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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 105


Chapter 105: Beginning of Betrayal

The 【Mütich Bridge】;the bridge that connects the Humas and the Evila continents. Usually Evila are stationed there, and as such it is impossible for the Humas to cross or destroy it.

At present, while the conference is underway, the bridge is defended by 《Cruel Brigade》's 《Rank 5》 Shublarz, 《Rank 6》 Greyald, and an individual named Iraora. He was formerly a member of the 《Cruel Brigade》 and was already tasked with defending the bridge due to his abilities.

Greyald: 「Haa1, they're probably at the conference now... Hey, nee-san2, isn't this boring?」

The dark-skinned young man, Greyald, was lazily lying on the bridge while looking up towards the sky. Shublarz, who was spoken to, walked towards him as her enormous breasts swayed.

Shublarz: 「Mou3, how about you get serious for once?」

She looked down at him and said so as if she were scolding a disobedient child, but the person in question just grinned.

Greyald: 「Ooh, this view is quite nice. Nee-san, if you would stay there and shake your upper bo-buu!」

Greyald was silenced by Shublarz as she stomped on his face

Shublarz: 「Seriously~, you're still a child. It's too early for you to show interest in adults」

Greyald: 「I may not look it, but I'm already over 100 years old!」

He shouts while rubbing his face with teary eyes, but Shublarz ignores him and looks towards the 『Humas』 in the distance. She then directs her focus on the 4 heroes.

Shublarz: (Hmm... So those are the heroes. Oh my, there's a handsome one mixed in!)

While smiling voluptuously, she seductively winks towards Aoyama Taishi. However, there was no reaction from him. He just stood there and stared towards her general direction.

Shublarz: (...What a boring man. He's like a doll)

While thinking that, Iraora approaches them.

Shublarz: 「Oh, Iraora. Aren't you supposed to be at the middle of the bridge?」

Greyald: 「That's right. Leave this place to us and hurry on back to the middle of the bridge. Don't make me say such boring things every time」

Iraora gives an unpleasant look towards Greyald because of his manner of speech.

Greyald: 「Aah? What's with that look?」

The two stared at each other for a while, but Iraora was the one to first look away. Greyald clicked his tongue and said,

Greyald: 「Hmph, you're a 《Cruel Failure》 so just keep to yourself. Aah, such a pain」

Greyald said that he wasn't comfortable anymore, got up, and turned his back to them as he walked away. Staring at him was the large Iraora. Shublarz felt exasperated and shrugged as she looked at those two. As soon as she was about to leave...

*Pushu!* 4

Greyald stopped his feet. No, he was forced to stop. He stopped because he felt an extreme pain running through his body. Then, blood unconsciously spilled from his mouth. He slowly looked downwards to exam his breast. And what he saw was...

A large spear protruding from it.

Greyald: 「Gaha!」

Ironically, despite spewing a large amount of blood, he couldn't fall because he was being supported by the spear

Iraora: 「Yo, bouya5, how's it feel getting dominated by a 《Cruel Failure》?」

Greyald: 「You... Bastard...」

The spear was pulled out of him, and Greyald was finally able to fall onto the ground.

Shublarz: 「Greyald!」

Naturally Shublarz, who witnessed what had just happened, shouted in shock. That couldn't be helped. They never got along well, but she never imagined that Iraora would attempt to kill Greyald.

Greyald was completely defenseless, and as a result was at Death's door. At present, all he could do was lay on the ground while breathing lightly.

Iraora: 「Dahahahahahaha! 《Cruel Rank 6》 Greyald falls here! What a sorry sight! Dahahahaha!」

Shublarz: 「Iraora! Do you have any idea what you're doing!? This is amicicide! The worst crime!」

Iraora grimaces and laughs at her.

Iraora: 「What are you saying? You're going to die here as well. That's the scenario, you get it?」

Shublarz: 「Scenario...? What are you...」

Iraora: 「Oraaa6! Move according to the scenario, you bitches!」

Iraora's shout serving as a trigger, 『Humas』 soldiers all move at once towards the 『Evila』. Iraora's subordinates were the only ones who weren't targeted. His subordinates also turn against the 『Evila』, against their own race.

Shublarz: 「Just... What's going on...?」

Seeing Iraora prowling as Greyald and her own subordinates were getting attacked, it was obvious that he was cooperating with them.

Iraora: 「Dahaha! You're next, Shublarz」

Shublarz: 「Kuh7! You, are you planning on betraying us?」

Iraora: 「Betray? Who are you accusing of betrayal?」

Shublarz: 「Eh?」

Iraora: 「I've only pledged my allegiance to one person. That person is not Demon Lord Eveam」

Shublarz: 「What!?」

Iraora: 「And don't go thinking that I'll always be beneath you guys, you hear?」

After saying so, his body releases an enormous wave of magic. Magical power vastly superior to their own can be felt along with his killing intent. Iraora's body slowly began to turn red like lava.

Shublarz: 「Iraora... You... Since when did you have such power...」

Iraora: 「Hmph, 'that person' gave it to me! I haven't completely mastered it yet, but I'd guess I'm about 3, 4 times stronger than you guys right now? Dahahahaha!」

Shublarz gulps as she witnesses Iraora's change.

「Please run away, Shublarz-sama!8

Shublarz: 「You guys!」

Shublarz's subordinates stand in front of her. Despite their bodies shaking in fear, they desperately try to protect Shublarz.

Iraora: 「Dahaha, you're making me cry. But...」

Iraora swipes the spear he was holding horizontally. The sound of air being cut reached her ears, and then...

Shublarz: 「...Eh?」

In front of Shublarz's eyes were the sight of her subordinates, their bodies having been sliced in two, and unquestionably dead.

Shublarz: 「Ah... Ah... AAAAAHHHHHH!」

Shublarz, blinded with rage, jumped off the ground towards Iraora and attacked him with her sharp nails.


She closed the gap between them in an instant with her speed, and she... failed to pierce through Iraora with her nails.

Iraora: 「Mmm, that stung a little」

Her nails did in fact pierce his skin, but against his toned, muscular body, the only damage that was inflicted was similar to having been pierced with a thumbtack.

Iraora glares at the woman who was in his breast.

She felt goosebumps crawl down her spine and clearly realized she would die if she stayed there.


An arm as thick as a person came ripping through the air towards Shublarz. She couldn't move, however, as if she were frozen in fear.

Iraora: 「Die, 《Rank 5》!」

'She was completely crushed'. Anyone who saw what was happening would think the same. However...


Shublarz was blown away. Strangely enough, she didn't feel any pain. Why? She felt something warm enveloping her body.

She falls to the ground with a thud. She then finally realizes that she was saved by someone.

Shublarz: 「Greyald!」

The one who protected her from Iraora's attack was Greyald. It was fortunate that she was able to be saved, but he received Iraora's devastating attack with his body.

He had already been pierced through his chest with a spear, and above that he had taken such an attack. At this point, he was literally beyond help.

Sure enough, his body was completely covered in blood. The attack he had just received had pulverized his bones. His internal organs were most likely crushed. On top of that, he had already lost a lot of blood.

Greyald: 「Nee...san... Haa... Haa... Haa... Haa... Run... Away... 」

Shublarz: 「Greyald!」

Possibly because Shublarz was blown so far away, Iraora slowly walked towards Greyald. Each step sounded like that of an executioner, walking towards a criminal to carry out his death sentence.

Greyald: 「Please... Hurry... Tell the... Demon Lord... About this...」

Shublarz: 「But you!」

Greyald: 「At this rate... We'll just die... A dog's death... Please...」

Shublarz: 「...Greyald...」

Tears flow down Shublarz's face and drop onto Greyald.

Greyald: 「Haha.. To think you'd... Cry for me... I'm... happy」

Shublarz: 「...Idiot」

Greyald: 「Haha... Got it... Nee-san...?」

Greyald slowly rises and...

Greyald: 「Gaha!」

He coughs up blood, but he continues to rise. At this point it wouldn't be surprised if he fell into shock and died from the pain, but in this case the pain was the only thing keeping him conscious.

Greyald: (...I'll protect Nee-san)

His resolves strengthens as he witnesses the executioner coming towards them.

Greyald: 「Go! Don't let... Our lives... Go to waste!」

Shublarz: 「Greyald... Kuh!」

Shublarz discards her thoughts of staying and leaves.

Iraora: 「Hm? Oh man, you're still standing in that condition?」

Greyald: 「Keh11, it sucks but... It's in my nature to... protect women」

Feeling had left his body to the point that he wasn't even sure if he was standing or not.

Iraora: 「...You look like you'd die even if I left you alone, but I've still got a grudge against you for taking my position」

Greyald: 「Haha... Still hung up over... something boring like... that? Are you some... brat?」

Iraora's killing intent grows even larger upon hearing those words

Greyald: (...Nee-san, it'd be great if you can escape safely)

Iraora's fist closes in on his face.

Greyald: (Bye bye... Nee-san)12

Greyald slowly closes his eyes.


An enormous explosion envelopes the surrounding area.

Shublarz: 「...!?」

Shublarz, hearing the explosion, looks back once but quickly resumes running.

Shublarz: (Greyald...)

She understood that the explosion was without a doubt caused by Greyald. She also understood that the explosion meant that he had died.

Shublarz, however, could not stop. For Greyald's sake and for her subordinates that had died, she needed to deliver this information to Demon Lord Eveam.

She clenched her teeth so hard that blood began dripping from her mouth. She ran with all her might towards her destination while crying.

Magic Explosion. It is a phenomenon caused by the magic control 『Evila』 are proficient at. Normally if you finely control magic it is possible to give it visible form, and it is even possible to form it into a sphere or sharpen it like a blade.

It is also possible to take magic and densely compress it, then release it in an instant to cause an explosion. Of course, if one fails to control it well there is a risk of self-destructing.

What Greyald had done was use his own body as an intermediary to compress all of his magic power. Then he instantaneously released it. In addition to his magic power, he had also compressed all of his remaining life force. The explosion caused by this would be tremendous.

Due to Greyald's explosion, a massive crater with a 50m radius formed at the edge of the 【Mütich Bridge】.

If Greyald hadn't been blown away by Iraora's attack, the bridge would have been completely destroyed. Due to the strong shockwaves several cracks had formed in various places on the bridge, and those that were fighting near the edge were sent flying into the sea.

And Iraora, who was standing in the epicenter of the explosion...

Iraora: 「Ow... That f*king bastard, causing a Magic Explosion」

...Was fine. He was not, however, completely unharmed. His right hand was missing from the wrist, he had wounds all over his body, and it seemed like he was having trouble just standing up. The fact that he was still alive after taking the explosion head on was proof of just how abnormal he was.

「Iraora-sama! You were alright!」

A man that seemed to be Iraora's subordinate approached him.

Iraora: 「Aah. What happened to the others?」

Soldier: 「Most fell into the sea. The only ones remaining are our squad!」

Iraora: 「Hohou14. Well, it's a bit different from what was planned, but I guess this mission was a success」

Soldier: 「What shall we do with Shublarz who ran away!」

Iraora: 「Leave her be. By the time she arrives everything will already be over. No, maybe I should say... It'll have begun?」

Iraora says so as he smiles, his words hinting at hidden intentions.

Iraora: 「I need to let this body rest for a while. You guys clean up after this mess」

Soldier: 「Yes sir!」

The subordinate courteously bows and leaves.

Iraora: 「Tsk, I say something like that, but it feels like it'll take a bit of time for this body to heal」

He then looks down with an annoyed face towards the center of the crater.

Iraora: 「Regret in the afterlife, you 《Cruel》 piece of shit」

Iraora says so as he spits, then leaves.


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