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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 107


Chapter 107: The Heroes Who Came to Know of Reality

’’We're going to betray the 『Evila』? Is that true?’’ (Taishi)

’’Yeah’’ (Rudolf)

The one who answered Taishi's question was King Rudolf. Currently, the only ones in that location were the four heroes and the king. As the king had told them he had something confidential he would like to discuss, the heroes had come to the King's Office. However, he had then told them that he would betray the 『Evila』 at the conference.

’’So was the alliance a lie?’’ (Shinobu)

Shinobu Akamori furrowed her brow as she asked.

’’That's right. I sent a spy to the 『Evila』continent. There's no doubt about it’’ (Rudolf)

’’N-no way......even though I had thought things would be settled without fighting, just what are the 『Evila』 thinking!’’ (Chika)

The one who revealed her indignation was Chika Suzumiya.

’’So will the conference be cancelled?’’ (Shuri)

’’No, this is the first time I've felt such anger. In spite of them continuously speaking so much about peace, in the end it was just a means to eradicate us. If it's like this, those who have died won't be able to rest in peace.’’ (Rudolf)

Upon seeing him utter those words with a bitter face, everyone held sympathy for Rudolf.

’’The conference won't be cancelled. On the other hand, I was thinking of using the conference to show them up’’ (Rudolf)

’’Wh-what do you plan on doing?’’ (Shinobu)

’’If they're planning on belittling alliances, then we'll just show them the power of alliances’’ (Rudolf)

’’......don't tell me!’’ (Shinobu)

Realizing his meaning, Shinobu gasped.

’’We'll make an alliance with the 『Gabranth』. Following that, during the conference, we'll conduct a surprise attack on the 【Demon Country】so that they never again plan to do such a stupid thing.’’ (Rudolf)

The four of them were honestly surprised to hear a statement proposing an alliance with the 『Gabranth』, who, while not to the same degree as the 『Evila』, also had some inter-species hostility. However, Taishi felt that their opponent was also someone who couldn't be defeated without using such measures.

’’For the few days leading up to the conference, I want to leave a mission to you all’’ (Rudolf)

’’A say?’’ (Taishi)

Taishi asked dubiously.

According to what Rudolf said, he wanted them, along with the second army division Vale and his subordinates, to head towards the 『Evila』's continent a few days before the conference. There, they would merge with the 『Gabranth』national army, and together they would suppress the 『Evila Capital: Xaos』.

However, a single problem had emerged within that plan. Taishi and co. had heard about an 『Evila』guard being posted on the bridge. From what they had heard, said guard would not allow them to cross the bridge so easily.

When they raised this issue, Rudolf told them that it was not a problem. It appeared that the 『Evila』on standby there, an individual who goes by the name of Iraora, was actually one of their allies. That Iraora also seemed to be opposed the Maou's way of doing things, saying that, should the opportunity present itself, they would love to be able to punish the Maou.

Although Taishi was surprised at all the arrangements that had already been made, upon thinking about the current Maou, who was even thought of in such a way by one of the same kin, he concluded that the Maou did not have the caliber to properly rule after all. If they were a good Maou, he thought that everyone would naturally want to follow them.

After crossing the bridge, they were to conceal themselves until the day of the conference. Then, Rudolf wanted them, together with the 『Gabranth』, to invade 【Xaos】on the conference day.

Rudolf explained that so long as the other side focused their forces on the conference, they would not try for any useless resistance against the four heroes and the『Gabranth』National Army, and would simply surrender.

Hearing that, Taishi and co. gave a sigh of relief. It was true that they too believed that there was no way a country without its strongest forces would be capable of fighting against the strongest forces from both the 『Humas』and the 『Gabranth』.

After knowing that they wouldn't have to needlessly injure others, Taishi and co. held their chests in relief.

’’This is not a war, but a suppression to avoid the needless spilling of any blood. Will you do this for us?’’ (Rudolf)

Rudolf appealed to them with an earnest expression. The four of them turned towards each other, strongly nodded, and-

’’Leave it to us! We will seize peace!’’ (Taishi, Chika, Shuri, Shinobu)

-shouted out a reassuring line. Their expressions did not have a single shadow of doubt. Instead, only a refreshing amount of hope was reflected from their countenance.

This was not a war. If that was the case, then people would likely not die. Thinking that, all four of them had arrived at a much too simple answer. It was as though the four were dolls created without a single doubt in their minds, only aware of the word 'peace'.

Upon seeing the four, King Rudolf gave a dark smile. Failing to realize that, the four of them believed in Rudolf's words and proceeded towards the【Evila Capital: Xaos】.

As Taishi recalled their conversation with King Rudolf, he tried thinking once more about why they were in this kind of place.

(Th-that's right.......we came here to suppress.......because he said that this.........wasn't a war) (Taishi)

Although Taishi had repeated Rudolf's words in his heart, it was clear that the scene playing out in front of him was the very definition of war. The sound of swords clashing against each other. Magic flying all over the place, destroying everything in its path. And within that ensuing chaos, the lives that were easily lost.

(Wh-why are they fighting......wasn't it going to end after we recommended that they surrender........?) (Taishi)

In his mind, he felt that as long as they showed them this degree of war potential and urged them to surrender, they would definitely win due to a bloodless surrender. He believed that they wouldn't needlessly resist, bringing everything to a conclusion without anyone getting hurt.

But reality wasn't the same. Holding their breath on the outskirts of this country, they had waited for the signal. Then suddenly, someone who seemed like one of the top in the 『Gabranth』, gave the signal to attack.

Upon receiving the signal, an incredible amount of bloodlust began to overflow from their comrades. Rather than trying to press them to surrender, the atmosphere they exuded seemed as if they intended to kill everyone, down to the very last man. And such a sentiment had magnificently hit its mark.

Even the 『Human』soldiers that the heroes were familiar with began to unsheathe their swords without any agitation as they shot magic towards the defenceless 『Evila』. Unlike their usually kind selves, Taishi felt overwhelmed by their grave faces.

Seeing that scene, they finally, for the first time, understood. The suppression that they had been thinking of was never something pretty. Instead, it had just simply replaced the word 'war'.

’’H-hey Taishi......we.........this........’’ (Chika)

It was clear at a glance that Chika was completely confused. She desperately tried to stop the trembling of her lips, yet was unconsciously unable to do so. Her eyes were red and teary. As an 『Evila』child had been killed in front of them earlier, the other girls were also making the same expression.

’’Haa haa haa.........wh-what should we do?’’ (Taishi)

Taishi pitifully uttered these words in a whisper.

’’Do-don't ask could I know........there's no way I could know........’’ (Chika)

Chika responded with words as though it were obvious, and, as though seeking an answer, looked towards the faces of the other two for affirmation. However, Shuri was crying with her head down while Shinobu had frozen up in a daze.

But within that battlefield, the four of them were seen by a terribly discomforting existence. And that existence was wearing an appearance like those of their enemies.

’’I won't forgive you! You『Humas』!’’ (Evila)

A single 『Evila』, with an incredibly angry expression, was holding a sword while heading their way. Although Taishi and co. weren't doing anything, it didn't matter to the 『Evila』whether it had been the 『Humas』or the 『Gabranth』that had created this scene.

All that was there was the idea that because they were enemies, they must be killed. If they didn't do that, then they would be killed. As they couldn't forgive those who had messed up their country like this, their swords were filled with killing intent.

Taishi saw the 『Evila』coming towards them, yet his body had frozen up like stone and wouldn't move. A sword was at his waist. Unless he drew it and fought back, he would undoubtedly fall prey to that killing intent.

Although he understood that in his head, the one coming towards him was a person who could speak words. They were not monsters. Up until now, he had fought and killed a large number of monsters. He had also fought other people in spars. However, he had not killed another person.

’’I-I know, if I kn-knock him out without killing him then’’ (Taishi)

What kind of outcome would result if someone incapable of controlling their trembling body continued to think such naïve thoughts?

’’Taishi, run!’’ (Chika)

Though Chika's words reached him, Taishi didn't move. No, he couldn't move. It was the result of having a half-hearted resolve, no, it was a resolve that didn't even reach the level of being half-hearted.

As a result, he had become completely frozen.

(I-I can't move.......) (Taishi)

Even though he had drawn his sword and taken his stance in his head, not even his fingertips would move. Not only that, unconsciously, before he even realized it, his legs had given out and he had fallen on his behind.

’’Ah, ahhhh......’’ (Taishi)

The 『Evila』mercilessly closed the space between them, and swung his sword. Forgetting to blink, Taishi simply continued to watch as though halfway through, the scene nearing him was happening to someone else.

However, upon seeing his opponent's eyes, Taishi suddenly gasped as he awoke to the strong realization that this was certainly reality. Following this, as he covered his body with his arms, he-

’’N-noooooooooooooooooooooooo!’’ (Taishi)

-screamed as loud as he could.

However, his opponent's killing blade continued to draw closer without any signs of stopping. And then,

’’Achooooooou!’’ (???)

A voice that seemed to come from a kung-fu movie echoed, and then someone-


-sent the 『Evila』, who had been approaching Taishi, flying. The momentum of the attack caused the 『Evila』to destroy a building upon crashing into it.

Taishi, no, the four people including Taishi became completely dumbfounded. All four of them had expected Taishi to die right there. They thought that they, who had frozen in fear and bewilderment, would simply die without being able to use a single technique. But then someone had suddenly appeared, and as a result, they had all been saved.

’’Ah........ah.........?’’ (Taishi)

Having felt a strong premonition of death, Taishi's face drained of blood as he looked at the person in front of him. The other three also gave an expression as though they had forgotten how to breathe.

They may have been saved. However, when they thought of what they had to say, the words just wouldn't come out so easily.

As though completely ignoring their feelings, the person in question pointed their finger at the 『Evila』that was blown away and-

’’Koreee! Couldn't you be a bit more quiet! You'll wake Shishou up!’’ (???)

-their face swelled up in displeasure as they said that. That scene truly made one feel that it wasn't suited for a war at all. Taishi once again observed that person, even though he was lying on his side.

Their age appeared to be around 11 to 12 years old. From their pale purple, bobbed hair, a long ahoge bounced about. On their head, a small horn that appeared to appeal its existence was perched there. Wearing a light blue dougi, the child's face appeared appropriately young. One could take such a face to belong to either that of a girl or a boy.

Their round eyes and short nose gave a certain charm. They were a child that would simply make anyone older than them want to give them a hug. And when that child suddenly turned around, his eyes were taken away by what entered his eyes.

It was the character that was on the back of the dougi they were wearing. It was undoubtedly the character 『文』. While he wondered why Kanji existed in this world, he was obviously unable to come with an answer. All that he knew right now was that they had all been saved by this child.

And that child had begun to hold their head in their hands in anguish.

’’Ahh~ geez! To think that it's become this noisyyy! Don't you know how mad Shishou gets when you wake him up! Just recently, just because he said I woke him up a bit badly, he used me as an experimental subject for his magic!’’ (Ahoge Child)

The heroes were stunned as they watched the child who had somehow suddenly begun to cry and shout.

’’And just a few days ago.........ahh, how terribly terrifying........’’ (Ahoge Child)

This time their face grew pale as they began to tremble. And then, once again they pointed their finger at the same place and-

’’If Shishou wakes up in a bad mood, then you have to take responsibilityyyyyyy!’’ (Ahoge Child)

Then, something fell from the sky. And then, without making a loud noise at all, the one who appeared was-

’’Hm? As I thought, are all of you heroes?’’ (Ornoth)

-Ornoth, the one who was《Ranked Fourth》in《Cruel》.

’’Hm? Who might you be?’’ (Ahoge Child)

The child with the ahoge glanced at Ornoth, who had suddenly appeared.

’’Hou, you appeared to be an 『Evila』, but do you not know of me?’’ (Ornoth)

’’I don't know you!’’ (Ahoge Child)

Ornoth surveyed the surroundings and, upon seeing the blown away 『Evila』, looked at the child with a sharp glance.

’’Did you do that?’’ (Ornoth)

’’That's right! He was yelling with a loud voice, so I stopped him!’’ (Ahoge Child)

’’.....................’’ (Ornoth)

Ornoth looked at the child, and made a dubious face while thinking of how a child like this could defeat an 『Evila』soldier. In general, 『Evila』possessed high physical capabilities. Yet, it was difficult to think that a simple child's attack could do such a thing. However, on the side of the fallen 『Evila』 was the imprint of a small fist.

(In one hit.........? This child..........can do that.) (Ornoth)

Ornoth calmly analyzed the child's battle capabilities, and decided that it would be dangerous to make light of them because they were a child.

’’Allow me to ask one thing. You said that you stopped them because they were letting out a loud voice, but are you a comrade of the heroes over there?’’ (Ornoth)

’’.........what? Who do you mean by heroes?’’ (Ahoge Child)

The child gave a blank look as they tilted their head. He judged that the child wasn't lying with such an appearance. In other words, the child had no connections with the heroes.

’’.......if that's the case, then leave this place. I have some business with those heroes over there’’ (Ornoth)

After being glared at by Ornoth, the heroes' bodies gave a start and began to tremble. However, at his words, the child began to yell with their mouth tapered to a point.

’’I can't let you do that!’’ (Ahoge Child)

At their response, his eyes widened with surprise. He couldn't understand why the child would refuse, even though they weren't comrades.

’’...........why?’’ (Ornoth)

As he asked, the child rapidly began to talk.

’’You plan on doing something here right? And plan on being noisy again right?’’ (Ahoge Child)

’’............what are you saying?’’ (Ornoth)

’’You can't! You ab~solutely can't! If you do that.......’’ (Ahoge Child)

’’........?’’ (Ornoth)

’’You can't you can't you can't you can't you can'ttttttttt! You AB~SOLUTELY CAN'T do something like thattttt!’’ (Ahoge Child)

The child shook their head violently as they whole-heartedly refused. And then, when Ornoth thought that the child suddenly stopped, they deeply inhaled and-

’’If you do something like that, then Shishou's going to wake uppppp!’’ (Ahoge Child)

An incredibly loud shout echoed throughout the surroundings. Then,


’’Nuwaah!’’ (Ahoge Child)

A book suddenly came flying at the child's head. The hit child then-

’’Nuwahhhh! It-it hurttttssss! It hurts a lotttt!’’ (Ahoge Child)

-rolled upon the ground while hold their head. Tashi and co. had their sight stolen by the child's actions, yet, Ornoth alone was looking at a different place.

It was a single room on the second floor of a nearby building. He confirmed with his eyes that a single person had appeared from the window there.

Indeed, this was undoubtedly the person who had just thrown the book at the child. Upon judging that, Ornoth gazed at them with wary eyes.

And then, that person's eyes furrowed with great displeasure as he spoke.

’’You're the loudest of them all!’’ (???)

Standing there was a man of the 『Imp Race』clad in a red robe.


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