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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 123


Chapter 123 - Way to Betrayal

’’ I want to destroy the 『Evila』. Especially the people close to the Demon Lord. In other words, .....Revenge.’’ (Kiria)

’’...What would you do that? In the first place, if you really hate the Demon Lord, why are you serving as her aide? Rather, you serve her as you plan to find a chance to kill her, yes? ’’ (Rudolf)

’’It is not such a simple story.’’ (Kiria)

’’What do you mean?’’ (Rudolf)

’’The people around the Demon Lord are the ones I hate the most. Although it is easy to kill the Demon Lord, I want to kill them after humiliating them to the extent that they would despair on their helplessness’’ (Kiria)

Rudolf and Dennis shuddered, Kiria's eyes that were stained with freezing darkness bore into their very being

’’I want to assassinate the Demon Lord on an even more compelling stage. In order to do that, your assistance is mandatory’’ (Kiria)

’’I see, so that's the reason for the conference?’’ (Rudolf)

’’Yes, that indeed is the reason’’ (Kiria)

Rudolf nodded with a stern expression, but even though he felt intimidated by her dark emotions, he could not afford to believe to her so easily.

’’Most likely, I will be one of the bodyguards accompanying her to the conference. However, if the Demon Lord is killed in their presence, they will lament their own worthlessness. And, after they experienced despair, I will torture them to death.’’ (Kiria)

The sound of Dennis gulping could be heard faintly. Power seeped through Rudolf's fist instinctively. This person is really serious, Rudolph thought as he was anxious on this audacious plan.

’’Why.... do you want revenge?’’ (Rudolf)

’’Oh? Weren't you deprived of your important one as well? Or, though you were deprived, do you not have any desire for revenge? ’’ (Kiria)

’’...... No, certainly..... the sacrifice I paid to destroy the Demon Lord of 『Evila』 was big. Such an alliance is just received with a sneer’’ (Rudolf)

’’It might be so. I was also deprived of my important one. Therefore, I cannot forgive them. So please, will you not help us defeat 【Demon Capital: Xaos】?’’ (Kiria)

The two stared at each other. Time flew by with neither of them averting their gaze. And, when Rudolf broke his gaze, he spoke.

’’Just now, Did you say us? Is there somebody else who knows of this plan?’’ (Rudolf)

’’The other one is a person named Iraora, the guardian at the border’’ (Kiria)

’’What di-....!’’ (Rudolf)

Those words was considerably attractive. 【Mütich Bridge】is the sole link for crossing the border, the absolute defense line, the person guarding must be of top class. It would be very convenient if such a person is on the treacherous side,

’’If that is the case, it is reliable, with this I can make my move in various moves. However’’ (Rudolf)

’’.....-?’’ (Kiria)

’’This is only credible if your story is true to the end. You don't actually think that I will easily believe such a story without proper evidence, did you?’’ (Rudolf)

’’Of course. I understand that trusting takes time. Therefore, send your most trusted intelligence unit to 【Xaos】 to ascertain my words. I will order Iraora to let them cross the border without hurting them’’ (Kiria)

’’....Dennis’’ (Rudolf)

’’Y-yes?’’ (Dennis)

’’Let the third unit confirm the situation. Ah, wait, if the story is true, I think it is better to gather those whom we can trust this information with, I suppose? (Rudolf)

Rudolf placed a hand on his chin as he carried a worried face.

’’....Yeah, Let us use the ad-man ’’ (Rudolf)

’’ I see, he is a person in charge of the intelligence unit serving from the previous generation, if it's that person he may be able to ascertain the truth. I shall comply at once’’ (Dennis)


’’I believe you said you were Kiria, for the time being I will carefully examine whether your story is true or not. And also....’’ (Rudolf)

Rudolf opened a drawer in the desk using a key, then a sheet of paper was taken out.

’’This is....’’ (Kiria)

’’I'm sure you know of it. This is a 《Contract Roll》’’ (Rudolf)

’’Yes I do, signing in here will prevent us from betraying each other’’ (Kiria)

Then, Kiria as well took out a similar paper from her breast pocket.

’’In fact, I thought that you would also feel relieved if we had one like this’’ (Kiria)

’’I see. So, that was your intention from the beginning’’ (Rudolf)

’’Yes, However, my side is at a disadvantage. If you were to betray us instead, the contract will be terminated and since there was no contract breach you will not bear any punishment. Therefore, I would like you to make a definite promise that you would not betray our side as well’’

’’....You do have a point’’ (Rudolf)

It's only natural for her to say such things. It's sheer stupidity to have a one-sided contract. By having 2 contracts both sides will benefit as they can restrain the other party a little.

’’However, I will sign this paper only after the report from the investigation of the adman. ’’ (Rudolf)

’’A wise judgement. I understand. Then in three months I will come again’’ (Kiria)

After she spoke those words, she went out through the door.

’’My king, are you sure about the alliance with them?’’ (Dennis)

’’I do not yet understand. This plan of theirs is ambiguous as it stands. First, I will confirm the matter of the border and then investigate the Demon Capital】’’ (Rudolf)

Time flew fast and the day when the adman was to submit his report came. The information Rudolf received was truly pleasing to his ears. As a result, the story Kiria had told was proven not to be a lie.

Being able to cross the bridge easily, the intelligence unit lead by the adman was able to make a temporary base of operation near 【Xaos. Kiria had made all the necessary preparations in secret to secure a place for the group

Thus, they could easily gather information about 【Xaos】 in various ways. Hereby ascertaining the inside structure of 【Xaos】 that they did not knew of before and procure information on the established plan of assault.

And three months later, as she had promised, she showed up again.

’’Do you believe me now?’’ (Kiria)

’’The story you told us was really a fact’’ (Rudolf)

’’Then...’’ (Kiria)

Kiria took out the 《Contract Roll》 from her breast pocket.

’’Please sign here’’ (Kiria)

However, Rudolf frowns as he hesitates a little. Even after hearing everything, he still was not able to trust her completely.

’’Please be at ease. The negotiation that I have proposed here,please read them carefully’’ (Kiria)

Rudolph opened his eyes wide when he looked over the paper and then stared at her.

The contents of the contract can be summarised as

One will not betray one another. Any action that contradicts both party's reasons shouldnot be taken. Kiria only demands the destruction of 『Evila』. The contract will last until 【Xaos】 is fully overwhelmed

There were no problems with the conditions stated because, in fact it was exactly the way Rudolf wanted. However, the following lines made him tilt his head.

When Kiria betrays, Death is immediately given

Usually, when one forsakes the 《Contract Roll》, though life is cut down as stated in its general contents, there was no rule that robbed the life of the traitor. However, the condition Kiria had written was imminent death..

’’T-This is....’’ (Rudolf)

’’You may receive that as a proper evidence of our contract. These remaining years of my life.... I shall offer them to you’’ (Kiria)

Her eyes were not trembling, Rudolf and Dennis who were witnessing it were overawed. Without a doubt, they understood that her plan is something extraordinary.

’’......I understand. The letter you sent me did give me a detailed explanation of your plan. I was really surprised that even the 『Gabranth』 were also involved in this alliance. With this we can surely crush the 【Demon Capital】.’’ (Rudolph)

’’I will do anything for the sake of my revenge. King, I guess you are also boiling with anger, right? They are the cause of your daughter's deaths’’ (Kiria)

’’.......’’ (Rudolph)

’’ I do not need that country any longer. I believe you are good enough to govern 『Evila』. But, please have mercy on my companions’’ (Kiria)

’’You naturally have that privilege. As for this side, we also do not want to kill our benefactors’’ (Rudolf)

’’Those words from you are really assuring’’ (Kiria)

’’From now on we are comrades’’ (Rudolf)

As Rudolf said so, he put his signature on the 《Contract Roll》. The paper began to cast a pale light, and then dispersed into dust which then flew into Rudolf and Kiria's chest

’’Contract Established’’ (Kiria)

’’Yes’’ (Rudolph)

’’With that over, let us now concentrate on the finer details of our plan. For certainty...... so that our scenario can accomplished’’ (Kiria)

’’Yes’’ (Rudolph)

’’ I will now proceed to the conference place, 【Holy Oldine】 to obtain more information. Well then, see you again’’ (Kiria)

Kiria quietly exited from the room.

’’With this, the 『Evilas』 will be in our grasp...... is what it means right?’’ (Dennis)

Minister Dennis chuckles joyfully.

’’That's right, finally my wish will come true. My daughters can finally rest in peace’’ (Rudolf)

’’However, My King, after suppressing 【Demon Capital】, are Kiria and her companions to be really protected?’’ (Dennis)

’’.....Fufufu, I wonder’’ (Rudolf)

Dennis who saw that face also laughs similarly. As expected, they intended to destroy even Kiria and her companions from the start. However, until the contractual coverage of suppressing 【Xaos】remained, they could not be subjected to punishment.

(I do not know when she will try to backstab..that Kiria) (Rudolf)

When Rudolph thought about the events that were to unfold in the near future, he exhaled deeply, after all his long standing wish was finally coming into place. He was trembling in excitement as he never once thought that he would see the day when the dearest wish of 『Humas』was granted would come.

Although, the heroes were Rudolf's trump card, for this scenario, only Kiria's proposal gained his favour. I shall use the heroes as sacrificial chess pieces in order to complete this scenario. Well, in the beginning, they were mere pawns I summoned to save us.

(I will also need to arrange a scenario that incorporates the extermination of the 『Gabranth』 as well. Although... those guys are like large slab of rocks, they are also quite fragile. If the Beast King dies, their collapse will be nothing of a problem) (Rudolph)

This world then will become only for the 『Humas』. Even if the 『Pheoms』 exist, their existence can't change what happens in this world. With this there will no longer be any wars, a truly peaceful world can be built.

(Kiria..... I give my gratitude to you. I can grip peace with these priceless sacrifices you have given me) (Rudolf)

However, Rudolph did not notice, that Kiria had also anticipated those kind of thoughts. And he, rather, the 『Humas』 were still dancing in the palm of her hand.


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