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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 113


Chapter 113: Judom's countermeasures and a new betrayal

’’....Now, Will you explain what happened Judom?’’ (Rudolf)

Judom waited for Rudolf outside, naturally Eveam and her escorts directed their hostility towards him. Especially Marione who had an atmosphere that was about to snap at any moment.

Even though there were a lot of soldiers in the surrounding area, they would become insignificant if Marione went berserk. Even Dennis was secretly hiding behind him in fear.

However, Rudolf was calmly inquiring Judom by putting on a poker face.

’’How? Did the information on 《Sacred Room》 spread outside.....?’’ (Rudolf)

’’You have a point, that room is a space completely isolated from the outside. It was supposed to be inaccessible because the information inside should not be able to leak out, Despite this, how?’’ (Dennis)

It was a valid question. The guards outside shouldn't be able to hear anything outside the room unless the person inside the room steps out. Thus, it should be impossible for the ones outside to know anything unless the person inside stepped out.

Likewise, information in the room should not leak to the outside either. However, the reality is, Judom's subordinate knew about the accident and appeared right on time. It was so mysterious that they cannot help but inquire the details.

Eveam and her escorts were holding a doubt similar to Rudolf as they paid attention to Judom.

’’Hey’’ (Judom)

Judom called out one of his subordinate by his side. Then, a person came, he whispered to Judom as he showed him a piece of paper. Judom looked at the paper as he listened to their explanation. Although Judom showed a dubious expression midway while reading the letter, he smiled soon after.

’’...I see, as I thought, that guy made a move huh? Well this is good, we were really saved by it, Thank you’’ (Judom)

The subordinate smiled as he left the place.

’’... Now then, you wanted an explanation, right? This pape- no, the person who delivered this letter deserves the credit’’ (Judom)

’’Did you say a letter?’’ (Rudolf)

Rudolf who was intrigued, stared at the paper with a distant expression. So, the answers are surely written in that letter, Rudolf thought.

’’The letter is written this way: The conference is a bluff, all of this was a conspiracy for 『Evila's』 destruction. Please help the Demon Lord....or so it stated. Those words were written at the beginning of the letter.’’ (Judom)

After Judom's explanation, Rudolf had a grim expression unlike a moment ago. Then, Judom continued.

’’A certain person, delivered this information to my subordinates. Well, I said if there is something urgent, that person can deliver information to that location, I guess it was useful. My subordinates was surprised you know? After all is said and done, that place was our hiding place, when they pondered the reason a bird entered the place, a letter could be seen on the bird addressed to my subordinates’’ (Judom)

Nevertheless, if the written content was normal, his subordinates would have laughed it off. However, when they saw the name of the sender, they believed that information and immediately moved as they were told because Judom had misgivings towards the conference.

’’Portnis, Take this’’ (Judom)

As Judom says so, he handed a dagger to her.

’’...This is !? the, 《Hero's Relic》 -!?’’ (Portnis)

’’Yes, my subordinate looked for it. We obtained it ahead of time when this was chosen as the place for the conference. In a sense.... it was a precaution. But, I did not carry it because I did not think it would be necessary.’’ (Judom)

Even if Judom carried it, Portnis and the priests will prevent him from carrying it inside. Since that was bound to happen, he entrusted it in the hands of his subordinate.

’’You should take this with you’’ (Judom)

’’I-Is it alright for me to have this?’’ (Portnis)

’’Yes, I have confidence in you. And also, take the other priests and leave here’’ (Judom)

’’....I understand’’ (Portnis)

Is this the favor of our long acquaintanceship? Judom thought, Portnis then carried the dagger with care as she took the other priests and left the area, she seemed to have understood what Judom was trying to convey.

’’.....on earth’’ (Rudolf)

’’N?’’ (Judom)

’’Who on earth is that person? The person who conveyed such information?’’ (Rudolf)

When Rudolf bitterly asked Judom, an unbelievable name jumped out

’’..... Nazaar Skyride’’ (Judom)

’’...Wha-What did you say?’’ (Rudolf)

I have heard that name, Rudolf thought. Rather, he had talked with that person several times. Nazaar was a well-known painter, he had bought several paintings from him. There were a lot of places where he displayed the paintings in the castle. This was because Rudolf was his fan.

However, Rudolf was not the only one who was surprised after hearing the identity of that person.

’’Na-, Nazaar... ? Ju-, Judom-dono! Th-,that man named Nazaar...’’ (Eveam)

Eveam racks her words as she asked for confirmation.

’’Yes, it is exactly what you are thinking right now Maou-chan. That person, is Cruel's 《Rank 3》, Teckil Shizaa’’ (Judom)

’’I- I see.... it was him.... ’’ (Eveam)

Then, a weary sigh was heard somewhere nearby. Eveam looked at her surroundings

’’Is there something wrong?’’ (Kiria)

Kiria scrawled in concern as she looked at Eveam.

’’N-,No, It's nothing’’ (Eveam)

Maybe it was just my imagination, Eveam thought as she watched Judom again.

’’Then, do you know where he is now?’’ (Eveam)

’’....Ah, about that one-’’ (Judom)

’’If it's about him, he should be alright. Your Majesty’’ (Marione)

Marione is currently grinding his teeth as he is glared at the 『Humas』 in the surroundings. His anger seems to have considerably piled up.

’’Certainly, he has a point. Princess...I mean, Your Majesty, we should promptly obtain information on 【Demon Capital: Xaos】’’ (Aquinas)

When Aquinas beside her spoke those words

’’That is not it! You should have realized it by now! We should punish them for betraying us!’’ (Marione)

Marione concentrated magic in both his hands. Tension ran through the soldiers in the surroundings. ’’Hii-!’’, Dennis omitted as he was unable to back off due to fear

’’Cease your actions Marione!’’ (Eveam)

’’Why are you stopping me Your Majesty! The people here are pathetic garbages, which I can get rid of in a few minutes’’

’’I said to cease your actions!’’ (Eveam)

Eveam severely glared at him.

’’.....I presume, you have a reasonable explanation for this one, right?’’ (Marione)

’’I have a lot of questions about everything right now. As the Victoria's King said, the heroes and the 『Gabranth』 may have crossed the bridge and attacked the demon continent, however, there is Iraora who is guarding the 【Mütich Bridge】, and there even Shublarz and Greyald present as well? Iraora would have informed us if they started to cross the bridge before we crossed over the bridge. Isn't that right, Kiria?’’ (Eveam)

’’That is right. I would be always informed if any information is passed down, if there is an abnormality, Her Majesty will immediately be informed’’ (Kiria)

Even if the enemy had a large army, in the 『Evila』 army, there are 2 people from 《Cruel》 and Iraora who was a former 《Cruel》, Eveam did not think that they would be easily overwhelmed.

Even if it's possible to overwhelm them, there are soldiers at 【Demon Capital】, in case they got exhausted by the time they arrive there, Eveam thought that they could defend the country.

En route here, even though the heroes were present, there was no sign of a fight on the bridge. Supposing they rebelled against them, she believed that Shublarz and the others will do something one way or another.

’’....Then, for example, if a war happened there, they have already suppressed it?’’ (Eveam)

’’Yes, We 『Evila』 are beings who beared wounds suffered from countless war, we are not so soft to be easily suppressed’’ (Kiria)

’’...You have a point there. Then, it means their betrayal will just crumble from there’’ (Marione)

At that moment, Marione expressed a smile with a sense of superiority. He then looked at Rudolf who has not spoken for quite a long time, his eyes closed.

’’Humph, it seemed your plan has failed. This is because you have underestimated us’’ (Marione)

Although Marione spoke those words to Rudolf, he responded with-

’’....Hahaha’’ (Rudolf)

For some reason, he suddenly began to laugh.

’’Apparently all my speculations seems to be off’’ (Rudolf)

After he laughed for a while, Rudolf opened his eyes and looked at Marione

’’Ah, my apologies for laughing. *ehem, although this differs certainly from the scenario I have planned out... I have anticipated this could happen’’ (Rudolf)

’’Humph, what a bluff’’ (Marione)

’’Hahaha, Demon Lord’’ (Rudolf)

He called Eveam while disregarding Marione's word.

’’...What?’’ (Eveam)

’’You said that you believe in the 『Evila's』 right?’’ (Rudolf)

’’Yes, I believe in my family’’ (Eveam)

’’I see, then supposing one of your family members hate you, what will you do?’’ (Rudolf)

’’...What's with that suddenly’’ (Eveam)

’’Even the 『Evila's』 have some feelings. They also have some will. If that's the case, they also have personal thoughts. Or, are saying that all of the 『Evila's』 swears an oath of allegiance to you? Isn't that just your arrogance?’’ (Rudolf)

Eveam frowned from the sudden words he said to her.

’’I carefully thought about it. Nonetheless, even if the 『Gabranth』 is on your side who are the highest war potential, do you think they can cross the bridge by force with your foolish actions? There is a possibility that the bridge might be destroyed, you know?’’ (Eveam)

Certainly, that is possible, Rudolf thought. The 【Mütich Bridge】 is not that strong. It will easily break if such forces fight within the bridge. Therefore, he did not select that route

’’I will tell you something good Demon Lord. Although it may sound unbelievable, the war potential here, everyone should have flawlessly crossed over to the demon continent’’ (Rudolf)

’’Th-,That is not possible!’’ (Eveam)

’’It's not possible? Why is it?’’ (Rudolf)

’’Certainly, there is a small possibility where they can cross over by fighting them. However, they won't come out unscratched! Also, en route here, I saw the heroes. In other words, they have not crossed at that time’’ (Eveam)

’’.........’’ (Rudolph)

’’Even if they crossed over afterwards, there are companions who I can trust there. They are three people there who are among the ones with the highest war potential there’’ (Eveam)

She admits that even Iraora was an influential person worthy of being mentioned in that group.

’’Therefore, they cannot come out unscratched if they encountered a fight there’’ (Eveam)

’’...... I will tell you another interesting information’’ (Rudolf)

’’’’ (Eveam)

’’The heroes have crossed over the demon continent.............. before you crossed over the bridge’’ (Rudolf)

’’Na-!?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam stiffened as she was not able to grasp the meaning of Rudolf's words.

’’A-,All the more it is not possible! Iraora is always safeguarding the bridge there, I should have been informed if there was a battle!’’ (Eveam)

She raised her voice with all her might, Rudolf who saw that subtly loosened his cheeks.

’’ I told you before right? The heroes have crossed over safely’’ (Rudolf)

’’ And I told you that-’’ (Eveam)

Then, Aquinas puts a hand to her shoulder to interrupt her words.

’’.....Aquinas?’’ (Eveam)

Aquinas turns his eyes on Rudolf.

’’I see, if I take what you say is for real then, Iraora is...’’ (Aquinas)

’’...That is right, he is one of the 『Evila』 on my side’’ (Rudolf)

Words that caused Eveam to stiffen were said again

Eveam closed and opened her mouth but nothing came out. It was probably because she was shocked by what Rudolf said.

’’Because he decided to join our side, we decided to proceed with this plan’’ (Rudolf)

’’Iraora is a traitor...?’’ (Marione)

It was Marione who muttered those words, although he doesn't completely believe his words either, if supposing those words are true, then his reasons for the assault is plausible.

’’Hahaha, The existence called 『Evila』, it seems to be chained to betrayal. You don't believe it? As your brethren betrays fellow brethrens’’ (Rudolf)

’’... Lies ’’ (Eveam)

’’N?’’ (Rudolf)

’’Your words are not well grounded! You are only playing your words to provoke us’’ (Eveam)

’’...Haa, You are trembling at this late hour? You know, you don't need to forcibly believe in me. However...’’ (Rudolf)

Rudolf then, glanced at a certain place.

’’When I'm actually seeing it with my own eyes, as might expected, I cannot help but believe in my notion?’’ (Rudolf)

’’...What are you sayin-... g.........Eh?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam noticed a sense of weakness in her body, she grasped that the feeling is coming down from her chest, and she lowered her eyes there.

This is strange. This is strange. This is strange. Eveam found it strange as she found someones hand pierced through her chest area.

And why is it, that I recognize this hand, Eveam thought. Although she did not want to consider it, she had to confirm the owner of those hands.

From the pain, her face warped as she was mortified of confirming it. Still, she slowly turned her face, to see the face of the person who was behind her.

When she saw that face, a shock went through her whole body. How in the world...why....there

’’Why... are you there .................Kiria?’’ (Eveam)


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