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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 114


Chapter 114: Out of Place Hiiro


’’Gaha !?’’ (Eveam)

Kiria pulled her arm out of Eveam's body. Kiria simply watched Eveam collapse, her expressionless face hiding whatever thoughts lied within her head.

Following this, a large shadow appeared behind Kiria.


Kiria instantly bended her body. She avoided the attack from the large shadow. She then moved straight to Rudolf's side with surprising swiftness. It seems that they intend to cut her down with a knifehand strike, or so Kiria thought. As proof her observation, the soldier who were near were blown off by the wind pressure.

’’chi’’ (Kiria)

The assailant's true identity was Aquinas. Even though such a feat was expected of him, Aquinas did not expect Kiria, who was Eveam's aide, to perform such reckless actions. Eveam's protection was not planned properly. Rather, it was the wrong choice to leave the protection to Kiria.

Judom was also rendered immobile by the sudden attack.

’’H-Her Majestyyyy!’’ (Marione)

Marione's face stiffened after he had made it to Eveam's location. He glared at Kiria.

’’ Kiriaaaaa! What do you think you're trying to do! ’’ (Marione)

’’ Gu.... ’’ (Eveam)

’’ H-Her Majesty! Are you alright!? ’’ (Marione)

Eveam desperately stood up while being supported by Marione. She then stared at Kiria in disbelief.

’’How are you, Demon Lord? ’’ (Rudolf)

Even though Eveam wanted to hear Kiria's words, what she heard were the words of Rudolf.

’’ The pain in your chest...doesn't the pain in your heart wound you more right now? I will teach you what that is......that pain.... is the pain of betrayal. ’’ (Rudolf)

Lies. Lies. Whatever this is, it has to be a mistake.

Eveam repeated this in her heart countless times. In reality, she understood what this pain was due to what had happened. And, that reality is, Kiria was currently standing beside Rudolf.

’’ W....hy..... Why..... Kiria... ? ’’ (Eveam)

Eveam looked up desperately to the person who was her close aide, even though she was losing a large amount of blood over time.

’’ Wa... was your weakness... used against you..... ?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam thought of that and anger swells up in her. She stared at Rudolf as the source of her anger.

However, Kiria never answered back like before. Rather, she was different from the current Kiria. She coldly glances at Eveam like an insect crawling on the ground.

’’ Princess, look at reality, She.... Kiria is a traitor ’’ (Aquinas)

Eveam broke from those words when Aquinas said it with an indifferent tone.

’’ Lies! This is unimaginable! She... Kiria has been with me for a long time since my childhood. She has always stayed by my side...... We're friends! Isn't that right, Kiria!’’ (Eveam)

Bitterness was mixed in Eveam's words. And then, Kiria who had been silent until now, opened her mouth.

’’ Are you talking about me? I think you are mistaken. I was created for the sake of this day ’’ (Kiria)

Kiria said those words with an indifferent tone. Eveam frowned to those incomprehensible words.

’’ For the sake of this world? You were created? What are you saying Kiria? ’’ (Eveam)

’’ I am No. 03, Val Kiria specializing in combat. This android was created for the sake of this day. ... Ah, I made a mistake. Tentatively, I'm a 『Evila』 but I'm a 『Artificial Evila』 ’’ (ValKiria-03)

Kiria said those words indifferently, which made it sound like a joke to Eveam. However, Kiria was serious about her words.

’’ Val Kiria ...... Impossible... No, that shouldn't be ’’ (Aquinas)

Eveam watches Aquinas face who suddenly muttered his doubts.

’’ D...Do you know about it.... Aquinas? ’’ (Eveam)

Aquinas looked at the pale face Eveam who said those words.

’’ Setting it aside for now, Marione, Princess...... Her Majesty, I entrust her to you ’’ (Aquinas)

’’ What will you do? ’’ (Marione)

’’ I will settle this fight ’’ (Aquinas)

Then, Aquinas glared at Kiria and Rudolf.

’’ I will fight here so that they would not reach Her Majesty. Marione, cure the injury on Her Majesty and return to 【Xaos】 as soon as possible ’’ (Aquinas)

’’ Don't joke around ..... But if I leave Her Majesty's current condition, it might get worse over time.... Eei! You! Mark my words 『Humas』! I will destroy you all without fail! ’’ (Marione)

’’ gu....... ’’ (Eveam)

After Marione's declaration, Eveam was carried in his arms and they began their retreat.

’’ I won't let you ’’ (???)

In front of them stood a figure who blocked Marione's retreat.

’’ Y.... You are !? ’’ (Marione)

’’ fufufu, You ran away splendidly that time... Demon Queen ’’ (???)

In that place, a lion-like person, with a splendid mane was standing there. He was the king with a great ambition, the 《Beast King》,Leowald King

’’ muu, I did not expect to meet you here ’’ (Marione)

Marione felt very concerned. Eveam was in a critical condition, and confronting with the King of 【Gabranth - Pasion】 who rivaled their strength was the worst possible situation.

’’ Father ’’ (Leglos)

’’ Step back, Leglos, that Demon Queen will be killed by this Beast King ’’ (Leowald)

Leowald said those words to the first prince, Leglos who was beside him. He took off his mantle and passed it to Leglos. And then, his muscles swelled up, and an aura of bloodthirst erupted from his body.

Marione sensed from Leowald's atmosphere that he could not be defeated by ordinary methods. What's worse, he was carrying Eveam in his arms. He judged that there was no way he could win.

’’ Marione! ’’ (???)

However, an unexpected person showed up again. And that person is..

’’ Shublarz !? ’’ (Marione)

Yes, that person was Shublarz who was assigned to defend the Evila border. She seemed to have hurried here. Rather, it was understood that she came here with all her strength without taking a break. It was clear because her clothes was in disorder, her breathing was rugged and she was drenched in sweat

However, Marione did not understand right away why Shublarz was in the【Sacred Oldine】. He was quite a distance from her. He thought that there was a possibility that Shublarz was also a traitor. Then, Eveam faintly opened her eyes and watched her.

However, Shublarz did not carelessly approach them, she moved her mouth instead

’’ .... Iraora betrayed us ’’ (Shublarz)

’’ ..... Where is Greyald? ’’ (Marione)

’’ .... Probably..... ’’ (Shublarz)

The appearance of Shublarz was seen, and it was proof that Greyald suffered at Iraora's hand.

’’ E... Even... Greyald... ’’ (Eveam)

The news was mortifying to hear. Marione understood that because Eveam's trembling body was transmitted to him while he was carrying her.

However, Marione could not completely trust Shublarz words yet. If he believes her words, an attack similar from Kiria might happen again.

’’ Her Majesty! ’’ (Shublarz)

Shublarz saw Eveam's critical condition and tried to approached them

’’ Don't come closer! ’’ (Marione)

’’ B... But Marione! Her Majesty has a terrible injury! ’’ (Shublarz)

’’ Don't worry, Just don't move there! ’’ (Marione)

Shublarz stopped after Marione strongly said those words. And she surveyed the current surroundings around them

’’ ....I see. The situation in here is also serious. What's more ’’ (Shublarz)

She turns her gaze to Kiria who was beside Rudolf

’’ I did not expect for Kiria to..... Then that means if what Iraora said is true, she is related to that person.... ? ’’ (Shublarz)

’’ mu? What do you mean? ’’ (Marione)

’’ Iraora's body suddenly changed ’’ (Shublarz)

’’ Did you say suddenly change? ’’ (Marione)

’’ Yes, his body reddens and his magic and physical strength have improved enormously. A person seems to have given him that power. Moreover, he swore loyalty to that person and not to Her Majesty ’’ (Shublarz)

Eveam silently listened to Shublarz story

’’haa haa haa ...... ’’ (Eveam)

Due to Eveam's current state, her breathing had become more severe compared to previously. Then..

’’ Maou-chan, drink this ’’ (Judom)

’’ Hey you! What are you doing! ’’ (Marione)

Judom had went to their presence. He tried to let Eveam drink a small bottle

’’ Ju.... Judom-dono.... ’’ (Eveam)

’’ This 《Blood Medicine》 will supplement your loss of blood. For the time being, you are losing a dangerous amount of blood, if we leave it as it is, you might die. So, please believe me Maou-chan. I'm not your enemy ’’ (Judom)

Judom started at her. However, Eveam was unable to trust someone since she was betrayed by her most trusted aide. Then..


A buzzing sound was heard in the place. Considerable magic was felt in the surrounding area, and then, a part of the place became distorted. From that distorted area...

’’ n? Where is this? ... ah, there you are, Oi Maou. There is a discrepancy in our contract.... hm? , what's with that face? ’’ (???)

A person wearing a red robe appeared.


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