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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 140


Chapter 140: The Two Heroes' Treatment

For a short while, nobody said anything. Liliyn only sighed as though amazed, while Nikki's voice could be heard saying, ’’Ooh~! That form of Shishou's is the coolest after all!’’. Soon after, Mikazuki's voice rang out, saying, ’’Yeah yeah! Master's normal appearance is the best!’’

Even Aquinas was completely surprised at Hiiro's words and actions, that he had forgotten to blink as he froze.

’’Wh-wh-wh-wh.......’’ (Eveam)

Eveam simply repeated the same short sound at regular intervals. As she did so, an incredible killing intent welled up from Marione, and just as he was about to aim his right hand at Hiiro-


-Aquinas had grabbed his arm before Marione had realised it.

’’Wha-!? Aquinas, you bastard!’’ (Marione)

While telling Aquinas to let his arm go, he forcefully attempted to break out of his restraining grasp.

’’You bastard! Why did you stop me! He is a 『Humas』, you know! He conspired with the heroes and brought them here while intending to slaughter her Majesty!’’ (Marione)

The surrounding soldiers were startled by Marione's words, and began looking at Hiiro with gazes full of killing intent.

’’Uu~ I'm scared......’’ (Mikazuki)

Mikazuki nervously gripped Hiiro's clothes. Nikki, in a very childish way, said, ’’Shishou's enemies are my enemies!’’ while taking up their stance.

Silva's previously optimistic expression crumbled as it turned into a grim countenance. Liliyn was watching over the proceedings as usual, while Shamoe remained behind her, going ’’Feeee’’ in a flustered manner.

’’Your Majesty! We should arrest them immediately!’’ (Marione)

’’W-we can't do that!’’ (Eveam)

’’Wha-!? Why!?’’ (Marione)

’’I-it's true that if he's a 『Humas』, then it explains the reason why he is the acquaintance of the heroes. I was surprised at the fact that he was summoned, but, if that is the truth, then he is someone from another world. He was likely forcefully summoned by the King of Victorias. If you think about it like that, then Hiiro should be a victim of the circumstances!’’ (Eveam)

’’Mu-muu. B-but it's possible that was merely a falsehood meant to trick your Majesty!’’ (Marione)

’’It's not.’’ (Aquinas)

Marione scowled as Aquinas cut into their conversation.

’’Wh-what do you mean? Do you have some evidence for that?’’ (Marione)

’’My eyes can see through the truth. You know that as well, don't you? That it is impossible to lie to my questions. What Hiiro has said is undoubtedly the truth’’ (Aquinas)

Aquinas locked eyes with Hiiro.

’’And Marione, if you had done something then, you may not have gotten out of it lightly, you know?’’ (Aquinas)

’’What did you say.....?’’ (Marione)

If Marione had attacked at that time, Hiiro himself had prepared various methods of coping with him. As he put his hand in his pocket, he maintained magic at his fingertip. In doing so, Hiiro was prepared to write a word to react to any situation that might arise.

As Aquinas had, no, not only Aquinas, but Eveam as well, had realized that, they didn't want a dispute to occur here.

It was precisely because they were aware of Hiiro's true strength that they didn't want such a thing to occur.

’’I-In any case, I'm judging what Hiiro said to be the truth! Marione, even if he's a human, I owe him a debt! If you try to hurt him, then I'll have to punish you. That's why please, trust me and give me some time.’’ (Eveam)

’’............understood. However, if he tries to do anything funny, I will put my whole soul into destroying him, okay?’’ (Marione)

After saying that, Marione began giving Hiiro a stare that was even warier than before. However, at that point-

’’Are you done talking? Then how about continuing on with the conversation already? I only came here to eat. Hurry up and end this.’’ (Hiiro)

’’U-umu. My apologies Hiiro. Y-you'll have to wait a bit longer for the food. It should be in the midst of being prepared right now.’’ (Eveam)

’’Geez, there's gotta be a limit to how unprepared you are.’’ (Hiiro)

At this exchange and Hiiro's completely unrestrained attitude, Marione ground his teeth, while the soldiers were staring at Hiiro in a shocked manner.

There were also those who were internally admiring him for having broken through the calmness of one of the 《Cruel Brigade》's members to this extent.

Suddenly, Aquinas leaked out a sigh and opened his mouth.

’’However, healing and teleportation, explosions and lightning, and now transformation? Your existence itself truly is like a box of surprises.’’ (Aquinas)

’’Like you're one to talk. Don't you have the power to create swords with your 《Demon Eyes》, and are also a Unique Magic user?’’ (Hiiro)

In truth, he actually knew that Aquinas was a dark attribute magic user from when he peeked at his 《Status》, but figured that there would be troublesome repercussions if he revealed that here. Hence, Hiiro purposely stated an incorrect explanation.

However, the surrounding soldiers swallowed nervously at Hiiro's words. All of them were aware. Of who exactly the strongest person within this country was. However, there was no way that any one of them would be capable of talking so casually with him using such an arrogant attitude.

Even so, Hiiro calmly spoke without a hint of fear. The soldiers fidgeted nervously as they watched the scene of Hiiro and Aquinas staring at each other, wondering whether or not it would suddenly break out into battle.

’’..................Fu, you're an interesting guy.’’ (Aquinas)

’’Don't look at people and then laugh, Red-hair.’’ (Hiiro)

Due to Aquinas's sudden smile, everyone was shocked. After all, it was a very rare sight to see him laugh at anything.

Ignoring them, Aquinas continued.

’’However, you said that you were summoned, but does that mean that you are a hero as well?’’ (Aquinas)

Everyone became taken aback and looked at Hiiro.

’’Normally, I would reply by saying that I have no obligation to answer, but it would be annoying later on if I left you guys with that misunderstanding. I guess this calls for an honest it.’’ (Hiiro)

’’M-me!?’’ (Shinobu)

As Hiiro had suddenly looked at Shinobu's face while prompting her, she suddenly shouted, as she did not think she would be nominated suddenly like that.

’’Talking about it would be troublesome, and you guys came here to gain their trust right? So do that.’’ (Hiiro)

She watched Hiiro as he closed his eyes and crossed his arms once more, giving off the impression that he wouldn't speak any more than that.

’’..............thanks Okamura-cchi.’’ (Shinobu)

She said with a small murmur. She was thankful for the fact that Hiiro had thought of them, and thus gave them the chance to talk. In addition, if they were able to prove their connection to Hiiro, it may become easier for them to gain the Evila's trust.

Although she thought that, to Hiiro, it truly was just too troublesome to explain. As he figured that they did not have any information that would inconvenience him if known, he had simply judged that there was no longer any need for him himself to speak any further.

Following that, Shinobu told Eveam and co. about how Hiiro was a human from the same world as them, and how he had soon left on a journey by himself soon after being summoned. In addition, she spoke of how they had met again after a long while in this country, and then been lectured by Hiiro as well.

’’I see, so Hiiro explained the reality of the situation, and because you two felt that it wouldn't be good to continue going on as you were, you came all the way here. Is my understanding of it correct?’’ (Eveam)

’’Yes.’’ (Shinobu)

She answered Eveam's question without a single lie.

’’.........I understand your situation. And so, having come all the way here, and having spoken of your circumstances, what do you want me to do?’’ (Eveam)

’’........We will follow her Majesty the Maou's decision.’’ (Shinobu)

’’.....................are you seriously saying that? You two are still heroes, and the 『Evila』your natural enemies. And yet, you seek the decision from me, the Maou who governs those 『Evila』?’’ (Eveam)

’’Yes.’’ (Shinobu)

’’Did you not think that it would be natural for me to have you killed?’’ (Eveam)

’’, of course we thought that. However, we decided that this was the best that we could do. Although we hadn't deeply thought about how scary and painful war is, it is true that we came all the way to this country as the allies of humanity.’’ (Shinobu)


’’We were split up from our comrades, lectured by Okamura-cchi, and finally realized that we were wrong. But, that's exactly why we can't just stay motionless forever. If we did that, then I feel that, in itself, would be wrong.’’ (Shinobu)

As she concentrated on Shinobu's words, Eveam silently closed her eyes. She herself no longer felt that the two girls in front of her were a danger to her.

However, in this incident, she was met with numerous large betrayals. It was to the point where she couldn't just believe in people so early on. It'd be a simple matter if she believed them, and then went soft with the heroes' treatment. However, if she did that, the surrounding people would undoubtedly oppose her decision.

She had heard from Ornoth that the two girls had not hurt any of the 『Evila』, but even so, the position of a 'hero' was big. Even if they came while lowering their heads, Eveam felt that it would be wrong after all to not give them any punishment at all.

’’.........I understand what you wanted to say. I have received your sincerity. However, you two have still not completely grasped your own positions.’’ (Eveam)

Hearing Eveam's words, Shinobu's body faintly trembled. Beside her, although her mouth was closed, Shuri's facial colour became a little worse than before.

’’Surely you didn't think that you'd be released without any punishment at all?’’ (Eveam)

’’......yes.’’ (Shinobu)

Although she answered feebly, that was all she could say.

’’However, I won't needlessly take your lives.’’ (Eveam)

Hearing those words, the oppressive mood relaxed a little. However, Marione appeared to be amazed, as he shook his head numerous times.

’’I'm sure that you two also have things you'd like to do from now on, but I can't let you do that so easily.’’ (Eveam)

’’......yes.’’ (Shinobu)

Truthfully, they wanted to immediately go to find Taishi and co., but figured that saying something like that here would be impossible after all, and so they remained silent.

’’Starting today, I will have the two of you live under our surveillance for a short while. Don't worry, we won't throw you into a jail cell. However, your standing will be about the same as a prisoner of war. You may find it a bit small, but I'll give you two a single room to live in. Are there any objections?’’ (Eveam)

’’’’ (Shinobu)

They couldn't possibly have any. And even if they did, there's no way they could say them. They were in a position where they had been partly resigned to living in a cell, but they couldn't possibly have thought that they would be given a room.

Hiiro had told them, but Shinobu felt that the Maou was quite soft. However, she was thankful for that soft heartedness that had saved them.

’’Take the two of them to the guest room in Tower B’’ (Eveam)

As Eveam said that, the soldiers approached them in response. However, at that moment, Shuri suddenly collapsed.

’’Shuri-cchi!?’’ (Shinobu)

Shinobu carried held her in her arms as she attempted to wake Shuri in a flustered manner.

’’Wh-what's wrong?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam's eyes widened at the sudden situation.

’’Her bodily condition is probably poor. Ever since I first met her, she was the most affected by the state of war around her after all.’’ (Ornoth)

The one who said that was Ornoth.

’’I see, understood. Contact the medics and get them to take a look at her.’’ (Eveam)

’’Th-thank you very much!’’ (Shinobu)

Shinobu was thankful for Eveam's courteous support.

’’It's because I can't allow for my prisoners of war to be killed. That's why you should rest. As long as you are here, I won't allow anyone to hurt you.’’ (Eveam)

As Shinobu thanked her once again, the soldiers brought over a stretcher and placed Shuri on it. Following that, the two of them headed over to Tower B together.


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