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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 117


Chapter 117 - Request of the Demon Lord

Eveam did not notice the change in her tone. However, she somehow felt relieved as a pleasant feeling of security dwelled in her heart.

Although Hiiro was unaware of her situation, as he had simply stated what was troubling him, Eveam was the one that had become troubled instead.

’’B-,By the way Hiiro!’’ (Eveam)

’’Aa? Why is your face red?’’ (Hiiro)

’’D-,Do not worry about it! T-there's just something wrong with the air-conditioning in here!’’ (Eveam)

’’Is that so?’’ (Hiiro)

If Hiiro had to say, he felt that the place was cold. Furthermore, he found her change of tone unusual as he tilted his head to the side.

’’H-Hiiro, you are an adventurer, am I right?’’ (Eveam)

She returned to her former tone. Although Hiiro thought that the previous tone suited her more, he ignored it as he didn't think much of it.

’’I guess’’ (Hiiro)

’’How long are you going to be here?’’ (Eveam)

’’Who knows, depends on the objective’’ (Hiiro)

’’Ah, the matter about the 《Fortuna Grand Library》 you spoke awhile ago?’’ (Eveam)

’’Yes..., or perhaps I should say that if you really are the Demon Lord you can grant permission, right?’’ (Hiiro)

At that moment, she finally noticed his intentions. Hiiro, who was only half-convinced, asked because he did not understand whether she was the Demon Lord or not.

’’Yes, If it's me, I can grant permission. However, no matter how much you want to read at 《Basement-5》, there are prohibited books, ancient documents and other treasured books that cannot be brought out of the premises. I cannot grant permission to a person I cannot trust right away’’ (Eveam)

She's right about that. Hiiro considered her point of view justifiable. He thought that he had no choice but to place his expectations on Liliyn and her group.

’’However, if Hiiro hears my offer, I shall grant you permission’’ (Eveam)

His eyebrows twitched as he fixed his eyes on her.

’’An offer, you say?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes, in other words, a request. Of course, I will create the contract. That is only if Hiiro does not mind, though’’ (Eveam)

Hiiro pondered the intent of her words. She doesn't seem to be lying. If she really is the Demon Lord, he thought it would be a good deal.

Surely, There is no better offer for my objective if I receive permission directly from the person at the top of the country, Hiiro thought. Although he felt bad for Liliyn, there was no guarantee that she would obtain the permit. Thus, when there is a more reliable method, he would wisely choose that one

(However, this Demon Lord....rather, I still don't know whether or not she actually is the Demon Lord. Still, her request does not seem to be a normal one) (Hiiro)

Although Hiiro handled a lot of requests up to now, it was his first time to receive one directly from a ruler. Therefore, he could not discern it. Although he thought that she may possibly make an unreasonable demand, he judged that it would be worth it to simply listen to her story.

’’....The contents of your request?’’ (Hiiro)

Instantly, Eveam's expression hardened. From simply observing that, Hiiro knew that what she was going to ask was not going be just some whimsical request.

’’You do know about the conference that's being held in one week, yes? Well, about that conference-’’ (Eveam)

’’Wait a second’’ (Hiiro)

’’....What is it?’’ (Eveam)

’’Conference? If I'm not mistaken, although I've heard that sort of rumors before I came here, you said one week-? If you are the Demon Lord, should you really be in a place like this?’’ (Hiiro)

’’...........’’ (Eveam)

Suddenly, she looked away. Ah, this person really ran away from the castle, or so Hiiro had thought.

(Perhaps, she was not able to bear the pressure, and seemed to have come here to take a breather, huh..... ) (Hiiro)

As he pondered this, he looked over at the shopkeeper. She slightly nodded in response, seemingly trying to convey that the idea he was thinking was right on target.

’’Haa, well, enough about you.’’ (Hiiro)

It doesn't mean I've decided that you are the Demon Lord, or so Hiiro thought.

’’That conference will be held in one week. If I remember correctly, it was named the 『Humas-Evila Alliance Conference』’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes, however....’’ (Eveam)

For some reason, her expression darkened.

’’....Some sort of problem will occur. Rather, you're thinking that there is a possibility that something will happen?’’ (Hiiro)

’’........’’ (Eveam)

’’That silence means that I'm right. However, to begin with, it isn't unusual for some danger to occur during the conference you know?’’ (Hiiro)

’’That is....that is right, however’’ (Eveam)

’’Where is it? The place of the conference?’’ (Hiiro)

’’It's not possible to say. Unless, after you sign the contract that is’’ (Eveam)

If she were to easily mention the place at this moment, Hiiro would probably look down on her. Also, if she carelessly teach such confidential information like the location of the conference, she would be disqualified as the Demon Lord.

’’I got it. Then hurry up and say it. What are you seeking from me?’’ (Hiiro)

’’..... I want you to become someone that will help this country’’ (Eveam)

’’..........’’ (Hiiro)

’’I do not want to believe it will happen, but there might be some subtle movements in the 『Humas』 continent. At the time when the country becomes undermanned, I want you to lend your power to become the country's defense’’ (Eveam)

Apparently, she could not defend her country by herself as she was heading to the conference. The 『Humas』 may try and attack here when that chance comes. In other words, she was currently suffering from slight anxiety brought upon by the possibility of betrayal.

If something like that were to happen, Eveam wanted to ask Hiiro for help to ensure that neither side would get hurt.

’’I've been able to grasp Hiiro's power just from observing it earlier. That terrifying magical power, or rather, your most likely a Unique Magic, correct?’’ (Eveam)

Hiiro was shocked in his mind as he maintained his poker face. He had not anticipated to be instantly seen through.

’’I have confidence in my magic perception. I did not sense any attributes in the magic used at that time..... therefore, it must have a unique attribute’’ (Eveam)

’’....I wonder about that’’ (Hiiro)

’’I do not have any intention of making it public. What I'm in need of is genuine defensive power. If it's Hiiro...if you are the owner of that power who does as he pleases, I can expect it as one of the defense of this country’’ (Eveam)

It appears that even if I deceive her, she already seems to have a strong belief in me. Or so Hiiro thought as he sighed.

’’It is a convenient ability. Although, I certainly use a unique magic;you want me to demonstrate my power in case of emergency?’’ (Hiiro)

’’That is correct. This is strictly just a precaution to the last. Of course, it would be good if nothing happened’’ (Eveam)

’’......if that's the case, the request fee?’’ (Hiiro)

Thereupon, she slowly relaxed her cheeks.

’’I will issue you the entry permit for the 《Fortuna Grand Library's《Basement-5》’’ (Eveam)

’’....a verbal promise, huh?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Nay, I have said it before, right? We will sign a contract’’ (Eveam)

Soon after, she took out one sheet of paper from her breast pocket. There was nothing yet written in there. She bit her finger with her teeth and used that blood to write the words.

Hiiro firmly confirmed the words written within the contract. The contents entailed the details of the request fee. In addition, compliance policies had also been written there, as if to deter the contractee from breaking and abandoning the contract midway.

’’This is the 《Contract Roll》.The person who signed this, will have their soul cut down supposing they break their word based from what is written in the contract’’ (Eveam)

’’.... In other words, our lives will be taken away’’ (Hiiro)

’’ That is indeed correct’’ (Eveam)

What a frightening contract, Hiiro sighed as he realized it's risks. Certainly, it might be alright to inform the other party of the location of such a valuable meeting place should they have signed this contract, or so Hiiro pondered.

’’My request... Will you accept it?’’ (Eveam)

She thought Hiiro might refuse. Although Hiiro was definitely strong, he was an adventurer who did not want to participate in wars. Moreover, she had a vague impression that he did not like the contract. Nonetheless, she was very interested in Hiiro's potential.

Eveam understood that Hiiro possessed an abundant amount of magic power. His level was probably also high, in accordance with his magic. For some reason, she was able to understand that his level might also be higher than her, the Demon Lord. But to have an exceptional person appear in this kind of situation, she believed it might be some sort of revelation of something to her.

For this reason, Eveam wanted Hiiro's help at all costs. She was attracted not only to his strength, but she noticed something which her heart seems to be attracted somewhere to Hiiro . In spite of that, most is solely because of his power, or so she thought.

If it's Hiiro, then he would be suitable as an effective defense for the country, she imagined. Although she dangled the bait in front of Hiiro, she vaguely sensed that Hiiro seemed to be ill-humored based on their negotiation. However, it was not something that she should be worried about right now.

However, even though she was concerned that Hiiro might refuse the request, she reflexively stiffened when Hiiro responded.

’’So? Where should I sign?’’ (Hiiro)

Although Hiiro questioned her like that, Eveam hardened as she suspiciously observed Hiiro.

’’Hey, tell me where to sign, quickly’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh, a-, ah.... h-, however, is it really ok? T-there is a chance that it might become a war, you know? (Eveam)

’’I don't really care. Even if it becomes a war, I'm not a person who would die from that’’ (Hiiro)

How much self-confidence do you have there? Eveam wanted to ask.However, Leaving that aside, Eveam couldn't help but be feel glad as Hiiro will sign the contract.

’’H-Here. Sign here’’ (Eveam)

Her tone just changed again, or so he thought. Then, the moment Hiiro signed the contract with blood in the same way as her.


The 《Contract Roll》 began to cast a pale light. Then, the paper became particles as it was split in half and absorbed into the chest of the two people

’’Fu~. With this, our contract is complete’’ (Eveam)

’’Your tone changed, you know?’’ (Hiiro)

’’W-,With this, our contract has been established! And don't retort on my tone!’’ (Eveam)

She is not scary at all, Hiiro thought as the Demon Lord shouted with a red face. Thus, after the contract was established, Hiiro received the details of the conference that takes place a week from now.

karan koron.

’’Shishou! I was able to find the inn! Please praise me!’’ (Nikki)

Nikki cheerfully appeared. However, there was a shadow behind her.

’’Oh dea~r ~m, so you were here Your Majesty ~n’’ (Shublarz)

Eveam looked at the bewitching woman who appeared in the attire of a dancer, her bountiful chest exposed. Eveam wore a disappointed expression as she murmured ’’I was found’’ .

’’Really, Marione and Kiria are ang~ry you kn~ow?’’ (Shublarz)

’’I-, I apologize. I shall return at once’’ (Eveam)

’’Please do so. ~M? Oh my, a secret meeting with a man? ~m, I really can't leave you when you are cornered Your Majes~ty’’ (Shublarz)

Shublarz teased her as she looked at Hiiro.. Even though it wasn't the case, Eveam face turned bright red.

’’I-, i-i-i-it's not a secret meeting! And, I-i-i-i-i don't search for this kind of things when I'm cornered!’’ (Eveam)

’’Fufufu,-fu ~n.....’’ (Shublarz)

Then she quietly watched Hiiro,

’’L-, Look! Let us go quickly! There are a lot of things I have to do!’’ (Eveam)

’’ A~h! Geez, Your Majesty, as you wish Your Majest~y’’ (Shublarz)

Eveam walked towards the door, suddenly she halted, then she faced Hiiro's direction.

’’So Hiiro, I will be counting on you! But don't be too reckless alright?’’ (Eveam)

After she said those words, she went out of the shop.

’’Oh dear, Her Majesty's tone was.....~m I se~e’’ (Shublarz)

As she said so, she once again looked in Hiiro direction.

’’Fufufu, it seems Her Majesty was indebted to you, a~ri~ga~to’’ (Shublarz)

She winked at Hiiro and similarly went out of the shop.

’’.... what on earth was that?’’ (Nikki)

Nikki inclined their head unable to the follow the whole situation.

’’Who knows, I only just received a request from a strange woman’’ (Hiiro)

’’......a request, is it?’’ (Nikki)

After that, Hiiro taught Nikki what was going to happen in a week's time. He informed Nikki the details about the high possibility of this place becoming a war-zone. He then instructed Nikki that they may rampage if the occasion calls for it. Yet, for some reason, Nikki said ’’I'm itching to test my skills~zo’’, in a motivated manner.

(However, to think that she really was the Demon Lord...... yet, no matter how I see her, she looks just like an ordinary girl) (Hiiro)

At that time, the following thought did not enter Hiiro's mind. The fact that the events one week from now would hold importance to such an extent. Surely, Hiiro could not possibly have imagined so.


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