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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 122


Chapter 122: The Visitors

Translated by Yoraikun

Dio has been temporarily removed, but he will be back.

Oh, and a quick clarification, a TnY chapter is 1-3x the length of an average KnW Chapter averaging at 2 (in wordcount). A WwL Chapter is around 3 TnY Chapters.

Konjiki no Wordmaster Chapter 122: Visitor

’’Dammit, you damn bastards!’’ (Judom)

Judom screamed in Rudolph's direction.

’’Oy, Rudolph! Get yourself together!’’ (Judom)

The Rudolph's body, that had been stiffened through the pain suddenly quivered.

’’Haaaaaagaaaaaaah! Hu, ngry!’’

His large body makes cricking sounds as he moves. He grabbed a soldiers near him in one hand, and...


What a fearful sight. He inserted the soldier head-first into his own mouth. The king's stomach convulsed and shook a few times, but after a while it settled down. And seeing the scene, everyone's face went pale.

’’Not... not enuuuuuuuuuuuuffff! More! Mooooaaaar!’’

He grabbed whoever he could lay his hands on, and made them offerings to his unending appetite.

’’W-what are you doing, Rudolph!’’

Judom's scream never reached him. Seeing no other option, he tried to move to stop him, but 03 stood in his way.

’’H-hii! M-m-m-m-m-m-my liege! I-i-i-i-it's me! Dennis!’’

Perhaps his legs had given out on him, but Dennis frantically tried to crawl backwards. But still, he entered Rudolph's field of vision.

’’Den... ni... s?’’

’’T-t-t-that's right! I'm your loyal retainer! Dennis the Ministerrr!’’

As if he had remembered something Rudolph smiled, but...


Dennis desperately tried to shake himself out of the king's strong arms. He hears ominous creaking sounds coming from around his body.

’’Ga... bo... gi... obu...’’

It was as if his body was being clenched in a vice, and his body cried out. Judom remained wary of 03 before his eyes, as he continued to call out for Rudolph to regain his sanity.


The minister Dennis was shoved into Rudolph's stomach. It was quite an undramatic end for him. In order to save the minister, a close-by army officer tried to pierce Rudolph with his sword, but it had absolutely no effect.

No, it only served to agitate the beast. Rudolph opened his large mouth, and suddenly, a laser-like attack shot out of it.


The sudden attack, coupled with its destructive power and incredible speed made it so that of the five people it was aimed at, four of them fell victim to it.

The one who got hit in the head had the impacted part of his body cleanly disappear, and the one who took it in the stomach got to experience his upper and lower halves separating from each other. Another one was completely annihilated, and the last one was only graze, but the injuries he received caused him the loss of function in his left arm.

With the severity of the situation, the other soldiers forgot their orders, and started running.

’’Get out of the way!’’ (Judom)

Judom should have been desperately trying to stop Rudolph, but even now, Kiria 03 blocked his way. They lock fists, but without either side inflicting significant damage on the other, they're at a stand-still.

’’It may be fine already. 03, grab the Ugly Doll, and let's go return to master.’’ (02)

02's manner of speech made Judom furrow his brow.

’’Ugly Doll?’’ (Judom)

’’It's that 《Hideous Puppet》 over there. Great naming sense, right?’’ (02)

’’What? It makes me want to barf!’’ (Judom)

’’This is why I can't stand people with no taste.’’ (02)

But their treatment of Rudolph amazed him. It's probable that this time, the one who proposed the plans of betrayal for the conference was Kiria. While Rudolph was foolish, he wasn't stupid enough to trust an 『Evila』 so easily.

Even so, he trusted them, and tried to play his hand against the Demon King. In the end, Rudolph was but a pawn, no, a disposable piece. It's hard to think Rudolph would ever agree to a deal as risky as this.

What Judom was thinking came quite naturally to him. Even if an 『Evila』 came to the king, telling him they'd lend their help, and asking to take down the Demon King together, there's no way Rudolph would believe it. There isn't a single person who wouldn't see such a proposal as a trap.

But Rudolph accepted the contract. He had determined that there was enough merit in it, and enough safety for him to agree to it. Then what was that safety? It wasn't anything Judom could find out just by thinking.






About half a year ago, the 『Gabranth』 declared war on the 『Evila』, and tried to march to battle, but the Demon King Evila severed the only bridge linking the two continents. The war was put on hold, no, it came to a close, and after that, in order to prevent anything similar from happening again, the Demon King continued to write letters to the 『Humas』 asking to form an alliance.

But dubious of their true intentions, Rudolph, the Humas King, only put off answering to the letters. And then, one day, a single person appeared before him.

Just as always, he was discussing matters pertaining to the 『Evila』 with his Minister, Dennis. A maid opened the door, and entered the room. It seems she had come to serve tea.

As Dennis was getting thirsty, he proposed that it was a good time to take a break. But without bringing the tea to Rudolph, the maid closed the door, and stood blankly in front of it.

’’... What's wrong? Just bring it over already.’’ (Rudolph)

The unskilled maid gave an unpleasant frown. But she suddenly raised her hung head, and when the other two saw her face, they both turned pale.

’’Hello, can we talk for a bit?’’

The girl who spoke words mechanically had the 『Evila』 characteristic dark skin. And the feature that clearly defined her race was the pointed ends her ears came to. The two were able to determine she was an 『Evila』 right away, and they were about to shout for help.

’’I think it would be best if you didn't do that.’’

For some reason, the girl's voice pierced their hearts. With their mouths hanging open, the two stiffened.

’’Wha!? W-who are you supposed to be!?’’

With a frantic look in his eyes, Dennis moved his mouth. And the girl politely bowed her head.

’’It's a pleasure to meet you. I go by the name of Kiria..., sir.’’

’’Kiria... you say?’’ (Rudolph)

’’Y-your majesty?’’ (Dennis)

’’Y-yes... Kiria should be the name of the Demon Lord's aide.’’ (Rudolph)

’’The very same Kiria.’’

They never thought someone that important would show up here alone.

’’... A-and what is her aide doing here? Did you come to assassinate me or something?’’ (Rudolph)

He managed to preserve his dignified bearing, but his voice was quivering, and simply speaking took all of his might.

’’No, as I just stated earlier, I have merely come to talk.’’

’’Talk... you say?’’ (Rudolph)

Rudolph casts doubtful eyes on her.

’’Yes. It's a talk I think both of us will serve to gain from.’’

’’... So what is this about?’’

His eyebrows twitch. If it was just talking, he decided he would hear her out.

’’Would you be interested in... destroying the 『Evila』?’’


For a moment, he was unable to understand what had been said. He met eyes with Dennis, and tilted his head before returning his gaze to Kiria.

’’What do you mean? Destroy the 『Evila』? Are you not an 『Evila』 yourself?’’

’’Ah, perhaps I should rephrase that. I mean only the 『Evila』 that go against the 『Humas』... of course.’’

’’... Please elaborate.’’

’’Y-your majesty!? You plan to trust the words of someone as suspicious-looking as this?’’

’’No but I've determined there is merit in listening to what she has to say. There's a need to see whether they plan on moving against us, or not.’’

’’B-but still...’’

Dennis uneasily looks at Kiria, as Rudolph shakes his head.

’’I'll make a decision after I hear you out. You better listen to my position as well.’’

’’As expected of the King of Victorias, you sure are open minded.’’

’’Enough with your flattery. Say what it is you want, exactly.’’


Kiria took a deep breath, before she began to explain the reason she came there.


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