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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 129


Chapter 129: Cruel Vs Second Prince of Gabranth

The Evila army had finally subdued the Gabranth army. Their commander, Crouch had also been defeated single-handedly. In addition, the terror of the zombie outbreak had also passed.

Although the Evila were highly pleased with their triumphant battle in this warzone, Gabranth soldiers and Humas soldiers were still raging in other places of Evila. Eveam invigorated the other soldiers as she instructed them to those nearby.

At that moment, there were only three people left, Eveam, Hiiro, and Aquinas.

’’Hey Maou, take this.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro took out a piece of paper and tossed it to Eveam.

’’What is this?’’ (Eveam)

’’I was asked by the muscle-man to hand this over to you.’’ (Hiiro)

’’ ...Oh, it is from Judom-dono right? Is it the report that Teckil handed to Judom through the adventurers ?’’ (Eveam)

She quickly recieved and read the the letter. Her face paled with each character she read. When she was done, her body shook a bit and she wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead.

Aquinas was worried about the contents so he took a look at the letter carefully when it was passed to him.

’’......I see that is what happened’’ (Aquinas)

His voice was soft but heavy. It was clear that something unexpected was written in that letter.


A moment before Hiiro defeated Crouch, the second prince of the [Gabranth Kingdom: Passion], Lenon was in a bad predicament.

When the attack was planned out, the Gabranth were to attack the [Evilia Capital: Xaos] while the Humas diverted Evlia's attention.

For that purpose, the Gabranth King Leowald and his elder brother Leglos had gone to the conference to face the Demon Lord. One of the Three Warrior Saints requested to follow them but was rejected by Leowald since the Demon Lord's 『Cruel』 were also present in the conference.

Although it was important to defeat the Demon Lord, Leowald said that capturing Xaos had a much higher priority. As a matter of fact, he was told that the Demon Lord and her group would not be able to leave the 《Sacred Room》 for 24 hours, and would not be able to take part in the battle. Following orders, Leowald was to standby, and should anything out of the ordinary happen he would stop it with all his power.

However, Lenon, who had inherited his father, Leowald's nature wanted to subjugate the Demon Lord who appeared 24 hours later by his own hands. Due to the previous incident, he was angry for being dishonoured by the Demon Lord.

What's more, Aquinas who was regarded as the strongest was present in that place and so Lenon believed it to be a real chance to fight against Aquinas. Rather, this was his intent all along, as he had inherited his father's nature of wanting to fight with a strong person.

At that moment, something completely out of place happened. Before his eye were three Cruel veterans who were supposed to be at the meeting.

’’Damn!’’ (Lenon)

He clicked his tongue as he looked around him. The Evila had defeated his troops and now standing right before him were three of the strongest members of Cruel.

(I need to prepare myself...or else) (Lenon)

But Lenon, instead of being irritated, his face showed a glint of smile. As one would expect from the person who inherited the blood from Leowald. Even though he was in such a dire predicament, with his pride he could never show his back to the enemy.

’’I see, it seems like you are not planning to surrender’’ (Shublarz)

Cruel 《Rank 5》, Shublarz stared at Lenon with her hands on her hips. As ordered by Eveam, she was to capture the second prince. If she succeeded, the war would move in an advantageous direction, and negotiations would be easier.

However, Shublarz was impressed that Lenon's fighting spirit didn't waver in the face of such adversity.

’’Hmph, I single handedly can take down this guy’’ (Marione)

Cruel 《Rank 2》 Marione said in an unpleasant voice

’’Right, but, the Demon Lord ordered us to capture him. You are not going to disobey her are you? If you were alone, you would have killed every one here without holding back. There would be no way for us to capture anyone.’’ (Shublarz)

’’Damn’’ (Marione)

Shublarz open his mouth to try and say something. But at that moment, the person who spoke was Cruel Rank 4,Ornoth

She does have a point, he thought as he crossed his arm without arguing back. But at that moment, the person who spoke was Cruel 《Rank 4》, Ornoth.

’’Prince Lenon, let us take you into custody’’ (Ornoth)

Lenon opened his mouth and said,

’’Heh, if you can, then do it! This Lenon-sama will not go down that easily!’’ (Lenon)

Lenon took out his sword and raised it into the air, at that moment wind started to gather around the sword creating a small tornado. He gripped the sword with both hands and swung it at the three before him.

’’Take this! 《Tornado Slash》 !’’ (Lenon)

The tornado left the blade and flew towards the three people.

’’Hmph, this youngster (TL: or noob)’’ (Marione)

Marione stepped in front and concentrated magic into his right hand.

Bu~i~i~i~i~i~in .................. Dogaga~tsu! (sound of something hitting a solid object and then exploding)

Pale magic gathered in his fist as he punched the ground. A large hand made of solid earth erupted from the ground.

’’Come!, I will turn it to dust with my demonic power!’’ (Marione)

Using the large hand, it easily crushed the incoming tornado.

’’What!?’’ (Lenon)

Lenon knew that something like that wouldn't be able to defeat them. But for them to easily defend against it made him grit his teeth in discontent.

’’That was so weak, youngster, This is the difference between our levels’’

Marione smiled condescendingly at Lenon, who glared back with a scowl.

’’Let us crush him like this’’ (Marione)

’’Hey, wait’’ (Shublarz)

Shublarz raised her voice and said as she looked at Marione that told him not to interfere.

’’What?’’ (Marione)

’’Don't say 'what?' Your are not going against the Demon Lord's orders,are you?’’ (Shublarz)

Marione stopped suddenly at that moment, and a bitter expression appeared on his face. Apparently, he lost himself in the battle.

’’Fine, you do something about it then’’ (Marione)

’’Yes, yes. This is all a muscle-head can do’’ (Shublarz)

She let out a sigh and shrugged. However at that moment they felt a large burst of magic power somewhere nearby. The three people all faced in that direction. Lenon also looked towards that direction.

’’What is that!?’’ (Lenon)

Lenon couldn't stop himself from looking because in the air was a large black floating mass. It got bigger over time and seemed to pull something up from the ground.

’’Are those...monsters!?’’ (Lenon)

Lenon's observations were correct, it was monsters, monsters that Crouch had collected, gathered in the sky and then,


A giant explosion erupted from the cluster sending a violent blast of wind in their direction. Not only Lenon but also Marione and company braced themselves to prevent being blown off balance.

’’Ku, what the heck was that !?’’ (Shublarz)

’’Even I have no idea what that was!’’ (Marione)

’’Mu-!’’ (Ornoth)

The three Cruel all expressed their thought respectively

After regaining balance, they looked up again. The dark mass that was in the air before disappeared without a trace.

(What is happening....What did Crouch do?) (Lenon)

Lenon knew something incomprehensible happened. He also felt an unpleasant presentiment swell up.

(I have no choice but to fight....) (Lenon)

Looking cautiously at the three people before him, he closed his eyes.

The three Cruel members didn't expect such a big explosion. The explosion was so huge, that the three had no idea who would be able to do something like that. The amount of magic in that explosion matched Aquinas, but the Aquinas they knew wouldn't use magic like that.

It was someone else that had caused the explosion. Because they didn't know about Hiiro, they had no idea who it was.

Also, there was a chance that Eveam was caught under that explosion. They wanted to rush toward her to check on their king/queen but they couldn't leave the current situation as it was. At that moment,

’’Shubladz, will you leave this to me?’’ (Ornoth)

’’Ornoth? Do you have a plan or something?’’ (Shubladz)

’’No, compared to you guys who are proficient in taking many opponents at a time, I specialize in this kind of situation’’ (Ornoth)

’’Hmph, you are one to talk, for a beast who cannot even use magic’’ (Marione)

Marione said it harshly but, without batting an eye, Ornoth said.

’’Even if that was the case,I'm confident that I can capture that person. That aside, you are anxious about your majesty. Right?’’ (Ornoth)

’’T-that is right...’’ (Marione)

Shubladz sighed in amazement as she saw the two figures mutually glaring at each other

’’Anything is fine, but that person is making preparations right now’’ (Shublarz)

She looked at Lenon, and noticed that he was concentrating with his eyes closed

’’Anyway, leave this to me. Actually, Marione stay with me. Shublarz-dono you go on ahead’’ (Ornoth)

’’Are you sure two people is enough?’’ (Shublarz)

’’Stop joking. Truthfully, even if I'm by myself I would be fine’’ (Marione)

’’That is right, head towards your majesty Shublarz-dono’’ (Ornoth)

’’Understood~’’ (Shublarz)

Shublarz left the two of them there and headed towards Eveam's direction.


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