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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 118


Chapter 118: Hiiro, at Holy Oldine

After Hiiro recalled his exchange with the Maou Eveam, he used the word [Transfer]/『転移』in order to directly ask her about her true intentions in regards to the contents of their contract.

Once his disciple Nikki saw him off, he felt the familiar experience of movement by teleportation and judged that he had arrived at his destination. After first surveying where he was, he decided to fire off his complaints towards her.

’’Hm? Where is this? .......Oh, there she is. Oi Maou, there was a discrepancy in the contract's.......wait, what's with that face?’’ (Hiiro)

The first thing he thought of was that the heaviness of the atmosphere wasn't half-hearted. There was bloodlust and feelings of hostility all over the area. Not only that, but currently, the presences of the people surrounding Hiiro forcefully caused him to realize that many of them were not ordinary people.

And the primary indicator was that Eveam, the person he had come to meet, was covered in blood and was being carried by a weird ossan.

Hiiro made a serious face and quietly observed the surroundings. A large temple-like building entered his line of sight.

(That must be the Great Temple Oldine that the Maou spoke of) (Hiiro)

Just in case, he had heard a certain degree of information about the conference, so he wasn't surprised. It was only at the level of being impressed by the size of the building.

’’Y-you bastard! Who are you! Rather, just where did you appear from!’’ (Marione)

Naturally, Marione, who was worried about the well-being of the Maou, was highly wary of the mysterious person, Hiiro, who had suddenly appeared. However, Hiiro did not answer. He silently looked over at Eveam.

The other people too, had lost their words at the sudden visitor and froze in a bewildered manner. Even Aquinas and the traitor Kiria had frozen while trying to understand the current situation.

(Kiria's face......then that boy isn't one of her subordinates?) (Aquinas)

Aquinas had, upon seeing Kiria's surprised expression, judged that to be so. Of course, not only him, but Judom also came to the same conclusion.

’’......Hi.......iro?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam, having finally noticed Hiiro's presence, faintly murmured.

’’Your Majesty? Do you know that youngster?’’ (Marione)

As Marione asked, though it may have been due to Eveam's hazy consciousness, she made a blank face and said,

’’Ah, no......this must be an illusion.......Hiiro......I left the country to him......’’ (Eveam)

’’The country? What are you talking about your Majesty?’’ (Marione)

Hiiro observed the situation, and started to calmly analyze it.

(It seems that the conference ended in a failure like I had thought. Both humans and beastmen are here other words, the Maou and co. got caught in their encirclement and became unable to make any movements? But even if it's the Maou, for someone to have given her such a serious injury is......) (Hiiro)

He looked around restlessly as he once again surveyed the surroundings.

(The one who did it was.......that guy?) (Hiiro)

While thinking that, he gazed at the Beast King Leowald. Based on his atmosphere, he felt that Leowald had an aura different from normal people. If he had to say, it was an atmosphere similar to when he made Liliyn angry. In other words, it was abnormal.

(Those guys......kind of seem like comrades) (Hiiro)

Of course, there were other abnormal-like people around. They were Aquinas and Judom. However, no matter what, he couldn't feel any hostility towards the Maou from them, so he didn't include them.

( That guy......I don't really get) (Hiiro)

He glanced towards Kiria, but couldn't tell whether or not she was strong or weak. If he had to express it, she only felt eerie. It was as if she was a person that was not a person. It was a sensation similar to when he met monsters, yet also a sensation similar to when he met seemingly strong Evila. At the same time, he felt as though she were a puppet without a will nor anything else.

( That oyaji is......ah, I see, if I recall correctly, it's the King, the King. His name was..............well, King is fine) (Hiiro)

Hiiro had completely forgotten his name. However, he faintly remembered the first King he saw when he was summoned to this world. Though it appeared that the King hadn't realized his identity.

(Well, right now I have the appearance of an『Imp Race』, not to mention I probably didn't leave much of an impression) (Hiiro)

Just as he was thinking that,

’’Ah, are you the one from that time?’’ (Shublarz)

Upon looking towards the voice that suddenly called out to him, he saw a women that he had met recently.

(That woman, I'm pretty sure she was the one who came to pick up the Maou......) (Hiiro)

Right, he was talking about Shublarz. When he was talking to Eveam at the café, she was the one who came to pick Eveam up from the café. He remembered that he had met her at that time.

’’You know him, Shublarz?’’ (Marione)

’’Eh, well yes. Simply put, he's her Majesty's......'this', I guess?’’ (Shublarz)

At Marione's question, Shublarz stuck up her pinky finger.

’’Wh-who is my lo-lo-lo-lover!?’’ (Eveam)

After seeing that, Eveam, who forgot about her serious wound, let out a loud voice and felt an intense pain rush through her chest. However, her consciousness, which had been faint up until now, cleared up properly.

’’Haahaahaa.......Hi-Hiiro? Th-then this.......isn't an illusion?’’ (Eveam)

’’Oi Maou, I came to complain to you’’ (Hiiro)

As he sternly pointed his finger,

’’There was a conflict in the contract's contents, so what are you going to do about it?’’ (Hiiro)

’’A.......conflict? Wh-what is......?’’ (Eveam)

Once again, Eveam's consciousness began to cloud.

’’In the first place, why do I have to come all the way to the requester to......hey, are you listening?’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro spoke with a displeased face, but it seemed that Eveam didn't have any time for that right now. Like this, he wouldn't be able to smoothly advance the conversation.

’’Your Majesty! Whatever, I don't know who you are, but I'll deal with that later! Right now we-’’ (Marione)

’’Shut up, I came here to talk. That's why-’’ (Hiiro)

While he said that, Hiiro began to gather magic at his fingertips. Then he wrote the words [Complete Recovery]/『完治』and fired it towards Eveam.

’’What are you doing!’’ (Marione)

As Hiiro had fired magic, Marione immediately attempted to repel the incoming words by extending his arm, but


Surprisingly, as Hiiro pointed his fingertip towards the ground, the words advanced while turning like a forkball to avoid his arm. Then the words suddenly stuck onto Eveam.


Dazzling particles of light began surrounding her body.

(......ahhh, it's warm. What a comfortable light) (Eveam)

Eveam remembered being embraced by her mother like this as a young child. At that time, she also had a comfortable feeling of complete security like now.

’’Wh-what is with this tremendous magic power!?’’ (Shublarz)

Shublarz shouted as she looked at the light.

’’Mu, muu!’’ (Marione)

Marione had promptly tried to get away from her body, but his gaze was fixated upon the light-covered Eveam. And then the light began to gradually weaken.

’’Oi you bastard! What did you do to her Majesty!’’ (Marione)

’’Shut up, Moustache Baron’’ (Hiiro)

’’Mou-mou-moustache Baron you say......!?’’ (Marione)

Marione truly did have a great moustache, but those were not words to be used against the one of the Evila's top class members. It was to the extent where Shublarz became dumbfounded.

’’How long are you going to sleep for. Hurry and wake up, and explain the situation Maou’’ (Hiiro)

’’Wh-what are you saying! Her Majesty is-’’ (Marione)

As he was saying that, Eveam suddenly moved her body. Her expression was blank as she stiffened and began to touch her chest timidly. And then she realized that the intense pain that had been running through her up until now had disappeared without a single trace.

’’Yo-your Majesty?’’ (Marione)

As one might expect, after seeing Eveam, whose face colour had suddenly gotten better, Marione also inclined his head in confusion.

’’.......wha-what did you do, Hiiro?’’ (Eveam)

Naturally, to solve the mystery that had happened to her body, she asked Hiiro, the one who had caused the mystery.

’’Something like that doesn't matter. But that's a loan outside of the contract. Remember that.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hi-Hiiro..........I see, so you healed me......I'm grateful’’ (Eveam)

Leaving her hand on her chest, Eveam gave a faint smile towards him. However, in the next moment, she gave a face of realization and raised her head.

’’Bu-but Hiiro! Why are you here? Didn't I request you to defend the country!’’ (Eveam)

’’Request, you say? What do you mean, your Majesty? No, more importantly, is your body alright?’’ (Marione)

’’Ah, ha~n, so it's like~that~’’ (Shublarz)

While Marione continued to worry about Eveam's physical condition, Shublarz came to an understanding of the relationship between the two of them and nodded.

’’Marione, I hired Hiiro. Don't worry. And also, he even healed my body for me’’ (Eveam)

’’Is that true, Maou-chan? Wouldn't it be better to drink some 《Blood increasing drug》just in case?’’ (Judom)

Judom held out a small ball as he said that.

’’I'm thankful, Judom-dono. But, for some reason, my body has become extremely lively. It's likely thanks to Hiiro's magic’’ (Eveam)

Judom looked at her facial colour and agreed. Though her face had been completely pale due to blood loss just now, right now her complexion was much better.

’’But you're an 『Evila』right? Even so, you can use light magic? Just who are you?’’ (Judom)

However, at that moment, Aquinas began to fall back with alarm.

’’I'm sure that we all have questions we'd like to have answered, but the situation is going to start moving soon. Look, the Beast King's starting to unstiffen.’’ (Aquinas)

It was true that thanks to Hiiro's sudden entrance, Leowald had lost the timing to fight, but after seeing Eveam's state after his healing, he stiffly began to scowl. Bloodlust began to surge out from his whole body.

And then Leowald began to concentrate power into both his fists.

’’Uwooooooo.......’’ (Leowald)

With him in the centre of it, the earth began to creak and fissures appeared.

’’If we fight with him like this, it seems like this whole area's gonna be cleared out’’ (Aquinas)

Aquinas muttered that as he felt Leowald's power. Then, Leowald flew up high into the air.

’’Marione, take her Majesty!’’ (Aquinas)

Aquinas said that, but-

’’It's alright Marione. I can move on my own. Everyone should get away from this area!’’ (Eveam)

Hearing Eveam's words, everyone directly underneath Leowald attempted to move away from the area.

’’Take this, you 『Evila』!!!!’’ (Leowald)

Taking a stance with both fists above his waist, Leowald continued to drop with a tremendous amount of momentum.

’’Uwooooooo! 《Maximum Blaze Fang Attack》!’’ (Leowald)

As flames gushed out from his body, the flames began to focus into his two fists. And then, his appearance as he opened his fists and thrust them forward, gave off the shape of the fangs of a beast.


The impact of his fall, in addition to the destructive power of his attack let out a tremendous shock wave. At the same time, with him as the epicentre, flames began to spread out like ripples. Even if you thought you managed to avoid becoming prey to the fangs, the belated second wave of flames would make the target incapable of running away.

Hiiro and co. also did not get hit directly by the fangs as they distanced themselves, but as they didn't think there would be a second wave, a wall of flames began to draw near them.

As he watched the wave approach with incredible heat and speed, Hiiro let out a sigh as though it were tiresome.

(Oioi, why do I have to go through something like this?) (Hiiro)

Evidently it was because he came here, but he didn't think that he would get caught up in such a complicated situation. He hadn't realized it, but the effects of the title, 《Innocent Bystander》, were currently going strong.

However, if he continued to stand dumbfounded, he would get caught up in the flames, so he immediately needed to do something, but Hiiro wasn't hasty. This was because he had set the word [Safeguard]/『防御』just in case, so that he could use it whenever. As long as he used it, he could ward off this level of attack.

But, he couldn't let the Maou next to him, Eveam, get killed. This is because she was his important ticket to the 《Fortuna Grand Library》. He couldn't possibly lose his requester.

That's why he was thinking of protecting her with his 《Word Magic》at the very least, but at that moment, Aquinas appeared in front of him.

He glared at the incoming flames with sharp eyes. As he did so, the burning red flames somehow began to change colour into a light black colour. And then,


Amazingly,the flames had turned into countless granules and dispersed. Not a single bit of heat could be felt.

(What is this........? Sand? No......ash?) (Hiiro)

As Hiiro thought, they were ashes. The flames instantly turned into ash, and dispersed over the ground.

’’Hime, are you okay?’’ (Aquinas)

’’Yeah, as expected of Aquinas!’’ (Eveam)

After Aquinas confirmed her safety, he once again turned to stare at Leowald. In the middle of a large crater, Leowald scowled at Aquinas provokingly.

The ones who were saved when the flames turned into ashes also appeared to include Rudolf's side, as the soldiers and Cabinet Minister Dennis let out large sighs at the relief of still being alive. However, Rudolf and Kiria alone had not moved a single inch from their former position. It was as though they had known that Aquinas would do something.

No, in Rudolf's case, he had Kiria near him and believed that she would do something if it came down to it. This was because he had, at the very least, entered into a contract with her.

’’As I thought, something like this wouldn't be able to leave a single wound. As expected of the 《Demon-eyed Commander》’’ (Leowald)


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