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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 125


Chapter 125: The Unparalleled Hiiro

’’Fortify the defensive wall! Groups 1 and 2, use water magic! After that, groups 3 and 4 should immediately use lightning magic to seal the enemy's movements!’’ (Eveam)

The Maou Eveam and Aquinas were issuing orders to the soldiers in order to hold back the advance of the Beastmen in front of them.

After the soldiers stationed at the front attacked the Beastmen with water magic, the soldiers on standby behind them used lightning magic. Due to the strengthened effects of the lightning magic, the mobility of their opponents was stolen.

Wary of the magical attacks, the Beastmen didn't advance any further. At that moment, as though black paint had been spilled on it, a black mass spread across the ground.

As that occurred, a number of creatures appeared from within the blackness. No, they couldn't be called creatures. Their bodies had decayed, and the smell of rotten flesh had spread quite a bit throughout the surroundings. However, the things that had appeared from the ground did not stop moving as they continued to advance forward on their own.

’’Go forward-nya! My zombie soldiers!’’ (Black Panther Person)

At that moment, from amongst the Beastmen, an anthropomorphized black panther-like existence appeared. Upon that individual's entrance, the morale of the Beastmen could be seen to have risen greatly. They must have found the individual to be quite reliable.

’’Hah! Don't be stupid! There's no way those simple monsters could break through our 《Thunder Net Formation》 !’’ (Evila Soldier)

The one who said that was a single 『Evila』soldier. The reason for those words was understandable. In reality, after the Beastmen were soaked with water and when lightning was sent throughout the surroundings, they had become unable to move. Amongst them, there were also those who had stepped upon the water and ended up getting electrocuted.

However, upon hearing those words, the black panther person, whose name was Crouch, smiled as though he was looking down on the soldier, and said-

’’Look carefully, nya. If that's the case, then why haven't the zombies stopped moving, nya?’’ (Crouch)

Like Crouch said, the monsters which should have been electrocuted by the ground, continued to advance forward as though nothing were happening.

’’Wh-why!?’’ (Evila Soldier)

Naturally, the 『Evila』soldiers all raised their voices in surprise. However, Eveam had already seen through that mystery and began to speak.

’’I see, look my soldiers! All those monsters are species with resistance to lightning!’’ (Eveam)

The monsters that had appeared were comprised of the Red Mud Golem, which was a monster with a body composed of mud;the Stone Raptor, a monster whose body was clad in stone;and the Voltage Grizzly, a monster which emitted lightning from its body.

Not only that, but amongst them included numerous Rank S monsters and other Unique Monsters. All of them were, like Eveam had said, monsters with resistance to lightning.

’’What will you do, nya, Maou-sama? Do you want to try firing a huge magic spell against my troops-nya? If you do nyat, then you'll destroy the town too-nya?’’ (Crouch)

Numerous monsters were in the surroundings. If they were to defeat them one by one, it would take up a lot of time, and the chances of their own military troops diminishing were quite high. However, if they were to use magic that could destroy them all at once, like Crouch had said, there would be a large amount of damage to the town.

’’Nyahah, or will you have General Aquinas over there use his demon eye-nya?’’ (Crouch)

However, Eveam and Aquinas quietly stared back at Crouch.

’’Nyahaha, I nyo that you can't do nyat. The《Demon Eye》only works on inanimate objects......nyight?’’ (Crouch)

’’..............’’ (Eveam)

’’But, those monsters have already died once...........could they possibly be inanimate objects-nya?’’ (Crouch)

Seeing Crouch laughing as though he had seen through everything, Eveam gritted her teeth.

(It's true that right now we can't use Aquinas's 《Demon Eye》. It's also true that it only works on inanimate objects. However, right now there is another reason why we can't use it) (Eveam)

She glanced towards the nearby Aquinas. He had also noticed her glance, but continued to gaze forward. And then, he began to speak without looking at her.

’’It can't be helped., your Majesty. We have no choice other than to rebuild the town later, you know?’’ (Aquinas)

Implicitly, he was saying that they should use a wide area offensive magic to attack the entire area here. However, it was clear as day that a good part of the town would be blown away.

Eveam truly, if possible, didn't want to damage the town too much, but if they continued to hesitate like they were, the chances of their soldiers and citizens becoming injured would increase greatly..

(.......we can always rebuild the town. But the people.........we can't let their lives be lost!) (Eveam)

Eveam gazed at Aquinas with a stern face. He may have also felt her resolve, as he put down her arm that he had been holding to keep watch over her, and proceeded to walk one step forward. But at that moment,

’’So you were over here’’ (Hiiro)

Walking over using the roofs, was the one and only, Hiiro Okamura.

’’Hiiro!?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam widened her eyes at Hiiro's presence. The ones who had noticed Hiiro's presence did not only include those from the side of the 『Evila』.

(........hmm? Why do I feel like I've seen that appearance before-nya........?) (Crouch)

Actually, Crouch and Hiiro had met once before when Hiiro was still travelling with Arnold and co. He had met Hiiro in a certain cave, and then proceeded to forcefully face him off one-on-one. However, even though Crouch felt that the atmosphere of the Red Robe resembled that person from a few months ago. Yet after seeing that Hiiro who clearly had the 『Imp Form』, he had to neutralize that thought.

As Hiiro had the form of a Beastmen when he had met Crouch, it couldn't be helped that Crouch himself had such unfathomable feelings.

’’Hiiro, why are you here!?’’ (Eveam)

’’Oi, did you forget our contract? There were various discrepancies;but in any case, I have to do any work that is related to the contract’’ (Hiiro)

’’I-I see!’’ (Eveam)

Eveam happily smiled, but Aquinas looked at Hiiro, who had suddenly appeared.

(.......after this battle has ended, I'll be asking a lot of questions) (Aquinas)

Of course, this was not to Hiiro, but to Eveam. While she had secretly and arbitrarily made a contract with such an exceptionally strong individual, there was something about Hiiro's existence itself that attracted his curiosity.

Though it had been the same for Hiiro's magic which had allowed him to instantly appear at the conference location, Aquinas had been unable to hide his surprise at Hiiro's ability to instantly heal the fatally wounded Eveam. More than anything else, a sensation similar to the time he had first seen Judom Lankars was rushing throughout his entire body due to Hiiro's atmosphere.

Even though Hiiro could only be thought to have lived for a little more than ten-odd years, Aquinas couldn't believe that he had already become an existence at the same level as himself. Additionally, someone as strong as himself, was surprised at feeling a bit relieved at the thought of such a strong person being on their side.

(Likely, the contract he spoke of was made using the 《Contract Roll》, but with an attitude that allows him to communicate with the Maou in a way that wouldn't normally be very interesting) (Aquinas)

Hiiro was simply brazen and arrogant, but unknowing of Aquinas's thoughts, Hiiro continued to gaze over the scene in front of him.

’’What a, well, tiresome situation’’ (Hiiro)

In front of the numerous Beastmen were monsters releasing an intense, rotten smell as they turned their hostility towards Hiiro and co. Seeing that situation, Hiiro made a slightly pensive face, and asked Eveam a question.

’’Blowing away this town would be the simplest method but........’’ (Hiiro)

To Hiiro, that was the simplest method, but as long as he had been hired, he felt that he should ask prior to fighting.

’’Ah, seems like that's the only way. Aquinas also agreed to that. That's why, lend me a hand’’ (Eveam)

Seeing her face warped with bitterness, Hiiro lightly sighed.

’’Have you forgotten the contents of our contract?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh?’’ (Eveam)

’’The contract states that I must protect the country. In other words, I have to defend the town and protect it, right? Even so, is it alright to destroy it? Not only that, but for me to do that myself is..’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro said thus as though shocked, but Eveam then answered with downcast eyes.

’’B-but, unless we do that, the damage will spread even further.........’’ (Eveam)

’’Are you an idiot?’’ (Hiiro)

’’A-a-an IDIOT!?’’ (Eveam)

Not only Eveam, but even Aquinas was a little taken aback by Hiiro's way of speaking.

’’Wh-what are you talking about, Hiiro! I'm not an idiot!’’ (Eveam)

She hadn't noticed that her tone of voice had suddenly changed. But Hiiro ignored that and continued to speak.

’’You may not understand what kind of power I have, but’’ (Hiiro)

’’Th-that may be true but......’’ (Eveam)

’’Then, shouldn't you first be asking whether or not I can do it?’’ (Hiiro)

’’, but......c-can you?’’ (Eveam)

’’Of course. Who do you think I am?’’ (Hiiro)


’’There is nothing I can't do!’’ (Hiiro)

Thrusting out his chest with pride, the words 'Bam!' seemed to appear behind him as Hiiro spoke so boastfully.

’’A-Aquinas.....?’’ (Eveam)

As Eveam glanced towards him,

’’..........can you do it?’’ (Aquinas)

He similarly asked Hiiro the same thing.

’’I told you, didn't I? That I would do any work corresponding to the contract’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro said that as he looked towards the cluster of monsters. Then, a word set in Hiiro's arm began to glow. That word was [Flight]/『飛翔』.

Hiiro began to gently float upwards from his position, and ascended up into the sky. Naturally, seeing a wingless 『Imp Race』such as Hiiro flying around, anyone would become dumbfounded, causing their jaws to drop in astonishment.

After reaching a certain altitude at which he could see the entire country with a single sweep of his eyes, Hiiro confirmed everything below him.

(The monsters are all........alright, done checking) (Hiiro)

It appeared that, reflected in his eyes were not only the monsters here, but the monsters raging in other places as well. And once he finished confirming with his eyes where the monsters were, Hiiro began writing a word in midair.

(I'll be reusing this again, but this would be the most effective) (Hiiro)

[Gravity]/『引力』and [Monsters]/『魔物』

Hiiro then fired those words from his fingertips, and continued to float in midair as he returned to Eveam.

’’Wh-what are you doing, Hiiro?’’ (Eveam)

Unaware, Eveam's voice had returned to normal as she asked as everyone's representative.

’’It's fine, so just be quiet and watch. ......invoke《Word Magic》’’ (Hiiro)

His quietly murmured chant appeared to signal the beginning, as the word floating in the sky began to release an intense light. Although that light was surprising, an even more frightening scene soon began to unfold in front of everyone's eyes.

Somehow, the monsters that had been heading their way were being sucked in by the light in the sky, one after the other. What was even more surprising was that except for those monsters, no one else was being affected at all.

As though the light was the South pole, and the monsters the North pole of a magnet, the monsters in the country steadily began to rise up into the air. And as the monsters assembled, they gradually began to turn into the shape of a giant sphere.

’’Nya, what's going on, nya!?’’ (Crouch)

Crouch naturally raised his voice at this abnormal situation that was unfolding before his very eyes.

(It'll be any time now.........) (Hiiro)

After Hiiro judged that no more monsters would be going into the sky,

’’Oi, block your ears’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam didn't understand the significance of what Hiiro was saying, but

’’Your Majesty, let's do as he says. All of you, cover your ears immediately!’’ (Aquinas)

As Aquinas said that, Eveam and the soldiers all covered their ears with both hands while tilting their heads.

Then Hiiro concentrated magic into his fingertip and wrote.

[Big Explosion]/『大爆発』

(The explosive power will be in the air, but will be followed by a large blast wave and a really loud explosive sound) (Hiiro)

Judging what would occur, after sending the word towards the monsters, Hiiro covered his ears. The instant the word came into contact with the monsters, it activated.


A tremendous explosion and blinding light surged out from the sky.


Suddenly, an intense wave blasted throughout the country. Trees fell conspicuously, but the buildings somehow managed to withstand the blast force, as they didn't crumble. Even so, those who hadn't been prepared for the blast were sent flying.

’’Uuu!’’ (Eveam)

Eveam also staggered, but Aquinas placed his hand on her back and supported her.

’’S-sorry about that, Aquinas’’ (Eveam)

’’No problem........’’ (Aquinas)

However, his eyes were aimed towards the skies. As Eveam similarly directed her eyes there, various things, having been turned into ash-like substances, began to pour down.

It was understandable that those were likely what remained of the monsters. However, thinking that the explosive temperature had simply been that high, it involuntarily sent a chill down one's spine.

And Aquinas looked at Hiiro, who had done that.

(It seems that Hime has contracted with a frightening boy) (Aquinas)

Hiiro had so easily accomplished what Aquinas himself had been incapable of doing. And Hiiro, unaware of Aquinas's feelings, quietly muttered.

’’Alright, extermination complete’’ (Hiiro)


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