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Konjiki No Moji Tsukai - Chapter 100


Chapter 100 - After Half a Year

Upon leaving the desert, an immense forest lay in front of them.

’’By the way, Aka-Loli’’ (Hiiro)

’’What?’’ (Liliyn)

’’I'm letting you be the guide, but I'm wondering, how long will it take to get to the 【Demon Capital】?’’ (Hiiro)

’’Aa? Well, that place is our final destination. However, the demon continent is larger than you think. So be prepared because it will take quite a while to get there.’’ (Liliyn)

Apparently they had to stop at various locations before arriving at the 【Demon Capital】. The demon continent is much larger than the other continents and contains many settlements. It is clear that, it will take them a very long time if they want to explore all of it.

Contrary to his words, Hiiro wasn't in a rush to complete his journey, nor did he have any objections to Liliyn's idea of wandering around the demon continent.

’’I don't care how many months it will take. It's more whether or not it would be interesting.’’ (Hiiro)

’’Hohou, Do you think it's even possible to experience it all in a few months?’’ (Liliyn)

’’ ..... Anyway, I said I'd leave it to you and I have no intentions of changing my mind. ’’ (Hiiro)

’’I see, so you are ready to go, then we are leaving.’’ (Liliyn)

’’Hey, don't say things like that one after the other.’’ (Hiiro)

’’ Leave me alone! Wasn't this all your idea!? ’’ (Liliyn)

While talking and riding on Mikazuki, Hiiro seemed to have a bit of an attitude. As a result, Liliyn ended up getting angry and yelling at him.

’’ Nofofofofo! I am deeply moved. To be able to see ojousama so delighted. Nofofofo!’’ (Silva)

’’ Where did delighted come from! Are you asking for another piledriver, you Damned Pervert! ’’ (Liliyn)

’’ Nofofofofo! That was harsh! ’’ (Silva)

Pork We all know he wants it.

LoliQ He is an M after all haha

Dal Obviously pain and pleasure are from the same nerves if I am not mistaken.

XJ I dare ask how you know this?

LoliQ We have an experienced M-editor! May I call you Shishou?

XJ ...why are you looking up to him? Unless you're also an M?

’’ W-we should all be nice to each other! ’’ (Shamoe)

Hiiro lets out a small sigh.

’’ ... Let's go, Drool Bird. ’’ (Hiiro)

’’ Kui... ’’ (Mikazuki)

Hiiro ignored the shouts of the two people there with Liliyn and forged ahead. This convinced him that no matter what adventure lay ahead, it would not be peaceful.

( How long until we reach the 【Demon Capital】 )... (Hiiro)

While considering that, he looked up at the clear sky. Unexpectedly, he wondered whether or not the skies over the 『Humas』 and 『Gabranth』 continents had been as tranquil as this. Looking forward to the day he returns to those places, he continued his journey.

Evila's Perspective

About half a year had passed since Hiiro's party left theAshura Tribe'svillage.

And now, both the 『Humas』 and 『Evila』 had arrived at a major crossroads. Meanwhile in the 【Demon Capital Xaos, the ruler was having a meeting with the leaders of the 『Evila』.

’’ Then, let us start the 『Evila』 conference. Naturally, we are here to let everyone discuss their position on the conference with the 『Humas』 which will happen two weeks from today. ’’ (Kiria)

The one who indifferently declared that was the aide standing alone next to Demon Lord Eveam, Kiria. Although her face was unreadable, somehow there was a feeling of tension around her.

’’ At last! It has come to this. ’’ (Eveam)

Eveam said thus with her eyes closed, emphasizing the heavy emotions in her voice. She slowly raised her eyelids, with her golden eyes fixed on the 『Cruel』 Brigade.

’’ If this conference goes smoothly...we will be one step closer to peace. ’’ (Eveam)

’’n~ That might be so, but My Queen ~m ’’ (Shublarz )

It was Shublarz 《Rank 5》 who replied in a seductive tone while crossing her arms under her unrealistically full yet firm inhuman orbs.

’’ What's wrong? ’’ (Eveam)

’’Are you really sure it's safe? ~m ’’ (Shublarz )

Everyone seemed to agree with Shublarz's words and looked to Eveam, waiting for her response.

’’ Of course it's risky. The conference will take place in the 『Humas continent, and the number of guards I can bring is limited. So, on the appointed day, only Aquinas, Kiria and Marione will accompany me to the conference with the 『Humas』. ’’ (Eveam)

’’ Well since the holders of 《Rank 1》 and 《Rank 2》 are going, along with the self-styled strongest aide Kiria-chan, then it might be safe after all. ’’ (Greyald)

《Rank 6》, the dark-skinned Greyald, said those words.

’’ By the wa~y, I wonder if Teckil has something to say about this? ’’ (Shublarz)

Like usual, Teckil seemed to be absent this time.

’’ Well, his detailed report has been received. He heard that the king is planning something dangerous. ’’ (Eveam)

’’ Wai...wait a minute. Is that really oka~y? ’’ (Shublarz)

Shublarz's eyes opened in shock as she asked this.

’’ If it's about that, it's alright. Don't you agree, Kiria? ’’ (Eveam)

’’ Yes, perhaps this is in regards to the previous matter, the reason why we are completely untrusted. Therefore, as soon as we attempt to do something, they will have a strategy to apprehend us immediately. However, if we don't do anything, they are unlikely to execute their plan. ’’ (Kiria)

’’ And you rea~lly believe that? ’’ (Shublarz)

Although it was a natural response for Shublarz, it was Marione who scoffed and denied those words.

’’ fun~, I don't know what the lowly 『Humas are hiding, but as the guard, I will put an end to them if by any chance I obtain information of what they are planning to do.’’ (Marione)

’’ Ooh Very nicely said, I just hope you will not cause any trouble for Her Majesty when you're in the Humas continent. ’’ (Greyald)

’’ Oi Greyald, do not say such careless things. ’’ (Ornoth)

It was 《Rank 4》, Ornoth, who chided him for his words.

’’ Yeah, yeah, but it would be nice if things weren't too boring, right? ’’ (Greyald)

After saying this, he fell prostrate onto the table, maybe because things had become tiresome to handle. Laying there, it seemed he was done talking about this.

’’ I know Greyald is very worried. However, I believe in the 『Humas’’ (Eveam)

No one showed any reaction to these words. Still, just for a little Eveam had a slightly sad expression.

’’ And above all, I believe in all of you. No matter what happens, it'll be alright if everyone is with me. ’’ (Eveam)

Although everyone kept quiet this time too, her fearless atmosphere was transferred to everyone else. Their expressions seemed to convey that goes without saying.

’’ It is clear that nothing will happen if we don't take the first step. I'm doubtful that this conference will lead immediately to peace but it will allow us to learn more about each other. Thus, as a representative of the 『EvilaI will not show an ashamed appearance. It is an opportunity to show them who we really are. ’’ (Eve am)

Everyone faintly returned a nod to Eveam's unwavering conviction.

’’ Well then, I will explain how the appointed day will go. ’’ (Eveam)

Humas Perspective

On the side of Victorias, a similar meeting took place. The meeting was, as expected to discuss the conference.

The members gathered there were all well known and influential. King Rudolph, Minister Dennis and Judom Lancaster, commanding officer of the 《Humas Armed Forces》 and 《Guild Master》, were attending. Additionally, the four heroes summoned by the country were attending.

As Minister Dennis was managing the meeting, he was the first to speak.

’’ I expect that each of you understands the reason we have gathered here today. Two weeks from now, we will finally have the conference with the 『Evila. However, we don't think that it will go smoothly. Like the last time we did this, they may betray us. No - I think the possibility of that is high. ’’ (Dennis)

’’ One second, Minister Dennis - ’’ (Judom)

It was Judom who stopped Dennis's speech. Dennis unpleasantly turned his gaze on the one who stopped his speech.

( So he's the《Guild Master》, Judom Lancaster...) (Taishi)

Aoyama Taishi, one of the heroes, quietly watched Judom.

(Although he's sitting there, I didn't realize his aura was this oppressive. Moreover, what's with him, is this person really retired.....) (Taishi)

Taishi heard about him from the stories of Vale Kimble, the commanding officer of the second armed forces. Seeing Judom in person made Taishi understand he needed to take more notice of him.

Judom was a retired adventurer. Although he heard that he was an amazing man in the old times, he also heard that he became the 《Guild Master》 and then retired from the frontlines. Therefore, he hadn't expected him to be the same person anymore, but right now, even though Judom was suppressing them, Taishi could feel open ambition and hidden fighting spirit leaking out from him.

His huge arms were like logs, it was not hard to imagine being crushed by those strong arms. Three more people had similar thoughts and swallowed nervously while watching Judom.

’’ It's true that before, we were betrayed when we acquiesced to the demands of the Evila』 for a conference. However this time, the intention of the successor of the Demon Lord was concluded to be based on the need for world peace’’ (Judom)

’’Although that seems to be your answer, isn't that just wishful thinking on your part?’’ (Dennis)

’’That's right. Hopes, ideals, dreams, and many more. Aren't people beings that support each other to grow? If you do not believe that there is hope, we won't advance at all.’’ (Judom)

’’ .......... ’’ (Dennis)

Seeming annoyed, the minister glared at Judom while clenching his teeth.

’’ Try to believe in your partner. Everything starts from there, wouldn't you agree? ’’ (Judom)

’’ What will you do supposing the partner betrayed you? ’’ (Dennis)

’’ But isn't that the reason why I'm here? Haven't I said to the king many times that I'll protect him no matter what happens? ’’ (Judom)

King Rudolph had quietly shut his eyes, but now he slowly opened them.

’’ For that reason, you were called here. ’’ (Rudolph)

Having said that, he once more shut his eyes. Although Judom and Rudolph are old friends, Judom frowned anxiously at the attitude of his friend Rudolph.

(What are you planning Rudolph...) (Judom)

Although he had been observing Rudolph intently, Judom's next question was addressed to Dennis.

’’ There must be something else you want to say, right? ’’ (Judom)

’’ ... There is only one thing I will say. As instructed, I will manage this meeting to make sure it succeeds without fail. ’’ (Dennis)

Even though he isn't a part of the royal family, he was able to plainly express his opinion. Having seen this, Taishi was flabbergasted.

(What in the world is with that person's presence....) (Taishi)

He had obviously been overwhelmed by Judom's existence. However, the same could be said of the other commanders present. Those who knew the legends caught their breath in silence. Needless to say, Vale was also fidgeting anxiously.

After those events, the meeting advanced relatively smoothly. Before, the meeting was adjourned, they discussed the timetable for the appointed day, the deployment of the soldiers, how to deal with abnormal situations and other similar topics.

After it ended, Vale faced the heroes, his cheek still cramped due to his anxiety about the back and forth arguing of Judom and the minister.

’’ Anyway, although it was my first time seeing Judom up close, he was quite an outrageous person. ’’ (Taishi)

’’ Ahaha, did Taishi-sama also think so? It's probably because he is the king's best friend, that's probably the reason he was able to have that kind of attitude... ’’ (Vale)

Certainly, Vale knew that he was that kind of rash character, that is why he was fearful of what would happen at the meeting.

’’ Setting that aside, it's finally happening~ ’’ (Shinobu)

Those words were put out by the hero with cat-like eyes and a Kansai dialect, Akamori Shinobu.

’’ Yes, in any case in this meeting , something will definitely change. ’’ (Vale)

’’ Since about a month ago the atmosphere in the castle has been tense, but right now something doesn't feel right. ’’ (Chika)

It was another of the heroes, Suzumiya Chika, who pouted while saying those words. As she said, there might be a war with the 『Evila』 if we do something imprudent at the conference. In that case it would be stranger if the atmosphere in the castle had not changed. Rather, Vale slowly realized that Chika noticed the problem in a calm manner.

’’ Chika-sama, in two weeks, I believe your power will be greatly needed by the King. To get where you are, you have overcome many battles and quests, and I'm certain you have become stronger as a result. If we are betrayed, then please protect our King with your strength. ’’ (Vale)

In response to Vale's earnest plea for her assistance, Chika stared blankly back at him, but then smiled after a while and answered his words with a nod.


And then, a person whispered to Taishi in a manner unnoticed by Vale.

’’Ne, nee, if Vale's saying that, was he not informed? ’’ (Chika)

’’ It doesn't look like it. Although the king didn't say who he did or didn't tell, since he wasn't informed, I don't think we should say anything. ’’ (Taishi)

’’ Is that so? Then, this one is off-the-record, alright Shuri? ’’ (Chika)

’’ I...I understand. ’’ (Shuri)

Suddenly perplexed by her words, Minamoto Shuri, who is one of the heroes, replied while watching Shinobu. Although right now Vale was talking with Shinobu, Shuri was relieved because Shinobu is not someone who indiscreetly discloses information.

’’ However, I will never approve of the 『Evila』. ’’ (Taishi)

’’ Yeah, we'll definitely win, right Taishi, Shuri? ’’ (Chika)

’’ Ou! ’’ (Taishi)

’’ H...Hai! ’’ (Shuri)

The three people all looked at the determined expressions of the others.


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