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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 104


Chapter 104: King Rudolf's Motive

’’.......what might that be?’’ (Portnis)

Everyone's glances gathered upon Rudolf.

’’This 《Sacred Room》is easy to enter, but to exit, it requires the permission of the head priest, correct?’’ (Rudolf)

’’.......that's how it would appear to be.’’ (Portnis)

But Portnis wondered why she suddenly asked such a question as she slightly inclined her head.

’’And the number of people that can enter, including the Head Priest-dono, is 13 people correct?’’ (Rudolf)

’’........haa’’ (Portnis)

’’Furthermore, no information at all can enter in from the certainly is a room worthy of being called a separating space’’ (Rudolf)

Judom knitted his eyebrows at Rudolf's words.

(Rudolf.......just what are you.........?) (Judom)

That was something that everyone here, no, since the Cabinet Minister next to him was faintly smiling, it was likely that he knew something. Even so, nearly everybody was dumbfounded by Rudolf's strange remarks.

’’, I just wanted to confirm it in advance. Sorry for taking up your time’’ (Rudolf)

’’N-no’’ (Portnis)

He was not entirely aware as to what purpose Rudolf would have to confirm such a thing. However, Judom noticed Aquinas' eyes had narrowed. Similar to Judom, he had some doubts about Rudolf's strange conduct.

(......Rudolf, you......)(Judom)

Judom didn't want to believe it he thought that, he figured he would wait-and-see a little longer while watching over him.

’’Now then, let us once again introduce ourselves properly’’ (Rudolf)

’’I am the sole king unifying the『Humas』, Rudolf van Strauss Arclaim, the king of 【Victorias】’’ (Rudolf)

After Rudolf introduced himself, Eveam followed suit and opened her mouth.

’’I am the lord controlling the 【Evila Capital: Xaos】, Eveam Gran Early Evening. On this occasion, for having responded to the request of the 『Evila』, I am truly grateful king of Victorias’’ (Eveam)

She moved her head and gave a slight nod.

’’No, there are also many merits for us if we were to make an alliance’’ (Rudolf)

Even though their Maou was using polite speech, seeing Rudolf fail to do the same irked Marione, giving him a dubious feeling as he knit his eyebrows in displeasure. However, Aquinas had noticed his displeasure and gave a tiny shake of his head, telling Marione not to draw attention to it.

Eveam herself did not appear to mind at all as she opened her mouth once more.

’’I am happy to hear you say that’’ (Eveam)

’’However’’ (Rudolf)

’’.........?’’ (Eveam)

’’There are also those who do not desire this alliance’’ (Rudolf)

’’I am fully aware of that’’ (Eveam)

’’That alone shows how heavy the wounds we have inflicted upon each other are.......and how deep they are’’ (Rudolf)

’’Yes, but I feel that healing those wounds requires not vengeance, but a time of peace’’ (Eveam)

’’..............’’ (Rudolf)

’’We were once at conflict. It is precisely because of this that we so calmly accepted things that could only be described as inhuman. As sadness and hatred simply swelled, it only invited more conflict and strife. This can no longer be allowed. If someone does not break these chains of conflict, a time of peace will never come!’’ (Eveam)

Everyone listened carefully to her declaration.

(This this is the current Maou) (Judom)

Judom heard her idealistic thoughts and felt that she was voicing them in earnest. In the first place, to come to the enemy territory, the human continent, with only these few people was close to suicidal behaviour. Yet, even so, she proceeded with the conference. It was precisely because she truly wanted to establish an alliance that she had come here like this to meet the representative of an enemy country.

Having been given overwhelmingly disadvantageous conditions, if they poorly presented some half-hearted nonsense, the Evila would instantly stir up animosity. In this situation that could potentially lead to further conflict, for her to shoot off such words without a single lie showed how Eveam herself truly believed in them.

( Have I seen this girl somewhere.......?) (Judom)

Judom looked at Eveam as he began to have a sense of déjàvu. He had a feeling that he had met her before, yet it had just slipped through his mind. And then-

(I remember now! Oi oi oi oi, don't tell me that the Jou-chan from that time was the Maou?) (Judom)

As his eyes widened in realization, he looked at her once more to confirm it. And with that, he was sure that she matched the girl from his memories.

(......I see, so the Jou-chan from that time has.......grown up splendidly) (Judom)

It didn't appear that the other side had realized it yet, but Judom had undoubtedly recognized her as someone he had met in the past. Having seen how big and fine she had become, he somehow became very happy. However, now was not the time to be losing himself in nostalgia. Right now he had to concentrate on the conference.

’’Even if we were to form an alliance, there will definitely be some resistance towards it. What do you think about that?’’ (Rudolf)

At Rudolf's query, Eveam answered without any agitation.

’’It's true that even if we form an alliance, those who can't accept it will definitely hold some misgivings. In addition, there is also the issue regarding the 『Gabranth』. However, if we continue to fight like this, 【Edea】will be further wounded, and the places where people can live will disappear. As this has actually occurred in the past, I'm sure you too, can understand that’’ (Eveam)

’’...............’’ (Rudolf)

’’It is because they couldn't let that happen that our predecessors joined hands to bring about a time of prosperity, and shaped the current world as we know it. It can be said that the reason why we are standing here right now is undoubtedly thanks to the hardships of our predecessors building up the world of today. Do you believe that it is alright for us, their descendants, to destroy that?’’ (Eveam)

Everyone silently listened to her words, yet, Rudolf merely closed his eyes. The Cabinet Minister Dennis made an extremely complicated expression.

’’Peace cannot be easily restored. However, us joining hands may become the foundation for it. I'm sure that there will be many problems, but one day, without fail, it will become a world where anyone can live in and laugh!’’ (Eveam)

It was a beautiful ideal. A pure ideal. An ideal that anyone would think to be sweet. If realized, it would definitely be the epitome of peace.

(That's were a bit too hasty, Maou-chan) (Judom)

Judom looked at her with a slightly sober expression.

(It's true that it is indeed a magnificent ideal. But, by just a over-spoke) (Judom)

Indeed, it was true that the ideal she spoke of was magnificent. However, she had not properly answered Rudolf's words. The resistance that would be birthed by the alliance. With regards to how to deal with those problems, she had simply enumerated her own ideals.

If one were to rephrase it, when asked about the internal strife that may occur, she had answered, ’’It's alright, it'll work out somehow’’ as she had displayed baseless self-confidence.

Judom had also wanted this conference to occur. Naturally, he approved of the alliance. However, for that to occur, he was not indifferent to the problems that would arise from it. That was exactly why he wanted.......prior to making the alliance, he wanted to discuss about the near future.

First they had to come to know each other better. Trust was something that was gained gradually over time. But she was only looking at the pretty parts of the alliance. Honestly speaking, it was dangerous.

If you only listened to the ideal, anyone would want to jump at the contents. However, the other party was the representative of a whole country, someone who was shouldering the fate of an entire species. Seeing her simply being forward with her ideals, even Judom grew slightly anxious.

(Don't be hasty, Maou-chan. You have time. You mustn't be hasty with the alliance. First you have to come to know each other, then prioritize solving each and every problem, one after the other. Today is simply a discussion for that) (Judom)

It was as if Judom was thinking of advice for his own daughter. Seeing her, he unconsciously wanted to help guide her. She was naïve, but mysteriously had something that attracted people. Though she was young, you could understand that she was the Maou.

’’.......Maou Eveam-dono’’ (Rudolf)

Suddenly, Rudolf spoke with a murmur.

’’Wh-what is it?’’ (Eveam)

’’You......have you ever lost anyone important to you?’’ (Rudolf)

’’........hah?’’ (Eveam)

After wondering what he was suddenly asking, she accidentally responded like that.

’’From what I've seen, you are pure. The previous Maou seems to have been your brother, but your way of thinking is completely different’’ (Rudolf)

’’.........’’ (Eveam)

’’You have some wonderful thoughts. It truly is a pure white.....and beautiful ideal’’ (Rudolf)

At that moment, the sound of Dennis swallowing nervously could be heard. It appeared that something had made him nervous, but it was likely that the ambition poured into his words had affected him.

’’I will ask you one last time. Have you ever lost anyone important to you?’’ (Rudolf)

’’That........I have. All of the 『Evila』are my family. There have been many that have died’’ (Eveam)

’’...............I see. Then could it be that, from now on, if any of your family were to be killed, then you would find something like revenge to be meaningless? Would you believe that everything could be resolved with words........and be able to talk to their murderer while laughing?’’ (Rudolf)

Rudolf silently opened his eyes and sharply gazed at her. It felt as though his intention was to not let her get away with only a small amount of effort.

After being asked such a question, Eveam's face darkened slightly at the contents, yet-

’’......I do not know if I would be able to laugh. No, it is likely that I wouldn't be able to laugh. However, I won't let any of my family get killed! I swear on my name as the Maou Eveam, that I will stop any kinds of actions that would give rise to the desire for revenge!’’ (Eveam)

For a while, the two of them glared at each other as the silence continued. The first one to open his mouth was Rudolf.

’’It seems that you are still quite young’’ (Rudolf)

’’I am fully aware of that! And I recognize that there are parts where I am still lacking! However-’’ (Eveam)

’’This conference’’ (Rudolf)

’’........hah?’’ (Eveam)

Rudolf interrupted her and spoke.

’’The 『Gabranth』will definitely try and put a stop to this conference. Are you already aware of their movements?’’ (Rudolf)

’’Amongst my subordinates, there is one that particularly excels at gathering intelligence. I have had that one observe movements of the 『Gabranth』’’ (Eveam)

’’Oh, and?’’ (Rudolf)

’’During these past few months, we have also been moving behind the scenes. We have also leaked out false information to confuse them’’ (Eveam)

’’Ooh, now that you mention it, you did do something like that’’ (Rudolf)

In reality, using influential people from their respective sides, they had performed multiple clandestine meetings already. It was precisely these meetings which were performed to trick the 『Gabranth』. In the clandestine meetings, the conference location, date, time, and other fine details were discussed. Then, that information was stealthily carried to the 『Gabranth』continent by Eveam's subordinate.

Of course, the 『Gabranth』 would not have just taken the information up front and should have done some of their own investigating. The information they gained on the conference's date and time was the same, but the location was different. A few days earlier, notice of the 『Gabranth』advancing their army towards the false location of the conference based on that information had arrived. Amongst them, the figure of the Beast King had been detected, so it appeared to be certain that they had been successfully manipulated by the false information.

’’Right about now, the 『Gabranth』should be raiding the pre-prepared false conference location. However, though their appearances may be similar to ours, the ones over there are entirely different people.’’ (Eveam)

’’Hou, though I did hear that someone specializing in fine doll making had created those they resemble all of you so much?’’ (Rudolf)

’’Of course. Unless you actually touch them to confirm, you can't tell based on sight alone’’ (Eveam)

’’Hohou, you certainly do have some excellent subordinates’’ (Rudolf)

At Rudolf's words, Eveam gazed with slight pride at Kiria. Although Kiria too had attempted to modestly back off, seeing as her face had just slightly loosened, she may have been a little happy. Indeed, the one who had prepared the dolls was none other than Kiria.

(Like he said, I have gained a fine family) (Eveam)

As Eveam though so, a sense of gratitude welled up once more towards Kiria and co., who had continued to support her.

’’If that's the case, then are you saying that there are no problems at all?’’ (Rudolf)

’’Yes’’ (Eveam)

’’For either the 『Gabranth』, this conference, and..........even us 『Humas』?’’ (Rudolf)

’’..........? Just what might you be saying?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam felt a sense of unease from his sudden shift in tone, with its seemingly hidden meanings. As she did so, he suddenly raise his hand. Then, as if to say it was a signal, one out of the five commanding officers swiftly ran from their place.

Thinking that they may possibly be aiming for Eveam, Aquinas and co. instinctively came closer to her to protect her. However, the officer wasn't aiming for Eveam.

’’Wh-what are you!?’’ (Portnis)

The one being targeted was the witness, Portnis. No, to be exact, it was the staff that Portnis held. As they had simply moved too quickly, Portnis's staff was stolen abruptly, without her being able to do anything about it.

Seeing this scene, majority of the people there were taken aback as they simply stared. They couldn't understand at all what exactly he was doing.

’’Destroy it!’’ (Rudolf)

The one who said that to the officer was Rudolf. The officer gave a small nod as he raised the staff and..

’’Pl-please stop it!’’ (Portnis)


Portnis's words of restraint were useless as the staff was thrown onto the ground. The round ball fitted on its tip shattered and its pieces scattered about.

’’Well done’’ (Rudolf)

At Rudolf's words, the officer simply said ’’Yes!’’, and returned to his original position. Seeing that, as expected, Judom raised his voice.

’’Oi Rudolf! Just what are you thinking!’’ (Judom)

’’That's right! Are you not aware of exactly what that staff is!’’ (Portnis)

As Portnis continued after Judom, Rudolf gave a faint smile as he responded.

’’I know what it is. That's why I destroyed it’’ (Rudolf)

’’Wha!’’ (Portnis)

’’Rudolf.......could it be that you......’’ (Judom)

After seeing Judom tremble, and the astonished Portnis, Eveam finally began to speak.

’’Ju-just what does this mean? What are your intentions, King of Victorias!’’ (Eveam)

All of the『Evila』glared at Rudolf. However, even now, his smile did not falter.

’’With this, for 24 hours, this place has become a completely isolated world from the outside’’ (Rudolf)

’’A completely’’ (Eveam)

Eveam repeated those words, but the one who answered was Judom.

’’This《Sacred Room》is a place where an ancient hero sacrificed his body, and is the place where holy power is the most strongly concentrated’’ (Judom)

’’Judom.....’’ (Aquinas)

As Aquinas murmured so, Eveam was taken aback as she looked at Judom.

(I-I see, I felt like I had seen him somewhere before, but he's the one from that time......!?)

Up until now, she had no idea exactly who he was, but upon remembering the past happenings, Eveam understood that it was no surprise that he was here.

’’You are......Judom Lankars?’’ (Eveam)

’’Ou, that's right. But well, you got bigger. When I think about how the Jou-chan from then has now become the Maou-chan, it makes me feel that the flow of time is fast. Don't you think so too, Aquinas?’’ (Judom)

’’Fu, truly’’ (Aquinas)

Aquinas agreed with him as he faintly smiled.

’’Your Majesty, right now is not the time for that’’ (Marione)

After being chided by Marione, Eveam returned to her senses and decided to ask for the continuation of the explanation.

’’Th-that's right, sorry. Judom-dono, could you please continue with your explanation?’’ (Eveam)

’’Ahh, about this place, since the hero's power was simply too great, upon entering, in order to protect the people inside, this 《Sacred Room》puts up a powerful barrier’’ (Judom)

’’.......isn't that a good thing?’’ (Eveam)

’’It's true that if I tell you just that, this place seems to be the safest possible location, as you can be protected by the hero's power. However, once you enter, you can't get out of here for 24 hours’’ (Judom)

’’Wha!? Is that true?’’ (Eveam)

As he turned toward Eveam and saw her face warped with shock, a bitter smile floated upon his face.

’’Yeah, isn't that right, Portnis?’’ (Judom)

’’Yes, that's right Judom’’ (Portnis)

Seeing their intimate exchange of words, anyone would be able to sense that the two of them were likely acquaintances.

’’For 24 hours, this room will function to create an absolute protective wall. Originally, this staff......’’

While saying this, she picked up and showed everyone the staff which had been smashed on the ground.

’’The tip of this staff had a ball on it right?’’ (Portnis)

At Portnis's question, Eveam nodded in response.

’’That ball was something created from the 《Hero's armour》. If I had to say, it was a 《Hero's relic》. Thanks to that ball, if you were to enter into this room with me, then you would be able to freely exit this room’’ (Portnis)

’’Th-then........’’ (Eveam)

’’.......yes, once 24 hours have elapsed in this 《Sacred Room》after entry, the barrier will weaken for just a short time. Then we will be able to exit from here but..........right now........’’ (Portnis)

Swallowing the words that the ball was now broken, Portnis made a disappointed face as she hung her head in shame. Following this, Judom open his mouth angrily.

’’Rudolf, you bastard, you aimed for this from the beginning right? Now that I think of it, initially you had acted strangely when confirming things with Portnis. That was a hint of your plan to do this, wasn't it?’’ (Judom)

Indeed, Rudolf had confirmed with Portnis the detailed workings of the 《Sacred Room》which should have been irrelevant to the conference itself.

’’Dennis, you knew as well, didn't you. And that lot over there too’’ (Judom)

He glared at the Cabinet Minister Dennis and the five commanding officers. As he did so, the six of them began to chuckle.

’’I won't ask what exactly you're scheming by shutting us up in this kind of place. Rudolf, you've really done it now, haven't you?’’ (Judom)

At Judom's words, Rudolf chuckled.

’’He's done it now? Judom-dono, just what do you think the King of Victorias is.......?’’ (Eveam)

’’Your Majesty, please try to think about it a little’’ (Kiria)

’’Mu, then do you know, Kiria?’’ (Eveam)

After being scolded by her close aide, Kiria, Eveam pouted slightly.

’’Of course. It is likely that he, no, they........are planning on betraying us’’ (Kiria)

’’Wha!?’’ (Eveam)

With sudden realization, she turned towards Rudolf. He then

’’Hahaha, like you should be the ones to speak of betrayal. Your people have practically patented the art, have you not?’’ (Rudolf)

’’Kuh! King of Victorias! Why would you do such a thing! In the first place, just what do you plan on doing by locking us into here!’’ (Eveam)

’’Do you still not get it, Maou?’’ (Rudolf)

’’..........?’’ (Eveam)

Everyone paid close attention to the movement of Rudolf's mouth. As his lips slowly began to move, shocking words entered Eveam's ears.

’’It's war’’ (Rudolf)


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