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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 116


Chapter 116 - Hiiro and Eveam

Hiiro understood that he was being treated to a drink, maybe because she bears a part of his involvement. This is probably the reason for her actions, because Hiiro was the one who provoked the fight and thus an apology was not requested

However, the words ’’I'm the Demon Lord’’ she spoke before. Hiiro unintentionally thought that he misheard her words. Therefore, he tried those words in his head.

’’I'm the Beach King’’, Hiiro thought.Although he did not understood its meaning, He imagined it was an existence close to a manager of the beach. But ’’.... Nah’’ Hiiro denied, to begin with he only judged his impression based on her appearance. Even if he changed the words with ones that sound the same, he cannot find any words that has a similar characteristics of her words

In other words, the words Demon Lord. She claimed to be the Demon Lord in Hiiro's presence. If he was not mistaken, this is the home territory of the Demon Lord, although he heard that the Demon Lord was a woman, Who would have imagined that the Demon Lord would lurk alone in a coffee shop?

Supposing she is for example, the Demon Lord, although she can potentially go out to a place alone with this degree of peace, there was the incident with the strangers awhile ago. She probably did not obtain official permission to go out.

Or she is simply yearning to be a Demon Lord, Hiiro instinctively analyzed the matter concerning about that. He thought about its advantages, but he found nothing. He doubted it because she may or may not be the Demon Lord of of the Demon Country. In any case, Hiiro will find out soon.

When Hiiro considered the shopkeeper's reaction when he talked to the young girl in a rough attitude, there is a good chance that she could be someone eminent. Furthermore, when the Bullshit Trio approached her the shopkeeper became even more worried. From that alone, it is clear that the young girl was either a influential or a powerful person.

When Hiiro calmly considered about it, he judged that she might be the real thing. And now, Hiiro saw the young girl watching him with an eager expression as he scratched his cheek.

(Well, I am waiting for that Baka-Denshi, so it's probably alright) (Hiiro)

As he thought so, he decided to obediently receive her offer.

Hiiro returned in the store, and he was treated to a drink as she promised. The treat was just an ice-cream soda but it was still delicious.

While Hiiro enthusiastically drunk the drink, she finally opened her mouth.

’’As I said earlier, I'm the Demon Lord. The one who governs this country’’ (Young Girl)

Hiiro becomes silent as he watched her intently. Then, she somehow become flustered as she spoke.

’’Ah,P-Please ask the shopkeeper whether or not what I'm telling is true~!’’ (Young Girl)

’’No, to begin with I have already found out from that shopkeepers forceful speech’’ (Hiiro)

’’Ah...... I-, I see. muu...’’ (Young Girl)

’’Apart from whether you are the Demon Lord or not, Do you need something? This treat you gave me is not the reason why you stopped me right?’’ (Hiiro)

She catches her breath from Hiiro's words.

’’Uu~, you even understood just from that’’ (Young Girl)

’’It was easy to tell that much’’ (Hiiro)

The atmosphere around her indicated that she wanted to talk. Without such an intent she would not have stopped from leaving the store by grabbing his arm.

’’U~~ Am i really that easy to understand?’’ (Young Girl)

For some reason, her upturned eyes become cloudy.

’’Who knows, Maybe I'm just very sharp’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro gave a half-hearted response.

’’And so? What do you want to talk about?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Ah, tha-, that is’’ (Young Girl)

She stammered as she was hesitant to say her words.

’’I will go if you have nothing else to say?’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro tried to get out of the place as it became a bit troublesome for him. However, his arms was gripped once again.

’’A-, about your magic awhile ago’’ (Young Girl)

’’Sorry, I have no obligation to answer that’’ (Hiiro)

’’I.....see, Is that so. That's right....’’ (Young Girl)

It was clear to Hiiro that she became depressed right away

(Is she really the Demon Lord? I can only see an ordinary young girl) (Hiiro)

Hiiro compared her to others girls he at least know of, he didn't find any difference. Rather, he did not see her as the person who has the caliber of a Demon Lord.

( Although I heard this from Aka-Loli, it seems that the present Demon Lord was forced to take the crown, when the previous Demon Lord died. ) (Hiiro)

The position of a ruler cannot be vacant. He heard that the person who had a trace of the royal family's blood had been temporarily selected to succeed that position.

Then, the girl in question raises her face.

’’C-, come to think of it, I haven't properly introduced myself! I'm Eveam! Eveam Gran Early Evening’’ (Eveam)

’’What a long name. I'll just call you Maou’’ (Hiiro)

’’If possible I wanted you to call me by my name’’ (Eveam)

’’How about Maou(仮-Temp) ? I think it is interesting if it was Maou (笑 - Smile)’’ (Hiiro)

’’What are you implying with Maou (笑 - Smile)! Uuu~, Maou is fine.....’’ (Maou-笑-Smile)

She gave up on complaining as she dejectedly dropped her shoulders.

’’..Your name’’ (Eveam)

’’N?’’ (Hiiro)

’’May you allow me to hear your name?’’ (Eveam)

Now what to do, Hiiro thought. He doesn't mind introducing himself. If other ruler found out that he is with the Demon Lord, it could become troublesome. But, unlike when he was summoned, he now had enough strength to deal with any encounters. Therefore, he judged that there is no need to be worried about it.

’’Hiiro. Hiiro Okamura’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hiiro.... what a good name’’ (Eveam)

When she smiled at that time, it was a such a brilliant smile that it would captivate anyone looking at it. The smile had the ability to pacify and charm those that looked at it. However, Hiiro did not lose his blunt expression.

’’Hiiro, you are similar to the people awhile ago, you are not a resident of this country, Am I right? ’’ (Eveam)

’’That's right. I have only arrived today’’ (Hiiro)

’’For what reason have you come here?’’ (Eveam)

’’I want to ask you the same question’’ (Hiiro)

Although he had no obligation to tell her, he thought that he can honestly answer as his companions said that they will drop in for a short visit to someone. And when he said those words, she responded with ’’I see’’ and nodded in consent.

’’Well, my purpose is a little bit unusual’’ (Hiiro)

’’What do you mean?’’ (Eveam)

’’The 《Grand Fortunia Library》 is here in this country right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Yes’’ (Eveam)

’’I came here because I want to receive permission to enter《Basement-5》’’ (Hiiro)

Truthfully speaking, Hiiro was waiting for his companion Liliyn to obtain the permit.

’’Speaking of 《Basement-5》, you need a royal family's permission to get there. Why do you want to go to such a place?’’ (Eveam)

’’Hah? Isn't it obvious? I want to the read the books? Is there any other reasons rather than to read?’’

’’.....Eh? You will not sell it?’’ (Eveam)

She looked at him with a surprised expression, as if she wanted to say ’’Really?’’

’’Hah? What makes you think that? What happens if I sell it? Will I get some gold out of it?’’ (Hiiro)

’’G-, Generally yes’’ (Eveam)

’’Listen well, I only want to read a rare book. It is just an intellectual curiosity. I have no interest in things like money’’ (Hiiro)

’’.........’’ (Eveam)

For a while, Eveam was dumbfounded. She was surprised at Hiiro's unexpected words.

’’Ah, I apologize for that. I have received many requests to enter 《Basement-5》, but up to now, most of thier intentions was to steal what is inside, so I unintentionally asked because most people who wanted it intends to make a profit out of it’’ (Eveam)

’’By mistake, I was like them? Do not associate me with those guys. It is unpleasant.’’ (Hiiro)

Hiiro pouted in displeasure as he sipped his drink again. Seeing that sort of Hiiro, Eveam gently smiled.

’’... I see, I mean, I'm really sorry about that. I did not consider that there was a person who wanted nothing but to just read them’’ (Eveam)

’’Isn't there a thirst for knowledge for the people around here?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Well, there is a similar person like Hiiro in here too. However, the people who casually and carefully read books , sadly speaking...... there are only a few of them in reality’’ (Eveam)

Currently there is a war going on, but sooner or later the country might become a battlefield, so most people are strengthening their bodies, and stocking on emergency provisions. Plainly speaking, in the same way, Hiiro didn't care about the people mentioned as he only wanted to read some books.

’’But don't you agree that the books are good?’’ (Eveam)

’’Heh, so you love books?’’ (Hiiro)

Her mutter is heard, as she was asked whether books are her favorite.

’’Well, when I read a book, it allows me to be someone else other than a Demon Lord. So while I'm reading, I can freely spread my wings’’ (Eveam)

’’ You are saying like you are not free right now’’ (Hiiro)

She frowned when she heard his words.

’’If you tell me that being here isn't an example of your freedom then what on earth is freedom to you?’’ (Hiiro)

’’T-That is...... I don't usually spend all my time in here! I often lead everyone and guide them as the Demon Lord!’’ (Eveam)

’’However, you are a regular customer here right?’’ (Hiiro)

’’U.....uu......’’ (Eveam)

At that moment, the shopkeeper who witnessed the conversation between two people where Eveam was cornered, found it amusing and remarked with a ’’pufu’’ while smiling.

’’Mou! what is so funny you idiot!’’ (Eveam)

’’F-, Forgive me Demon Lord-sama! H-,However it's been a long time since I've seen this kind of Demon Lord-sama!’’ (Shopkeeper)

When the shopkeeper gladly said so, Eveam's cheek blushed. And then she glared at Hiiro.

’’... Somehow I feel mad talking you, Hiiro’’ (Eveam)

’’Don't blame on me’’ (Hiiro)

’’Mu~’’ (Eveam)

’’While it may be true that you're the Maou, it's not that bad to assume that you are free, Don't you agree?’’ (Hiiro)

’’....Eh?....’’ (Eveam)

’’Although I don't know what it means to be the Demon Lord, but you're moving about within the limits of a Demon Lord. Could it be because you are tired of being a demon lord?’’ (Hiiro)

’’........’’ (Eveam)

’’ In other words, if you want to live that sort of life, you just have to throw away your image of trying to become the Demon Lord’’ (Hiiro)

’’I-I cannot do such a thing! The people will lose someone to follow!’’ (Eveam)

Eveam smacked her fist on the counter when Hiiro suggested such an option.

’’If that's the case, don't you agree you need the capacity to do that? If it's true that you are the real thing, even if you are ruler who does as she pleases, people will follow if you are a charismatic person’’ (Hiiro)

’’.........’’ (Eveam)

’’For the sake of the people and for the sake of the country;that is a splendid ideal. However if you cannot move for your own sake, someday you will fall. If it's me, I feel sorry for such a ruler. Even if no one follows me, I'll be fine with it’’ (Hiiro)

Eveam slightly turns her face down.

’’The people will follow a ruler who does as she pleases....?’’ (Eveam)

’’You might say it like that, I think you would attain it if you have the ability to become a ruler. Well, at the very least, you do not seem to be a ruler in my eyes’’ (Hiiro)

’’Eh?’’ (Eveam)

’’In my point of view, all I see is an ordinary young girl’’ (Hiiro)

Startled from Hiiro's words, Eveam's heart leaped. It was as if a sharp arrow pierced her heart. No, it's different. She sensed her heart being gripped by something bare-hand that sent a rush throughout her entire body.

( An ordinary......young girl) (Eveam)

Although Eveam didn't notice, her face was dyed in red up to her ears. And because of that, the shopkeeper was grinning at her when she saw such a face.

’’I-, I'm the Demon King! C-Ccccalling me an ordinary girl, I-IIt's embarassing!’’ (Eveam)


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