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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 143


Chapter 143 - Permit Received!

At about the same time, the Demon Lord, Eveam was also gazing at the same starry sky with Aquinas watching.

What had taken place today would surely leave a mark in the history of this world.

The betrayal of 『Humas』 in the peace conference. Then, the conspiracy of the『Humas』 and 『Gabranth』 to invade【Demon Capital Xaos】. Furthermore, the internal betrayal of some 『Evila』.

War. If spelled correctly, it's a very short word. But in reality, it contains pain and death.

There was nothing one would gain from it. However, one can obtain security if the threat from the other side is destroyed. And, it's possible to obtain peace.

Still, is this the right answer? Fighting against someone, wounding them, killing them, and hating each other for doing so...... will one truly obtain peace with such methods?

Why did people stop taking each other's hands? Long ago, the people in this world were laughing with each other. Of course, there were some personal fights as well.

However, the fights never developed to the point of depriving another person's life. At the very least, it definitely happened somewhere in the past.

Yet, why did the world become something like this?

Eveam had a clouded expression as she gazed at the beautiful stars.

’’.....Although we live under such peaceful stars.... Why does a person stain their own hearts with hatred for each other?’’ (Eveam)

Because it was approaching winter, her breath came out as white mist.

She remembered the words of Victoria's King Rudolf, who was at the conference..

『In that case, supposing, from now on, a part of your family was assumed to be killed by someone, and revenge is meaningless for you. By resolving it through conferences ....... Can you still make the same face while settling the matter to those people? 』

Even so, if one asked her that question, she will still never give up on creating a peaceful world. However, the reality was, she was betrayed, and a lot of her brethren who lived in the country were hurt. Some died among them.

When she remembered those things, she felt a dark feeling breaking out from inside her. In addition, there was Greyald's death, and the report from Aquinas that Teckil is still nowhere to be found.

This was all caused by the war the other party raised. If only they did not resort to this kind of violence, everybody could have attained good results at the held conference, and might have been able to live happily with each other.

She heard that death was the worst form of pain. It's painful, difficult, sorrowful, and detestable. She wanted to convey these feelings to everyone by all means.

Eveam painfully gripped the handrail of the terrace.

’’Don't succumb to it Eveam......if I act on these feelings, I might really do something that cannot be undone...!’’ (Eveam)

She tried to calm herself by desperately speaking out her feelings. Yet, her hatred didn't weaken at all.

(......Kiria) (Eveam)

During such times, if Kiria were beside her, comforting words would have always soothed Eveam's heart. But, that person was no longer with her.

Eveam's heart seemed to have broken from the betrayal by the person who she had trusted the most. Thus, when she recognized the reality that she was alone in the night and Kiria was not with her anymore, Eveam was not able to hold her feelings back.

A stream of tears flowed out without end from her eyes.

(Why.... Why did you do that..........Kiria) (Eveam)

Kiria had always supported her by her side. She was the one who helped her when she had strayed off her path. They had always been together ever since they were small children, spending all their time with one another.

A best friend, an elder sister, and a mother, she was a very warm existence for Eveam.

’’Kiria... Kiria......’’ (Eveam)

After that, her sobbing continued for a while

Next morning, Eveam called Hiiro and his companions to the 《Ruler's Room》.

Hiiro noticed something about Eveam when he saw her face. Her eyes were swollen compared to the previous day. She seemed to have covered it with a light make-up but it didn't seem to hide it.

It was obvious that she cried last night and the reason could be understood somehow. This time, she had experienced a lot of betrayal. He also heard that the person who she trusted the most had deserted her.

As a Demon Lord, she didn't seem to have matured yet. Although her age and appearance didn't look that way, her mentality seemed to have not changed from that of a teenage girl.

Incidentally, when they first talked with each other, those were actually the impression he had on her. Naïve and fragile.

She was by no means someone who possessed the caliber to govern her race. Despite this, she still stood up, chose such a difficult road and was burdened with that painful choice. The pressure was way too heavy for her.

Besides, no one can calmly sleep through the night with a betrayal from a person they most trusted . Hiiro can understand her situation as a thin line of nerves appeared on him.

Other chief vassals didn't mention it to her as they seemed to have noticed her face too.

’’My guests, I believe you have slept well’’ (Eveam)

Although he wanted to hear what's wrong with her, Hiiro became silent and looked at her. Then, she took out a something like a card from her bosom.

’’Hiiro, as promised, here it is’’ (Eveam)

It looked like a telephone card;the outside frame was decorated by gold, with a shape of a black wing embedded on it.

Eveam handed the card to Hiiro when she approached him.

’’I see, so this is the permit to enter the deepest level of 《 Fortuna Grand Library's》 《Basement 5》’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro surveyed the card after receiving it, it seemed this permit was for 《Basement 5》 as it was etched on it. With this, he can now enjoy every nook and cranny of the library.

A smile floated on his face unintentionally. He thought that he won't be getting bored for quite some time.

’’Don't lose it. Please take care of it because reissuing the card takes a considerable amount of time. ’’ (Eveam)

Hiiro returned her advice with a nod.

’’S-Shishou! I want to see it as well!’’ (Nikki)

’’Ah, Mikazuki wants to see it too!’’ (Mikazuki)

Two children tried to hop and grip the card in Hiiro's hand.

’’Although I particularly don't mind, but supposing you guys lose it.........You know what that means right?’’ (Hiiro)

Both of them stopped their movements as they felt a chill run down their backs from Hiiro's gaze. However, they still had the look which conveyed that they wanted to see card.

After his attention was drawn to them again, he reluctantly handed it to them. Immediately, he saw Nikki and Mikazuki cordially smiling with each other.

’’However Hiiro, we are still in war right now. Hence, the library is closed. I hope you understand’’ (Eveam)

’’..........It can't be helped’’ (Hiiro)

If he was not mistaken, there were still enemies lurking in the surroundings of『Evila』. So it was not the time for them to carelessly open the library in such a state of emergency.

Still, considering Hiiro, he wanted to enter it as soon as possible. The dilemma where he cannot possibly enter it, got him very irritated.

’’Hey, when will the library be open?’’ (Hiiro)

It was the question he would naturally ask first.

’’Let's see. It'll be, at least, after the prospect of the war ends’’ (Eveam)

Certainly, he seemed to agree to her words. The country was in a situation where they did not know when an attack would commence and so, it has been in tension for a long time. Even as an outsider, rather, because he was an outsider, they cannot consent to his selfish action

’’I see. But I want to read the books as soon as possible. I guess I need end this war quickly’’ (Hiiro)

Eveam was speechless on Hiiro's word. [Haa] Liliyn similarly leaked a sigh in amazement.

’’H-Hiiro, although we want to end it as well, we are mutually looking for a method for that right now. I believe this situation will continue for a little while’’ (Eveam)

’’I agree. For those guys, a lot of their war potential were cut down. So it is natural for them to give priority on waiting for reinforcements from their home country’’ (Hiiro)

Eveam nodded in affirmation to Hiiro's opinion.

’’Legally speaking, if we had captured the second prince Lenion, we could have used him to negotiate an end to this war’’ (Eveam)

But that plan could no longer be used anymore since Lenion managed to escape.

(Hm, considering that Beast King, the real question is whether the war will be controlled by his own son's life) (Hiiro)

From the impression he had when he fought Beast King Leowald, Hiiro felt the Beast King not to be a person who gave priority to the life of someone and thereby let such an opportunity to slip by.

As predicted by Hiiro, this was a good opportunity for them. The current situation favoured the enemies as they could now cross the bridge, thus letting the beast men to bring over their war potential and finally crush the 『Evila』.

Naturally, they would besiege『Evila』even though it was not easy to bring it down. Notwithstanding, they would freely dispose all their war potential to the surroundings of this country.

’’..... For the time being, let's try this. First of all, it is necessary to cut off the route’’ (Hiiro)

Eveam puckered up her brows from Hiiro's mutter.

’’Route? What route?’’ (Eveam)

’’Ha? You haven't noticed yet? I'm pretty sure those guys' lifeline is the bridge ’’ (Hiiro)

Naturally, everyone shifted their attention to him.

’’Don't you agree that the bridge is their only path of retreat?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Y-Yes’’ (Eveam)

’’If you cut off that course, their war potential will not increase any further either, those guys who are in the demon continent can then be confined. Like a rat in bag cornered bit by bit’’ (Hiiro)

’’T-that's true.....’’ (Eveam)

Eveam place her finger near her mouth as she had a convinced look.

’’But Hiiro, I do agree that it would bring good results, but how can you bring the bridge down? The enemy is guaranteed to have stationed their main forces to defend the bridge. It's not easy to destroy it’’ (Eveam)

’’I heard that you destroyed a bridge before?’’ (Hiiro)

As he said, she along with Aquinas had dropped the bridge that connected the continents of 『Evila』and 『Gabranth』

Therefore, he mentioned those words, thinking she would easily pull of something similar, but the person in question had a troubled expression.

’’.....It's impossible’’ (Eveam)


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