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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 130


Chapter 130: Bitter Taste of Victory

As Lenion channels his spell, he opens his eyes as a fierce windstorm surrounds him.

However, the two people present is firmly rooted to the ground, without being blown off by his windstorm. Lenion intends to use an attack stronger than awhile ago. So this time, he directs his sword towards the sky, and what appears are numerous tornadoes in the sky.

’’It was not my intention to destroy this country, but now that it has come to this, I'll blow everything away!’’ (Lenion)

If a tornado that can engulf a whole house were to descend upon the country, then the whole region turning into a wasteland wouldn't be an impossible feat.

’’Be blown away! 《Devastating Tornado》’’ (Lenion)

But he was not able to swing down the raised sword.

’’...Gah!?’’ (Lenion)

Lenion began breathing heavily. His face grimaces when he felt an excruciating pain coming from his abdomen. Clenching his teeth, he stares at the person who prevented his attack.

It was Ornoth. With his blinding speed, he was able to close the distance, thus appeared before Lenion. Ornoth had grasped Lenion's arm with his left hand to prevent the sword from being swung down and then punched Lenion's gut with his right.

Although Ornoth used a normal attack, the impact was enough to shake the core of Lenion's body. If Lenion did not manage to skillfuly evade that attack, the attack would have caused irrevocable damage to his body

’’Impossible...What power-?!...’’ (Lenion)

One of Lenion's eyes closes as his face becomes distorted due to pain.

’’I won't let you harm this country’’ (Ornoth)

Ornoth says calmly as strength fades from Lenion's arm and the sword falls to the ground At the same time the swarm of tornadoes in the sky begin to disappear one by one.

’’Da...Damnitt!!!’’ (Lenion)

Although Lenion thrusts out his fist to attack Ornoth, his attack was easily grabbed

’’Go to sleep, Gabranth prince’’ (Ornoth)

Ornoth was about to deal the final blow when he involuntarily jumped away as he sensed an intense blood lust coming from the sky.


A bird feather with sharp edges pierced the ground where Ornoth formerly was.

He looks up to see the one responsible for the attack.

Flap, flap, flap, flap!

A human shaped figure was seen in the sky fluttering both of it's arms like wings as they descend down from the sky

It flies to the unconscious Lenion and carries him.

’’...Ba...rid...?’’ (Lenion)

Lenion realizes that Barid came to help

’’Oh, are you perhaps one of the 《Three warriors》, 《Birdman》Barid? If I remember correctly your other name is...《Thunder Lord》Barid isn't it?’’ (Ornoth)

Ornoth stares at Barid in front of him, whose appearance is completely that of a bird-man.

’’...It isn't just me’’ (Barid)

’’What?’’ (Ornoth)

When Barid says so, the area was instantly covered with ice.

’’This is...!?’’ (Ornoth)

Not just Ornoth, but Marione as well knits his eyebrows and becomes cautious. At the same time, a big lump of ice begins to bulge near Lenion and Barid.


Suddenly, the lump of ice cracks open and inside it is a child with a small stature. She shows herself wearing what seems to be a white bear costume. However its purposes are unknown.

Ornoth narrows his eyes as he observes the back-up that has arrived and says

’’This is...I see, This ice, it's from you isn't it 《Ice Shade》? I believe your name was.... Putis’’

However, their reaction showed neither affirmation nor negation.

’’If the 《Dark Night》 Crouch was here it would complete this magnificent view’’ (Marione)

’’I say the same words to you, We, as part of the《Three Warriors》are the ones that would bring you down. ’’(Barid)

When Barid says those words, Ornoth and his companion widened their eyes a little. If what he says is true, Crouch would then have to be defeated and captured

’’I see. If that is so then Her Majesty is doing well’’ (Ornoth)

In truth, rather than Eveam it was actually because of Hiiro's efforts that things did not turn bad. However, Ornoth obviously does not fully comprehend Hiiro's existence but at the very least, he understood that Eveam was saved from the explosion and he decided that Aquinas would probably know what had happened.

’’It seems you came to rescue your prince, I'm Afraid we'll have to capture all of you’’ (Ornoth)

Seeing the enemy's number increase by 2, Marione himself joined the fray as he let his body be filled with magic power

’’.... I won't let you do that’’ (Barid)

When Barid said those words, ice spreads out and hardens underneath Ornoth and Marione's feet depriving their movements. In addition, the ice gradually extends to their upper body.

’’Wha?!......haa!’’ (Ornoth)

Ornoth crushes the ice that was restraining his body's lower half. Marione follows Ornoth's lead and does the same. They immediately prepare for battle, with their eyes set in front, focusin on Barid and the others. And as they are about to dash towards their enemy, they halted.

It is because in an instant Barid and the others are covered in ice.

’’Wha, what the...!?’’ (Ornoth)

Ornoth cries out but, Barid calmly says

’’We'll finish our fight later’’ (Barid)


Ornoth and Marione tries to break open the ice, however the inside was empty.

’’Shit!’’ (Ornoth)

’’Tsk. This is why it is better that we got rid of them rather than capturing them.’’ (Marione)

Marione clenches his teeth out of frustration. It seems that the Gabranth's had escaped the place. But this was expected as it is reckless to fight two people from 《Cruel》 while carrying a seriously injured prince

’’...It can't be helped. Marione-dono, are you alright?’’ (Ornoth)

’’Shut up’’ (Marione)

As soon as he shouts this Marione begins walking towards another direction. Ornoth manages to let out a small sigh and shrugs his shoulders, then tilts his head to the direction of the town.

(This place marks the victory for the Evila)

However there is another place in trouble. Seeing that the 《Three Warriors》withdrew from the front lines the other Gabranth would most probably withdraw as well, but even so there are still the Humas soldiers left.

In addition, they failed their objective of securing the prince. The aftertaste of winning turned out to be bad.

(We can't let our guard down again. But I'm worried about those other guys as well)

He was talking about the four young people. He remembered that before the young guy wearing a red robe vanished he talked to the four heroes and left them trembling afterwards.


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