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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 112


Chapter 112: Escape

’’Argh...still not working?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam clenched her teeth in frustration as she touched and pushed against the barrier. Although a considerable amount of time had passed since then, the barrier didn't budge at all.

’’Damnit! As I suggested before, we should just dispose of all the 『Humas』 trash here!’’ (Marione)

’’No way!’’ (Eveam)

Eveam simply rejected Marione's words without any consideration.

’’But these guys betrayed us!’’ (Marione)

’’I told you before, right? We'll think about it after we get out of here.’’ (Eveam)

’’Yes...but...’’ (Marione)

’’Right now we need to do something about the barrier and head to 【Xaos】

as soon as possible to stop the war. I forbid you from wasting your energy and strength here.’’ (Eveam)

’’But...’’ (Marione)

Marione reluctantly withdrew.

’’Judom-dono here is conserving his strength and stamina by meditating. I suggest that you do the same. I'll do something about the barrier!’’ (Eveam)

Although she was unable to find a solution, she persistently continued to keep trying.

While Eveam was doing that, the priest of 《Oldine Grand Temple》

, Portnis, turned her head slowly and faced the King of 【Victorias】, Rudolph.

’’King of 【Victorias】, although you were our counsel and friend, how can you calmly perform something so dirty in the 【Sacred Oldine】? Do you have nothing to say about it?’’ (Portnis)

That is right, she was the one who was betrayed by Rudolf. The meeting was held to bring about world peace at all costs. Therefore, she was pleased that such a conference could be held in the Holy Land which was a symbol of peace.

However, the other side took action and used it to start a war.

’’What you have done is nothing other than blasphemy in the name of peace! Shame on you!’’ (Portnis)

Although she was completely outraged, Rudolf simply replied nonchalantly.

’’Priest, you understand, yes? When everything is over, there will be true peace.’’ (Rudolf)

’’To destroy everyone but the 『Humas』!?’’ (Portnis)

’’That is the best way to obtain world peace.’’ (Rudolf)

’’......It is just like Judom said, you are definitely not qualified to be king’’ (Portnis)

Rudolf snorted at the priest's words and turned towards Eveam.

’’Demon Lord’’ (Rudolf)

’’..... What !?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam no longer used polite language. This was because she had determined that the individual she was addressing was not worthy of such respect.

’’Like I said before. I've lost people that were close and important to me.’’ (Rudolf)

’’......’’ (Eveam)

’’After twenty-four hours, your country will be in ruins. There will be dead bodies every. Those that are important to you will die in swarms.’’ (Rudolf)

’’Damnit!’’ (Eveam)

’’You said there is no point in revenge. But if you go out of here, can you still say the same words? Your family is being destroyed by the 『Gabranth』 and 『Humas』, with that can you still preach like a saint that nothing will come out of hatred ?’’ (Rudolph)

Eveam glared at him with animosity, however, Rudolf returned the glare.

’’.......Even so, I will not give up on peace!’’ (Eveam)

’’......Well then, why don't you keep at it then with your unwavering determination. Just look at the current reality. Think it through, and I'll hear from you again. Think about it carefully. We have time. We have all the time in the world.’’ (Rudolf)

Rudolf sat down after finishing his speech. Eveam knew that words were pointless to Rudolf so she turned to Aquinas and spoke.

’’How long will our defenses last?’’ (Eveam)

’’That is right, I knew something like this would happen. For the time being I've sent Ornoth back to the country. Right now, he would be struggling to defend the country...that is, if Rudolf is telling the truth.’’ (Aquinas)

Indeed. Although reasons for such actions were unknown, there was the slim possibility that Rudolf was simply speaking falsehoods.

’’Yes, that's right! As expected from Aquinas!’’ (Eveam)

’’However, there are the four heroes, the 《Gabranth Forces》, and two people at the top of the 『Gabranth』 in terms of power. I imagine that it would be tough for Ornoth to manage it alone.’’ (Aquinas)

’’He isn't alone’’ (Eveam)

’’What? What do you mean?’’ (Aquinas)

’’Many of our brethren reside within the country. All of them are exceptional fighters.’’ (Eveam)

’’ that so?’’ (Aquinas)

’’There is also one more person......’’ (Eveam)

’’Who?’’ (Aquinas)

’’A very, very strong person I made a contract with......’’ (Eveam)

Before Eveam was able to finish her sentence, the barrier that surrounded the room shook violently.

’’W-What is going on!?( Eveam)

Eveam looked around defensively.

’’This is an...earthquake?’’ (Kiria)

Advisor Kiria frowned as she spoke. As Rudolf did not expect this to happen, it was a surprise to all of them. At that moment, Judom, the person who was meditating until now, spoke in a rising voice.

’’At has arrived’’ (Judom)


In the 【Sacred Oldine】, there was the 《Oldine Grand Temple》. At the center of it was the 《Sacred Room》, the location where the hero's remaining power was concentrated.

At the center, there was ward with the a radius of 20m where weapons cannot be brought in. There is no way for someone to enter it with a weapon. Furthermore, magic, primarily mana cannot be used while a person is inside.

This 《Sanctuary》 was created using the hero's remaining power. It was the most powerful barrier created for the room. A maximum of thirteen people can enter the room. Once a person goes inside, they cannot easily leave the room.

The way to exit the sanctuary was by using the 《Hero's Relic》. It was something that belonged to the Hero. A person with the relic would be able to weaken the barrier and would be free to enter and exit the sanctuary.

The only other way to exit the sanctuary was to wait for 24 hours to elapse. After 24 hours, the barrier would weaken slightly, causing a gap to appear in the barrier. Going through the gap would allow one to exit the sanctuary.

The barrier was very strong. There was no way that it would weaken before 24 hours. However, to everyone's surprise, the 《Sancturay》 that everyone was in faltered as it shook.

If a person was able to sense the magic in the area, they would feel that the barrier was gradually being weakened.

’’W-what the heck...?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam had the best magic perception among the people inside the barrier. Thus, she was able to grasp that something odd was happening.

’’Relax, Maou-chan’’ (Judom)

’’J-Judom-dono?’’ (Eveam)

There was no surprise on Judom's face. On the contrary, he was staring at the entrance of the room with a big smile on his face.

’’Judom, did you?’’ (Portnis)

Head priest Portnis looked at Judom's smiling face in confusion.

’’Well, I thought something like this would happen so I brought some insurance.’’ (Judom)

Unable to remain silent, the King of Victoria shouted.

’’What is happening Judom? What in the world are you doing?’’ (Rudolf)

’’Rudolf, this means that things will not go your way’’ (Judom)

’’What did you say?’’ (Rudolf)

’’Did you think I didn't prepare anything before this meeting?’’ (Judom)

As he said so, the door opened with a creaking sound.

’’Judom-sama’’ (???)

From beyond the door, a person dressed like an adventurer appeared. When they appeared, Judom smiled broadly.

’’Now, Demon Lord-chan, go!’’ (Judom)

’’Eh, it! You guys!’’ (Eveam)

When the others heard her voice, they nodded and left the room one after the other, leaving behind a dumbfounded Rudolf and his group.

’’Kiria! What are you doing! Hurry up!’’ (Eveam)

’’......Yes’’ (Kiria)

Eveam was unsure why Kiria stayed put, and told her to hurry. Kiria glanced momentarily at the surprised Rudolf and followed behind Eveam.

’’Alright, Portnis, you go on ahead’’ (Judom)

’’Understood, Judom’’ (Potinus)

She picked up her staff, looked at Rudolf with a disgusted face, and left the room.

’’You've really done it, haven't you Judom.’’ (Rudolf)

Before Rudolf could continue Judom interrupted him and said

’’Hmph, I wanted to believe you. But did you think I had no idea what you were planning? I'm pretty confident in my ability to gather information. The moment you selected this place for a meeting, I immediately looked for a 《Hero's Relic》’’ (Judom)

’’......But how did this information get to the outside?’’ (Dennis)

’’.....If you want to know we'll talk about it outside. Unless, you want to remain here to preserve your sorry ass?. Well, it is pretty safe here.’’ (Judom)

Saying so Judom headed toward the door.

’’....K-king! W-w-w-what are you going to do about this?’’ (Dennis)

Not only Dennis, but the soldiers were also agitated.

’’......When this happened, it just means that the scenario has changed.’’ (Rudolf)

’’D-does that mean...’’ (Dennis)

’’Ah, they don't seem like they are going to make a move, lets just head outside.’’ (Rudolf)

’’B-but...’’ (Dennis)

Dennis was the most anxious. It was clear that they'll be safe if they remained inside. But if they went outside, they were almost guaranteed to be attacked by the 『Evila』.

’’If you feel uncomfortable just remain here.’’ (Rudolf)

Rudolf also glanced at the five soldiers.

’’The soldiers would rebel if they were to keep quiet about this.’’ (Rudolf) (NB: Need help here)

The only people that knew of the plan to confine the Demon Lord here were Dennis, and the five soldiers. It was done to prevent the information from spreading, but if it was kept well there would be no way for Judom's adventurers to come here in the first place. (NB: I hope this is right)

Rudolf greatly regretted it. But now that it has happened, there was no longer any meaning in remaining here. Thus, there is no choice but to wait and see.

’’I'm going. Now that this happened...I have no choice but to see it to the end.’’ (Rudolf)

Dennis saw Rudolf drag himself out of the door with determination.

’’W-wait. Please wait, don't leave me behind’’ (Dennis)

Eventually, no one was left in the room.


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