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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 103


Chapter 103: Humas-Evila Alliance Conference

When Eveam and company crossed the bridge and looked at the Humas troops stationed there, her body stiffened. Everyone was looking at each other warily.

(The heroes are...) (Eveam)

Eveam started looking for the heroes who were supposed to be around. Her gaze fell upon a group of four.

A tall boy with brown hair and a handsome face that is likely popular with the ladies. An energetic girl, sporting hair with the same shade of brown. A girl with long black hair that reached down to her waist. A girl with cat-like eyes and slightly wavy black hair that hung over her shoulders.

(So those are the heroes...) (Eveam)

Eveam wore a poker face as she moved only her gaze towards the direction of the 4 heroes. As the other side had noticed her stare, they returned a probing gaze.

She judged that they were the Heroes because she sensed great magical power emanating from them. In the first place she, as the Demon Lord, belonged to a race that excels in sensing magic. Thus, since birth, she had possessed great magical power and precise control over magical elements.

Using this ability, she was able to discern the quality and quantity of the Human's magic simply by observing them.

Eveam stopped walking as a Humas soldier stood before her.

’’I presume you must be Demon Lord Eveam?’’ (Captain)

The soldier before her was most likely a captain. Unlike the grey armor that the others wore, only his had a different shape and color. One other person, like the individual before her, was also wearing red armor. It was likely that the individual was also a captain.

’’I am obliged to attend this meeting, My name is Eveam Gran Early Evening, the governing ruler of Demon Capital: Xaos’’ (Eveam)

After she spoke thus with a dignified countenance, the people nearby couldn't help expressing their admiration. This girl was their enemy, the 『Evila』's ruler. Her beauty and her ambitions as a ruler, however, had unintentionally captivated the people around her.

According to Aquinas, Eveam was still lacking dignity as a ruler. Even so, the humans were forced to understand that she was an existence that clearly lived in a different world from them.

It was not just Eveam. The presence of the two at her side, Aquinas and Marione, had caused the humans to swallow their breath. As expected of those who held such rank, the captains who wore red armor did not show any change in facial expression. However, beads of sweat could be seen dripping down their forehead.

’’You will be guided to the Sacred Oldine from here. In accordance with the agreement, from here onwards, only 6 Cruel guards will be allowed.’’ (Captain)

’’I understand. From here I will be accompanied by Aquinas, Marione, and Kiria. Only these 3 people. Kiria is not a Cruel but she is my aide. I wouldn't mind making a separate letter for her approval ’’ (Eveam)

’’I understand. you have brought fewer people than we expected. Please follow me’’ (Captain)

They proceeded to follow the person in red armor. Eveam walked past the heroes, but Aquinas did not follow suit. He stopped for a moment, looked towards them, and frowned.

’’What's wrong?’’ (Kiria)

The one who asked was Kiria.

’’...Nothing, I'm just a little worried.’’ (Aquinas)

’’So those people are the heroes’’ (Kiria)

Kiria said this while also staring at the four heroes.

’’It seems that way, but...’’ (Aquinas)

’’What is it?’’ (Kiria)

’’Nothing... Let's go’’ (Aquinas)

’’Ah, Yes’’ (Kiria)

Aquinas glanced at the heroes once more before following behind the others.

(Strange... It is certainly strong... Their magical power is strong, however the amount of magical power between the four of them is too equal.) (Aquinas)

What Aquinas felt was an enormous magical power. He felt its strength exceeded even that of Higher Evila, but the amount of magical power that the four people had was too equal.

(Are all people from another world like that? Or...) (Aquinas)

The four people's appearances certainly looked different, but something was amiss in terms of their respective magical power. He felt a sense of unease, not only because there were four people with the same amount of magical power but because they were also heroes. However, it was not impossible for four people to have an equal amount of magical power.

(...Ornoth, I'll leave the country to you. In exchange, the princess...) (Aquinas)

A flame quietly flickered in Aquinas' eyes. He still felt uneasy in his heart but he had to proceed to the conference. That was Eveam's will. There was no way of knowing if anything would happen a the conference, but he was determined to protect Eveam at all cost.

Naturally, at this time he had no way of knowing what his decision would bring.

【Sacred Oldine】;the place where the hero was summoned into this world, 【Edea】, in order to save the 『Humas』 who lived there, and the rumored place where the hero lived out the rest of his life.

When the hero died, he transformed his own body into light and poured it down onto the land. The land was originally corrupted;there were poisonous marshes as well as many ferocious monsters crawling about. It is told that the hero, wanting to rid the land of corruption, used the last of his strength in order to purify it.

Thereafter, many plants grew and flowers blossomed unto the land, turning it into a lively and vibrant place overflowing with nature. At the same time, monsters had become unable to approach the land and magic had become unusable in that area.

The people believed this to be a result of the hero's desire for peace, declared the land to be 【Sacred Ground】, and constructed a building to praise the hero. That building is called the 《Oldine Grand Temple》. It is located in the center of that land, where the hero's power is said to be the strongest.

The first generation head priest and founder was a companion of the Hero. His name was Ronise Gilviti. The Sacred Oldine was made as a symbol of peace. Even now it constantly attracts many worshippers and tourists. Even the upper echelons of society use the place to conduct important discussions and negotiations.

Right now, the Sacred Oldine would be the place wherein a big turn of events would occur.

This is the place of The Conference.

The Conference between the Humas and the Evilato establish an alliance treaty between them.

Inside the Ordine Grand Temple, there is a place called the 《Sacred Room》. It was here that the two representatives of each race would meet.

Overseeing the conference as a neutral party and standing between the two groups was Portnis Gilviti, the current head priestess. As the name would imply, she is a descendant of the First Head Priest Ronise Gilviti

The priestess wore a white robe embroidered with gold thread. In her hand was a staff with a large emerald green ball fitted on the top.

She was a fair-skinned woman envied by women with brownish complexion.She was around the age of 30, possessing a dignified expression appropriate of her age, and a face full of slender contours along with a well-shaped nose. It was as if every part of her body was designed for elegance.

’’Well then, as of this moment we shall begin the Humas-Evila Alliance Conference’’ (Eveam)

Her voice was heard clearly by everyone.

In the Sacred Room was a large round table. The representatives of the two races seated themselves opposite of each other,while Portnis sat down in a position where both parties were in her field of view.


King Rudolph of the Humas and Demon Lord Eveam of the Evila were the only ones who sat down. The other people present were also offered a seat but they remained standing. It is likely they remained standing so that it would be easier to react if something were to happen. Both parties were thinking the same thing.

Rudolph was accompanied by his Cabinet Minister Dennis, Guild Master Judom, as well as 5 other guards, including the Captain that guided Eveam and her companions to the room.

Eveam's party was comprised of her aide Kiria, Cruel's Rank 1 Aquinas, and Rank 2 Marione.

Judom focused his gaze upon Aquinas. Aquinas, likewise, looked back at Judom, and the two of them stared each other down.

(It's been a while, Aquinas) (Judom)

Judom didn't put his thoughts into words, but conveyed it through his gaze. Aquinas, as if he understood what Judom wanted to say...

(You seem to be in good shape, Judom Lankars) (Aquinas)

They conversed using only their eyes, almost as if they were former comrades in arms. They've fought against each other in life or death battles so they knew each other well.

(I didn't think we'd meet again face-to-face like this, but he's definitely changed) (Judom)

Judom didn't show it, but he was observing Aquinas. He felt that Aquinas was extraordinary, even among the Evila. Judom wasn't the only one thinking such thoughts.

(Although I had thought so before, you're such an accomplished warrior that I wouldn't have thought of you as a simple 『Humas』)

Aquinas also had similar sentiments towards Judom. Both also understood that the other had grown much more powerful than the last time they met.

(...This guy has an impressive presence as always. If I was an ordinary guy I would wither in his presence, but...) (Judom)

Judom looked towards the soldiers nearby out of the corner of his eye. As he expected, there were those within the group who were being overwhelmed by Aquinas and Marione's presence.

(Can't be helped... I guess. If there's anyone that could oppose them, it'd be...) (Judom)

As he compared the five soldiers, three of them stood out to him.

(Only these three) (Judom)

There were only three soldiers who were standing tall without wavering, despite facing the strongest of the Evila.

(Their levels seem to be on the higher side, but... They won't be much help if we have to fight against them) (Judom)

They were likely the best of the best in the 【Victorias】 army, but they still didn't match up to Aquinas and the 《Cruel》 guard. This was true for Judom as well, but on the off chance Aquinas and the others were to go on a rampage he wouldn't be able to handle them alone.

The use of magic and bringing weapons into the 《Sacred Room》 is prohibited so they could only rely on their physical abilities in a fight. Taking that into consideration, Judom still felt that he would only be able to hold off Aquinas alone.

That is why they chose 5 commanding officers. However, the question remained whether or not they were capable of dealing with Marione, the aide, and the Demon Lord herself.

In fact, Judom suggested a plan to include some of his most trusted and skilled adventurers in the conference, but his plan was rejected by both Cabinet Minister Dennis and King Rudolph. King Rudolph stated that he only wanted people he trusted by his side and wouldn't give Judom's plan further consideration.

For now it was important that Judom carry out his mission. That is to be vigilant of their surroundings and to watch the conference closely and attentively.

’’This conference is held in mutual agreement by both parties. The purpose of this conference is to form an alliance in order to establish peace. Is this correct?’’ (Portnis)

Portnis looked at each of the parties involved. Eveam returned a powerful nod towards Portnis in response. Then Portnis looked over to Rudolph's side.

His eyes were closed, but as the silence continued he slowly opened them. As if reflecting on his thoughts, he slowly spoke

’’...There is something I would like to ask, Head Priestess’’ (Rudolph)


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