

’’It's, it's not-su . I also know about the boy-su. But, the person I'm talking to right now is you, Kiri-chan-su.’’ (Teckil)

And so, the line of sight of Teckil fell not on the boy, but on one of the girls standing beside the boy. Judging from the flow of talk, it seemed like he was speaking to the women and not to the boy.

’’Is it alright for me to talk, Your Majesty?’’ (Kilia)

The women gently lowered her head toward boy.

’’Yeah, it's okay’’ (Bishounen)

’’I give my thanks’’ (Kilia)

She easily got the permission, and now faced Teckil.

’’It's been a while, Teckil-san’’ (Kilia)

’’......Kiri-chan’’ (Teckil)

He clenched his teeth, and spoke in a forced voice. He made an unpleasant face when he found out that the woman was indeed the person he knew.

’’Why are you in a place like this-su? Wasn't Eveam-sama supposed to be the only one you decided to follow-su’’ (Teckil)

’’............’’ (Kilia)

’’......Did you from the start-su? Did you betray Eveam-sama from the start......’’ (Teckil)

Looking at him talking in astonished expression, the boy opened his mouth with a gleeful voice

’’It's alright NO.05, tell him the truth.’’ (not so good bishounen)

’’Th- ......the truth? N-No, leaving that aside, what do you mean by NO.05-su?’’ (Teckil)

Looking down on Teckil with a lifeless and cold stare, the woman addressed as NO.05 spoke.

’’I'm the intelligence specialised Varukaria, identification NO.05. The Kilia you knew is an artificial being made for the purpose of getting close to you guys.’’ (NO.05)

’’Wha-What, are you talking about-su?’’ (Teckil)

’’There is only one leader to me, and that is, His Majesty, sitting over here.’’ (NO.05)

’’No-No way......’’ (Teckil)

Teckil fell down on to his knees as he stared hard at the ground.

’’Then, that means the information I obtained till now......?’’ (Teckil)

’’Yes. Do you remember that, you always used me as an intermediary and gave me all the information. And naturally, so my situation was always convenient, altered it and gave it to the country. ’’ (NO.05)

Teckil's face became more and more pale.

’’Wha-What about, the information about the 'Gabranth 'and 'Huma' having secret agreements, and that the conference had a dark plot behind......? ’’ (Teckil)

’’Yes, I told them the information that was convenient for us’’ (NO.05)

He clenched his hands which were now on the ground.

’’WH-What, about the conference!? What about demon lord-sama!? What about 【Xaos】!?’’ (Teckil)

’’Rest assured, during the conference an unforeseen event occurred. Well leaving that matter aside, Eveam and 【Demon City】 are somehow safe’’ (NO.05)

Teckil sighed heavily as he felt exhausted from all the exertion.

’’Well, these works are done by people, so there will always be mistakes Teckil-kun’’ (really asshole bishounen)

The boy still didn't break his smile. It was as if he was even enjoying the mistake he had made.

’’............That's right, the biggest problem here was you-su.’’ (Teckil)

He started glaring at the boy.

’’Ahaha, you're scary. It is wrong to glare at me with eyes like that. Even though, I look like this, I'm still your boss.’’ (really asshole bishounen)

’’Kuu......’’ (Teckil)

Taishi, as he saw the two exchange glares, spoke mildly.

’’H-Hey Teckil, who is that kid?’’ (Taishi)

’’............’’ (Teckil)

’’Hmhmhm, come on now tell me, Teckil’’ (Taishi)

Taishi glanced at the boy and once again looked towards Teckil. Teckil exhaled a large breath and slowly opened his mouth.

’’He is.................. the Demon Lord.’’ (Teckil)


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