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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 141


Chapter 141: Real Food, Demon Capital Cuisine!

’’Sorry for all these problems that have been cropping up Hiiro’’ (Eveam)

As Eveam said that,

’’If that's how you feel, then hurry up and let me eat. Haven't I been telling you since earlier that I'm hungry?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Th-this you even know who the person in front of you is? Even though you're just a human, do you not know how to speak respectfully?’’ (Marione)

Marione tossed those words at him as an angry vein appeared on his forehead.

’’Who, you say? Isn't it obvious that she's the Maou? Even if you say I'm 'just a human', it has nothing to do with it. I was only working to complete her request. So as long as she has prepared a meal for me in exchange, then I have the right to demand for it. If you still want to continue talking, then I'm gonna leave because it's troublesome, 'kay?’’ (Hiiro)

Marione's face cramped at seeing Hiiro, who spoke to one of the『Evila』's second most powerful Cruel members without any change at all in how he normally treated others.

Shublarz was saying, ’’Oh my, what an interesting child~’’ while observing him. Ornoth and Aquinas, naturally, were watching the scene in silence.

’’Marione, like I said before, Hiiro is my saviour. If you continue to insult him any longer, I will have to order you to leave, you know?’’ (Eveam)

’’-Is what she said, Moustache Baron?’’ (Hiiro)

’’ By Moustache Baron, are you referring to me?’’ (Marione)

’’Yeah, because you have such a splendid, handlebar moustache. Doesn't it fit perfectly?’’ (Hiiro)

Marione truly did have a very curly moustache. However, the soldiers suddenly became noisy. Lines such as, 'what did he just call Marione' could be heard coming from them.

The person in question, Marione, trembled. Just as Eveam was thinking that she would have to make Marione leave before his inevitable explosion,

’’Fufufu, you understand quite well, don't you, brat.’’ (Marione)

’’’’ (Eveam)

Eveam, no, the soldiers as well, gasped with amazement.

’’If you can understand how splendid this moustache is, then you have quite the discerning eye.’’ (Marione)

Marione happily smiled as he touched his moustache lightly.

’’Yeah. Up until now, I've never seen a moustache like that before. I was quite surprised.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Fufufu, I see, I see. That's because I take one hour every morning to set it.’’ (Marione)

’’I see. I was quite surprised at how concerned you are with your moustache.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro wasn't, by any means, trying to compliment Marione. He simply found such a suspicious-looking handlebar moustache that would usually only appear in anime and mangas to be unusual. Marione mistook that fascination to be praise.

’’........w-well, it seems like the two of you have reconciled, so that's fine but.....’’ (Eveam)

Eveam's face twitched as she said that and coughed, giving a glance towards Marione, who was currently engrossed with his moustache.

’’In any case, you really helped us this time around, Hiiro. We still can't completely relax, but, for now, the crisis has been averted. This is also largely thanks to Hiiro's efforts. As thanks for that, we've prepared a modest meal. I would love for you to partake in it.’’ (Eveam)

Hiiro thought to himself, ’’Finally!’’ as he persuaded his stomach to endure for a little longer.

’’Then please follow me.’’ (Eveam)

They arrived at a large hall with a long table positioned in the middle of it. On top of the table were numerous radiant dishes which drew one's attention and tempted Hiiro greatly.

Naturally, it was not only Hiiro that was tempted, but Nikki and Mikazuki as well. In particular, as Mikazuki's mouth began to have a large amount of drool leaking from it, Hiiro had to warn her to be careful. Even so, he understood the reason for her actions as the prepared meal was just that extravagant.

’’Sit wherever you'd like.’’ (Eveam)

Upon hearing Eveam's words, Hiiro sat down on a seat in the middle of the long table. As he did so, Liliyn immediately sat in the seat directly on his right in a shrewd manner.

’’Then I will be on his lefffffffftttt!?’’ (Nikki)

Just as Nikki arrived at the seat on the left of Hiiro,

’’The early bird gets the worm!’’ (Mikazuki)

Mikazuki took the seat.

’’No fair! That's unfair Mikazukiiiii!’’ (Nikki)

Having become fed up with Nikki as they shouted with teary eyes, Hiiro attempted to calm the situation.

’’Then why don't you just sit across from me?’’ (Hiiro)

’’O-Ohh! Sitting opposite of Shishou while watching his face! That is also pleasant in its own way!’’ (Nikki)

Nikki burst out with a smile as they restlessly moved to sit in the seat across from Hiiro.

’’Good grief, isn't it fine to just sit anywhere? Why do these guys purposely try to sit near me.......’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hmph, to be unable to understand something like that, you really are a brat, Hiiro.’’ (Liliyn)

As Liliyn said that as though looking down on him, Hiiro glared at her with half-lidded eyes.

’’Iya, even if you say something like that.....’’ (Hiiro)

Indeed, as Liliyn had, for some reason, come to sit close to him, Hiiro felt that she was also a weird one. At Hiiro's words, Liliyn's face reddened. Glancing at her as she turned away, Hiiro said-

’’Well, I don't really mind.’’ (Hiiro)

The cuisine was more important. It all appeared to consist of things difficult to choose from.

’’So everyone's seated. Then let's eat.’’ (Eveam)

As if to say that they had been waiting for those words, Hiiro and co. began shoving food into their mouths.

’’Allow me to introduce the head chef who prepared this food.’’ (Eveam)

Upon saying that, the figure of a woman who seemed to be the chef appeared near Eveam.

’’Her name is Musun. She is this country's top chef. I was thinking of having her give an explanation for some of the dishes here for a bit.’’ (Eveam)

When Eveam pressed her to speak, Musun took a hat which appeared to be a cook's cap and began talking.

’’As she said earlier, I am Musun. Now then, without delay, everyone has a meat dish on the plates immediately in front of them.’’ (Musun)

Like she said, on top of each of their respective plates sat an object that could be recognized visually as a steak.

’’That is the《Silver duck's meat》. Its body is very tender, and has little fat. It is an extremely rare and expensive bird meat.’’ (Musun)

Its skin was glittering to the point where one might think silver dust had been sprinkled on it. Upon putting it in one's mouth, it gave a crunchy feeling, despite being meat. Yet, it wasn't tough. It was easy to bite through.

They relished the earth-shatteringly new texture. While the skin seemed to be crunchy, as if it had been wrapped in a fresh vegetable, the soft meat inside of it overflowed with meat juices.

Hiiro and co.'s faces relaxed as they felt the new meaty texture in their mouths. Musun also smiled as she watched them.

’’I'm pleased that it seems to have met your tastes. Next, please try out the soup next to it.’’ (Musun)

A sticky-looking soup which resembled corn potage sat next to the meat. However, its colour resembled the reddish-brown of consommésoup.

’’That is 《Crow Potato Potage》. Do you know of the 《Crow Potato》? It is a potato with a splendid black skin. However, it is quite the valuable ingredient, as it has only been found within the Demon Continent.’’ (Musun)

In other words, it was a Demon Continent specialty.

’’At first, the《Crow Potato 》is as hard as a rock and doesn't seem edible at all. However, if you heat it up in hot water at 80°C for one hour, it becomes soft and the skin changes to reddish-brown in colour.’’ (Musun)

Based on that, it could be understood why the soup wasn't black, but, instead, had become this kind of reddish-brown colour.

’’After that, if you take it out for a bit and cool it in cold water for one hour, it then absorbs the water and changes into a sticky liquid. It is quite delicious like that, but, when the 《Crow Potato》is cooked together with minced 《Red Okra》, it becomes even more delicious. Please, it might be a bit spicy, but I'm sure you'll become quite hooked on it.’’ (Musun)

As she had indicated, even though the potage was sticky, the taste of potatoes spread across the tongue. Additionally, there was also a slight spiciness which stimulated the senses. Yet, in spite of this, it gave one the impression that it would not be odd to become addicted to it.

’’I'd also recommend dipping the bread in the soup and eating it like so.’’ (Musun)

Upon eating the bread like fondue according to her instructions, everyone found it to be another delicious way of eating. Rather, their hands simply wouldn't stop. Feeling that she had done a good job, Musun's face swelled with pride.

Mikazuki and Nikki both gave an extremely satisfied feeling as they wholeheartedly munched away at the food. Liliyn remained quiet, but continued to eat without complaint, so it seemed that she was also quite pleased with the food.

Silva was also satisfied with the prepared wine as he nodded. Shamoe was taking memos of everything, as she spoke, ’’Th-th-th-th-th-this is quite informative!’’ while studying the recipes.

’’Well then, I believe that there is something that may be on everyone's minds.’’ (Musun)

At Musun's words, everyone's gazes did indeed focus upon a single point. There lay a miniature mountain, no, a volcano-like object standing in the middle of the table.

It had been placed upon a large pot and appeared to truly be like a volcano as a red substance occasionally erupted from the crater-like top of it.

And like magma, that substance flowed down to the bottom of the volcano.

’’That is 《Volcano Pudding》. Ah, incidentally, it is a dessert.’’ (Musun)

......ha? This is dessert?

It'd be understandable if this steaming large dish was the main course, but they hadn't thought that it would have been the dessert.

’’First, please appreciate the liquid that has collected in the pot.’’ (Musun)

Everyone took their spoons and scooped some of the red fluid that had flowed into the pot from the crater as instructed. Upon bringing it to their mouths, they were taken aback as their hands froze.

An extremely sweet smell drifted about from their spoons. Pudding....indeed, it was a sweet smell like caramel.

’’.............m!?’’ (Hiiro?)

When he put it in his mouth, his body stiffened. Then, after a few moments, Hiiro's face naturally relaxed.

(S-sweet! But it's not too sweet. This soup alone is good enough to be called the full dessert!) (Hiiro)

Seeing everyone's relaxed faces, Musun nodded as if satisfied and gave a light cough.

’’Now then, this time, please try the mountain part of it. While it might look rough, it should be soft enough to scoop up.’’ (Musun)

The sound of saliva being swallowed sounded out as numerous spoons approached the volcano. Like she said, the spoons managed to cut through the mountain with basically no resistance at all.

The pudding jiggled as they carried it to their mouths in one go. As the soup clung to it, it truly did appear to be as soft as pudding.

’’Fuwaa~ it's yummy~’’ (Mikazuki)

’’I-I can't stop eating it!’’ (Nikki)

Mikazuki held her face with both hands as she showed a face of ecstasy, while Nikki was demolishing the mountain at a tremendous speed.

’’Mu......yeah, it's not bad.’’ (Liliyn)

Liliyn's face relaxed with satisfaction.

’’Nofofofofo! This is exquisite! Quite exquisite~!’’ (Silva)

’’I-I-I-I-It was worth tryinggg!’’ (Shamoe)

The pervert and maid both expressed their own opinions. Meanwhile,

’’...................fuu.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro also liked sweet things. Not only that, but amongst them, pudding in particular was one of his favourites. Normal pudding, or custard pudding, was usually a cold dish.

However, having been made aware of the existence of this piping hot pudding, Hiiro felt that he could no longer eat normal pudding.

The pudding was simply that delicious. Out of all the desserts he had eaten since coming to this world, it was, without a doubt, the most delicious.

’’How is it, Hiiro? Did I manage to pay back some of my feelings of gratitude?’’ (Eveam)

At Eveam's words, Hiiro nodded in response.

’’Yeah, it's delicious. It's the first time I've felt grateful for having come to this country.’’ (Hiiro)

’’I-I see! That's great!’’ (Eveam)

As Eveam turned towards Musun with a happy face, Musun began to continue explaining the dishes a bit more. Following that, she gave a bow and left.

’’Pufu~I'm so full~’’ (Mikazuki)

’’Me too~’’ (Nikki)

Mikazuki and Nikki held down their bulging bellies as their faces melted with happiness. And after a short while-


Their breathing evened out as they fell asleep while still sitting. Having filled their bellies, they both were likely assaulted by a comfortable drowsiness. The eyes of the two girls quietly closed.

’’These two.....’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro tapped his temple with his finger and let out a sigh as though he were troubled. Seeing such a Hiiro, Eveam gave a pleasant smile.

’’Fufu, it seems that they're quite satisfied.’’ (Eveam)

’’These two enjoyed it way too much.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Isn't it fine? Since they're still young.’’ (Eveam)

’’Haa, good grief......’’ (Hiiro)

’’Allow us to prepare a room for you. Tonight, all of you may rest there.’’ (Eveam)

’’Is it really okay?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yeah, there's also the other promise that I exchanged with you this time, Hiiro. It won't be possible to enter it right now, but I can still issue you a permit. I'll have it prepared so I can give it to you tomorrow.’’ (Eveam)

Hiiro went, ’’Alright!’’ as he fist-pumped internally.

At that moment, Liliyn made an unamused expression. She had heard from Nikki that Hiiro would be receiving a permit for the 《Fortuna Grand Library》as compensation for having participated in the war this time around.

However, originally, that permit had been something she was going to prepare as payment for Hiiro's information. Well, for her, it had simply been an excuse for her to accompany Hiiro on his journey. But upon coming to this country, she figured she would try to obtain the permit herself for Hiiro's sake.

Although it could be said that she no longer had to do any extra work, she somehow had a dissatisfied feeling as she swallowed all her wine in one gulp.

As Liliyn did so, Aquinas briskly walked towards Eveam. After he whispered something into Eveam's ear, she gave a slightly sad look while replying, ’’I see’’.

Then, Eveam stood up from her seat.

’’I'll have a maid guide you to your room. You truly helped us today, Hiiro. Allow me to express my thanks with this. Thank you.’’ (Eveam)

’’ it really alright for a ruler to lower their head so easily like that?’’ (Hiiro)

After Hiiro asked that, she smiled while countering.

’’I have no intention of becoming a ruler that doesn't express their gratitude at all.’’ (Eveam)

’’...............’’ (Hiiro)

’’If you need anything, ask one of the castle's people without restraint. Then I'll see you tomorrow, Hiiro.’’ (Eveam)

’’......yeah.’’ (Hiiro)

Upon saying that, Eveam left the hall. And, just as Aquinas was about to exit the hall as well, Hiiro firmly felt him locking eyes with Liliyn.

(Does he have some business with Aka-Loli.......?) (Hiiro)

That's when he suddenly remembered. That Aquinas and Liliyn had a common feature.

Hiiro continued to stare at Aquinas as he left, and thought-

(........well, it's not something that should bother me.) (Hiiro)

He was as dry as usual. If needed, Liliyn would probably talk about it with him, but Hiiro judged that there was no need for him to ask about it himself.

Following that, Hiiro and co. carried the stupid children as they headed to their room with the maid's guidance.


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