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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 101


Chapter 101: Prelude to the Meeting

Around that time, King Rudolf and the Cabinet Minister Dennis met in a room. Both were feeling the tension in the air and wore stern facial expressions. However, Dennis was the first to speak

. ’’I hope that this would go well but...’’ (Dennis)

’’Yes...and to achieve that we have been training the heroes for half a year’’(Rudolf)

’’As a trump card...?’’

Rudolf then shook his head a little.

’’No, The Evila knows about the existence of the Heroes, we must be cautious, which is why the Heroes should hidden as much as possible’’ (Rudolf)

’’You're right, its possible that the Evila cannot do anything about it. But, what do you think that man is planning’’ (Dennis)

’’Judom?’’ (Rudolf)

’’Indeed’’ (Dennis)

Rudolf let out a weak laugh

’’That guy thinks that I am soft, but he is the one who is soft, in a week's time you'll see.’’ (Rudolf)

’’But he was once the strongest adventurer. I heard that he can break a man's head with just his bare hands. What a feat’’ (Dennis)

Dennis doesn't often think about Judom but his reputation and abilities were no errors in judgment. But as what is expected of the Cabinet Minister, he only supports the king.

’’Though I have faith in him, the Evila will undoubtedly make a move. That time will come and I will be right.’’ (Rudolf)

’’Within these two weeks, we must make our move’’ (Dennis)

’’Aahh , we were talking about our Hero trump card earlier, but our real trump card is...’’ (Rudolf)

While they were talking

*Sound of footsteps*

Footsteps can be heard from behind, a certain person was standing behind the two people in the room, but they weren't surprised at all, because he is an acquaintance he was given permission to be in the room. The person then looked at Rudolf

’’This guy is the real one.’’ (Rudolf)

He was just standing there, grinning sinisterly.

After a few days had passed, a young person who was self-reflecting came into view;he tilts his head looking at the sight before him.

(So, those are the heroes...where are you going at this hour?)

He had unkempt blue hair and long bangs that covered his round glasses. This young man was at the Victorias' birthday festival, the painter that Aoyama Taishi met, Nazaar Skride.

He came early in the morning to the vicinity of the castle. He had his sketchbook in hand, seemingly for the purpose of drawing. But it was only a disguise to cover his real intentions: monitoring and surveillance.

Very soon, the meeting between the Humas and the Evila would take place. However, there seems to be someone plotting to interfere with the meeting which has to be someone with a degree of influence over the meeting. Because of that information, he had to go on surveillance. But since it was early in the morning, there were not many people leaving the castle. He was then surprised to find the heroes leaving the castle, he thought that he did the right move getting there early.

(What does King Rudolf intend to do? There are still 10 days till the meeting, yet, what is he planning to do?)

After the heroes went out, Nazaar immediately hid himself from their view. The heroes then proceed to go into town.

(I wonder what's going on here)

As Nazaar thought those things, he began drawing on the paper. It was a drawing of a small bird. Then,s the small bird unexpectedly came to life and rose out of the paper and began flying through the air. It eventually landed on Nazaar's shoulder.

’’Immediately report this to Kiri-chan, please.’’

’’Chi chi chi’’ (Small Bird)

Chirping loudly, as if saying that the small bird had already understood, it then proceeded to fly away again towards the sky.

(I'm interested with the way things are moving, for now I'll prioritize the heroes)

That was what Nazaar thought , he faced the direction Taishi and the others were headed to and began following them determined to find out what they were planning to do.

’’Your Majesty, Its terrible!’’ (Kiria)

Seeing her own aide, Kiria, suddenly barged into her room with a terrible expression, the devil king Eveam, instinctively knitted her eyebrows and asked.

’’Why are you in such a rush Kiria?’’ (Eveam)

While catching her breath Kiria faced Eveam and lowered her head.

’’Please forgive my sudden entrance upon your room, but your Majesty needs to hear this immediately’’ (Kiria)

’’What happened?’’ (Eveam)

Eveam listened intently.

’’Yes, the truth is...’’ (Kiria)

As Kiria was concerned of the people that might be around, she began whispering to Eveam. As soon as Eveam heard the information, she had a grim look on her face.

’’What did you say!? But no... I see, so the Humas began making their move.’’ (Eveam)

Eveam bit her lip as her fists were shaking.

’’But your Majesty, they might also have a reason for being cautious’’ (Kiria)

’’...You might be right, there was a case of last time too. We should be more cautious as well, the heroes begun to move after all, their target would probably be...’’ (Eveam)


Kiria's throat produced a gulping sound.

’’To destroy the border’’ (Eveam)

’’You're saying... they'll destroy the bridge’’ (Kiria)

’’Yes... Now that our border with the Gabranth is gone, it is the only thing that maintains peace.’’ (Eveam)

’’If the meeting has evoked tension among the Humas, then there would be an intention to bring down the bridge’’ (Eveam)

’’The Humas' trump card. Considering that Evila's greatest adversary are the four heroes, once they are deployed, it wouldn't be wrong to think that way. ’’ (Kiria)

In truth, Eveam expected that the Humas would make their move. In the event that the meeting with the Evila don't go well, then immediately destroying the bridge wouldn't allow the possibility of an alliance. The direction of the discussions would turn and be about war and the annihilation of the Evila. Eveam foresaw that that must be what the Humas are planning.

’’However, for the meeting to proceed, Eveam-sama must choose a few but elite persons to accompany you. The Cruel's First and Second should go. I will also be at your side, if the other side starts an all-out war, I am strong enough not to be killed easily.’’ (Kiria)

Yes, there is a given limit as to how many people can go, however if Evila's strongest be there as an escort, even if a fight breaks out there is no way they could lose.

’’No matter how many powerful people Victorias be prepared with, without the Heroes, there wouldn't be a problem.’’ (Kiria)

Kiria's words were accurate. Even the Victorias' renowned military would be a disappointing match for the Evila's top.

’’...but for the Heroes to confidently go to the bridge, they must have a plan in hand don't they?’’ (Kiria)

’’I wonder, no, If I remember correctly, the place of the meeting is...’’ (Eveam)

’’Aah, Its at the <Ordine Grand Temple>(TL:Could be Sanctuary/Shrine). In a sacred place separated from Victorias the <Ordine Holy Ground>(TL: Could also be Holy Land) the place where god rests, It will be held at a place called the <Room of Sanctuary>’’ (TL: Can also be Sacred precinct) (Kiria)

’’If I'm correct, it was once before, the place where Humas went to seek aid in times of misfortunes and calamities, It was said to be the place where the hero turned savior perished. Worshipping that hero eventually gave rise to the <Holy Ground>. ’’ (Eveam)

’’Indeed, there the Hero's power is still lingering, I've heard that the power to seal demons <Holy Ground>is being hidden there. Moreover, the <Room of Sanctuary>has the power to prevent the use of magic;it seems that the power to seal demons is strong there.’’ (Kiria)

’’If that is the place chosen, then in the worst case scenario we would not be able to use our magic.’’ (Eveam)

’’Yes, probably, also if we brought weapons it will only instigate trouble so we cannot do that. In short we will be going there completely unarmed.’’ (Kiria)

’’So you're thinking that we'd all be that right?’’ (Eveam)

Kiria was a bit uneasy.

’’You...can say that, if the Humas sensed hostility within us, we'd all die in an instant’’ (Kiria)

For a while only silence followed, It was then that Kiria spoke.

’’Maybe it's best to discontinue the meeting.’’ (Kiria)

No matter how you think about it, the Evila is at a disadvantageous situation, while in terms of physical strength the Evila is superior to the Humas however when magic cannot be used, those that have the numbers advantage will have the upper hand. The small numbered Evila would be up against the stronghold-like enemy force. If a large number of people simultaneously attacked, then protecting Eveam would be a serious concern.

But as Eveam was thinking, Kiria said those words, she began shaking her head in denial.

’’No, even in the beginning I didn't think it would go smoothly, at any rate I will break the curse like chains that has plagued us since ancient times. Though I understand that it will be difficult to accomplish’’ (Eveam)

’’your Majesty...’’ (Kiria)

’’Even so I've decided. In order for peace to triumph, the establishment of an alliance is necessary.’’(Eveam)


’’I do not expect the Humas to fight recklessly on purpose. I think that nobody has the desire to kill anyone. But the Humas won't believe that so easily, I am afraid of both. Which is why it was natural to place my hand on various things. ’’

The Humas also think that it will be to beneficial if the establishment of the alliance end peacefully. However, they still can't completely trust the Evila. Until the establishment, no, even after the establishment of the alliance, it will still probably take a long time for them to trust again.

There is great distrust being held. That is why it was natural to accept the outlook that the meeting would fail. And when it fails, even a little, the Evila would not be taken for granted.

’’That is why, for them to trust us even a little, it will be good not to make moves that would create strife, we will only convey the alliance's purpose, if that happens I'm sure they'll understand. We must, we must do that in order for the alliance to go well!’’ (Eveam)

Kiria managed to make a faint smile seeing Eveam speak her decision straight forwardly and in a calm manner.

’’As expected of our majesty. Then I too pledge to offer my heart, body, soul and dedicate it for peace.’’

Kiria said those words as she was kneeling on one knee.

’’Aa, I'm counting on you, Kiria. I am placing my trust in you the most, it is because you are at my side, I able to move forward. Let's attain peace together.’’

’’With pleasure’’


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