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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 124


Chapter 124: Hiiro, once again to the Demon Country

Kiria: 「Well, even so, to think that he was such an easy to handle lord, one can say that it was fortunate, even if anticlimactic.」

As she saw the completely changed Rudolf, Kiria muttered to herself.

Kiria: (I guess he is not yet aware. This was certainly an act of betrayal. According to what had been written on the 《Contract Scroll》, Kiria, who had committed treachery, should have died. That was mandatory. However......)

She glanced at No.03 who was beside her.

Kiria: (If only one of us were to die, then it simply becomes a matter of once again rebuilding us anew.)

Indeed. Certainly, the contracted Kiria had died this time due to committing the act of betrayal. However, to No.02 and the rest, one more 'self' had simply died. It simply did not concern them.

Kiria: (Foolish Lord......your belief that Kiria was the prevalent reason for your defeat. However, it is unfortunate. We are but mere pieces.)

After No. 02 looked upon Rudolf emotionlessly, it sent its gaze towards No. 03.

Kiria: 「Now, let us go No. 03.」

Judom: 「Hold it! I don't know where you are planning on going, but do you really think I'll just let you simply leave!」

Naturally, Judom had no intention of letting Kiria, the ringleader behind the entire affair, escape.

Kiria: 「Even if you say this to me, as I wish to be spared from anymore irregularities...No. 03.」

No. 03: 「Yes?」

Kiria: 「I shall take Ugly Doll and go ahead first. Please return after you have appropriately served as an opponent.」

No. 03: 「I understand.」

Kiria: 「Ugly Doll! Stop your feasting!」

Rudolf: 「」

When Rudolf discarded the soldier's corpse with a *poi*, treating it like trash, No.02 footsteps unhesitatingly resounded as it moved to Rudolf's side.

Judom: 「Rudolf!」

Judom attempted to move in front of Rudolf in order to obstruct his walking path. However, before he could, No.03 stood in Judom's way.

No.03: 「I will not let you go.」

Kiria: 「I leave it to you, No.03.」

No.03: 「Understood.」

Judom: 「Hold it! Rudolf! You're still aware of what's happening, right!? Open your eyes! What do you plan to do with the country!?」

However, Rudolph did not react. As he place his hand directly onto No.02's shoulder, he simply walked away.

Judom: 「Damn it-!」

Judom began to survey the surroundings by only moving his eyes. A scene that appeared to be taken out of a picture of hell spread before him. He scowled as the smell of blood and burnt flesh pierced his nose. Although there were soldiers that were still alive, there was nobody who was left uninjured.

Judom left the soldier's treatment to the priests, thinking that he should try and stop Rudolf. However, as No.03 obstructed him, he clicked his tongue inwardly.

As they stared at each other warily, their gazes undiverted, No.03 approached Judom's chest at a tremendous speed.

Judom: 「Chii-!」

Similar to Eveam and Rudolf, she tried to pierce Judom with a spear hand but-

Judom: 「Don't underestimate me-!」


Suddenly, Judom vigorously brought his hands together. At that moment, with Judom as the epicenter, a blast of wind raged violently.

No.03: 「Ku......-!?」

No.03, who was heading straight for Judom, had their body blown away by the raging wind blast. Following this, she collided with the building.

Judom: 「That was the 《Hand Clap Focal Point》. Remember it!」

As expected of a man that had been recognized by Aquinas. Without having to receive No.03's attack which appeared to have been aimed for the instant that the opponent was unguarded, Judom returned it with his own counterattack. Such was expected from him, as he was the one who had been entrusted with the human's guild.

Judom: 「Sorry, but I'm gonna catch you and force you to spit out what you know.」

Judom turned towards the building that No.03 was launched towards. However, Judom widened his eyes as he took in the scene before him.

Besides the destroyed remains of the rubble, there was nothing there. Apparently, she purposefully allowed herself to be blown away in order to use the opportunity created to run away.

Judom: 「 think that I would make such a mistake.」

As he did not think she would attempt to retreat this quickly, Judom wanted to beat himself upon realising his naivety.

Judom: 「......I guess it can't be helped. For now, I don't have much choice but to return back to 【Victorias】, huh. After all, it wouldn't be good if I didn't collect the information about them.」

As he murmured, his gaze flew in the opposite direction of the country.

Judom: (Although it's turned into the worst possible outcome, I guess I have to do what needs to be done, huh.)

Okamura Hiiro, who had just returned to the 【Evila Capital: Xaos】, was, for some reason, being fiercely glared at by a certain individual.

Said individual allowed her blazing, crimson hair to flutter as she confronted Hiiro with narrowed eyes and folded arms.

Liliyn: 「What's the meaning of this?」

Hiiro: 「What, it's just Aka-Loli(2). So you came back, huh.」

Indeed, the one before Hiiro's very eyes was Aka-Loli, Liliyn Li Reysis Redrose. The reason for why she was glaring at Hiiro with an expression of wrath was unknown. At that moment-


???: 「Goshujiiiiiiiiiin(4)!」


Hiiro: 「Gufu-!」

As something had suddenly assaulted his belly, Hiiro, who was caught off guard, flew backwards in such a state.

???: 「Goshujin Goshujin Goshujin Goshujin Goshujin Goshujin Goshujin Goshujin Goshujiiiiiiin!」

That someone who had jumped onto Hiiro began to muzzle it's head in Hiiro's chest. Following this, as Hiiro thought that they were going to stop, they stuck their tongue out with a *pero-*(6).

Hiiro: 「O-oi......wait a minute......」

*Pero pero pero pero pero pero pero pero pero pero!*

It was not strange for the surroundings to be in an uproar. The man in the red robe that had suddenly appeared was currently pinned down and having his face licked by another person that had also suddenly appeared.

Hiiro: 「Eei-!(7) So annoying! Get away from me, Yodare-Tori!(8)」

As Hiiro grabbed the person by the neck, he stood up and threw them away with a *poi-*.

???: 「Kui-!(9) Ittaaaaai-!(10) Goshujin is so mean!」

Hiiro: 「Shut up! I'm always telling you not to lick my face, aren't I!?」

As Hiiro used his sleeve to wipe his gooey face, drenched by drool, his cheeks twitched.

???: 「Uu~ but, but, it's been so long da mo~n(11)......」

The individual, no, from appearances, she was completely an elementary schoolgirl. As she had unruly, yellow hair that was cut short, the hair around her ears appeared to grow in a shape that resembled wings.

From her facial expression, one could clearly understand that the individual had a lively character as her large, friendly eyes, adorable nose and cute mouth were perched neatly onto her face. In addition, this child was also wearing clothes similar to Nikki, a 『文』(12) character having been engraved on the back.

Furthermore, the child's charm point was a faint, crescent-shaped birthmark that floated on its forehead.

Nikki: 「Aa-! Mikazuki, that's bad desu zo(13)! The only one who is allowed to hug Shishou(14) is me after all!」

Mikazuki: 「You're wrong da mon! The only one allow to hug Goshujin is Mikazuki da mon!」

The two children began to quarrel.

Nikki: 「Muu(15)......Shishou is mine desu zo!」

Mikazuki: 「Kuu(15)......Goshujin is Mikazuki's da mon!」

As the two adamantly glared at each other, their mouths pointed in annoyance-

*Poka-!* *Poka-!*(16)

Nikki: 「Nowa-!?(17)」

Mikazuki: 「Nyu-!?(17)」

A fist fell above both of their heads.

Hiiro: 「Alright already. You guys just shut up.」

As Hiiro glared at the two with a displeased expression,

Nikki | Mikazuki: 「「......yes.」」

The two instantly became silent.

Liliyn: 「Oi Hiiro. Hurry up and answer my question.」

Liliyn, as if losing her patience, threw out words infused with anger.

Hiiro: 「Question, you say?」

Liliyn: 「Yes, what's with this situation? Nikki seems to have known about it but why didn't I hear about this?」

Hiiro: 「Because I didn't tell you.」

Liliyn: 「Like I said, I'm asking you why you didn't tell me!」

Hiiro: 「......haa. Look here, you came here, saying that 'you wanted to come to this country', right? And you also said that you weren't very fond of this country and that you were going to see someone who lived near the country, right?」

Liliyn: 「Aa(18).」

Hiiro: 「As I had also come here without any prior knowledge, I was dumped here after being told to 'stay at this inn and wait for a bit'.」

Liliyn: 「......」

Hiiro: 「The fact that war might break out was something that I heard just recently. Therefore, there was no way to tell you as you were absent at that time.」

Liliyn: 「Eei, don't screw with me! If you used your 《Word Magic》, you'd be able to tell me in a blink of an eye, you bastard!」

As she protested, Liliyn frowned.

Hiiro: 「Don't screw with me. Why do I have to take the trouble of reporting every single piece of info I get to you?」

Liliyn: 「That much is obvious! It's because you belong to me!」

As she insisted thus while puffing out her small chest, Hiiro simply glared at her with reproachful eyes.

Hiiro: 「I only belong to me. I have no intention of being owned by anyone else.」

Liliyn: 「-tch. In the past half year, you're just as stubborn as always.」

Hiiro: 「I don't want to hear that from you.」

Liliyn: 「Fun(19), oh well. By the way, although I only observed some of it on my way here, the war between races appears to be in full-swing, huh.」

Upon hearing those words, Hiiro seemed to have recalled something as he looked at Nikki's face.

Hiiro: 「Oi, Baka-Deshi(20). The Maou(21) and co. came here, right?」

Nikki: 「Ah, hai desu zo!(22) As I thought that something had suddenly appeared, they began to shout something incomprehensible. What exactly was that?」

It was most likely that since she was sent back here while in the middle of her speech, Nikki would have heard her declaration.

Nikki: 「But as soon as she realised that there was no one in the direction of where she was pointing, her face became incredibly red as she said things like Shishou is a Baka(23) or that Shishou was unbelievable...」

Her embarrassment at that time was something that Hiiro could not possibly comprehend.

Hiiro: 「That doesn't matter. Where are they?」

Nikki: 「They said that they were going to perform sub-ju-ga-tion(24) and left somewhere desu zo.」

Apparently, the Maou's party, after appearing here, headed out to repel the Gabranth insurgents for the sake of quelling the conflict.

Nikki: 「Ah, also, regarding those who are called the Heroes(25)-」

Hiiro: 「Nn? Heroes? ............aa, come to think of it, they were here, huh.」

Although he had completely forgotten about them, Hiiro began to search the surroundings for the figures of the heroes. However, he did not find them.

Hiiro: 「......they're not here, huh.」

Nikki: 「You see, after Shishou flew to the other side, that Ookami-dono(26) began to talk with the heroes. After that, due to some strange people suddenly attacking, they were sent flying somewhere.」

Hiiro: 「They were sent flying?」

The Ookami was obviously referring to Ornoth. However, as Nikki had also not remembered his name, they referred to him by his only distinguishing feature, calling him Ookami.

Although Nikki's description was vague and difficult to understand, as long as they were not here, Hiiro did not particularly care.

Hiiro: 「They're really like the frog at the bottom of the well......aren't they? It's probable that they were about to run away after they were assaulted by the Ookami's killing intent. It seems that they haven't yet become accustomed to being the King's discarded pawns. Honestly, just what have those guys been doing since they came here?」

Although he could somewhat guess, as he had determined that thinking about those that he was no longer interested in was unproductive, he began to search for the Demon Lord for now as it was necessary for Hiiro to meet her.

「Seek」 | 『探索』(27)

As Hiiro activated those words, a pale arrow appeared before him, pointing towards the direction that Hiiro should advance in.

Liliyn: 「Oi, Hiiro. You can't possibly be thinking of participating in the war, right?」

Hiiro turned towards Liliyn's unchanged disgruntled expression.

Hiiro: 「That's what I'm thinking.」

Liliyn: 「Ha? You bastard. Don't tell me you've awoken to altruism and are gonna try and stop this war, huh?」

As she spoke with considerable sarcasm, Liliyn shrugged her shoulders.

Hiiro: 「If you want to know about the reason for my participation then ask that Baka Deshi. Also, that Jii-san(28) and Doji-Maid(29) are probably on there way here, right?」

Liliyn: 「Nn? ......aa.」

Hiiro: 「Then once they get here, give them an explanation.」

While he spoke, Liliyn stared carefully at Hiiro's face.

Liliyn: 「 you want me to lend a hand?」

While he thought that Liliyn's behaviour had changed in the last half year, Hiiro gave a wry smile as he waved his hand.

Hiiro: 「No, since I'll finish it up quickly, all you have to do is just wait.」

As he said thus, Hiiro kicked off the ground and left.

While they saw Hiiro leave, Mikazuki grew depressed, perhaps due to the fact that she was sad at the thought of being separated from Hiiro. However, as she noticed Nikki next to her, wearing a thoughtful expression, she began to ask.

Mikazuki: 「What's wrong, Nikki?」

Nikki: 「Nn~ I feel like there was something important that I absolutely had to tell Shishou, but......」

Mikazuki: 「Is that so?」

Nikki: 「Uu~n」

Mikazuki: 「If you can't remember it then it can't be anything important, no?」

Nikki: 「Ah, you must be right!」

Mikazuki: 「That has to be it!」

Nikki: 「Un un!(30)」

Mikazuki: 「Ahaha!」

Upon looking at the duo who were laughing together, Liliyn exasperated.

Liliyn: (Don't tell me that the one who has to watch over these me......?)(31)

The one who cried in their heart, for someone, anyone to quickly return soon, was Liliyn.

Author Note:

Ah, next time will have full-fledged warriors. This time was the preparation before it.

The beast men and demonkin and everyone will become warriors and it'll be a *bla~~~st*......hopefully.

There will also be another story where you can get a momentary glimpse of Aquinas at his strongest.


  1. (1) *Paan*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *slap* or *clap*.
  2. (2) Aka-Loli: Hiiro's nickname for Liliyn. Aka = Red. Loli = Lolita.
  3. (3) *Dada*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *thud*.
  4. (4) Goshujin: Master, Lord or Owner.
  5. (5) *Dogosu*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *bonk*.
  6. (6) *Pero*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *lick*.
  7. (7) Eei: Japanese expression denoting irritation.
  8. (8) Yodare-Tori: Hiiro's nickname for a certain drooling (yodare) bird (tori).
  9. (9) Kui: Raidpic speak. If you don't know what a Raidpic is...why are you reading this?
  10. (10) Itai: Japanese equivalent of 'Ouch' or 'Owie'.
  11. (11) Da mon: This particular character's speech quirk.
  12. (12) TL Note: This 文 character literally means 'sentence'. However, it is also apart of the 文字 kanji which means 'word' (character to be specific). This engraved symbol is essentially stating that the wearer is aligned with the 'one who uses words'.
  13. (13) Desu zo: Nikki's speech quirk.
  14. (14) Shishou: Mentor.
  15. (15) Muu/Kuu: Expressions of irritation/frustration.
  16. (16) *Poka-*: Japanese onomatopoeia meaning *impact*.
  17. (17) Nowa/Nyuu: Grunts of pain.
  18. (18) Aa: An expression of affirmation often used by, but not exclusive to, masculine, dominant people. Think 'yeah' or 'uh-huh'.
  19. (19) Fun: Hmph.
  20. (20) Baka-Deshi: Stupid (Baka) Disciple (Deshi). Hiiro's nickname for Nikki.
  21. (21) Maou: Literally Demon Lord. Hiiro's nickname for Eveam.
  22. (22) TL Note: Hai = Yes. In this case, I have left it in Jap because it sounds similar to how a soldier would respond to their commander with a 'Sir, yes sir!' or 'Roger'.
  23. (23) Baka = Idiot, Stupid, Imbecile, Retard, and any other synonym that one can use to insult somebody's level of intellect. (It's closer to 'stupid'.)
  24. (24) TL Note: Written in Katakana as opposed to Kanji. Implies that the speaker does not know what the word is and is merely pronouncing the sounds/syllables. Thus, the hyphenation.
  25. (25) TL Note: Written in Katakana as opposed to Kanji. Reasons similar to Note 24.
  26. (26)
    • Ookami: Wolf
    • -dono: a relatively archaic suffix that functions similarly to -san. Implies distance/formality towards the subject. Often used by samurai but tend to also be used by those with honor and/or status.
  27. (27) TL Note: Made up of 探 = Explore and 索 = Rope. Implies that something specific is being sought out and traced. Thus, I have used 'seek'.
  28. (28) Jii-san: Old man (formal) or Old geezer/fart (Informal/rude). Hiiro's nickname for a certain, perverted butler.
  29. (29) Doji-Maid: Clumsy Maid. Hiiro's nickname for a certain, flustered maid. (Fee~)
  30. (30) Un: An expression of affirmation.
  31. (31) TL Note: Liliyn, you have my sympathies...although I have a feeling LoliQ wouldn't mind looking after some lolis...


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