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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 102


Chapter 102 - The Demon Lord, to the Human World

The Humas-Evila Conferencewas one week away and Nazaar had been following the four heroes for three days. He was currently dismayed by the scene that lay before him.

They had arrived at the bridge connecting Humas and Evila. In other words, the continental border, and presently on the bridge stood a demon deployed by the Evila tasked with safeguarding the bridge from the Humas.

The deployed Evila』, Iraora, was a former member of Cruel. Therefore, the Humas should have known of his extraordinary strength and that of the other people stationed there. It was because of this that the bridge hadn't been destroyed yet.

However, Nazaar was most surprised when the heroes began to cross the bridge without hesitation, with the Conference drawing near, Nazaar was dumbfounded by their reckless actions which might call out such violence.

Curious, Nazaar let a bird drawn from his sketchbook fly near the heroes to examine the situation. He used the bird as his eyes and ears for short-range surveillance and information gathering. Naturally, the heroes were unaware of this fact.

As the heroes continued across the bridge, they gradually approached Iraora, who stood at the center of the bridge. And Nazaar was shocked by the words that the heroes proceeded to say in his presence.

’’Are you Iraora?’’ (Taishi)

’’Yes, that's me.’’ (Iraora )

’’I see, so you are one of their accomplices then?’’ (Taishi )

What did he just say? Nazaar ruminated those words several times in his head.

( Ac....Accomplice? a minute~su..... speaking of accomplice... what do does he mean~su? ) (Nazaar)

Nazaar became more perplexed as he was unable to understand the meaning of the shocking words that came from Iraora.

’’Those guys are already inside. Hey, guide them.’’ (Iraora)

After Iraora issued the command to one of his subordinates, that person urged the heroes to follow him.

Iraora let the heroes pass through as he has given them consent to cross over the bridge and across the Evila border. In other words, Iraora let them set foot on the Evila continent.

( Those guys....? Who are those guy~su? ) Nazaar

Before he realized it, Nazaar was sweating profusely. He felt thirsty as he groaned in anxiousness. The situation had pushed him his wits' end.

’’What is the meaning of thi~su? Why did Iraora let the heroes pass? Morever, who are those guy~su.....?’’ (Nazaar)

Though confused, he nevertheless drew a picture in his sketchbook.

’’A..-Anyway the situation has escalated abnormally ~su! If I do not pass on this information as soon as possible, I have a bad feeling something dangerous will happen in Evila ~su!’’ (Nazaar)

Suddenly, his neck was seized from behind.

’’ -!? ’’(Nazaar)

Nazaar had not sensed anything. Certainly, he might not have been able to think calmly due to the situation at hand, but even so he was confident that he was not so weak as to be defeated by just anyone.

Teckil's abilities were specialized for covert operations which required that he erase his presence, using this ability, he should have been able to sense his enemy before being assaulted. However, Teckil had not been able to detect the attack's approach and was now caught by an unknown assailant. He was now experiencing his worst nightmare.

’’ .....Who...are....yo~su? ’’ (Nazaar)

Somehow he managed to squeeze out a few words. As he turned around to look at his assailant, he heard a muffled voice.

’’ Your role ends here. Now sleep......Teckil ’’ (???)

Gasping for air, he was shocked by these words.

’’ hah....ha-hah.... you ~su-eem to know about me..... I'm honored~su...’’ (Teckil?)

While pretending to be tough by forcing a smile, he quietly moved his hands. Then,


All of a sudden, a sword rushed out from his textbook, impaling the head of the person behind him. He used this chance to slip out of its hold, then he scrutinized his opponent.

’’Fuu, Unpreparedness is one's greatest enemy. Don't think badly of me~su. I cannot afford to die in such a place like thi~su.’’ (Teckil?)

Since the robed opponent had covered its face with a hood, he decided to remove it first. Although the opponent was completely silent, blood continued to flow from its head. He approached the unmoving existence, intending to remove its hood. However,


His arms were grabbed

’’Na-!?’’ (Teckil?)

He forcefully pushed away the arms of what seemed to be of a dead person, managing to slip out of its restraint and retreated back. Then, he examined his opponent at a distance. It pulled the sword that was stuck in its head while swaying like a ghost. Although blood spouts with a slosh on his head, it throws the sword on the ground nonchalantly.

(It responded~su.... Moreover, Is there a creature that can remain so composed after having its head pierced~su... ? ) (Teckil?)

He felt his spine shiver from the eeriness of the opponent.

’’As one would expect of 《Rank 3》 Teckil of Cruel. I was surprised when you killed me that time’’ (???)

’’ ...... It appears that you are mistaking me for someone el~su ’’ (Teckil?)

He readied his stance as his opponent knows completely about his identity. He plans to remove the fluttering hood to see it's identity. But a mumbling laughter was heard as he considered whether his intention was conveyed to the opponent.

’’ Apparently, you seemed to be concerned of my identity. In respect for the honor of killing me that time, I will show it to you ’’ (???)

As it said so, the hood was slowly raised. Nazaar who is now named Teckil watched with a stern expression, he stiffened as his face saw an unbelievable one.

’’ i.....i.... impossible... why..... why are you here in this pla~su...!?’’ (Teckil)

While Teckil is still stiffened from that revelation, his opponent instantly vanished.

’’ ....Eh?’’ (Teckil)

Teckil noticed the opponent already behind him.


Teckil felt the impact on his neck, his consciousness wavering violently at the same time. As his vision gradually whitened Teckil was reminded of the faces of Demon Lord Eveam and his companions.

( At this rate.....everyone will.....) (Teckil)

However, his resistance was futile. Shrouded in darkness, he fainted and collapsed.

Evila Perspective

The day of the conference was five days away. At the provincial border between 『Humas』 and 『Evila』, Eveam lead the 《Demon Lord Forces》 as she crossed the bridge. On the way, she saw a familiar face at the center of the bridge.

’’ Iraora, Isn't there any change? ’’ (Eveam )

Iraora who is in charge of guarding the Mütich Bridge was greeted by Eveam. He had a large build and was probably more than 3 meters tall. He bowed in loyalty to Eveam.

’’ Ha! As a matter of fact, several days ago the heroes appeared at the Mütich Bridge ’’ (Iraora)

’’ Aa, we were informed of that. And then? Did anything occur? ’’ (Eveam)

Thereupon, Iraora shook his head clearly.

’’ Nay, They were only watching over the bridge as a precaution ’’ (Iraora)

’’ So the heroes are on the other side? ’’ (Eveam)

Eveam spoke those words as she watched the long bridge ahead. The Mütich Bridge has an identical length with the bridges on the other borders. The bridge ten kilometers long, and starting from the center where they are located, there is a distance of five kilometers at the end of the bridge.

’’ I fear that it's likely that...’’ (Iraora)

’’ Is that so..... as i thought, it will really happen, they are planning to destroy the bridge...... Kiria ’’ (Eveam)

’’ Hai ’’ (Kiria)

Kiria, Eveam's aide, approached Eveam, her snowy white hair swinging.

’’ The demand of the other party said to only bring the 『Cruel』 to the 『Humas』. However, Ornoth, Shublarz and Greyald will be left here.’’ (Eveam)

Nearly everyone reacted to Eveam's words, and Iraora who currently had his mouth opened asked back. He was visibly upset by her words.

’’ Does Her Majesty not believe in me? ’’ (Iraora)

Hearing her words, Iraora was under the impression that Eveam did not trust him with defending the bridge alone. In other words, the mere idea of him being defeated by the puny 『Humas』 offended him.

’’ No, that is not the case ’’ (Eveam)

’’ Then, I wonder why? ’’ (Iraora)

’’ Know your position Iraora! ’’ (Marione)

It was 《Rank 2》 Marione who threw such words with anger.

’’ Right now you are merely the commanding officer of 《Bridge Security Forces》. You should refrain from advising your superiors like when you were from 『Cruel』-! ’’ (Marione)

Iraora and Marione momentarily glared at each other, sparks flying between them.

’’ Enough both of you! ’’ (Eveam)

Her words succeeded in quelling the situation, causing them to avert their eyes from each other. However, based from their expressions, they were not satisfied. Especially Iraora, who was evidently irritated.

’’ Haa, Listen well both of you. We are of the same kind. Although he may have been demoted, Iraora is clearly contributing for the sake of 『Evila』. I cannot disregard his opinion as he is an 『Evila』 ’’ (Eveam)

Marione harshly grunted and relented.

’’ About Iraora's question awhile ago ’’ (Eveam)

’’ Ha! ’’ (Iraora)

’’ I fully understand the extent of your power. But I cannot let this bridge be destroyed ’’ (Eveam)

’’ .... ’’ (Iraora)

’’ Against the usual 『Humas』, you and your soldiers would have be more than enough. However, this time, there are the heroes whose power is still unknown to us. Although, we investigated on them, especially the past 6 months, the 『Humas』 have been concealing how the heroes fight ’’ (Eveam)

The spy named Teckil was made to invade the 『Humas』 for gathering information, there was no one who knows the hero's strength other than him who have the information. However, Teckil who excelled in covert operations had a hard time on gathering information as the 『Humas』 have greatly covered up their private lives.

The other party doesn't want the current abilities of the heroes to be known. Therefore, as far as the heroes are concerned, it is too risky to leave it all to Iraora as the ability of the heroes are still unknown to them.

’’ The heroes are an unknown factor. Moreover, all four heroes can use light magic based from the investigation. Although I trust you, I cannot help but become anxious. Please do understand ’’ (Eveam)

’’ ...... As you will’’ (Iraora)

Reluctant as he may be, Iraora expressed his acknowledgement by bowing in Eveam's presence.

’’ Regarding that matter, Ornoth, Shublarz and Greyald I request all of you to please defend the bridge’’ (Eveam)

’’ ’’ ’’ Ha-! ’’ ’’ ’’ (Three People from 『Cruel』 )

Eveam nodded in consent as the three people answered her words. Thus, Eveam and her escorts advanced to the bridge. Thereupon, only one person halted and approached Ornoth, he was 《Rank 1》 Aquinas.

’’ What's wrong Aquinas? ’’ (Ornoth)

Naturally, Ornoth who found his behavior suspicious inquired about it.

’’ Ornoth, you must return to the country ’’ (Aquinas)

’’ Ha-? What on earth are you saying? ’’ (Ornoth)

Aquinas examined his surroundings as he lowered his voice, Ornoth did the same.

’’ Anyway, I have a bad feeling about this ’’ (Aquinas)

’’ A bad feeling? ’’ (Ornoth)

’’ Aa, This conference... perhaps will become a rough one. Moreover, an inordinate one. ’’ (Aquinas)

’’ ..... Your basis? ’’ (Ornoth)

’’ I have already said it, a bad feeling ’’ (Aquinas)

Ornoth quietly watches the eyes of his friend Aquinas. And, he smiled with a puff as he shrugged his shoulders.

’’Tentatively, I'm assured that this is the Demon Lord-sama's orders? ’’ (Ornoth)

’’ I apologize. However, you're the only one rely on this request ’’(Aquinas)

’’ ...... Understood ’’ (Ornoth)

’’ I entrust it to you ’’ (Aquinas)

’’ However, you must guard Her Majesty without fail. ’’ (Ornoth)

’’It goes without saying’’ (Aquinas)

Aquinas rushed to Eveam's side after saying those words. And Ornoth stared at that back with a stern expression.

( Certainly this conference seems to be too quiet as it conversely gives off a sense of eeriness ) (Ornoth)

The anxiety of Ornoth is directed to the 『Gabranth』. As they will be troubled if this conference is established. There is no way they would stay silent and observe. Although it was Ornoth who thought that, it will not be strange even if they managed to come here and drop the bridge,

( Certainly this would become rough. Aquinas, I entrust Eveam to you ) (Ornoth)

While Ornoth thought so, he quietly watched again his friend as they faced their destination.


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