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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 131


Chapter 131: Ornoth vs the Four Heroes

Author's note: This time the story will be told from the Heroes' perspective. The story from when Hiiro went to the Conference. (TL: events simultaneous with Chapter 118)

’’He....teleported? Child, do you know where did that person head off to?’’ (Ornoth)

Ornoth asked the disciple of the one who had just teleported. But Hiiro's disciple, Nikki, covered her mouth using both hands while she shut her eyes tight..

’’Hmmm....You're called Nikki, am I right? Why are you doing that?’’ (Ornoth)

’’Nnnnn,nnnnnnnnnnnnn!’’ (Nikki)

’’......Do you really not know?’’ (Ornoth)

Then, Nikki opened her eyes wide and brought her hands to her waist.

’’Like I said! Shishou told me that I shouldn't say anything!’’ (Nikki)

’’Hmm...I see’’ (Ornoth)

Ornoth kept silent as he thought he shouldn't ask anymore if that was the case. His pride wouldn't allow him to to forcefully extract information simply due to such a child's antics. While he was bothered by Hiiro, he also was bothered by the heroes.

Certainly, when they had been heading to the conference, they had confirmed the existences of the heroes on the [Mutich Bridge]. There, he had witnessed the four heroes and an encampment of [Humas] soldiers.

That being the case, Ornoth felt that he first had to unravel the mystery as to why they were here. And so Ornoth approached the heroes.

Upon sensing the overwhelming aura of the approaching wolf-faced man, the hero Aoyama Taishi began to step backwards. However, Ornoth thought to himself that he couldn't let them escape and with blinding speed, he placed himself behind the heroes.

’’Wha!??’’ (Taishi)

Sensing Ornoth behind them, Taishi and the rest looked behind as their legs gave out once more and their faces became pale and feverish.

’’.......First off, allow me to ask.’’ (Ornoth)

’’Wha-,wha-, what is it!’’ (Taishi)

Taishi cried out partially out of desperation. While it may have been out of reflex, he stood up and lowered his waist as he pulled out his sword and took a battle stance.

(His waist is completely falling out on he really the hero from that time?)

At the very least, Marione and Greyald had hurled bloodlust at the heroes at that time. However, even under such a situation, they had remained composed. Based on that, Ornoth had judged them to probably be quite strong, yet compared to then, the current heroes seemed to be completely different people.

I just want to ask you about what happened. Well, as for what will happen to you all after I finish asking, I will not forgive you if you intend on harming our side.

He hit them with a glance that oozed a hint of bloodlust. Taishi's face turned pale and his body began to shake, yet his hands didn't let go of his sword.

’’Yo-You're saying...?’’ (Taishi) (TL: Yeah I know its long but I don't think Ornoth was trying to tell a story)

’’First off I want to ask, are you people really the heroes?’’(Ornoth)

’’O-o-o-o-o-o-of course we are! We are the Summoned Heroes of 【Victorias】! ’’ (Taishi)

’’I really can't believe that’’ (Ornoth)

’’Wha-What did you say!?’’ (Taishi)

’’When talking about the heroes, they are the Humas' trump card, their saviors. If that is so then why are those heroes here,trembling at the very center of the enemy territory?’’ (Ornoth)

Ornoth's words stabbed deeply into their hearts. Savior, the glimmer of hope. In the past, such a person summoned to Edea, had saved the [Humas] from calamity and was worshipped and respected, as a result, by many people.

Courageous, unyielding, with an arm of justice and a heart of compassion. These were the weapons that the brave ones used to fight. Even so, currently not a single one of those qualities could be applied to the current heroes.

Taishi and the others looked down in a dejected manner. Looking at them, Ornoth let out a weak sigh.

’’Well, it doesn't matter whether or not you guys are the heroes. You aren't needed in this place’’ (Ornoth)

’’...Eh?’’ (???)

’’It's because, you people came here to lay waste to this country, isn't that right?’’

’’Th-that's...’’ (???)

’’In that case, then I, as a defender of this country, must eliminate you.’’ (Ornoth)

’’A...’’ (???)

’’Additionally, if you all are truly the heroes, all the more reason for me to kill you here for the sake of the [Evila].’’ (Ornoth)

Ornoth's bloodlust increased further. Seeing Ornoth slowly approach them, Taishi twitched and reflexively-


-charged forward whilst swinging his sword.

’’Ta-Taishi dooooon't!!’’ (?????)

It was as if her voice never reached him, as it seemed he had no intention of stopping his advance.

’’ foolish’’ (Ornoth)

Ornoth stood still while he gazed at the charging Taishi. And at the moment when it seemed that Taishi's sword had caught him,


Ornoth easily dodged by tilting his body sideways.

’’You! You! You! You! Yoouuu!!’’ (Taishi)

Taishi attacked with his sword again and again, but was incapable of grazing Ornoth by even a single millimeter. His movements were completely being read.

’’That idiot! He's completely lost it!’’ (Chika)

It could have been due to Taishi's unexpected actions, but Chika, who had managed to regain some composure, similarly drew her sword and took a battle stance.

’’Chika-chi!?’’ (Shinobu)

Akamori Shinobu saw that Chika was planning to fight and instantly raised her voice.

’’Shinobu...Please take care of Shuri!’’ (Chika)

Chika sent a glance towards the still trembling Shuri Minamoto, who had not let out a single voice even now. Her words had the meaning of entrusting the protection of Shuri as well included into them. She then kicked the ground in pursuit of Taishi.

’’Wa-Wait Chika-chi!’’ (Shinobu)

Shinobu also wanted to provide assistance, but couldn't leave Shuri behind by herself. Shinobu held Shuri's shoulders but was at a loss for words when she felt her temperature. Shuri's face was pale and her skin was cold as if it was devoid of blood.

’’It's going to be okay Shuri-chi’’ (Shinobu)

’’Shi-Shinobu...san’’ (Shuri)

Her trembling lips finally moved, but it seemed that she was at her limit of staying conscious. Even so, Shinobu couldn't abandon her in such a dangerous situation.

Because she was her friend. But as she watched the backs of the two who were fighting, she once again heard the sounds of explosions and smelt the smell of blood as she thought,

(Did we make...a mistake) (Shinobu)

She repeated the question, answer to which didn't appear within her again and again.

As for Ornoth, even though his opponents had increased to two people, he remained unscathed. Their movements were undeniably fast. Their levels were also considerably high. It might even be alright to say as expected of heroes.

But they were completely lacking in experience. Or rather, even thought they should be on a battlefield, their blades only contained fear.

The desire to win against one's opponents and the resolve to kill one's opponents. They completely lacked such feelings that were absolutely necessary in a battlefield. You can't simply swing your blade about just because you are scared. Blades without such beliefs couldn't possibly reach one of the Evila's greatest war portentials, Ornoth.

(And rather than the boy, the girl seems to show more promise.) (Ornoth)

As he continued to dodge their attacks, Ornoth glanced at Chika. Compared to Taishi's sword, hers was more precise and contained a more powerful conviction. She likely wanted to save him. Her strong desire to protect was likely weakening her hesitation, but sadly, her lack of experience prevented her from being able to give Ornoth even a single wound.

’’Shit! Shit! Shiiit! Why can't I hit anything!?’’ (Taishi)

It was because he continued to swing his word around thoughtlessly. However, Taishi did not understand that at all.

’’Calm down Taishi!’’ (Chika)

’’How can I calm down!? If we lose we'll die! I...I cannot die in a place like this’’ (Taishi)

’’Ta-Taishi...’’ (Chika)

’’Tha-that's why’’ (Taishi)

Taishi glared at Ornoth with an incredibly upset expression. As he did so, an absurd amount of magic power began to gather in his right hand. Naturally, Ornoth noticed this and was taken aback.

Then Taishi's right hand began to shine.

’’Disappear! Shinesp....!??’’

He turned his right hand towards Ornoth and attempted to use magic, but a leg kicked that right hand from below.


The sound of a bone cracking resounded out, as his right hand was kicked up towards the sky. The moment he grasped that arm, however-


A fist was thrust into the pit of his stomach.


’’Taishii! Youu!’’ (Chika)

Chika attempted to attack the close-by Ornoth, but he easily dodged and retreated.

’’uu...guh..!?’’ (Taishi)

’’Taishi hang on!’’ (Chika)

Chika rushed to Taishi who was holding his stomach while crouching.Looking at the two, Ornoth calmly spoke.

’’There are generally two methods to activate magic. Either one must speak the name of the magic, or use magic which does not need to be named. It seems that his magic is of the former type and must be spoken or else it won't activate. Originally, magic was mostly used for long-distance battles. If you carelessly attempt to use it in this kind of close-combat situation, that is what happens.’’ (Ornoth)

While he didn't know whether the groaning Taishi could hear him or not, Ornoth continued to speak.

’’Seeing as you tried to use light magic, while it seems you all are the heroes, you are completely lacking in experience. It is amazing that they had the audacity to send you all the way to this battlefield. Anyone with a certain degree of combat experience should be capable of knowing that it's still too early to send you all to the battlefield just by looking at you, but............why did the king not stop you? There's no way that the soldiers wouldn't have advised against it as it was too early for you all.’’ (Ornoth)

Upon hearing those words, Chika said ’’Eh?’’ and stared at Ornoth.


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