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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 12


Chapter 12: Desire for Meat

The ’’Torchu Mountain Range’’ was a hangout for demons. Our protagonist Hiiro Okamura had to pass through there to get to his destination ’’Surge’’ and thus was...


running away with all his might. As for the reason, an annoying amount of demons was chasing after him.

’’D- Damn! Who would've thought that this was the 'Torchu Disaster Plant'!’’

He slipped into a gap in the cliff, letting the demons go past him.

How did it come to this? He had finally arrived at the mountain range, but noticed that his food was running out.

While he roamed around, he found a plant growing on the roadside. That plant bore fruits, which emitted a sweet fragrance like strawberries. Moreover, the fruits were rather large and he plugged the plant, thinking it could serve as food.

However, underneath the plant didn't have roots, but was shaped in a creepy humanoid form out of wood. It suddenly started screaming, so his heart nearly stopped beating.

And then he remembered that the woman at the counter in the Guild taught him about the demon called ’’Torchu Disaster Plant’’ before coming here.

It wasn't a plant, but a full-fledged demon. Once pulled out, it screamed shrill and attracted all nearby demons.

Not knowing that it was the ’’Torchu Disaster Plan’’, he froze up on the spot without understanding what was going on, whereupon a swarm of demons advanced upon him.

(Oh man, this world's really interesting)

Even while thinking so, he held his breath and checked the surroundings. It looked like the demons were gone.

’’Fuh. I think I could've beaten them, but so many showed up so suddenly...’’

There were easily over ten of them. For now it was the right decision to hide.

He walked on, reminding himself to be careful about the ’’Torchu Disaster Plant’’ from now on.

’’Still, I'm hungry.’’

Even more so after running. He restlessly looked around for something eatable and sniffed out an aromatic smell from somewhere.

’’Guess I'll check it out.’’

He headed towards the smell. After a while, he found a small stream and some fishes being grilling nearby on skewers at a fire. The great smell stirred up his hunger.

Gulping down, he surveyed the area, looking for the one responsible for this. But as far as he could tell, no one was around.


No one around. Delicious grilled fish right in front of him. An empty stomach. And again, no one around.

’’.....Time to dig in.’’

He couldn't hold himself back. Just at the moment he tried to take the fish,

’’Get awaaaaay!’’

A terrible killing intent came from behind him, so he jumped widely to the side. At the place where he had been at before, now stood a man thrusting a wooden pole into the ground.

’’Get away! I won't give you any! That's my food!’’

While saying so, he pointed the pole at him like pointing a finger. The man had short ruffled hair in blue colour. He looked like in his 30s. Even covered by armour, it was noticeable that he had quite a muscular build.

He carried a broadsword on his back, which lead Hiiro to think that things would get troublesome if he drew it.


Glancing at the fish, his stomach growled again.

’’Boy! Name yourself! Trying to snatch food from me, the great Arnold, is inexcusable! State your name!’’

With half-opened eyes, Hiiro thought: What a bothersome fellow.

’’I've nothing to give to you! State your name and begone!’’

It seemed he had to state his name no matter what, but he considered what to do.

’’........Mh, first, hear me out.’’

’’What're you acting all composed for, you thief! I won't be tricked! This is my food! After all, I caught it!’’

The man asserted by impressively throwing out his chest.

’’These fishes are yours?’’

’’Yeah! What about it?’’

’’Okay, hand it over.’’

’’Don't take me for a fool!’’

’’I'm starving here, so hand it over.’’

’’G- Grrr! So demanding. How did your parent raise you, you damn brat!’’

’’Who cares about that. First of all, hand it over, grumpy old man.’’

’’Say what! Who are you calling grumpy!’’

He flew into a passion, making you think he would explode if angered any more. Just when Hiiro thought the man might actually transform, someone came out of the bushes with a rustling.

’’U- Uncle...’’

It was a girl around the age of ten. She had silver hair that reached till her waist, but she wore a headgear like a woollen hat that concealed her hair.

Her big eyes had clear sky-blue pupils. But right now, these eyes were filled with anxiety and her small body trembled lightly.

’’O- Oh, Muir~! Give me a moment! I'll educate this ruffian with my fist of love now!’’

For some reason the man was running his mouth about him, but Hiiro glanced at the little girl, whereupon she hid herself startled.

’’........Hah. I understand.’’

’’Mh? You understand what, brat?’’

’’I won't ask for all the fishes, just share a few with me.’’

’’Were you never taught how to ask for a favour, brat!’’

’’Huh? I won't compromise any further.’’

’’You're in no position to say that!’’

Tightly grasping his pole, the man became inflated with hostility. Then he leaped at Hiiro with quite a speed. Hiiro stepped back right away, dodging the pole attack from his opponent.

(So fast... And he isn't even serious yet.)

While dodging, Hiiro measured his opponent's strength by observing him. But his opponent did the same.

(Mhm, this brat has some good moves)

Arnold was just testing him, but having his attack so easily evaded from seeing it the first time, he concluded that Hiiro was quite capable. Then the two of them glared at each other from a distance.

Hiiro grabbed the hilt of his ’’Piercer’’. The man also seized the broadsword on his back. Tension was in the air and silence spread, whereupon a scream resounded. It came from the girl called Muir.

Three Barbarous Kong, oversized gorilla demons, had appeared behind the girl. They were probably lured in by the smell of the grilled fish and ready to attack the girl at any moment.


The man drew his broadsword and went straight for the Barbarous Kong. His speed was in a whole different league than before. The demons were startled as if there were dazzled.

Arnold succeeded in cutting off the arm that tried to seize Muir by applying the momentum of his charge in his sword swing.


While spraying blood around, it swung its other arm, but the man parried it with his sword and desperately protected Muir behind him.

’’U- Uncle...’’

’’It's okay! Leave this to me and take cover.’’

He tried to tell her to take shelter, but another Barbarous Kong appeared behind him.


At this rate, Muir was in danger. But he had his hands full with the three demons in front of him right now.

(Kuh! What now! Do I use it... No, it would endanger Muir too...!)

At that time, he heard a voice from the distant.

’’Hey~ Can I eat now?’’

In a completely inappropriate mood, Hiiro gazed upon the grilled fishes in front of him.

’’Hey, hold it! Eating now!? Colour me surprised! Read the atmosphere, damn it!’’

’’Say what you will. By the way, having trouble?’’

’’I- If you see it, help me!’’

’’Nope. Why would I've to work for free? Ridiculous.’’

’’Say what!’’

The man warded off the demon's attack while his eyes became bloodshot. With the momentum of repelling it at once, he stood in front of Muir. But four Barbarous Kong were surrounding them. With one moment of carelessness, Muir would be in danger.

...What to do?

Seeing Arnold cornered, Hiiro remained composed. His hunger won over him, his stomach growling endlessly.

(So, what to do... The growling is annoying. Do I secretly snatch some food? Nah, he'll notice...)

Just as he was starring at the sweet-smelling fish, a knife was thrown at his feet. Taken aback by the knife pierced into the ground, he looked at the culprit.

’’Hey, what's your problem, old man.’’

Yes, Arnold had thrown that knife.

’’Okay~ Listen well, fool! Y- You can have these fishes! So help me out! Th- This is a deal! If you want to eat, obey me!’’



He never expected him to turn him down at this point.

’’Right now, I can just snatch the fishes and run away!’’

’’You devil!’’

’’Can't take a joke, huh.’’

’’Don't ask for the impossible in this situation!’’

Hiiro truly handled things at his own pace.

(Oh well, let's work a bit for the fish...)

The moment he though that, Arnold cut off a demon's arm and that very arm brilliantly fell down on the fire.


’’N- No waaaaaay!?’’

The fishes were cruelly squashed by the arm and got coated with sand and pebbles, making them non-edible. Seeing that, Hiiro gradually lost his spirit and then...

’’...Well, time to move along.’’

’’Hey, hey, hold it!’’

Hiiro was about to leave when he was hastily stopped.

’’What? Since my pay turned into this, I lost all my motivation.’’


He could've forced Hiiro to take responsibility if it had been due to his ineptitude, but Hiiro hadn't agreed yet and the negotiations in form of the fishes had failed due to Arnold's fault, albeit accidentally.

But if he couldn't get Hiiro's cooperation, he would have to fight the ferocious demons while protecting Muir. He would've no trouble against them on his own, but since he had to protect Muir, it was difficult.

’’F- Fine! Listen, brat!’’


Hiiro, about to leave, turned around on Arnold's shout.

’’Sheesh! It's my last resort! I- I'll give you some of the 'Aqua Hound Meat', so help meee!’’

’’....What's that?’’

’’You don't know!? It's a first-grade meat! Eating it grilled, will make your tongue melt and get you addicted!’’


Hiiro's eyes sparkled.

’’Addicted, huh...’’

Hearing that reminded him of the ’’Addicted Seafood Noodles’’ that he had eaten in ≪Victorias≫. It had been delicious. Incredible delicious. He wanted to eat it again by all means.

Therefore he reacted to the word ’’addicting’’ from Arnold. As Hiiro loved eating, it was the perfect opportunity to eat something good.

’’Hey, you better not be lying.’’

’’Huh? Of course not! But don't get me wrong! Not everything, you hear! Whoops!’’

Arnold narrowly dodged the claw of a Barbarous Kong.

’’Damn it! Listen, brat! I guarantee the taste! But I'm only giving you one portion!’’

At that time, a Barbarous Kong seized Muir and lifted her towards its mouth. Apparently it attempted to eat her.



Just when he thought that Muir had fallen into the enemy's hands, its arm was chopped off.


The girl fell from its hand towards the ground. Muir tightly shut her eyes, rolled herself up and braced herself for the impact. Arnold saw that and shouted. Then...

’’Easy there.’’


However Muir only received a soft sensation. Not a shred of pain. When she slowly opened her eyes, there stood Hiiro with ’’Piercer’’ in his hand.

’’...Can you stand?’’

’’Eh, ah... Yes.’’

’’Then stand up. And you're in the way, stand back.’’

Muir looked at Hiiro absent-minded. Arnold made a sigh of relief once he confirmed Muir's well-being. However, Hiiro frowned displeased, bothered by their attitudes.

’’Hey, get away already, shorty.’’

’’Ah, yes...’’

While saying so, she distanced herself from him.

’’Old man, don't stare into empty space and fight!’’

’’Sh- Shut up! Right back at you, don't blame me when you die!’’

’’Ridiculous. As if these guys could kill me.’’

Arnold took a stance with his sword for attacking and felt a shiver running down his back as he sensed Hiiro's thirst for blood.

Hiiro totally intended to slaughter the enemy. To kill them without mercy. That was how he handled demons attacking him.

His hostility void of any other emotions turned into bloodlust and overruled the area. Even the Barbarous Kong reacted to that and all four focussed onto Hiiro.

’’Too troublesome to deal with them one after another. Old man, line them up.’’

’’Huh!? Say what?’’

’’Just do it. Talking later.’’

’’You little... Fine!’’

Sighing resigning, Arnold sharply glared at the scattered Barbarous Kong.

’’I'll do it, but fall back if you don't want to get dragged into it.’’

’’So bossy.’’

Even while complaining, Hiiro took a step backwards, curious about what he would do. Then Arnold held his broadsword with a backhand grip and pushed the sword from the ground upwards while spinning.

’’≪Explosive Wind Claw≫!’’

Suddenly an enormous blast raged upwards from the ground, no, with Arnold as the centre. Even Hiiro, standing apart, got a bit wobbly.

The demons in the maelstrom were lifted up into the air with no way to resist.

’’Oho, not bad.’’

Seeing that, Hiiro muttered in admiration. Arnold could've sent them flying like that anytime, but didn't do so as Muir had been close by.

(I don't feel any magic power from it. It isn't magic?)

The Barbarous Kong were whirled up in midair while vacuum blades cut up their bodies. Before long, they fell down, all lined up like Hiiro had requested.

’’Hmm, good enough in the air?’’

’’Yeah, perfect.’’

Hiiro answered, then aimed at the Barbarous Kong falling before his sword.

’’H- Hey, what are you...?’’

’’Shut up and watch.’’

He bluntly discarded Arnold's question. Arnold became sullen, but watched attentively like he was told.

Hiiro concentrated magic power in his fingertip and wrote ’’extend’’ on his blade. Yes, he used ≪Word Magic≫.

’’Perforate, 'Piercer'.’’

Then the rapidly extending blade pierced through the falling Barbarous Kong. It smoothly went through the flesh, uncertain if it was due to the gravity or the sword's sharpness.

Arnold had his mouth gaping wide open on this scene. Knowing little of that, Hiiro slowly let his sword drop to in front of him after he was sure that it had pierced all four of them.

The ground shook greatly upon the impact from the fall of four Barbarous Kong. The four were tied together through the extended ’’Piercer’’.

Hiiro felt through the blade how they passed away one after another while groaning.

’’One skewer of Barbarous Kong ready.’’

These words marked the end of the battle.


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